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									                              Shore Excursion Booking Form
                                                            Australia & New Zealand
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I am aware that valid passports, visas, travel insurance and health documents are required and that obtaining these documents is my
On behalf of myself and all other persons named in this Shore Excursion Booking Form, I acknowledge that all such persons have read,
understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions printed on the back of this form, and also the booking procedure, cancellation
and amendment clauses contained in the MSC Cruises brochure. Specifically I acknowledge that in some circumstances, the liability of MSC
Crociere S.A. for loss or damage which I or the other persons named in this form may suffer during the course of the transport covered by this
form may be limited or excluded.
I also acknowledge on behalf of all persons named in this Shore Excursion Booking Form that the General Sales Agent for MSC Crociere S.A.
reserves the right to amend fares to take into account fluctuations in the value of the Australian or New Zealand dollar or other reasons over
which they have no control.


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                                   SEE OVER FOR BOOKING CONDITIONS
Prices are in Australian/New Zealand Dollars for prepaid bookings made with MSC Travel Pty Ltd as general sales agent for MSC
Crociere S.A. only. For passengers booking shore excursions whilst on the ship, prices will be reconfirmed on board and are
payable in local currency.

Strict booking rules apply and are binding once the booking is confirmed by you.

Pre-booked shore excursions are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable. A refund will only be given in the event
that the tour is cancelled by the tour operator. If a tour does not operate, an official notice of refund will be issued to you by the
shore excursions office on board the ship and a refund will be given upon your return to Australia/New Zealand. Visas are not
required for Australian or New Zealand passport holders when participating on a shore excursion (unless notified by MSC Cruises
at time of booking).

All shore excursion programmes, itineraries, destinations, times of arrival/departure and prices are subject to change without
prior notice and may vary due to unforseen circumstances or cost variations. If minimum passenger numbers are not reached,
tours may be cancelled. MSC Crociere S.A. will not be responsible for any variation to the shore excursion programme caused
by weather conditions, local holidays, changes to site opening times or days, or any other event beyond the control of the tour
operator (strikes, demonstrations etc.) which could prevent the tour from taking place either fully or in part.

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they have checked the suitability of the tour in terms of individual fitness levels and
accessibility/mobility requirements prior to confirming any shore excursion booking. Passengers are advised to wear appropriate
garments for visits to religious and holy places, otherwise entry may be prohibited. For Beach Tours, passengers are advised to
take towels and swimming costumes. Some sites (such as archaeological sites) may require the payment of additional charges for
the use of video cameras or cameras; any such extra costs are not included in the price of the excursions, and additional details
will be made available on board.

Shore Excursions must be booked prior to final balance payment date. Alternatively you may book once onboard. If changes or
additions to excursions are made within three weeks of departure from Australia, a charge of $55 per cabin will apply.

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