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									  Interactive One-to-One
Direct Marketing in the USA
“It is not the Strongest of the species
that survives, nor the Most
Intelligent, but the one most
responsive to CHANGE.”

Charles Darwin
   The Future of Direct Marketing

• Extraordinary Companies

• Massive Amounts of Technology
      The Future of Direct Marketing

•   Advertising is Changing
•   A new theme “Simple is Useful”
•   Sophisticated Centralized Databases
•   The Future Web- No Business is safe
• Where Relevance meets Intelligence
The Future of Direct Marketing

• Retention, Reactivation, Acquisition
•   Execution (collective)
•   Tracking and Testing
•   ROI
•   Integration
      Future of Direct Marketing

• Combining Intelligent Customer Data with Visionary
  Marketing Plans

Technology Sees Things Differently
             DME Capabilities

• 17-acre Florida complex
• 700 employees / over 20 departments
• 200,000 square ft. of office and warehouse space
• Total In-House Marketing Solutions
  Creative Development
  Offset and Variable Laser Printing
  Live Call Center
  Green Screen Video Studio with Live Webcast Ability
  Internet Applications
        Visions & Strategy

•Learn More About Jack Schmidt
    • Surveys
    • Telephony
    • Database Information
•Connect Jack with the Client
   • Personalization
   • Integrated Cross-Media
•One-to-One Marketing
Building a $100 Million Company

  •   Select the right customers and build verticals.

  •   Programs - that offer Recurring Revenue Models

  •   Find the best resources (production, software, people) Focus
      your resources

  •   Make your place of business your most potent marketing

  •   Be the best place to work in the county.

  •   Do not bore your Customers or Staff.

  •   Focus on Sales Growth
Building a $100 Million Company
   •   Support Internal Entrepreneurs (innovators)

   •   Reward Sweaters

   •   Embrace New Technologies

   •   Spend the Dollars you Make on Expansion

   •   Make your Leadership accessible and visible

   •   Eliminate Bottlenecks specially at the top

   •   The CEO should do what they do BEST

   •   Be Proactive

   •   Be responsive to Change
           How DME Operates

• Makes sure the employees are happy
• Friendly, casual environment
• Offers full-circuit gym with full-time trainer
• Indoor and out door basketball court
• Beauty Salon
• On-site Commissary w/delivery
• DME grows employee loyalty the same way we help our
  clients grow their customer loyalty – through one-to-one
  DME – Key to Success

• DME doesn’t Advertise
      DME – Key to Success

• Your Market

• Can you Track Your Results and ROI

• How do they Respond- CTP

• Web, Phone, Front Door

• What are you trying to accomplish. (3)

• Think and then Think Again- Its all Fundamentals
     Future of Direct Marketing

• Variability and Trackability

• Increased Reliance on Automated Programs

• Lightning fast Programming is Key

• Programmers Take on Increased Role
Employee Comparison Chart

                         25 Employees

                        45 Employees

                         75 Employees

                        121 Employees

 = # employees dedicated to programming/interactive design
                DME Studios

DME has added a full video studio
on campus – including virtual set
creation and live-to-web broadcast!
           Not Just Direct Mail

“Live” Call Center

• Key to interactive marketing

• Inbound and Outbound Calls

• Open-ended questions allow the
  customer to drive the direction of the call

• Preparing all possible responses in advance allows for concise
  data reporting
Marketing Intelligence
         Marketing Intelligence
    Customer Interview
•   What are we trying to accomplish?
    Retention, Acquisition, Reactivation

•   How will we communicate? Channels

•   How will we handle Initial Response? (CTPts)
    Web, Phone, Front Door

•   How will we follow up on hot leads and when?

•   Can we track results? (ROI)

•   Can we identify successful formulas?

•   Is there low hanging fruit? If so get it.
              Toyota & TMS

• Increase parts and service revenue for Toyota
  Dealerships. We do it better than the dealership

• Maximize return on DM investment 2005 (65:1)

• Help them build relationships with their customers

• Retain customers and support the purchase to
  repurchase cycle. 36 months

• Acquire new customers for the sales dept.
   Ask yourself the following:

• Do you know how much it costs to acquire a new
• Do you have any unprofitable customers that you can
  admit to?
• Do you make decisions based on the average customer?
• Can you think of yourself as one of your own
• Are you on a constant crusade to get customer
• Do you know on a monthly basis the ratio of new
  customers to lost customers?
                   Personal URLS

Personalized web pages created specifically for every individual
                     in your target list.
           Which is Better?


Or This?
Personal URLS
Surveys & Responses
Personal URLS
                 Personal URLs

MAIL FILE: 632,712
   Response to IVR and Web:           37,901
   Response Rate:                        6%
   Appointments Set:                  11,851
   Appointment % to Calls:              31%
   Appointment Ratio to Mail File:     1.9%
   CD Login Attempts:                51,937
   Rate:                              8.2%
   Unique Personal On-Demand hits:   23,474
   % of CD Logins:                      45%
       DME Tracking Systems

•   Call IQ              (Ad Tracking)
•   Red Rocket Systems   (DMS Tracking)
•   PerfectCall          (Voice Broadcast
•   Perfect Survey       (IVR, Web)
•   DealerPower          (Call Center)
•   Seminar RSVP         (Seminar)
•   Datapex              (PURL-Trak)
Integrated Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
     Toyota (SET)
  Campaign of the Month
Integrated Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
                  DME Goals

• We do not want to be the “Best of the Best”, we want to
  be the only ones who do what we do in our industry.

• A whole different way to make money for our

• Associate with the Best Strategic Partners

• We do not want to “Just Serve Customers” we want to
  provide an experience. Help them see a whole different
  way of doing something great.
           Closing Statements

• Treat your customer campaigns like they were your
• Be Anti Static
• Never advertise if you cannot track it
• Think of yourself as the Customer
• Never stop testing for new formulas
• Read what you print for customers. It’s an opportunity
• Be Proactive and prepared to act now
• Be the best place to work and hire talent not employees.
What you will need to win in the future

•   Big, immense changes.
•   Doesn’t play it safe
•   Delivers an experience
•   Knocks your socks off
•   Tracks everything
•   Uses all your available resources
•   Tests everything
•   Promotes risk takers
•   Is Toyota lean
•   Connects multiple databases that speak to each
View Your Live Personal URL
Know Your Customer.
Earn Their Business.

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