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					           School Shoes                                Shoe Buying Tips                             Greenhill Podiatry
Shoes that fit the child well, are fastened      Choosing shoes is difficult. Shoes should     Greenhill Podiatry Centre helps to keep
onto their feet, have flat soles and keep feet   support and protect feet from external        your feet fit! We provide podiatry services
in a dry environment are ideal. Children         dangers. Choose shoes based on the            of the highest quality to maximise your
should have their feet measured to help          activity you will be doing while wearing      foot health in a friendly and efficient clinic.
choose the best size and style of shoe.          them.                                         Put simply, we look after all your feet
Avoid ‘hand me down’ shoes as they may           Shoe buying tips:                             problems.
pass on foot problems.                             • No two feet are alike! Have your feet
                                                       measured and shoes fitted for the       Podiatrists at Greenhill Podiatry are
Shoes should be secured with laces or                  larger foot.                            trained in the diagnosis and treatment of
straps to hold the shoe on the foot. This          • Buy shoes later in the day- this          foot pain and problems. They are
prevents heels slipping, clawing of toes to            allows for any swelling.                registered with the South Australian
keep shoes on and can be adjusted as feet          • Shoes should fit in length, width and     Podiatry Board and are involved in
grow. A firm heel cup supports feet and                depth when standing.                    ongoing professional development.
prevents sideways sliding. Some styles are
best considered ‘sometimes’ shoes ie.                                                          Greenhill Podiatry staff help to manage:
platform soles, thongs, high heels, rubber
boots or plastic shoes.                                                                            •    Foot pain
Common skin problems such as tinea or                                                              •    Heel pain or ‘flat’ feet
warts thrive in moist, dark, warm places.
Shoes should be well ventilated to                                                                 •    Sports Injuries
minimize the risk of these complications;
hence podiatrists recommend shoes with                                                             •    Feet with diabetes or arthritis
breathable materials (eg leather) and not
wearing the same shoes day after day.                                                              •    Skin problems (eg corns, hard
                                                    • Take any orthoses or socks/
Some sports shoes and some lace up                                                                      skin on your feet, warts)
                                                      stockings you plan to wear with the
shoes achieves this, but there are also
                                                      shoes for the best fit.                      •    Nail problems (eg. ingrowing or
poorly    designed       styles   and    poor
‘breathability’ in both categories. Socks with      • Choose soles made of non slip                     thickened toenails)
a high synthetic component will keep                  material and ‘cushion’ feet
moisture near the skin and are not advised.         • Shoes with a firm fastening device           •    Children’s feet
                                                      (laces, buckles, Velcro straps)
 Anyone who has queries about shoes and               prevent your foot sliding forward and        •    ‘Soft’ or ‘rigid’ orthoses
any child who experiences pain in their feet          heels slipping out of the shoes.
or legs, should consult a podiatrist.               • Choose       leather     or   natural,       •    Footwear advice.
                                                      breathable materials over synthetic.
                                                    For more hints on selecting the right
                                                    shoes for you, please contact staff at
                                                    Greenhill Podiatry Centre.
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