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									                                    Garden Variety News
                                          A publication of the Morgan County Master Gardener Association, Inc

                                                                April 2009

                                                                              Vendors as always helped to draw
       OFFICERS                         MEETING NOTICE                        the crowds. Orchids, perennials,
       2008 -2009
                                                                              herbs, decorative copper and metal
                             April 2, 2009 – Held at Goethe Link
Neta Phelps
                             Observatory, 8403 Observatory Road,
                                                                              pieces, fountains, and mulch are just
President      Martinsville, IN 46151. Tom Borlik will          a few of the items sold. Advice on
765-342-3209                 lead a tour and cover the history of the link    irrigation systems and tree trimming
                             daffodil gardens.                                and removal was also available. A
Judy Turner
Vice-President                                                                total of 35 vendors participated each
                             To reach Link Observatory from Mooresville,
                             go south on HWY 67 for about 4.7 miles.          with unique items for the gardener.
                             Turn Right on Observatory Road and drive
Tom Flatt                    about 1.3 miles.                                 Standing room only crowds were the
Treasurer                                                          norm for the speakers. Thomas
                             From Martinsville, go north on HWY 67 and
765-342-8772                 turn left on Observatory Road.
                                                                              O’Brien of Primary Grounds in
                                                                              Greenwood discussed the installation
Ruth Peloch
Secretary                    Next Meetings:                                   of retaining walls. Do your research        •  May 7, 2009 Ready the gardens at the          first, especially if you are attempting
765-342-9151                    4-H building prior to the meeting. What
                                                                              the work yourself. If selecting a
                                and how to exhibit & show at the county
Ann Lankford
                                & state fairs by Trena                        commercial provider research the
Fairground Flowers          •  June 4, 2009- Perennial plant exchange        quality of their work before you hire
765-342-8097                    at Mooresville Library                        them.
Cindy Vogel
Membership Committee               GardenFest a Huge

Trena Trusty                               By Marilyn Bickley
Travel Committee
                             This   year    Spring   rushed    into
Marilyn Bickley              Martinsville on the petals of pansies
Spring Garden Fest
                             as the Morgan County Master
765-342-9890                 Gardeners sold a record number of
                             pansies at their annual GardenFest
Terry Bunton
Webmaster                    and Pansy Sale March 20th and 21st.          Over 1500 people, some from as far
                             as Bloomfield in one direction and
                                                                              Gardenfest 2009
Patricia Proctor             Indianapolis in another, attended the
                             event. Pansies almost sold out Friday                                                       Colletta Kosiba spoke about using
317-831-7466                 evening. Fifty extra flats had to be
                                                                              Native Plants in the Home Garden.
                             brought in Saturday morning. A total
                                                                              She recommended the 7th Annual
                             of 4200 pansy plants were sold and
                                                                              Native Plant Sale May 2nd from 9:00
                             are out there beautifying our
                                                                              am – 3:00 pm and May 3rd from
                             community. In addition, 400 trees
                                                                              12:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Avon
                             were given away for planting
                                                                              Outdoor Learning Center as an
                             throughout the county.
                                                                              excellent source for native plants.
                           GARDENFEST (Continued)                  and Link Observatory. Contact Trena
                                                                   if you can help out.
APRIL HOLIDAYS             The proceeds benefit the        Avon
                           Outdoor Learning Center.                Marilyn  Bickley   discussed   the
1 April Fool's Day
                                                                   GardenFest work plan and volunteer
3 National Walk to
Work Day 1st Friday        Constance Ferry discussed both          list.
5 Palm Sunday              Organic Gardening and Companion
10 Good Friday             Planting with Herbs. Herbs can be       Tom     Flatt  discussed   the   SOP
12 Easter Sunday           planted for their medicinal value, to   (Standard Operating Procedures) for
15 Income taxes due
19 Passover begins at
                           repel bugs among your plants and as     the Morgan County Master Gardeners
sundown, lasts 8           a food source. Combine the planting     that his volunteer group is working
days.                      of herbs with organic gardening         on. 1. There are no procedures in
20 Patriot's Day Third     practices and gardening no longer       place; 2. Retention is a problem and
                           needs to be labor intensive.            we need to match volunteers who
22 Earth Day (U.S.)
22 Administrative                                                  can work with new interns; 3. We
Professionals Day          Venessa Bowers talked on the            are not doing a good job of keeping
formerly "Secretaries      language of flowers. This art is        track of volunteer hours.
Day"                       known as floriography. Red roses
23 Take Your
Daughter to Work
                           denote     love,  yellow    indicates   David Mow will conduct a Wildflower
Day 4th Thursday           friendship and white implies purity.    Walk in mid-April and should have
24 Arbor Day always        These were just a few of the colors     information at the upcoming meeting
the last Friday in April   and types of flowers discussed. With    on April 2. David also talked about
                           a record crowd, a record number of      the     Indiana    Department       of
                           pansies     being  sold,    excellent   Transportation program to promote
                           speakers and a wide variety of          and incorporate native plants and
                           vendors, GardenFest has become an       wildflowers into Indiana’s roadside
                           event of which the Morgan County        landscape. The benefits to Indiana
                           Master Gardeners and the community      are    many,        beautifying    the
                           can be proud.                           landscape;      reducing      erosion;
                                                                   minimizing      mowing      expenses;
                                                                   lessening storm runoff; controlling
                                MARCH MEETING NOTES                evasive plant species; and improving
                                                                   soil quality.
                           Ann Lankford asked for assistance
                           with cleaning up the Fairgrounds        Cindy Vogel gave a presentation on
                           flower beds. The spring weeds are       purchasing seeds, plants and nursery
                           coming up and all of last year’s        stock, with special attention given to
                           flowers need to be cut back.            buying locally from nurseries and
                                                                   greenhouses in the Morgan County
                           Trena provided information on the       and surrounding area businesses.
                           trip to Louisville. See last month’s    She said that if we do not support
                           newsletter for details. Reservations    local businesses, they will go away.
                           need to be made by April 1. After       She also discussed a number of
                           that date, she will offer the trip to   unusual      nurseries    and     seed
                           other county associations.              companies from out of state.        Of
                                                                   particular interest was information
                           Trena also recapped information on      she provided on the dates that new
                           volunteer      opportunities    at      stock and seeds would be stocked at
                           Mooresville, the Monrovia Library,      local stores.
  AND EDUCATION HOURS?                     Examples of No Credit Given:

There were questions during the            1. Answering customer questions
meeting      in    March   regarding          while on the job at a garden
Volunteer Hours and what can be               center as a paid employee
counted.      Nancy Manly gave a           2. Making pest control
presentation    on   Volunteer  and           recommendations for a
Education Hours last year, and here           commercial greenhouse
is a recap of what counts:                    grower
                                           3. Pulling weeds in one’s own
Example Education Hours:                      private garden to prepare for a
                                              Master Gardener garden tour
   1. Give a Presentation to the              or other educational event
      Optimists Club about preparing       4. Accepting fee for judging 4-H
      the garden for winter                   garden projects at county fair
   2. Teaching a session for your          5. MG Intern class enrollee turns
      local Master Gardener intern            in 30 volunteer hours during
      class                                   the training series
   3. Attending a non-Purdue               6. Delivered produce from Master
      sponsored gardening                     Gardener demo garden to local
      symposium                               food pantry

Example Volunteer Hours:                    GARDEN SHOW CALENDAR

   1. Answering gardening questions    April 4 -- Boone County Gardenfest, Boone
      at the Master Gardener booth     County Fairgrounds, Lebanon, Ind.,
      at your county fair
   2. Digging holes, staking trees,    April 4 -- Hendricks County "Gardening for All
      and spreading mulch for a        Ages," Hendricks County Fairgrounds and
      local community beautification   Conference Center,
   3. Travel time to State Fair to
      work shift at Purdue Master      April 18-19 -- Purdue SpringFest (including
                                       Student Hort Show and Bug Bowl), Purdue
      Gardener Booth                   West Lafayette Campus,
   4. Act as a tour guide at local
      nature center or other non-
      Purdue public garden             April 18-26 -- Cincinnati Flower Show, new
   5. Researching and and preparing    location at Symmes Township Park, Symmes
      slides/PowerPoint presentation   Township, Ohio, (800) 670-6808 or
      to local garden club
   6. Assisting MG Coordinator or      April 25 – Garden Expo, Purdue Master
      other Master Gardener with       Gardeners, Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds,
      gardening class or event (such   Lafayette, Ind.,
      as a wreath-making class)
   7. Time spent serving as MG
      association officer or
                                       May 1-3 -- Orchard in Bloom Garden Show,
      committee chair                  Holliday Park, Indianapolis, Ind., (317) 713-
                                       5720 or

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