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Garden Lakes School Diamondback Details by taoyni


									Garden Lakes School
Diamondback Details
March/April                                                                                              2010

                                     From the Principal
                                     Dr. Harold Waltman
                                 Kindergarten Registration

It is an exciting time when your child is ready to enter Kindergarten. We welcome your child to the fun and
learning that he or she will experience at Garden Lakes. To enter Kindergarten, your child must be five years old
before September 1.
Kindergarten registration is being held on Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria.
         School Hours      8:35 AM— 11:05 AM Morning Session
                         12:35 PM— 3:05 PM Afternoon Session
To register, bring a legal birth certificate, proof of immunizations, two proofs of address, emergency
and work phone numbers. Bus transportation will be available the first day of school. We are also
taking registration for incoming first graders beginning March 24. Please help spread the word and
tell your neighbors who may not have children at Garden Lakes.

Full-day Kindergarten will be eliminated without state funding

Dear Parents:
       As the Arizona Legislature wrestles with the budget deficit, one of the programs being targeted for possible
elimination as a cost savings is full-day kindergarten. I want to make you aware that if the state does cut funding
statewide for full-day kindergarten, the Pendergast School District, and our school, will be forced to eliminate the
full-day program for the 2010-2011 school year.
      The Pendergast District receives about $2 million to support full-day kindergarten for nearly 1,000 students.
Pendergast schools have been offering full-day kindergarten since 2007-2008. Loss of full-day kindergarten fund-
ing will be in addition to other reductions in funding for education in Arizona.
      “This will be a significant loss for our families and youngest students,” said Pendergast Superintendent Ron
Richards. “The full day kindergarten experience has been instrumental in the growth in our students’ reading,
learning and social development. Students with learning and language deficits especially benefit from a full day of
school.” Typically, a half-day program allows about 2 ½ hours for instruction compared to nearly 6 hours in a full
-day program.
      The loss of funding will also impact the number of staff positions and materials and resources available for
kindergarten students. Kindergarten registration will begin in March. The District is considering an optional pro-
gram for parents who may choose to pay for an additional half-day of kindergarten instruction. And for those stu-
dents identified as English Language Learners, additional federal funding may be available for extra kindergarten
assistance. Please let me know if you have any questions and please contact your state legislators to let them know
of your interest in continued funding for full-day kindergarten.
                  Diamondback Details

Congratulations to Sunnee McMurdy 5th Grader who won the Garden Lakes
Spelling Bee. She also represented us in the District Spelling Bee which was held at
Pendergast District offices. Also, Congratulations to Rylee Dunkel,7th grader, Mark your Calendar
who took first place in the Garden Lakes Geography Bee. He will represent us at the
District match. Good luck Sunnee and Rylee!                                          March
                                                                                     3    Early Release
                                                                                     8-10 Outdoor Ed Trip 6th
           HEALTH-E-ARIZONA                                                          11-12 Parent/Teacher Con-
                                                                                            ferences - 1/2 Day
           With these tough economic times there are                                 15-19 Spring Break
 just so many more families in need. Health-e-                                       22 School Resumes
 Arizona is a web-based, eligibility screening and                                   24 Kindergarten & new
 application referral system that enables families to                                     1st Grade Registration
 apply for a variety of health and social service pro-                                    6:30 PM Café.
 grams. This means that you can use Health-e-                                        25 PTA Mtg. 6:PM
 Arizona to apply for benefits from your home or                                     25 Student of Quarter 7 PM
 other convenient locations.        Health-e-Arizona   2009-10 Yearbook              31 Early Release
 screens for most Arizona Medicaid programs, Kid- Yearbook sales for 2009-10
 sCare, Food Stamps, and TANF Cash Assistance yearbooks have begun! Flyers April
 eligibility. You can visit the Health-e-Arizona have gone out . The cost for the 12-16 AIMS testing
 website at For assistance all color, soft cover yearbook is 15 Kindergarten Pics
 to use a computer at school to apply on-line or in $20. Only pre-sold yearbooks 21 Early Release
 the process of faxing or copying the additional pa- are guaranteed                  21 Volunteer Luncheon
 perwork required, contact your school counselor, for delivery.                      22 Career Day/Health Expo
 Joanna Christopher.                                   Don’t wait!
                                                                                     26-29 Teacher Observations
                                                       Order today.
                                                                                     30 Spring Holiday –NO

                 Garden Lakes                                                          May
               Elementary School                                                        5 Early Release
                                                       P/T Conference Days              7 Deadline for Teacher Re-
       10825 W. Garden Lakes Parkway                        Mar 11-12                  quests Gr. 1-5
             Avondale, AZ 85392                           School Hours                 12 Early Release
                                                      K-4       8:35 - 11:35           21 Last Day of School
      Office          623-772-2520                    5-8       8:35 - 12:05              Promotion Ceremony
      Fax             623-877-9545
      Nurse           623-772-2529
      Attendance      623-772-2535
      Cafeteria       623-772-2542
                                                   Early Release Schedule - Feb. 24
               Dr. Harold Waltman                  March 3 & 31, April 21 , May 5 & 12
                                                   K-4          8:35 - 1:05
               Assistant Principal                 5-8          8:35 - 1:45
                Mr. Tim Ramsey
                                                   Breakfast & lunch will be served.

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