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                                                                           SA Branch Newsletter
                                                                                             October 2008
                     Diary Dates:
                     When?                                           2008 Tristate Meeting—Another Success
                     Tuesday 0ctober 28, 5:45 PM for
                     6:15PM start.
                                                                       The 2008 tristate was held at the Alice
                     Subject                                           Springs Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday and
                     Clinical virology                                 Saturday the 12th – 13th of September.
                     Who?                                              The first session kicked off after lunch on
                     Dr Paul Goldwater (SA Pathology, Lab              the Friday with a fascinating look at cur-
                     Medicine, CYWHS) -'Clinical and diag-             rent issues concerning parasitology, fol-
                     nostic aspects of blood borne viruses'            lowed by a discourse about emerging viral
                     Jill Carr (SA Pathology, Frome rd.)-
                                                                       diseases of the top end of Australia.
                     'Current Developments in HIV drug
                     resistance and treatments'                        Once the sessions where over, delegates
                     Allison Jilbert (University of Adelaide)-         were able to indulge in a few friendly
                     'Hepatitis B infections - Update and              drinks at the welcoming mixer followed by
                     overview'                                         dinner.
                     Geoff Higgins (SA Pathology, Frome rd.)
                     -'Viruses as STIs - a South Australian            A range of topics were presented on Saturday, including information on MRSA, Streptococcal dis-
                     perspective'                                      ease, re-emerging bacterial pathogens and STIs.
                     Where?                                            The conference was closed off by a fantastic territorian BBQ dinner by the pool.
                     Hackney Hotel , Upstairs function room
                                                                       Once again the conference was judged a great success by the attendees. Congratulations to all
                     Additional information:                           concerned.
                     Cocktail style food and drinks provided.
                     Members free, non-members $20.. Each              For anyone who hasn’t attended the tristate in either Darwin or Alice Springs – you don’t know what
                     presentation approx 20min + 5 minutes             you are missing!
                     for questions, and a short (10min) break
                     in the middle.

                     Wednesday November 26, 5:30
                     PM for 6.00PM start.
                     Becton Dickinson 2008 Student
                     Award night
                     Students presenting their research
                                                                                                                              For further information & to
                     Flinders Medical Centre, Level 4 Semi-                                                                   register your interest visit:
                     nar area
                     Additional information:                                                                                    
                     See flyer in this newsletter

                     Wednesday November 12, 5:30 PM for
                     6PM start.
                     Enteric Viruses
                     Green-book Seminar-
                     Where?                                                  SA ASM Website
                     Additional information:                                 The SA ASM website is now fully functional (although I will not be able to update it for the
                     See flyer in this newsletter                            next couple of days because of technical issues with the server), and can be located at
                                                                             this address: <>. The National Website at
Inside this Issue:                                                           <> now links to us, and membership forms can now be
2008 Tristate meeting                                            1
                                                                             downloaded from either site. It is intended that the website give members timely infor-
Inside this issue:
                                                                             mation pertaining to upcoming events, as well as overviews of recent ASM related social
Flyer for GIM Symposium                                          1
                                                                             or intellectual pursuits.
Flyer for Student Membership                                     2
Flyer for Becton Dickinson Awards                                3           If members have any requests or comments about it, could they please contact
Donation to Charity                                              3 
Green Book Seminars                                              4,5
Contact Committee Members                                        6
Attention Students!                                      Page 2

          The Australian Society
                   for Microbiology

              ☺Free one-year membership if your supervisor
                is an ASM member.
              ☺Access to the journal, Microbiology Australia
                and the ASM members lounge on the na-
                tional website.
              ☺Discounted registration at the annual confer-
                ence of ASM.
              ☺Free admission to all local ASM scientific
              ☺Heavily subsidised attendance at the AGM
                and annual dinner.
              ☺Eligible to compete for nationally recognised
                prizes, awards and scholarships, such as the
                BD travel award.
              ☺Networking opportunities locally, nationally

                                           How do I join?

        SA Branch of ASM
                                            Simply go to
        Chair – Stephen Davis 
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       Attention Students!

          The Australian Society for Microbiology (SA Branch)
                                         BD Medical Systems
                   2008 Student Awards                   th
                                Wednesday 26                   ovember           5.30 for 6:00 pm start
                                Flinders Medical Centre                         Level 4 Seminar Area

  Students in any area of Microbiology are invited to present their research at this prestigious night.
   The two most outstanding presentations from an Honours (or above) student are awarded either the BD or the SA Branch Prize.

Each winner receives the following;
  • The opportunity to present their paper at the national conference of the ASM, Perth July 2009.
  • Full conference registration, return economy airfare and accommodation expenses. Approx value $2000 each recipient.

All participants receive free membership to the ASM for a year.

  • Students are required to give a 10 minute overview of their research.
  • Judges will be assessing overall presentation, content, structure and timeliness.
  • Interested students should contact Stephen Davis,, with their contact
    details and title of their presentation no later than Monday 17th ovember.
 This will be the final event the ASM SA Branch will be holding for 2008. All supervisors and members
are encouraged to attend. A light supper will be provided for all to enjoy. RSVP by Monday 17th ovember.
                             Car pooling to FMC can be arranged for students etc. if required.

                                         Donation to Cancer Charity
             Under the auspices of Chris Ossewicz, our treasurer, fi-
             nances for SA ASM are very good. As a result, the ASM
             Committee has agreed to donate $100 to Cancer
             Council SA
                                  ’Green Book Seminars’                                            Page 4

The ‘Green Book Seminars’ are a series of talks exclusively by the authors of the acclaimed book ‘Foodborne Microorgan-
isms of Public Health Significance’. We have had two talks so far in Adelaide, and the reponse to them has been excel-
lent. Not only is the presentation of the talks first rate, but a sumptuous spread that includes pies, pasties, rolls, cheeses
and wine beforehand is a sure way to make sure that the attendees are not hungry or thirsty while listening to the speak-
ers. Peter Traynor has been instrumental in getting the ASM involved in these talks, and here is his summary of this se-
ries so far:

This year marks the inaugural occasion where the SA Branch has been able to videolink to these seminars being held in
Brisbane, under the auspices of ASM and AIFST branches. The seminars are now in their third year, and have been very
popular in Queensland; the videolinking option was one that had already been taken up by the Tasmanians, and it was
down to the question of suitable venue and availability. As the seminars are conducted on site at CSIRO in Brisbane, it
was easiest to be able to do so through an intralink to a CSIRO site here (as is the case in Tasmania). With the assis-
tance of Gary Dykes from Queensland, a local site was made possible. We are indebted to the local collaboration of
CSIRO Human Nutrition and in particular Mr Peter Royle allowing this opportunity to come to fruition. They provide a
superb venue, with ample room for refreshments and videoconferencing, and the technological aspects have been han-
dled by them with seamless efficiency, making the meetings all the more enjoyable. We are also holding these meetings
in collaboration with AIFST SA Branch, thus pooling resources and attendees, and we thank them for handling the book-
ings for these meetings on our behalf. Announcements about the meetings have also been circulated to the Dairy Indus-
try Association of Australia (DIAA) and the Environment Australia (formerly Environmental Health Institute of Australia),
as they have a number of members to whom these topics are relevant, and are willing to pay to attend.
Our first presentation was, ironically, presented by a South Australian, Dianne Davos from IMVS, on her chapter on Sal-
monella. There was an informative and balanced presentation of background, serotyping, phage typing, and molecular
methods, and the contextual use of these methods. Dianne was also able to apply a contextual basis to the info with a
(then) current outbreak in the US. 27 people attended this meeting here, a mixture of ASM, AIFST members and as
many nonmembers from DIAA, and Environmental Health Association. The format and venue were such that most were
keen to come again.
September we were treated to a presentation by Peter Sutherland from NSW Food Authority on Listeria. Peter spoke at
length on environmental aspects of Listeria, their tenacity and their ability to produce biofilms under adverse conditions,
the historical basis of detection and current technologies, and the impact of listeria out-
breaks, resulting from contamination of foods - highlighted by a recent outbreak in Can-            Next Meeting Details
ada involving hundreds of cases and some deaths. There were 41 registrants for this
meeting, and all agreed it had been worth their while.
                                                                                                 Wednesday 12th November

                                                                                                  CSIRO Human Nutrition,
                                                                                                  Gate 13, Kintore Avenue,

                                                                                                   Parking: Kintore Avenue

                                                                                                  5.45pm Drinks and finger
                                                                                                     (Sign in on arrival at
                                                                                                      Main Reception)
                                                                                                    6.30pm Live hook up

                                                                                                      Cost (GST inc):
                                                                                                 $10 AIFST/ASM members
                                                                                                 $20 non-AIFST/ASM mem-

                                                                                                         RSVP Date:
                                                                                                     Friday 7th November
     There is one more Green Book Seminar this year, on enteric viruses. Given the impact of norovirus and
     other Norwalk viruses in recent times, it promises to be informative, interesting and timely.

Australian Society for
    S.A. Branch

In conjunction with the SA Branch of

    Attendee Name              Company Name                  Attendee Email Address*                     Status**        Cost (incl.

                                                                                                      Total Cost:
  * Required to assist with invoicing and contacting purposes
  ** M = Member (AIFST or ASM) NM = Non Member
  Payment can be made by Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Diners       (Please circle)

  Name on the Card: ___________________________________ Organisation: ________________________________________
  Card Number: ______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________
  Address for invoice: _____________________________________________________________________________________
  Expiry Date: ______/______         Security Code: _______________        Amount: $__________________

  Signature: ___________________________________

  Cheques can be made out to: AIFST Inc. and mailed to PO Box 6436, Alexandria NSW 2015

  Please note that there will be no refunds for cancellations made within 7 days of meeting date. All events are now cashless and require
  payment by cheque or credit card. Payment must occur at the time of booking or the National Office can invoice upon special request.
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Secretary                                                           Scientific Meetings Convenor
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Australian Research Institute                                       Thermofisher                             

Treasurer                                                           Student Rep
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Newsletter Contributions

Contributions to the newsletter are gratefully received. Please email to
Suggestions include upcoming meetings of interest, conference
and meeting reports, interesting case studies or isolates, photo-
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