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Sharing Ideas
The following are lists of some of the litter cleanup, and reuse, reduce and recycle ideas sent in
Great American Cleanup™ Wrap-Up Reports to Keep America Beautiful by participating
organizations. Please note that the organizations’ names are included to help Great American
Cleanup participants with ―information-sharing‖

 STATE             CITY                    ORGANIZATION                               IDEAS FOR SHARING
  AL              Athens                Athens Limestone Clean                "Cash for Trash" most trash & most
                                              Community                        recyclables received $100 prizes
                Birmingham             Keep Birmingham Beautiful              ―Trash for Cash‖ $500, 300,200
                                             Commission                        cash prizes to groups
                 Gadsden                 Keep Etowah Beautiful                ―Message in a Bottle‖
                  Mobile                 Keep Mobile Beautiful                The Mercy Ship crew with people
                                                                               from around the world volunteered
                                                                               their time while ship was docked
   AR             Conway             Keep Faulkner County Beautiful           Trail riding cleanup on horseback
                                                                               with pack mules
                                                                              Geocaching, a sport that uses GPS
                                                                               to find hidden treasures, is
                                                                               becoming a popular in the state of
                                                                               Arkansas. This years event
                                                                               coincided with International Cache
                                                                               in, trash out day. 35 Ceocachers
                                                                               volunteered and cleaned up a park
                                                                               in Faulkner County
                 Little Rock            Keep Arkansas Beautiful               ―Kidz Can Help‖-cleanup program
                                                                               organized by a nine year-old
                  Camden           Community Appearance Committee             Prize bottles on roadside
                                                                               throughout the City
   CA             Bodfish          Rare & Endangered Acoustic Music           1800’s re-enactment announcing
                  Downey                 Keep Downey Beautiful                Volunteers removed overgrown
                                                                               grass that covered headstones in
                                                                               City cemetery
             Huntington Beach           City of Huntington Beach              Clean Beach Program-nonprofits
                                                                               clean a beach once/wk for 5
                                                                               months—award $750 each
                  Lathrop             City of Lathrop Beautification          Wooden Post Project-staples, nails,
                                                Volunteers                     posters removed from public posts-
                                                                               then repainted
                 McFarland                   McFarland FFA                    City-wide cleanup w/lunch and
                                                                               canned food drive-500 cans
               Redwood City               Greg’s VW Service                   East Egg Hunt/Cleanup
              Thousand Oaks         Santa Monica Mountains National           Competitive contest for most
                                           Recreation Area                     unusual item, largest, heaviest and
                                                                               most tennis balls recovered
  CAN            Winnipeg              Take Pride Winnipeg, Inc.              ―May I Help?‖
  CO         Colorado Springs       Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful           Homeless camp cleanup
STATE       CITY               ORGANIZATION                       IDEAS FOR SHARING
 CT        Portland          Zion Lutheran Church         Earth Day station setup-
                                                           indoor/outdoor plantings
          Stamford         Keep Stamford Beautiful        City park restoration
 FL        Bartow         Keep Polk County Beautiful      "PTA Challenge" project for
                                                           schools. Winner received $500.
                                                          ―Get Your Palms Dirty‖ was
                                                           cleanup at churches on Sat. before
                                                           Palm Sunday
                                                          Compost Bin Sale – sold compost
                                                           bins at a discounted rate, kitchen
                                                           scrap pails and compost turners
          Bradenton         Keep Manatee Beautiful        Team-up with Sheriff’s office to
                                                           kick-off ―face lift of dense rental
          Clearwater        Keep Pinellas Beautiful       Waterway cleanup started by a
                                                           concerned citizen contacting KPB
                                                           & telling them about 5 teenagers
                                                           who had been cleaning up the
         Crawfordville   Keep Wakulla County Beautiful    Neighborhood Watch captains &
                                                           each sheriff’s dept reinvigorated
                                                           programs using cleanup/BBQ
                                                          Created a mosaic mural on
                                                           highway walls to calm speeding
        Daytona Beach    Keep Daytona Beach Beautiful     Wild Bird Exhibit at Awards
           Deland        Volusia County Environmental     State manatee taped @
                                 Management                event – re:monofilament recycling
            Eustis               City of Eustic           Cleanup of aquatic trash and
                                                           grasses at Lake Gracie.
                                                           Underwater areas exposed due to
          Fort Myers       Keep Lee County Beautiful      ―Trees for Trash free plant for
                                                           bagging trash
                                                          ―Cool Schools - Campus Cleanup‖
                                                           students analyzed litter on school
                                                           grounds and formulated a Litter
                                                           Reduction Plan.
          Gainesville    Keep Alachua County Beautiful    Donated news ad listing
                                                           groups/people who volunteer;
                                                           Treasure in the Trash
                                                          Two Liberty Gardens dedicated on
                                                           May 31 (the same day as the last
                                                           piece of rubble was removed from
                                                           Ground Zero)
                                                          Contest where students from K-12
                                                           grade school created a children’s
                                                           book about litter, clean-ups, graffiti,
STATE      CITY                  ORGANIZATION                         IDEAS FOR SHARING
        Green Cove              Keep Clay Beautiful            ―No If, Ands, or Butts‖ anti-tobacco
          Spring                                                teen campaign
                                                               ―Green Machine Contest‖
          Key West            Clean Florida Keys, Inc.         FL Keys Scenic Hwy.
                                                                Proj.&Overseas Heritage Tri.
          Milton         Santa Rosa Clean Comm.System          Saturday neighborhood cleanups
          Naples              Keep Collier Beautiful           ―Bike Fest‖ eco. Lecture
        North Miami        Keep North Miami Beautiful          ―RECYCLO‖ recycling superhero
                                                               Schools participate on
                                                                poster/slogan contests, which
                                                                become ―theme‖ of the year
          Orlando             Keep Orlando Beautiful           ―Dunk The Junk‖-5,000 school kids
                                                                collect litter & dunk in superbaskets
                                                               Scrubbed old tombstones in
                                                                historic cemetery
            Perry           Keep Taylor County Beautiful       ―Taylor County Shines Day‖ outfits
                                                                & jewelry made out of recycled
                                                                materials w/fashion show
        Port Charlotte        Keep Charlotte Beautiful         ―EnviroFashion Extravaganza‖ -
                                                                had volunteers design outfits out of
                                                                recycled materials; they were then
                                                                modeled by VIPS and then
                                                                auctioned as a fundraiser
        Port St.Lucie       Keep Port St.Lucie Beautiful       Volunteers visited schools,
                                                                performing miniature cleanups &
                                                                gave goodie bags to student
          Sarasota        Keep Sarasota County Beautiful       Cigarette butt weighing contest:
                                                                15lbs 1st pl; 7.5 lbs 2nd; 6lbs 3
        Tallahassee       Keep Tallahassee-Leon County         ―Woodsy Owl‖ school event
                                                               3 Annual Recy.Regatta-used
           Tampa         Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful
                                                                recycled items to construct
        Vero Beach          Keep Indian River Beautiful        ―GAC Challenge‖
        Winter Haven       Keep Winter Haven Clean and         Not cleaning up graffiti, but getting
                                     Beautiful                  to the graffiti to clean it up on
                                                                overpasses and cliffs
         Winter Park        Keep Winter Park Beautiful         ―City For Sale‖ garage sale
 GA        Albany         Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful      Planted ―Trees for Courage‖ a 6
                                                                mile living memorial to the
                                                                Americans who died in the Iraq
                                                               Elected officials and local
                                                                government department heads de-
                                                                litter downtown the day before the
                                                                community-wide event… to set the
                                                                example. Covered by two tv
          Americus            Keep Sumter Beautiful            Nine school litter cleanups
           Athens           Keep Athens-Clarke County          ―Hands on Athens‖ historical house
                                    Beautiful                   repair and landscape
STATE      CITY               ORGANIZATION                        IDEAS FOR SHARING
         Bainbridge     Keep Bainbridge-Decatur County      ―Free Trash Pick-Up Day‖
         Brunswick       Keep Brunswick Golden Isles        Performance of ―The Wartsville
                                   Beautiful                 Wizard‖ book turned to play to
                                                             student who won scholarship
                                                            Recycled ―Trash Art‖ Contest
         Cartersville        Keep Bartow Beautiful          Cleanup videoed and produced into
                                                             a 3.5 minute promo for following
            Cobb              Keep Cobb Beautiful           Liberty Gardens designed for low
                                                             water requirements
         Columbus        Keep Columbus Beautification       Opening season baseball game
                                Commission                   w/‖Little Blue Bin Ambassadors‖ –
                                                             third grade collected all the litter
          Conyers       Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful     Volunteer appreciation event taped
                                                             and aired on public access channel
          Cordele             Keep Crisp Beautiful          Victim’s Memorial‖ dedication wall
                                                             built w/prison labor
                                                            Miniature clothes lines with T-shirt
                                                             shaped notices promoting clothes
         Covington      Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful     The ―Detective Seymore Green‖
                                                             puppet shows.
         Cumming         Keep Forsyth County Beautiful      Vehicle Litter Incident Reports
                                                            Held a recycling invention contest -
                                                             where contestants created
                                                             inventions out of recyclable items,
                                                             that were displayed at Earth Expo
                                                             & Earth Fest
           Dallas           Keep Paulding Beautiful         Constructed fish habitats in Lake
                                                             Allatoona out of recycled Christmas
           Dalton        Keep Dalton/Whitfield Beautiful    Earth Day Grocery bag project:
                                                             decorated bags w/environmental
         Danielsville    Keep Madison County Beautiful      Recycled Robot Contest - built
                                                             robots from recycled items
         Gainesville          Keep Hall Beautiful           Teenagers secured corporate
                                                             sponsors for their school trip,
                                                             receiving 25 cents/pound for trash
            Gray             Keep Jones Beautiful           A Hometown Hero Recognition
         LaGrange            Keep Troup Beautiful           GAC Display Booth
        Lawrenceville     Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful      ―GAC Awareness‖ ribbons made
                                                             and distributed
           Macon           Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful        ―Delitter Contest‖ done in the after
                                 Commission                  school play
          Marietta           Keep Cobb Beautiful            Graffiti cover on a private property
          Marietta          Keep Marietta Beautiful         Litter free concern w/recycling
STATE       CITY                ORGANIZATION                        IDEAS FOR SHARING
           Monroe             Keep Walton Beautiful          The ―Roadside Jingle‖ contest
                                                             ―Water Gypsy Fortune Teller‖ told
                                                              ―fortunes‖ about taking care of
                                                              water & pointed out misuse
            Rome            Keep Rome/Floyd Beautiful        Tray liners and placements with
                                                              National Sponsor logos were used
                                                              by local restaurants to advertise the
           Roswell            Keep Roswell Beautiful         T-Shirts, fliers, news ads, Hispanic
                                                              radio spots
           Smyrna             Keep Smyrna Beautiful          Painted a chain link fence by
                                                              talking rollers off handles and using
                                                              them in hands
          Stattesboro        Keep Bulloch Beautiful          Most Unusual Trash Pickup
            Toccoa        Keep Toccoa-Stephens County        ―Free Landfill Day‖
        Warner Robbins    Keep Warner Robins Beautiful       Convention and Visitors’ Bureau
                                                              landscape project for caboose
         Watkinsville       Oconee County Clean and          Personal delivery of seedlings to
                              Beautiful Commission            local businesses

 HI        Wai’anae        Nani O’waianae KAB Program        ―Tire & Battery Roundup‖ $250
                                                              cash prize for ―most‖
 IL        Chicago            Keep Chicago Beautiful         Earth Day Parks Cleanup, Fair and
           Wheaton         DuPage Clean and Beautiful        Recycling presentation given to
                                                              Boy Scout Troop who planted
                                                              garden plot and monitored
 IN         Elkhart            Elkhart EnviroCorps           30-foot mural designed by students
                                                              painted onto a fence at a nursing
                                                             Taught youth how to safely &
                                                              effectively eradicate non-native
                                                              invasive species
          Evansville          Operation City Beautiful       ―March For A Clean City by 375
                                                              second graders
          Hammond            Keep Hammond Beautiful          Recycled clothing fashion show-
                                                              proceeds to a homeless shelter
          Fort Wayne      City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste     Canoe river cleanup
 KS      Kansas City            Operation Brightside         Recycled latex paint program-
                                                              reuses gallons of latex paint, paint
                                                              is used for graffiti clean-up & house
 KY       Lexington      Joyland Neighborhood Association    ―Reforest The Bluegrass,‖ created
                                                              stonewall to line creek
          Lexington         Tates Creek Campus PTA           Use event to fill community service
                                                              requirement for high school
STATE       CITY            ORGANIZATION                          IDEAS FOR SHARING
 LA     Baton Rouge     Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful       Graffiti removal partnership
                                                          w/LSU’s campus; school poster
                                                          contest and display at local
          Laplace         Keep St.John Beautiful         H.S.students & teachers teamed up
                                                          for litter pickups
         Leesville        Keep Leesville Beautiful       Cash prizes for most trash
                                                         Trash Bash mascot with costume
                                                          designed in the shape of a ―cartoon
        Natchitoches    Keep Natchitoches Beautiful      Mr. Can Man at local schools to
                                                          encourage recycling
          St. Rose             Swamp Eyes                Environmental education site
                                                          located in a swamp
        Shreveport           Shreveport Green            Matching homeless plants with
        West Monroe     Keep West Monroe Beautiful       St. Patrick’s Day cleanup-pres &
                                                          board dressed as leprechauns
                                                          handing out gold pieces as prizes
 MA       Chelsea         Keep Chelsea Beautiful         Use of EMR truck as cmnd.ctr. &
                                                          radio comm. with sites
                                                         One of KCB affiliates conducted an
                                                          after school parade of 25 Fifth
                                                          graders. They marched to City Hall
                                                          and performed plays about trees
           Lowell          Keep Lowell Beautiful         Cleanup of unused portion of
                                                          railroad tracks
          Webster      Webster Recycling Commission      Local sponsor sign-up & donation
                                                          prizes for volunteers
                                                         Distribution of free Junk Mail
                                                          Reduction Kits sponsored by MA
                                                          State grant
 MI       Detroit           Keep It Moving, Inc.         A Youth Workshop where students
                                                          participated through songs poems,
                                                          questions and answers
 MO     Kansas City     Keep Kansas City Beautiful       ―Fishing For Trash fish pieces out
                                                          of pool and read facts about trash
 MS     Brookhaven     Keep Lincoln County Beautiful     ―Gold in the Litter‖ ―Golden Eggs‖
                                                          were hidden in Lincoln County
                                                          during GAC; eggs were turned in
                                                          for prizes
          Corinth         Keep Corinth Beautiful         ―Riches in the Ditches‖ Contest
          Jackson      Keep Mississippi Beautiful/Pal    The ―Majesty of Mississippi‖
                                                          campaign to cleanup and plant
                                                          yellow and red flowers (Spain’s
          Tupelo           Keep Tupelo Beautiful         Scrap metal company crushed a
                                                          car for each bag of litter brought in
 MT       Billings           Bright N’Beautiful          Half-hour video; wheel barrow race
                                                          Billings/Yellowstone County
STATE      CITY               ORGANIZATION                         IDEAS FOR SHARING
 NC     Jacksonville        Keep Onslow Beautiful           Trash Fishing Tournament
                                                            Old abandoned cemetery
                                                             restoration project
          Marion           Keep McDowell Beautiful          Student sign-up and pledge to care
                                                             for the environment
                                                            Long-time volunteer was honored
                                                             by street cleanup of his
 NE       Alliance          Keep Alliance Beautiful         ―April Showers‖ washing four
                                                             historic buildings and 16 others
                                                            ―Bridging the Gap‖ youth groups
                                                             assist the elderly and disabled with
                                                             cleaning their yards
         Beatrice          Keep Beatrice Beautiful          ―Great American Trash Trek for
                                                             Litter‖ K-5 students & parents
                                                             picked up litter.Got seeds/stickers
                                                            ―Mayor for a Day‖ students cleaned
                                                             up an area and each school
                                                             selected one student to be ―Mayor
                                                             for a Day‖
         Chadron           Keep Chadron Beautiful           Poster and Litter Critter Contest
                                                             w/life size model unveiled as
        Columbus          Keep Columbus Beautiful           ―Environmental Jeopardy‖ radio
                                                             contest w/KLIR 101.FM
                                                            8 graders applied storm drain
         Lexington         Keep Lexington Beautiful
                                                             markers that read ―No Dumping‖ in
                                                             English & Spanish
          Lincoln          Keep Nebraska Beautiful          Delivered invites stapled to trash
                                                             bag to each NE Senator
          Norfolk          Keep Norfolk Beautiful           ―Litter Patrol‖ w/police dept.
        North Platte    Keep N.Platte/Lincoln Beautiful     Created a flower bed shaped like
                                                             Snoopy so it was more fun for the
                                                             kids - next year they’ll do
                                                            ―Kick Butts‖ - students were given
                                                             45 min to collect butts, then form a
                                                             billboard in a busy area to educate
                                                             the community
         Plainview     Keep N.East Nebraska Beautiful       Kids 3-6 grade story/poem contest
         Schuyler         Keep Schuyler Beautiful           Earth Day Bouquets;Wine
                                                             Tasting;Silent Auction raised
                                                            Litter bags handed out at local
                                                             bank drive thrum’s with litter laws
                                                             printed on them in English &
        Scottsbluff    Keep Scottsbluff-Gering Beautiful    Pre-school GAC puppet show
STATE      CITY               ORGANIZATION                         IDEAS FOR SHARING
 NM     Alamogordo        Keep Alamogordo Beautiful         ―Dream Clean 66 Miles of Highway‖
                                                            Planting of low water maintenance
                                                             garden in front of City Hall
                                                            ―Caught Red-Handed‖ program -
                                                             recognized residents who cleaned
                                                             up or beautified their community
                                                             they received a t-shirt that says ―I
                                                             was caught keeping Alamogordo
        Albuquerque       Keep Albuquerque Beautiful        ―Slam Dunk‖ your recycling-free
                                                             admission to basketball game for
                                                             three locally recyclable items
                                                            We sponsored a citywide high
                                                             school video production contest
                                                             which was designed to raise
                                                             awareness about litter and illegal
                                                             dumping, and also to encourage
                                                             young people to pick up after
          Carlsbad          Keep Carlsbad Beautiful         ―Traveling Dumpster‖ - children put
                                                             their ―painted‖ handprints on a
                                                             dumpster and picked up trash
           Clovis            Keep Clovis Beautiful           Once again, we have the Golden
                                                                Dumpster Award for the most
                                                                trash collected by an
                                                                organization. Several business
                                                                owners also donated cash, which
                                                                went to the winner
         Los Lunas      Tierra Bonita of Valencia County    Elementary school litter challenge-
                                                             most bags and most participants
        Rio Rancho        Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful         Garden Tool Recycle Program
 NV     Boulder City    Lake Mead National Recreation       ―Dresses for Divas‖ Collecting
                                    Area                     business dresses, suits & cocktail
                                                             dresses to distribute to women in a
                                                             Safe Nest Shelter
                                                            ―In your Easter Bonnet‖ Clothing
                                                             Drive for women in need
 NY        Buffalo        Keep Western NY Beautiful         Fourth grade cleanup message
                                                             with performed skit
         Glen Cove         Glen Cove Beautification         Introduction of the ―New Recycle
                                 Commission                  Man‖ mascot
            Islip              Keep Islip Clean             Tie-dye T-shorts for $5 or for free if
                                                             you bring in a shirt to recycle
          New City         Keep Rockland Beautiful          ―Artful Receptacles‖ - artists
                                                             decorated 55 gallon steel drum
                                                             trash barrels; the barrels were
                                                             placed around town
 OH        Akron             Keep Akron Beautiful           Dreamscape Raffle - a giveaway of
                                                             a $10,000 from yard makeover,
                                                             which brought in $20,000
        Berlin Center     Keep Lake Milton Beautiful        Wetland handicapped accessible
                                                             nature path
STATE     CITY              ORGANIZATION                         IDEAS FOR SHARING
        Chillicothe      Hopewell Culture National       We combined a bird cultural tour of
                             Historical Park              the park
        Cincinnati       Keep Cincinnati Beautiful       Rumpke Cleanup Contest
                                                          w/WKRC-TV; cleanup photo
                                                          featured during weather
                                                         Zoo Unto Others—an elephant
                                                          helps to pick up trash around the
        Delaware      Keep Delaware County Beautiful     Six-mile ―Walking River Sweep‖
         Elyria          Lorain County Beautiful         Firemen & volunteers teamed up to
                                                          clean park
          Huron        Erie County Recycling & Litter     Our mascot, lucky the Ladybug
                                Prevention                  appeared at the Sandusky
                                                            Clean-up & Arbor Day
                                                            celebration and Vermilion Pride
                                                            Day and mingled w/the
        Lakewood         Keep Lakewood Beautiful          ―Earth Day in Lakewood‖
                                                            celebration which included
                                                            environmental activities and
                                                            games. Green Elvis kicked off
                                                            the event with an Earth Day tree
                                                            planting and sing along
         Mentor           Keep Mentor Beautiful          ―Mentor Safety Village‖ tour for
                                                          third graders w/packets including
                                                          GAC info
        Middletown      Keep Middletown Beautiful        Having volunteers sign pledge card
                                                          for at least one hour of cleanup
         Moraine      Montgomery County Solid Waste      Poetry Contest - students
                                 District                 submitted poetry concerning litter,
                                                          entries judged & compiled into a
                                                          booklet which was distributed
         Newark              City of Newark              Commuter Appreciation Day
        Perrysburg      Keep Perrysburg Beautiful        Woodland Nature Preserve Design
                                                               th th
                                                          by 4 -6 graders who cleared
                                                          neglected parkland and replanted it
        Sandusky             Erie/Huron GAC              Recycling/Litter Prevention for mini
                                                          grants from Solid Waste
                                                          District.Erie County offered for
                                                          appliance/tire recycling events
         Toledo         Keep Toledo/Lucas County         Local TV station sponsored GAC
                                Beautiful                 and Clothing Drive w/live broadcast
                                                          during Sunday AM show
         Warren        Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste       ―The Magic of Recycling‖ show for
                              Management                  kinds w/a recycled plastic park
                                                          bench for schools
                                                         ―Lens on Litter‖ - Scout troops
                                                          photographed littered areas and
                                                          submitted their ―project‖. They then
                                                          adopted the area and cleaned it.
STATE      CITY               ORGANIZATION                          IDEAS FOR SHARING
 OK       Ardmore        Ardmore Beautification Council    Brooms donated for a Main St.
                                                            curb-front sweep
                                                           Area schools locker cleanout
                                                           Elementary students put gravel
                                                            designs in wet concrete to be used
                                                            as stepping stones @ school -
                                                            teaches them to use recycled items
                                                            (they used pizza boxes for a form)
        Oklahoma City     Oklahoma City Beautiful Inc.      As a kick-off event to LitterBlitz
                                                                the board of OKC Beautiful
                                                                challenges the Mayor and OKC
                                                                City Council to a trash pickup
          Guymon        Area Prevention Resource Center     Most of our activities are a form
                                                                of Service-Learning. Students
                                                                service to the community was
                                                                thoughtfully connected to lessons
                                                                in class. For example: Advanced
                                                                Art students directed younger
                                                                students in how to paint in the
                                                                park - in the classroom they
                                                                studied mentoring the effects of
                                                                weather on paint, leadership
                                                                skills etc.
 PA       Reading            Reading Beautification        Local Mascots encouraging
 PR       San Juan           Conserva el Encanto           Turning the PR Jazz Festival into
                                                            an eco-event and environmental
                                                            education campout
 SC      Charleston       Charleston & N. Charleston       Neighborhood cleanup involving
                                                            the Citadel Cadets
          Columbia           Keep South Carolina           Zero tolerance for Litter Weekend –
                            Beautiful/Palmetto Pride        Dept. of Natural Resources offices,
                                                            sheriffs, hwy patrolmen enforced
                                                            litter laws and educated the public
          Florence          Keep Florence Beautiful        Contractor hired to collect and
                                                            recycle household hazardous
                                                            waste during event
         Georgetown       Keep Georgetown Beautiful        ―One yard at a time" program. We
                                                            challenged residents of
                                                            Georgetown to pledge to clean up
                                                            in front of their own home each
                                                            Saturday in April. Pledge card
                                                            displays were placed in businesses
                                                            all over the city. Residents signed a
                                                            pledge card and were entered in a
                                                            drawing for a gift certificate from
                                                            Home Depot. We encouraged
                                                            residents to take pride in the
                                                            appearance of Georgetown and to
                                                            encourage their neighbors to do the
STATE        CITY               ORGANIZATION                        IDEAS FOR SHARING
        N. Myrtle Beach     N. Myrtle Beach Clean City       The ―Spring Creek Sweep‖
                                    Community                 donation of kayaks for use in hard
                                                              to reach areas
          St. George        KAB of Dorchester County         Planting of a Liberty Vegetable
                                                              Garden-food given to a homeless
            Sumter        Sumter County Keep America         Full body apron designed as
                                   Beautiful                  highway w/litter on it, used in
                                                              school presentations
 TN         Athens           Keep McMinn Beautiful           ―Electronic Recycling Campaign‖-
                                                              unwanted electronic restored or
                                                             Pole Patrol – utility co. helped
                                                              remove illegal signs from poles
                                                             ―Dump & Run‖ college students
                                                              recycled dorm furnishings & other
                                                              reusable items during ―moving‖
                                                             Adult Basic Education Essay
                                                              Contest - Each year students are
                                                              encouraged to creatively consider
                                                              how to better our area. Cash prizes
                                                              are awarded to winners. [Gets a
                                                              population who might not otherwise
                                                              think about bettering our
                                                              environment to do so]
          Cleveland       Cleveland/Bradley KAB System       ―Treasure In The Trash‖ litter pick-
           Columbia           Keep Maury Beautiful           Girl Scouts walked around parade
                                                              route with bags asking people to
                                                              dispose of their litter
          Fayetteville    C.L.E.A.N. Fayetteville/Lincoln    ―Cash for Trash‖
           Franklin         Keep Williamson Beautiful        Composting Classes-Family Fun
           Gallatin          Keep Gallatin Beautiful         Leaf compost sold as a fundraiser.
                                                              63 truckloads of black gold sold or
                                                              a total of $630 for KGB
                                                             Flower baskets on all 47 lamp
                                                              posts in Downtown Gallatin
          Greeneville          Keep Greene Clean             ―Roll Up Your Sleeves Campaign‖
           Harriman           Keep Roane Beautiful           Cleanup events w/outdoor
                                                              environmental presentations
           Jackson            Jackson City Beautiful         Parks & Recreation Dept. Event
           Knoxville         Keep Knoxville Beautiful        ―Trash Wars: The Litter Menace-
                                                              Episode One‖ A series of events for
                                                              high schoolers
                                                             ―Greek Challenge‖ - had college
                                                              students do cleanups
          Manchester      Keep Coffee County Beautiful       Plant-The-Town-Red during
                                                              April/May-plant a red-blooming
STATE     CITY            ORGANIZATION                    IDEAS FOR SHARING
         Memphis     Memphis City Beautification    Special Arts Projects-―Plant The
                            Commission               Town Red‖
         Nashville     Metro Beautification &       ―Ring Around The School‖- 11,000
                     Environmental Commission        students,700 teachers make a ring
                                                     and cleanup for the day

 TX       Austin       Keep Texas Beautiful         PowerPoint show for 1200
                                                     volunteers;GAC training book;
                                                     World’s largest trash bag w/7-11
          Austin       Keep Austin Beautiful        Helping to organize The Citadel
                                                     Group to clean store parking lot
                                                     in return for drinks/muffins
          Bryan           Brazos Beautiful          ―Recycled Resources Art Day‖
                                                     using found materials to create
        Coleman       Keep Coleman Beautiful        Painting old building in
                                                     downtown area and adding a
         Coppel        Keep Coppell Beautiful       Creation of "Water Conservation
                                                     Display & Exhibit"
         Denton        Keep Denton Beautiful        Mural painting on a very
                                                     unsightly retaining wall
        Dickinson    Keep Dickinson Beautiful       A large mockup show runoff
                                                     effects on homes and
        Fort Worth   Keep Forth Worth Beautiful     Advertising GAC program on
                                                     City’s intranet site with all the
           Katy         Keep Katy Beautiful         First event on new bricked
                                                     downtown historical plaza
        Kaufman           City of Kaufman           Cleaning & landscaping property
                                                     that had a building removed
        Carrollton        BSA Troop 1202            Marked storm drains with ―Don’t
                                                     Dump‖ markers
         Houston      Keep Houston Beautiful        ―Sign Buster—Removal of bandit
                                                     (litter on a stick) sign
                                                     coordinated with City Council
                                                     Office and Sign Administration

         McAllen      Keep McAllen Beautiful        We devised a relay race that was
                                                     fun and entertaining for
                                                     kids…‖The Recycling Survivor
        Navasota      Keep Navasota Beautiful       ―Litter Loot Hunt‖
         Odessa        Keep Odessa Beautiful        Scavenger Hunt at six cleanup
                                                     locations.6 cans with prize value
                                                     of $50
        Pearland      Keep Pearland Beautiful       ―Business After Hours‖ GAC
                                                     Kick-Off w/environmental games
STATE       CITY                ORGANIZATION                         IDEAS FOR SHARING
            Plano                 Keep Plano                 Donated WW painted-like mascot
                                                              driven around as educational
        Port Aransas      Keep Port Aransas Beautiful        Earth Day City-wide cleanup
        Richland Hills      Keep Richland Beautiful          School group made Iron Eyes
                                                              Cody hand-held masks for City
                                                              Council presentation event
          Rockport       Keep Aransas County Beautiful       Garden tour and plant exchange
                                                              w/extra plants going to local
         Southlake          Keep Southlake Beautiful         GAC combined with distribution
                                                              of ―A Touch of Nature‖ Arbor
                                                              Day celebration
         Sugar Land        Keep Sugar Land Beautiful         Neighborhood Day ―Hearts and
                                                              Hammers‖ elderly home repair in
                                                              historic Hispanic mission
            Tyler             Keep Tyler Beautiful           Contracted w/mental health
                                                              agency for paid litter pickups
            Willis            Keep Willis Beautiful          Couch Campaign – paid people
                                                              $10 for every old couch they
                                                              turned in
USVI      Cruz Bay          St. John V.I. National Park      Involvement of all four schools in
                                                              household recycling program
 VA       Hampton        Hampton Clean City Commission       ―Tour de Trash‖ (tour of solid waste
                                                              facilities used by the City)
          Lebanon         Russell County Environmental       ―Trash Cart To Art‖ creating artwork
                                    Council                   from trash judged by the
           Norfolk       Norfolk Environment Commission      ―Norfolk Shines‖ volunteer
                                                              recruitment drive

         Lake Ridge      Prince William Clean Community      ―Tee-Off Against Litter‖ Golf
 WA      Oak Harbor        Navy Whidbey Recycle NAS          ―Dumpster Dive‖ event - teams
                                Whidbey Island                dressed in costumes & separated
                                                              out recyclables from dumpsters.
                                                              Competed for prizes - based on
                                                              most creative, enthusiastic and
                                                              grossed out
 WI      Milwaukee       Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful    Scuba Shop partnership, divers &
         West Bend           West Bend Beautification        City-wide cleanup with cooperation
                                  Commission                  of city and local sanitation
                                                              departments, parks department
                                                              and local grocery story
 WV        Philippi            Philippi Main Street          Contest to find the most unusual
                                                              piece of trash
 WY                         Yellowstone National Park        Using native seed to revegetate
                                                              disturbed hilly plan areas around
                                                              the school. Students were
                                                              instructed on the process
Creative Ideas
In 2001, Keep America Beautiful issued a national call to action for teens to go above, beyond
and extreme ---by doing something big in the way of an event to improve their small corner of the
world during the Great American Cleanup™. As you know, teens love extremes---extreme sports,
extreme competition, extreme events, extreme music. The Extreme Clean events motivate
teens to get involved, have fun and show the world that they will ―go to extremes‖ to make a
positive difference in their communities.

Participating organizations have the opportunity to produce these specific events and make them
extreme…make them fun, competitive, musical, festive, etc., with rewards at the end as a thank
you (incentive) to the participating teens.

These are some of the Extreme Clean events that occurred during the 2001 Great American

Professionally-trained cave divers went 60 feet deep into a cave system to clear out litter that was
threatening the water quality

CYCLE, ROLL & SKATE (Washington, DC):
Volunteers rolled their way through neighborhoods on inline skates & bicycles, picking up litter &
beautifying parks

UNDERWATER SCUBA DIVING CLEANUPS (Tampa and Orlando area of Florida):
Scuba divers in boats and jet skis, plunged the depths of the ocean floor & caves, cleaning up
litter & improving water quality

POWERWASHING THE TOWN (Charleston, SC; Alliance, NE):
Volunteers gave their town the ultimate cleansing, blasting away grime on historic buildings &
cobblestone streets

Zipping across the water, volunteers cleaned hard-to-reach beaches & shorelines

WHITE RIVER DRAG & BAG (Indianapolis, IN):
Boaters, fire fighters & divers operated cranes & dragnets to haul large debris from 10 miles of
water (illegally dumped cars, oil tanks, etc.)

GO FOR THE GOLD (Winter Haven, FL):
Volunteers raced to the task of recycling in an Olympic-themed educational event

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