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					rosey boehm photography
                                          digital camera workshops

Now there’s a training course specially designed to teach you
how to use your digital camera. As a professional photographer
with more than 20 years’ experience my digital camera workshops
will give you the knowledge and practical expertise you need to
get the best from your camera.

learn how to focus                 why do this course?
complete practical exercises       Are you overwhelmed by your camera?
to learn and hone new skills       Are you struggling to know where to begin?
                                   Are your photos blurred and fuzzy?
download images successfully       Are you frustrated with your lack of knowledge?

grasp the basics of composition    course content
resolve individual issues          A short course (3 hours) with a maximum of six participants, this
                                   is for those getting started with digital photography, and covers
                                   basic operation of your camera, focus and composition. It is highly
                                   interactive and structured to resolve individual problems, with each
                                   participant given focused attention to understand their own camera.
                                   Detailed course notes are provided, as well as exercises to practice
                                   and hone newfound skills.

                                   course outcomes

                                   This course will enable you to better utilise your digital camera and
                                   improve the overall quality of your digital photography. I have been
course dates 2010                  conducting these very successful programs to government agencies,
                                   community groups and individuals for over four years, and participants
Saturday 27 March       10am–1pm
                                   have all walked away with new confidence and skills.
Saturday 27 March       2pm–5pm
Sunday 9 May            10am–1pm   • Introduction to Digital Photography and Advanced Techniques
Sunday 9 May            2pm–5pm      courses are also available.

venue                              • Please contact Rosey for further information or to make a booking.

247 South Road
[cnr. Ballara Street]
Mile End

course fees
$55 per person

rosey boehm photography m 0418 848 103 e w

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