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					                                                     Quick Start
                                                     Guide To Success
                                                  hand out 25 magazines a month for 12 months, they
                                                  will guarantee you earn at least $6,000 in
                                                  commissions or they will write you a check. See
                                                  rules and participation on your website. To learn how
                                                  to approach people about the business and the
                                                  magazines, go to the freeway system and listen to
                                                  the training call for Rejection Proof Prospecting, before
                                                  you speak to your friends and family. Go to your Back
                                                  Office for all the details on the Success from Home
                                                  YTB Guarantee.

                                                  Step 2. Purchase a
                                                  domain name at

    QUICK START GUIDE TO SUCCESS                  Why do you want to
           (Updated 09/08/07)                     buy a unique name
                                                  URL for your new
This Quick Start Guide to Success provides        travel business
the action steps you need to take to help you     booking engine?
build your business. Your team leadership has     Simply put, it!s much
provided this proven system which will            easier when you!re sending potential customers to
guarantee success if you follow each step and     your booking engine to check prices and book their
take action. Treat your business like a real      travel, to have a simple URL to remember, such as
business, not a hobby and it will pay you for     www.kimstraveldeals.com instead of a long
the rest of your life..                           complicated name like: www.ytbtravel.com/
Make a commitment to become
TEACHABLE/COACHABLE. The leadership               So go to the website: www.godaddy.com, look up your
has a vested personal and financial interest in    name(s) and purchase it there. It!s cheaper at Go
helping you succeed and will guide you along      Daddy and they have an explanation on their site as to
a proven path. You must follow each step in       how you forward your new URL directly to your YTB
the system to be successful.                      site. It!s called “forwarding” your site and it simply
                                                  means that when someone types in your URL
GETTING STARTED ACTION STEPS                      www.kimstraveldeals.com (example) it will actually
                                                  take them to your www.ytbtravel.com/yoursitename. I
Step 1. Order your “Success from Home”            recommend purchasing www.Your Store Name.com
Magazines if you didn!t do it when you signed     and www.Your Store Name.biz The .com for your
up.                                               travel site and .biz for your marketing site. If you need
                                                  assistance, call your PowerTeam Leader and they will
Go to your ytb.com/yoursite website and login.                                        QUICK START
Once there, order your autoship of the                                              Guide To Success
                                                  We are here to help you so
Success from Home magazine, minimum               contact your PowerTeam            Take the time to walk through each step in the process
order is 25. Remember, the company has            Leaders today. You can locate     of starting your home based business with YTB.
                                                                                    Obtain the password for www.yoursuccessathome.info
                                                  his contact information in your
guaranteed your success in writing. If you will   Back Office.
                                                                                    and use the training videos to jumpstart your business
                                                                                    by two to four weeks.
help you. Do this step before you order your business cards.

Step 3. Purchase Business Cards (www.vistaprint.com)

Go to www.vistaprint.com to select your business cards. You can search under YTB to see company
approved cards. Also, you may want to order magnets to send with the warm market letter. Make sure you
have done step #1 and have your new URL/Website name before ordering.

NOTE: This one cheap advertising tool will be vital in helping grow your business. You are not IN
BUSINESS without business cards.

Step 4. Make a list of at least 100 potential customers or business prospects.

Anyone you know closely, slightly or have ever seen, if you know they might be interested, put their name
down and look up their number. This is a written list. Do not skip this step! Caution: email alone is proven
NOT TO WORK, so begin making a list and add to it everyday as names come to your mind. You might
want to start with your Christmas Card list. I will teach you what to do with this list later.

Step 5. Complete RTA credentials form and send in to home office. Complete this step in your FIRST 7

   •       Download the RTA credentials form from your back office. It is in the download section. Go get a
           passport sized picture taken at the drugstore or other passport photo location (we use Walgreens since
           you!re in and out in minutes and it!s only $7.00 pp). On back of color photo, print your name and YTB ID
           number neatly and clearly. Your ID number is located in your backoffice in the top left corner as soon as you
           log in.

   •       Attach a picture of you and your spouse or partner, to RTA credentials form with paper clip or other non-
           permanent way, this picture will be made into your ID card and returned to you. Remember, you are not a
           Referring Travel Agent until you get this ID card. Please allow 7 days from company receipt of your form,
           correctly filled out, to receive it back in the mail. I recommend you sending it Priority mail. Make sure you
           put a self addressed postage paid return priority envelope with it for them to send it back. This will cut your
           wait time in half.

NOTE: Do Not Wait until a few days before you leave on a trip and try to get it back in a hurry, get it
done right away, in your first 7 days. Show this to people you are speaking with, it!s one of the
greatest benefits of your YTB business!

Step 6. Schedule Your CRTA Training Class

Look on the YTB website in your back office under Company Events to see where and when the CRTA
training events are being held. This one day training not only gets you qualified for your CLIA Cruise Line
Card, it also gives you your basic “boot camp” training on YTB and the business. By-the-way, once you
have 3 personal RTA!s get certified you will be refunded your fee.

Step 7. Participate on weekly “Team Travel Biz” call. Monday Night at 9:30 pm EST. The Number is
218-486-3696; Passcode is 605869#. Most cell phone carriers have free long distance at this time.

Each week we do a private training call just for our group. It!s your chance to get plugged in and find
out how to build your income through your new travel business. New topics each week and we try to
answer questions at the end of each call. Plan on 1 hour for this call; if you paid for a college course would
you skip all of the lectures? Don!t skip this call, buy a 3 cent a minute calling card if you need to at Walmart
or get flat rate long distance on your phone, it!s only about $25 per month. There REALLY is NO EXCUSE!
See you there.
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Warm Market Letter
Business Announcement

Dear (their name),

I am writing to announce some good news in the (your last name here) family and to ask for your help. Just
recently, my wife and I purchased a dealership with an On-Line Travel company called YTB. This company is one
of the fastest growing companies in America! We are very excited about working with them. We have found the
Travel industry to be a lot of fun!! YTB is 6 years old and booked just over 500 million in travel last year. We are an
RTA (Referring Travel Agent) for them and can work from home over the Internet.

We provide On-Line Travel just like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz etc. If you have been using Internet Companies to
book your travel, we would appreciate you checking out our Company Site at www.YourRoadToTravel.com the next
time you need to make some travel plans. Also if you call or email us with your ideas, we can go to work on getting
you the best prices possible. Our prices are very competitive.

One of our specialties is International Travel. For example, our company recently was able to save a missionary
purchasing a ticket to Kenya, Africa over 50% on his airline ticket. The best price he was able to get was $2200.00.
However, our company was able to help him with a price of under $700.00. An incredible savings, wouldn!t you

(First Name), we would love the opportunity to earn your future travel business. Also if you would send me your
email address, we could put you on our “Steals and Deals Newsletter” where we will let you know of weekly
discounted travel deals. All in all we would love the opportunity to serve your travel needs.

As to the favor I mentioned, there are two things you can do to help us, and they won!t take any time or money to

1) The home office has some special arrangements for churches and missionary work. If you or anyone you know is
currently involved in their church!s travel, we would like the chance to save them money. Maybe even set them up to
purchase wholesale travel too. Could you simply email me a contact name and number, and I will call them and see
if we can help.

2) We are currently staffing our business and have some excellent positions to fill. I would appreciate any
recommendations you may give me for good men and women who may want to earn full or part-time income
working with us. Candidates should enjoy helping people, be teachable, have a good work ethic, and be able to put
in at least 8 to 10 hours per week. Of course, they should also love to travel and vacation. Those with management
experience or skills may qualify for a management slot with a generous compensation plan and benefits including
travel career training, leadership bonuses, wholesale travel with many perks as well as life and health insurance.

Moreover the business is set up so they can operate from their home, (must have internet service), which allows us
and them more family time. And no need to commute! We can work with them no matter where they live! Who do
you know that might be interested in some extra income, working from home with us?

We very much appreciate any help you may give us as we launch our business. We are so excited about the future!!

I will call in a couple of days and look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours Truly,

Your Name Here
My email is: youremailhere@gmail.net
Check out our new travel site at: www.ytb.com/WebsiteName