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DLSU-D sets 22nd graduation rites


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									                                                                                                  DLSU-Dasmariñas Newsette 03.10-15.2003             1
                Pintakasi at Museo
Banner Briefs

                An exhibition of religious icons will be
                unveiled on March 15 at the zaguan area
                of Museo De La Salle. Dubbed
                Pintakasi: Relihiyon, Lipunan at Sining,
                the exhibition features paintings and
                relief sculptures from the collection of
                Victoria Vizcarra Amaliñgan, one of the
                Museo’s esteemed donors.

                Pintakasi, which means a sense of
                devotion to a particular divine being or
                patron, mirrors the Filipinos’ deep sense    Vol. 12 No. 19          March 10-15, 2003
                of piety. Images of favorite patron saints
                such as Saint Joseph, Sto. Niño, San
                Isidro Labrador, the Virgin Mary and
                Jesus Christ will be on display until June
                                                             DLSU-D sets 22nd
                Techie summer
                This summer, the Computer Studies
                                                             graduation rites
                Department will offer short-term
                                                                 De La Salle University-Dasmariñas will hold its 22nd commencement
                certificate programs in Information
                                                             with a total of 1,913 graduates to receive their baccalaureate and non-
                Technology to upgrade computer skills
                and promote career development.
                                                             baccalaureate degrees on March 17 at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine
                                                             International Convention Center.
                The certificate program, scheduled from          Several graduates will receive Latin Honors. They are magna cum laude
                March 31-May 6, offers focused IT            Margo Yambao (BEE) and cum laudes Juan Galera (BS Crim), Dindo Diago
                applications like MS Applications, Basic     (BSBA), Robert Jayson Sausa (BSCS) and Mark Philip Tanael (BSBA).
                Troubleshooting, Visual Basic, Turbo C,          Retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Justo Torres Jr. will deliver the
                Turbo C ++, Java 2, Cisco Network            commencement address for the graduates of the colleges of Education,
                Academy Program and Macromedia               Engineering and Technology, Law Enforcement, Administration and Public
                Flash.                                       Safety, Liberal Arts and Graduate School of Education, Arts and Sciences in
                                                             the morning ceremony. On the other hand, CLSA Exchange Capital
                Call local 3134 for more details.            Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Luis JL Virata will
                Verde Pa Rin                                 deliver the commencement address in the graduation exercise of the colleges
                                                             of Business Administration, International Hospitality Management and
                With this year’s theme Verde Pa Rin @
                                                             Graduate School of Business in the afternoon.
                25, the DLSU-D Alumni Association
                                                                 Margo Yambao and Mark Philip Tanael will express words of
                will hold its annual general homecoming
                                                             appreciation on behalf of this year’s graduates.
                on April 26 at the Lake Park.

                To be hosted by Batch 1993, the affair
                will feature band performances, raffle,
                job expo, trade and business fair and fun
                games. Outstanding alumni will also be
                awarded during the event.

                Dinner will be served and souvenir items
                will be distributed to the alumni who
                will attend. Registration is free.

                               w w w.dasma.dlsu.edu.ph/ico

                                                             Graduates ponder on the homily during the Baccalaureate Mass, March 14 at the chapel.
2   DLSU-Dasmariñas Newsette 03.10-15.2003

    Administrators attend seminar on crisis
        DLSU-Dasmariñas                       make them conducive for learning,         Association of School Security
    administrators attended a seminar         discussed the various aspects of crisis   Organization, shared some
    entitled Crisis Management in             management such as causes/threats,        intelligence reports relating to
    Learning Institutions on March 7 at       responsibility of the administrators      security threats in the academe,
    GSB 106.                                  and courses of action (contingency        especially the widespread terrorism
        The seminar, with the main            plans, organization for emergencies,      activities.
    objective of maintaining peace and        dry runs, evaluation) among others.
    order in the academic institutions to         Dr. Bernard Ramirez, guest
                                              speaker from the Philippine National

    CBA reveals teacher of the year
        The College of Business               Office Administration. Part-timers        the year from the different
    Administration (CBA) has chosen           who were chosen as teachers of the        departments received certificates.
    Rodelon Del Mundo as CBA                  year were Charles Onda-Acountancy         Likewise presented in the ceremony
    Teacher of the Year.                      and Elizabeth Paunlagi-                   were Dr. Gloria Chavez –Research
        Del Mundo, who was named              Management.                               Awardee and Roben Ryan Dilleton
    teacher of the year of the Marketing          The winners were selected based       of BSBA Economics-Golden Scroll
    Department garnered the highest           on teaching performance (student          Awardee.
    point among the contenders who            and peer evaluation), professional            The awards committee was
    were also recognized as teachers of       accomplishment, service to the            composed of Dr. Epifania Anfone
    the year of other CBA units. These        university and the community and          (chair), Belinda Narvaez, Mercedita
    include Eden Cabrera-Accountancy,         attendance.                               Lee, Evangeline Miña, Dr. Crispina
    Dr. Epifania Anfone-Allied                    Del Mundo received a plaque           Corpuz, Carmelyn Antig and
    Business, Carmelyn Antig-                 during the CBA Recognition Day            CBASC President Lowell Basical.
    Management and Monina Remulla-            on March 10, while the teachers of

      Weekly Bulletin
                                              March 18-22 Tue-Sat
      March 17 Mon
                                              Summer Immersion & Summer of              March 22 Sat
      Graduation Day                          Service (Student Volunteers)
      8:00 a.m. (COS, C LA, CLE, CET, COE,                                 it
                                              Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cav e          Sports Clinic
      GSEAS)                                  Sponsored by Lasallian Community          8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Palaruang
      11:00 a.m. (CIH, CBA, GSB)              Development Center                        La Salle
      Plenary Hall P il p i e International
                  , h ipn                                                               Sponsored by LCDC & P.E. Dept.
      Convention Center                       March 20 Thu
                                              Accountancy Workshop fo Faculty,                             ite
                                                                                        Photo exhibit on Cav history
      March 18 Tue                            Accountancy Department                              av e
                                                                                        Rosario, C it
                                                                                                             ie f h
                                                                                        Sponsored by the Off c o t e
      COS Evaluation Workshop                                                           Governor and Cav ite Studies Center
                 rence Room
      Alumni Confe                            March 21 Fri
                                              Distribution of classcards

    In the article “gem of a man” of Newsette’s last issue, we have mispelled the name of Atty. Zenen Sayarot. Our
                                                                         DLSU-Dasmariñas Newsette 03.10-15.2003                                                      3

 This page works with you

                                Be a daredevil

             atching Daredevil on a       others. All these have been happening      emotionally. By being insightful of
             “mommy day” as a friend      in our life because we lack that power     others’ inner feelings and thoughts,
             calls a day at home          to receive signals that would provide      we afford to get a good grasp of their
without a nanny, inspired me to write     us the means to becoming more              situation and condition. Sensitivity
this article. I have missed a lot of      intuitive and responsive—sensitivity.      allows us to emphatize, making us
cartoons when I was younger and so,            Developing sensitivity in us is       more considerate and tolerant.
coming to know about this marvel          making ourselves somewhat like             Likewise, with a good deal of
superhero was already a bracing           superheroes—powerful, because              sensitivity, forgiving others no longer
incident.                                 sensitivity itself is power. It makes us   becomes a tough thing to do.
      As probably most of us know,        supreme by being in control and by              Power to help and heal others
Matthew Murdoch aka Daredevil lost        putting our potential in the                    Having an edge on what others
his sight in an accident when he was      maximum level.                             think and feel also gives us an edge in
twelve years old. But just like the            Power to understand                   terms of extending help to them. Isn’t
saying “when God closes a door He              A sensitive person is open-           it great to be able to lend a hand even
opens a window,” he developed             minded and unbiased. He is receptive       without waiting for someone to ask
extraordinary senses that enabled him     not only to a few but to all.              for it?
to feel complete in spite of losing his   Sensitivity gives us the power to               Our awareness of others’ inner
sight.                                    understand others better by being          feelings makes us more proficient in
      This seems to be a usual plot in    able to identify with them                 responding to them. Knowing how
mainstream movies, but not in real                                                   to deal with others with tact and
life. A lot of us become big failures                                                warmth and with the right words to
without being able to see and worse,               Developing                        say could help heal their wounded
a lot of us are not able to feel,                                                    hearts and boost their spirits.
perceive and understand better even            sensitivity in us is                       Since summer is drawing near
with all our senses.                                                                 and it is once again the season for
                                                                                                                               A t by Christopher John B. Catapang

      Many opportunities in life pass          making ourselves                      get-togethers, recreations and tours,
by without us noticing them and                                                      let us take time to learn some
many times we have found ourselves               somewhat like                       sensitivity skills. Let’s watch and
in difficult situations because we have                                              observe, feel and listen to nature, to
not foreseen danger coming our way.
                                                  superheroes -                      people and to God.BFM
In the past, we have failed to attend          powerful, because
to our loved ones’ needs and we have

missed chances of lending help to
4   DLSU-Dasmariñas Newsette 03.10-15.2003

    Former Balik-Aral student
    earns degree                                                                                                                 CAVITE
          Mari Antonette De Ocampo, a                                                                                    CHRONICLES
    former Balik-Aral Program student,
    successfully completed her degree in
    Bachelor of Science in Office                                                                                           March 13, 1984
    Management. De Ocampo, together
    with this year’s graduates, will march at                                                                                President Ferdinand
    the Philippine International Convention
    Center on March 17.
                                                                                                                                 Marcos signed
          De Ocampo enrolled in the Balik-                                                                                 Proclamation No. 2341
    Aral Program in 1996 when she was in
    first year high school. She was                                                                                     declaring March 22nd 1984
    promoted to fourth year high school                                                                                   and every 22nd of March
    through the Philippine Education
                                                                                               De Ocampo
    Placement Test. Taking the advice of her                                                                               thereaftrer as “General
    former Balik-Aral teacher, Relyn Sabiaga               she has these insightful parting words, “I
                                                           always take pride in telling people that I
                                                                                                                       Emilio Aguinaldo Day” and
    Antenor-Cruz, she enrolled in
    Philippine Christian University                        am a former Balik-Aral Program                                a special public holiday in
    (Dasmariñas) to finish her secondary                   student. I am forever grateful to the
    education in a formal school.                          volunteer teachers who inspired me to                                       Cavite.
    Eventually, De Ocampo pursued her                      be confident and to work hard in
    college degree at DLSU-Dasmariñas.                     achieving my ambition.”
                                                                                                                           Cavite’s Historical Calendar
          De Ocampo is deeply grateful to                       Balik-Aral is DLSU-D’s commitment                             by Teresita P. Unabia
    the Balik-Aral Program. Looking                        to transform lives by educating less
    forward to another milestone in her life,              priveleged out-of-school-youth.

    VPA attends educ’l leadership seminar
         Vice President for Academics Dr.                  further strengthening the leadership                   management were tackled in the
    Myrna Ramos attended an Educational                    qualities of Catholic administrators and               seminar. A CEO Forum that covered
    Leadership seminar on February 26-28                   religious educators who are entrusted                  topics on good leadership and the
    at the University of Santo Tomas.                      with the spiritual formation of the                    necessary knowledge and skills for
         Sponsored by the Association of                   youth.                                                 administrators and an inter-university
    Catholic Universities of the Philippines,                    Topics on leadership qualities and               visit to an ACUP member highlighted
    Inc. (ACUP), the seminar aimed at                      skills and key components of                           the conference.

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