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									      Marketing Manual

Please Read - Important Deadlines Inside

Marketing Manual
Dear Exhibitor

Once again a warm welcome to Garden Expo, which is taking place at Stoneleigh
Park on 29 – 30 June 2010. We are looking forward to a great show and want to
ensure that you get the most out of exhibiting at Garden Expo.

The Marketing Team has put in a place a targeted marketing and PR campaign to
ensure that you will see top quality visitors that reflect your target audience at Garden
Expo in June.

Here is an overview of some of the promotions already in place, or in progression, to
ensure visitor numbers:

      Extensive media partnership campaign with Garden Retail and Horticulture
      Advertisements appearing in Garden Retail, Horticulture Week, Garden Trade
       News, Garden Centre Update, DIY Week, Builders Merchant Journal, The
       Landscaper, HTA News, Landscape News, Furniture News and Interiors
      Visitor promotion leaflets to be inserted within all key garden care,
       horticulture, landscaping and outdoor living titles (circ. 55,000)
      Dedicated new look show website -
      Joint promotional partnerships with range of industry leaders
      Regional press advertising
      Targeted direct mail campaign
      Web alliances, online marketing and email promotions with Garden Forum,
       Landscape Juice, Garden Retail, Horticulture Week, Garden Centre Update,
       DIY Week, The Landscaper and Garden Trade News
      Dedicated PR campaign to all key press
      Plus much more!

Remember, there will be other companies at Garden Expo all competing for the
attention of the visitors. There is a fantastic range of opportunities for you to enhance
your profile at Garden Expo and many are free of charge. Please read the following
sections carefully and return the forms by the deadlines stated to ensure you receive
maximum exposure in the run up to Garden Expo.

If you need any further advice on promoting your stand at Garden Expo please do
not hesitate to contact us

Best wishes

Garden Expo Marketing Team

Contact List
Contacts for Garden Expo are listed under the relevant headings for quick reference:

General Enquiries

Nicky Anderson
Tel: 0800 612 5625


Charlotte Pudney
Tel: 0800 612 5625

Sales and Sponsorship

Dilip Patel
Tel: 0800 612 5626

Dan Leyland
Tel: 0800 612 5626


Kristina Fearnley
Tel: 0800 612 5626

Essential Guide and Exhibitor Directory

Scott Brothwell
KD Media Publishing Ltd

Tel: +44(0)1376 514 000

Shanie Andrews
KD Media Publishing Ltd

Tel: +44(0) 1376 535 604

1: Objectives
A great place to start is to look at your objectives for the show BEFORE you do
anything else. What do you hope to achieve from exhibiting at Garden Expo?

Generating sales leads?
Launching a new product?
Increasing sales on site?
Promote your brand?
Meet your customers?

This will help you decide which marketing activities to pursue, the design of your
stand, what activities will take place on the stand and what type of people to have
working on the stand. For example, do you want happy, persuasive sales people, or
experts in their field who will provide sound advice, or a mixture of both?

2: PR
The PR and Press Office for Garden Expo will be managed by
Kristina Fearnley.

To help your company make the most out of Garden Expo PR, get in touch with
Kristina and she can discus how she can help you to develop pre-show news
creation and how to create news e.g.

      Unusual and innovative product news or real life stories
      Celebrity endorsements, appearances and stand events
      Special give-aways or promotions

Please complete Form A and return to Kristina Fearnley as soon as possible.

Press Releases
If you wish to issue a press release, one or two pages are most effective. It should be
clearly dated (e.g. “For immediate release – 5 April 2010”). It should have an eye-
catching headline, which leads into the release. The first paragraph should
summarise the story with the next 3 or 4 paragraphs substantiating the story. The
press release should end with a contact name, telephone number, address and stand
number and the word “– ENDS –“, and if available, include further information about
photography / brochures.

3: Your Website
Use your website as a way of letting people know you will be at Garden Expo.
Include your stand number and any information on the special offers that you will be
running. Include a link from your site to If a site user
wants to visit you at Garden Expo, let them know that they can register in advance by
visiting, saving themselves £20 onsite. We have created a
range of logos that you can use on your website.

Log on to the Exhibitor Login Section and download logos now

4: Essential Guide and Exhibitor
Both of these publications will be produced independently by KD Media Publishing
Ltd. The Essential Guide will be sent out to all pre-registered visitors along with their
badge prior to the event. The Exhibitor Directory is a stand alone publication and will
be given out to all visitors on arrival at Garden Expo. The Exhibitor Directory carries
on being a point of reference long after Garden Expo is finished so it’s vital that you
make the most of your listing.

You have a free listing in the Essential Guide, Exhibitor Directory and show website.
Complete the relevant form before the deadline to ensure you get this complimentary

There are also opportunities to advertise and sponsor the Essential Guide and
Exhibitor Directory.

Please complete Form B or contact Shanie Andrews on +44(0)1376 535604 at KD
Media Publishing Ltd.

5: Talk to your Customers
Let your customers know you will be at Garden Expo and what you are planning to
do. There are a number of ways to do this and many of them are absolutely free. And
remember if every exhibitor takes part that creates more visitors for everyone!

Recent research has shown that 83% of the most successful companies at a range
of exhibitions (in terms of business generated and leads collected) were the ones
that took the trouble to mail their prospects beforehand, and let their customers know
what they will be doing at Garden Expo.

Email - FREE
The marketing team will be sending its own email newsletters to prospective visitors.
You can do the same to your email database and let them know of your special
offers, product launches etc and include a link to Garden Expo website. The
marketing team can help you with your email by supplying you with brief copy
describing the event as well as images and logos.

Tickets - FREE
You are allocated 50 tickets. These can be given to key clients, used in competitions
to promote your stand at Garden Expo, the list is endless! These tickets are
complimentary and should NOT, under any circumstances, be sold or legal action
may be taken.

These will be sent out to you nearer the date. If you are not the correct person for
these to be sent to please contact Nicky Anderson at

6: Onsite
Stand Appearance
Design your stand to attract your target market with colour, motion, sound, bold
graphics and benefits statements. Reading newspapers, eating lunch and having
private conversations on the stand is not conducive to a successful show!

Ensure that your stand staff are well trained – they need to understand your goals
and how they play a specific role in achieving them. Thoroughly brief them on your
products and objectives before the Show.

Increase your Database
You can also collect data onsite by running competitions etc where you get visitors to
fill in their contact details. Don’t forget to follow data protection guidelines so you can
use the data for later mailings!

You can book our official Show Photographer to take images of your stand for future
use; this is a great way to show your clients what you have been up to and what they
can expect from future events

Please complete Form D or contact Peter Crane for more details

Press Office
The Press Office will be signposted from the entrance to Garden Expo, and is open
to exhibitors from 2pm on 28th June 2010 and thereafter during the opening hours of
Garden Expo. The Press Office will be the first point-of-call for all press visiting the

Press Packs
Please bring your press packs to the Press Office in good time before Garden Expo

Press packs can be as simple as a company brochure with a press release attached,
informing the journalist of your latest news. Clearly mark the press pack with your
contact name, telephone number, address, and your exhibition stand number so that
press can easily find you.

We recommend that you supply 15 press packs, but it is advisable to keep a daily
check on your packs to ensure that a supply is maintained.

Please remember to collect any remaining packs from the Press Office immediately
after Garden Expo closes on Wednesday 30 June as any leftover will unfortunately
be thrown away.

Exhibitor Marketing Checklist
Activity                        Cost      Form/ Method           Deadline    Actioned

Read the Marketing Manual       FREE                                            
for great ideas

Downloaded Garden Expo          FREE   Visit Exhibitor section   ASAP

Contacted Kristina Fearnley     FREE   Form A                    ASAP
with news stories,
competitions, new products

Completed your free Essential   FREE   Form B                    ASAP
Guide and Exhibitor Directory

Booked advertising in the              Form B                    ASAP
official Essential Guide and
Exhibitor Directory with KD
Media Publishing Ltd

Ordered extra tickets           FREE   Form C                    ASAP

Booked your onsite              From   Form D                    11th June
photography with Peter Crane    £60


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