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									                           The Knight Tribune
   252-431-0440                1227 Dabney Drive, Henderson, NC              December

     Charter School History                          Celebrate our Differences
  By: Katie Smith & Brittany Pendergrass
                                                         Vance Charter School is a place
        The SACS team visited our school         where we are working to become aware of
November 28th and 29th. They reviewed            the culturally diverse society that surrounds
records, held interviews and also talked with    us everyday. The holidays are a great time
groups. Assistant Principal, Dona Mann,          to reflect on that, as many celebrate a
said, “SACS checks up on us every 5 years        holiday other than Christmas, including
to see if we are following through and doing     Yule, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah,
what we say we are, such as all the              as well as countless others!
improvements we have made.”
        SACS is apart of AdvancEd, which
is dedicated to being the leader in advanced
excellence in education so that everyone is
prepared for success in an ever changing and
diverse world. On Nov.29Th the SACS team
announced they are going to recommend we
be accredited.
        VCS was the first charter school in
the state to be SACS accredited, also leading
us to be the first recommended charter                 Hanukkah (Jewish) -- Begins at sundown on
school to be reaccredited.                              December 4 (ends December 12)
                                                       Saint Nicholas Day (Christian) -- December
  Adventures at Sound of Sea                           Ramadan -- Began September 13
         By: Shannon Satterwhite                       Eid al-Fitr (Muslim) -- October 13
                                                       Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
        This year the 5th grade took the                -- December 12
                                                       St. Lucia Day (Swedish) -- December 13
annual "Sound to Sea" trip down to Atlantic
                                                       Christmas (Christian) – December 25
Beach. Thanks to the 5th grade teachers,
                                                       Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian,
Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Parsons, it was a
                                                        English, Irish) -- December 26
blast! When the 5th grade went, they got to
                                                       Kwanzaa (African American) --
learn about different habitats like ponds,
                                                        December 26 to January 1
beaches, sounds, maritime forest and Barrier
                                                       Omisoka (Japanese) -- December 31
Islands. They learned about habitats and
                                                       Eid'ul-Adha (Muslim) – December
how they help one another. Each child had a
chance to serve as a "waitron", where they
                                                       Epiphany (Christian) -- January 6
would set up for the meal, clean up after it
and even get additional food and drinks
needed at the table during meal time. The
trip was full of fun and learning and thank-
you to everyone who helped put it together.
            Club Corner                                  What’s Happening
BETA Club                                         Kindergarten
   By: DJ Johnson & Anthony Raynor                    By: Matt Weaver & Dylan Bowen

        The Beta Club has a December full                 Mrs. Munn & Mrs. Harrison's
of service projects, including the following:     Kindergarten class will be taking a "trip"
                                                  around the world! We have filled out our
A California Christmas - this project is          passports, are "packing our suitcases" and
providing book bags filled with school            getting ready to take off! The students will
supplies for California students who've lost      "leave our country" and learn about how
their homes and or schools to wildfires.          people in other places celebrate Christmas
                                                  and other holidays in the month of
 Salvation Army Bell Ringing - The Beta           December. They will be learning about
Club is assisting the Salvation Army Kettle       St.Lucia Day in Sweden, Las Posadas in
Drive at Walgreen's(in Henderson) to raise        Mexico, St. Nicholas Day in Holland and
money for needy families in the area. The         many more holidays and traditions all over
money received helps provide holiday gifts        Europe     and     North    America.     The
and meals for needy families.                     Kindergartners are very excited! The little
                                                  ones will also be wearing their pajamas on
"Senses Garden" - Beta Club members will          Tuesday, December 18th, while snuggling up
plant plants that can be touched, tasted, felt,   with a wonderful book, called The Polar
smelled, and heard by Kindergarten and            Express, by Christopher VanAllsburg.
First grade students. Beta Club members
will make signs and task cards to help the        1st grade
plants be a real learning experience.               By: Haley Chapman & Kelly Tharrington

Technology Club                                          Volunteers are needed to help with
          By: Rebecca Falkner                     Christmas/December classroom projects.
                                                  The first grades also need people to help
        The Tech Club meets once a week,          with their field trip on December 17th.
on Thursday, from 2:45-3:30. Mrs.
Chudasama, Tech Club founder at Vance             2nd grade
Charter, requires hard work and studies from           By: Joseph Hill & Jeremy Faucette
a few talented middle school students. The
club was established to expand the mind of                The 2nd grade is going on a trip to the
students outside of their regular studies         Kenly Tobacco Farm Life Museum to
during school hours. These students are           experience a working farm, a one roomed
participating in competitions through the         school house, a blacksmith shop , and they
Internet. One of which is to create a website     will learn how to candle dip. They will use
that students must write explaining the life      the candles for their own Christmas gifts.
of teenagers! We wish the Tech Club the           The 2nd grade will also be conducting their
best of luck when they enter their final          3rd service project. They will be going to
project in the Thinkquest competition in          Brentwood Nursing Center in Oxford, NC
April!                                            with Ms. Bates. They will be decorating
                                                  stockings to put on residents’ and patients’
doors. The students will play bingo with the     5th Grade
adult day care members and do some                     By: Matt Renn & Colton Floyd
caroling as well. Mrs. Washington said,
“this trip will always be memorable and will              The fifth graders in Mrs. Barnes’
show compassion of the 2nd graders and           math class are working with fractions and
others.”                                         fraction/decimal equivalency. In social
         Volunteer opportunities available       studies they are learning about early
include running papers, helping with the         explorers if North and South America. They
holiday decorations, or you can check out        have a project due on December 17th. In Ms.
library sources to help students do their        Parsons’ language arts they are practicing
holiday customs’ reports. And for any parent     alliteration. You can see their work posted
who has a leaf blower we would appreciate        on the wall by the girl’s bathroom in 5-8
it if you would blow off the playgrounds and     hallways. In science class they are learning
remove any trash in the dumpster in the back     about physical and chemical weathering,
of the school.                                   erosion, and deposition. On the last day of
                                                 school before the holiday break the fifth
3rd Grade                                        graders will enjoy a Christmas celebration
      By: Emily Cobb & Adam Hope                 by moving in groups of five from one station
                                                 to another. These stations will include
        The third grade is going to the          cookie decorating, crafts, storytelling,
planetarium on December 17Th. They will be       computer games, drama, and even karate!
studying about animals and their habitats;
they will also be dissecting owl pellets in      Middle School
relation to Birds of Prey.                       By: Josh Justice, Sam Jarrell, & Jesse Knapp

4th grade                                        Mrs. Sandlin’s 6th and 8th grade Language
      By: Melvin Gray & Daniel Hunter            Arts are working towards completing their
                                                 novel unit. The 6th grade is currently
        The fourth grade has some volunteer      reading Al Capone Does My Shirts, while
Opportunities, including recess duty from        the 8th grade is reading Flowers for
2:00 to 2:30 and lunch duty from 12:15 to        Algernon. Supplies    Needed:      Sharpie
12:45. The things that are happening with        Markers; Black Expo Markers
the fourth graders are that they have to read
more than 100 books through Scholastic's         Ms. Avery’s 7th grade math class is
Classroom Cares; which earns 100 books for       currently working on graphing data and the
needy schools.                                   types of graphs, while 7th grade science is
        In the classes students are working      learning about the human body. There will
on the multiplication facts in math. In          be more projects and homework during this
science they are studying electricity and        section of study because of how much
magnetism and for literature they are            material there is to cover. Most of the
reading Robin Hood. In Social Studies they       projects will be worked on in class, but
are studying the Middle Ages. In Language        please check with students about homework
Arts/Writing, they are learning poetry. The      and projects. Volunteer Opportunities-
fourth graders went on a field trip to Raleigh   Donations for science lab. Friday lunch
on December 7th.                                 volunteers are also needed.
Mr. Hight’s 6th grade math class is working     3rd Grade A-B Honor Roll
on fractions now and about to begin             Jasmine Allen, Jared Bennett, Dylan Bowes,
multiplying fractions. In his Algebraclass,     Jennifer Cable, Ashleyn Collier, Callie
students just finished the unit on slope and    Danehy, John Glover, Allison Hines, Gracie
are now going to begin working on scatter       Mason, Brittany Overby, Hayley Parham,
plots.    Supplies Needed: Black Expo           Cameron Paynter, Zoe Peace, Destiny Reid,
Markers, Kleenex, Paper Towels, Pencils,        Alicia Spence, Katie Testerman, Payne
Board Cleaner, and Paper.                       Watson
*Remember 10 tickets = 1 Homework Pass

Ms. Lamond’s 6th grade science class is         4th Grade A Honor Roll
studying heat, sound, and light. There will     Katie Ayscue, Miller Bartholomew, Hunter
be a test soon. Supplies Needed- Paper          Brummit, Elizabeth Gresham, Macy Lee
Towels                                          Johnson, Jacob Mosely, Carson Noel,
                                                Rebekah Ratliff, Autumn Richardson, Kayla
Mr. Connolly’s Pre Algebra class is             Satterwhite, Mattison Satterwhite, Marissa
currently learning the percentage of change     Vaughan, Gabby Williams, Dylan Yacos
and sales tax.
                                                4th Grade A-B Honor Roll
Mrs. Goswick’s 6 grade class is currently       Christopher Ayscue, Jonathan Boggs,
learning about South America and their          Sterling Bullock, Skyler Cunha, Patrick
history and culture, as they continue           Dickerson, Carson Driver, Uriah Ford,
working on a project about the countries of     Dylan Jackson, Blair Kimbrell, Eric
South America (major products, a historic       Lemmond, Mary Mills, Alyson Mosely,
timeline, and a fact file for the country).     Evan O’Geary, Leah Paul, Elizabeth
The 8th grade is learning about the Civil War   Pegram, Harrison Perkinson, Carla Pike,
and the events leading up to the Civil War,     Brittany Renn, Taylor Richardson, Dar
as well as the devastation caused in North      Sedigh, Rebbeca Short, Alicia Tuker, Jacob
Carolina.                                       Weaver

                                                5th Grade A Honor Roll
    1st 9 weeks Honor Roll                      Bryce Abbott, Kevin Treacy
         Submitted by: Eric Person
                                                5th Grade A-B Honor Roll
3rd Grade A Honor roll                          Chase Allen, Emma Burgess, Hannah
Megan Andrews, Emily Ascue, Christopher         Burgees, Johnathan Byrom, Justin Care,
Brame, Jonathan Cole, Taylor Currin,            Will Harris, Nick King, Sarah Mason,
Brooks Falkner, Anna Freular, Neil              Jasmine Matthews, Amanda Mosley,
Gresham,      Jackson    Grissom,    Ellie      Christopher Pendergrass, Joseph Sharpe,
Hedgepath, Alan Hicks, Kristen Hicks,           Logan Tyndall, Luke Wheeless
Tyler Jones, Megan Maddox, Jabe
Montgomery, Madison Owens, Conner               6th Grade Honor Roll
Pendergrass, Dawson People, Hannah              Madison Bobbitt, Ava Gruchez, Victoria
Roberson, Tuner Roberson, Avery Snoddy,         Jackson, Katherine Jarrell, Sadie Lee,
Kassidy Tillotson, John Wheeless, Matthew       Kelsey Maddox, Tykala Martin, Matthew
McCutcheon, Laura Mosley, Kayla Royster,
Harli Sams, Luke Trull                               Sports Report
6th Grade A-B Honor Roll                               Mens Basketball
Casey Cayton, Tori Duncan, Holden
                                                   By: Zach Layne & Becker Seifert
Hedgepeth, Megan Henderson, Reed
Kimbrell, Stephanie Nguyen, Kaila Pinit,
                                              Men’s basketball season is here! The first
Kendall Stone
                                              game was a 49-41 win against Lighthouse
                                              Academy. Becker Seifert had 15 points,
7th Grade A Honor Roll                        Dylan Bowen had 12, and Zach Layne
Alexandra Bercik, Kristin Long, Morgan        pitched in 10 in the win. The next game was
Noel, Megan Rogers                            against Crossroads. After a well-played
                                              game, we lost 49-45. Our next game was
7th Grade A-B Honor Roll                      against Franklin Academy and we lost 44-
Colton Aiken,Nicholas Andrews, Logan          40. We played KVA on the 4th and won 50-
Brinker, Ethan Byrom,Kayla Felts, Isabelle    42 in a very well played game by the
Goodwin, Gerri Anna Hedgepeth, Barrett        Knights. We are 2-2 and steadily improving.
Johnson, Josh Langley, Kaitlyn Moodly,        We have a game December 11th against
Kara Reese, Jake Ruggles, Nick Sharpe,        Crossroads. Go Knights!
Trey Stainback, Lauren Swilley, Katherine
Treacy, Ashley Usher, Ryan Wilson                        Lady Knights
                                                By: Liana Parsons & Rebekah Edwards
8th Grade A Honor Roll
Rebekah Edwards, Rebecca Falkner, Colton              The VCS girls' basketball team is
Floyd, Alexis Green, Abigail Gruchacz, Sam    ready for a great season. Team members are
Jarrell, Zach Layne, Liana Parsons, Alli      Rebekah Edwards, Liana Parsons, Katie
Purvis, Matt Renn                             Smith, Morgan Noel, Haley Orr, Harley
                                              Parrott, Gabby Matthews, Logan Brinker,
8th Grade A-B Honor Roll                      Kara Reese, and Kayla Felts. The girls lost
Haley Chapman, Melissa Elliot, Jeremy         their first two games. The first one was
Faucette, Daniel Hunter, D.J. Johnson,        against Lighthouse, 13-36, and the second
Megan Narron, Eric Person, Anthony            was with Crossroads Christian, 21-34. They
Raynor, Adrienne Robertson, Shannon           won against Franklin Academy, 20-16 and
Satterwhite, Katie Smith, Andy Tillotson,     lost to Kerr Vance, 21-15. In their second
Mac Watson                                    game to KVA the girls lost 26-15. "These
                                              girls are a strong group of players with a lot
                                              of determination. They play great for a team
                                              with only one returning player. We hope that
     Volunteers Needed                        with practice and confidence we will have
The Athletic Department is in need of         more wins", say coaches Deborah Mann and
volunteers in the spring to serve on Friday   Michelle Stevenson. Our upcoming games
lunches. Also, we still have several games    are posted on the school website under
without someone running the front table.      "Athletics". Come support the VCS girls
Please email Coach Sandlin if you are         basketball team and enjoy the game!
interested – sandlind@vancecharter.org.

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