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									                                   E     Y      E            O       N            A      R      B       O     N      N       E

Arbonne is the most exciting and rewarding business I have ever come
across. After owning my own chain of various retail, wholesale and
manufacturing businesses in first the fashion industry and then body, bath
and home stores for 30 years, I found the challenges of ongoing staff
problems, the escalating rents on my stores in large shopping malls and
the waiting for customers to come in was wearing me out. I felt I was
losing the whole enjoyment of life.

March 2007 I sold my business and at the age of 47 decided to have
a break. My incredible husband, Laurie was about to do a strategic
planning project for an American company. This involved traveling to
England, Europe and America. The job was to take up to three months,
and as I no longer owned my business I went with him.                                                                            angie mulham
                                                                                                               Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
During our travels, I discovered the wonderful qualities of Arbonne’s                                            Angie Mulham Region; Brisbane, Queensland
NutriMinC® RE9® products. I was hooked. When in the United States,
I heard about the amazing teams of professional women, many whom
had replaced their previous careers with Arbonne and were achieving
                                                                                         who had also become burdened by either owning their own businesses
their personal, family and financial dreams and goals through Arbonne. I
                                                                                         or professional women who were tired of working for large companies.
could relate to their success, their self esteem and their growth in incomes
                                                                                         This way I would be working with products I was passionate about and
to Regional and National levels.
                                                                                         would be mentally stimulated by developing a successful team that I
                                                                                         loved working with.
After returning to Australia in November 2007 I decided that at the
age of 48 I was really too young to retire. Being the sort of person that
                                                                                         As Arbonne had only been in Australia for four months, I felt that I really
was so used to achieving my goals, I felt becoming an Independent
                                                                                         needed my sponsor to be experienced in Arbonne and someone that
Consultant with Arbonne would satisfy my needs of meeting new women
                                                                                                                                                          continued ...

Angie and husband, Laurie.                                 Arbonne Australia General Manager, Paul                       Angie with her boys, Jacques, Daniel and Joel.
                                                           Slocombe, Angie and Director of Marketing,
                                                           Melissa Seitz.
                            success strategy:
                      Be each others’
                   greatest cheerleaders.

                                                                                                                                                                      REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
also understood the Australian culture. Arbonne Australia put me in con-
tact with an Australian, ERVP Amanda Wilbanks, who had been living
in Florida and was then at Regional Vice President level with Arbonne.

Amanda and I clicked straight away. With her incredible training and
support from halfway across the world, Amanda has truly been the
wind beneath my wings.
                                                                               Part of Angie’s team: Angie, Tanya, Di, Lisa, Amandah, Amanda, Marcelle and
I joined Amanda’s team 30th November 2007. I received my eight
NutriMinC® RE9® kits and other Arbonne products on the first week of
December. As Christmas was fast approaching, I decided to ring eight           Justin and Miems Van Nierop, my sister, Area Manager Christina van
of my friends’ husbands and ask them if they had purchased their wife’s        Nierop, and brother and sister-in-law Justin and Mia Van Nierop, who
gifts for Christmas. Seven out of eight had not, so I offered to make up       have been my greatest cheer squad every step of the way. I couldn’t
beautiful gift baskets with Arbonne NutriMinC RE9 products, plus an            have done it without your encouragement and love.

                                                                                                                                                                                 The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
Arbonne Intelligence™ hand cream, shampoo, conditioner and other
assorted Arbonne products. The men were so delighted when I delivered          To my Australian Arbonne Angel Team, my heart overflows with joy to
the baskets as they no longer had to worry about what to buy or had to         be sharing life with you. AM Christina van Nierop, AM Priscilla Bokhara,
deal with the hassle of going to the mall. The seven phone calls from my       DMs Ange Miles, Sharna Neave, Bern Bakker, Jen Carsburg, Lisa Mills,
excited girlfriends that had received the Arbonne products was the best        Marcelle Ellison, Maree McDonald, Martine Redman Kay, Debbie
reward of all. Five of the seven then signed on as Consultants. I knew         Rogers, Helen Jenkins and Amanda Bolden, and all the DMs in my
then that I had chosen the right business and had started my journey to        Adelaide team, Queensland and Sydney, and to the many business build-
Regional Vice President. Eight months later, I reached my destination.         ers who are part of our fast growing team—I am so proud of you all.

I believe my greatest achievement with Arbonne is the incredible friend-       A special, huge thanks to ERVP Amanda Wilbanks, ENVP Shannon
ships I have developed with women who all share a common interest              Johnson and to all the amazing U.S. Team that are part of Shannon
and have formed a sisterhood of support. We have become each other’s           Johnson’s group, for all their wonderful e-mails of congratulations when I
greatest cheerleaders in life. This sisterhood in my team now reaches          reached Regional Vice President. I am so honored by your warm wishes
across Australia from where I live in Queensland. Sydney and Adelaide          and it makes me feel proud and truly blessed to be part of such an
and is growing by the day.                                                     inspiring sisterhood in Arbonne.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my wonderful husband, Laurie, who has
been my pillar of strength. Without his everyday support I could not have
climbed the ladder of success so quickly. Thanks for believing in me and
trusting that Arbonne was the right company for me to join. Thanks also
go to my three sons, Jacques, Daniel and Joel, my five step children, Annie,
Geoff, David, Billy and Maggie, and their partners, my beautiful parents,

Lisa Mills and Angie.

                                                                               AM Denice Donners, ERVP Amanda Wilbanks, Angie and DM Ange Miles.

                                                                                                                             E Y E O N A R B O N N E | JANUARY 2009

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