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            SPONSOR PACKAGE                       BRONZE   SILVER   GOLD        PRESENTING

Your business or organization is noted as a         ---      ---     ---             YES
presenting sponsor with the Chamber on all Expo

Preferential placement of your sponsor table        ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company LOGO featured in any Expo
advertising                                         ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company LOGO exhibited as a sponsor on
the Expo entrance poster                            ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company LOGO shown as a sponsor on the
Expo Program Guide                                  ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company LOGO displayed as an Expo
sponsor on the Chamber website                      ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company LOGO displayed as an Expo
sponsor on the Chamber newsletter                   ---      ---    YES              YES

Your company NAME listed on the Expo entrance
poster, and on the Program Guide                   YES     YES      YES              YES

Your Display Table is included                     YES     YES      YES              YES

You receive a copy of attendance statistics,       YES     YES      YES              YES
including contact information of all attendees

YOUR TOTAL INVESTMENT                              $ 250   $ 500    $750           $1500

                Call Mike Schaffer at 407.221.6293 to register.
                                       CCC-EXPO-SPONPRICE 20100126
First Name                                                                   Last Name

Business/Organization Name

Business/Organization Address

City                                                                         State                    Zip

Phone                                                                        Fax

Business/Organization Website

Mobile/Cell Phone


                                    TABLE EXHIBITOR
                                                                                                                TABLE RATES
    MEMBER TABLE                     NON-MEMBER TABLE                      SPONSOR TABLE
                                                                                                            MEMBER . . . . . . . . . $100
                    PROGRAM SPONSOR PARTICIPATION                                                           NON-MEMBER . . . . $150
    BRONZE                   SILVER                        GOLD                      PRESENTING

Payment by:                   Check                 Credit Card                Barter Credit                  PROGRAM SPONSOR
I certify that I am authorized and in good standing to conduct business for the company or organization
represented above. I HAVE READ THE EXHIBITOR INSTRUCTIONS AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE                             (Includes Table)
INSTRUCTIONS. I grant permission to the Casselberry Chamber of Commerce to send
correspondence in the form of electronic mail or facimilie transmission to my company or organization
for the purpose of notification of Chamber activites and events. I also grant permission to the             BRONZE. . . . . . .         $250
Casselberry Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in any photograph or image acquired at any Chamber
activity or event that may be used in any Chamber sanctioned correspondence or publication.                 SILVER . . . . . . .        $500
                                                                                                            GOLD . . . . . .            $750
Signature     X                                                             Date                            PRESENTING . . . . .       $1500
                                                                                                            (TABLE IS INCLUDED)
Credit Card Payment Authorization
I agree to pay the amount of $             with my credit card account:
      MasterCard     Visa         American Express     Discover
                                                                                                            TABLE & SPONSOR SUMMARY
                                                                                                            TABLE RATE       $
                                                                                                            SPONSOR LEVEL $
EXP. DATE                                                     CID*
                                                              (*3 or 4 digit security code on card)
Signature                                                                    Date                           DUE $

                       Send check payment to:                                                               CHECK NUMBER
                       The Casselberry Chamber of Commerce
                       P.O. Box 180731
                       Casselberry, FL 32718-0731
Or fax your credit card information to our secure fax line: 407.831.2800

    Call Mike Schaffer for assistance • 407.221.6293 • FAX: 407.831.2800
                                                                                        CCC-EXPO-SPONGRID 20100126
Casselberry Chamber of Commerce
Survivor Small Business Expo

Thank you for signing on as an Exhibitor at the 3rd Casselberry Chamber of Commerce
(CCC) Small Business Expo.

The following are the Exhibitor Instructions. After your review, please sign it and fax to (407) 831.2800 no
later than April 21, 2010. Your exhibitor space reservation is contingent on our receipt of the Exhibitor
Registration with Exhibitors Instructions and Payment. The Expo space rental fee includes an (8) foot
standard display table and listing in the Survivor Expo 2010 Program.

Eligible Exhibits
The CCC reserves the right to determine eligibility of any company or product to participate in the Expo.

Cancellation Notice
In the event that an Exhibitor wants to cancel a submitted registration, the exhibitor must notify the intent to cancel in writing to the event
coordinator, Mike Schaffer. The notification may be in the form of E-mail. There are no refunds within 10 business days of the event, and
may be prorated up to the 10 day period. Please refer to our decoration policy below for more details on additional charges. In the case
that an Exhibitor fails to occupy the exhibit table at the starting time of the event, such space may be utilized by the Expo for other

Event Location:                    HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION
                                   544 MAYO AVENUE, MAITLAND, FL 32751
Event Date:                        Wednesday, MAY 26, 2010
Event Time:                        3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Set-up / Tear-down:                All exhibitors will be able to set-up their tables from 2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. The event duration is from
                                   3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. No exhibitor may dismantle any display until 7:00 p.m. All exhibitors have
                                   from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to clear their tables and remove all their materials from the facility. Any
                                   materials remaining after 7:30 p.m. are subject to disposal.

Exhibition area:                   An Eight (8’) foot standard display table with a table covering will be provided. Only one table top
                                   display per table with one exhibitor is allowed. Tables will be aligned so that the exhibitor will stand
                                   either immediately in front of or behind the table. Exhibitor tables are to be attended at all times. For
                                   safety’s sake, please make sure that no materials are in the traffic aisles.

Electrical:                        There are a limited number of electrical outlets located around the outside walls. All electrical connections
                                   and equipment must conform to all fire and safety regulations. Electrical extension cords are allowed
                                   with the provision that the cords are out of view, are to be higher than the tabletops and do not interfere
                                   with the traffic aisles. Multiple connectors are discouraged due to safety risk. The Expo management
                                   reserves the right to inspect all electrical connections and determine if it meets safety requirements.

Signage:                           Exhibitor display signs are allowed if part of the tabletop display, as a table banner, or as a free-
                                   standing signs, posters or banners located immediately behind the exhibitor’s table. No signage can
                                   surpass a height of 8' . Signs or banners suspended from the ceiling are not permitted. Free-standing
                                   signs, posters or banners in front of tables, at the sides of tables, or anywhere in the traffic aisles are
                                   not permitted. No other signs, posters, banners or printed material are permitted anywhere in the
                                   building without permission of the Expo coordinator. Select sponsors may display additional signage
                                   as authorized. Distribution of exhibitors’ flyers and brochures are limited to the exhibitor’s immediate
                                   table area.

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                                                                                                                       CCC-EXPO-EXHIBINST-1 20100126
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Decoration:                     The Expo management takes responsibility to make sure that signage and materials around exhibitors
                                tables are appropriate, non-hazardous, do not interfere with other exhibitors displays, and are appropriate
                                with the business Expo. If an exhibitors display or reflects any of the conditions listed above, the Expo
                                coordinator shall have full discretion and authority in the replacement, arrangement and appearance of
                                all items displayed by the exhibitor, and may require the replacing, rearrangement, or redecorating of
                                any items or of any booth, and no liability shall attach to the Expo or the Chamber for costs that may
                                devolve upon the exhibitor thereby. Exhibitors building special background or side dividers are required
                                to make certain that the surfaces of such dividers are finished in such a manner as not to be unsightly
                                to exhibitors in adjoining booths. If such surfaces remain unfinished at the opening of the expo, the
                                exhibitor will be required to correct remove the material.

Floor Promotion:                Every exhibitor is highly encouraged to offer prizes as part of the floor promotion of the event. Costumes
                                are welcome to help promote the “Survivor” event theme.

Soliciting:                     Distribution of exhibitor’s flyers and brochures is limited to the exhibitor’s immediate table area. The
                                exhibitor shall not conduct activities in the aisles or table exhibits other their own. Any souvenirs,
                                publications, brochures, flyers, etc. may be distributed by the exhibitor only from within their table
                                area. The distribution of any materials that interferes with the activities of or obstructs access to
                                adjacent tables, or impedes traffic flow in aisles, is prohibited.

Exhibitor Reps:                 Exhibitor’s representatives shall be restricted to employees of exhibiting companies. Tabletop
                                representatives shall wear Expo badge identification at all times. Each table top exhibit may have no
                                more than two (2) exhibit representatives in the display area at any given time.

Relocation of Exhibits:         Placement of Exhibitors is at the discretion of the Expo coordinator and that relocation of an Exhibitor
                                may occur. We will try to accommodate all placement requests whenever possible.

Nuisance:                       No loud noise or obstructive activity will be permitted during expo hours. Displays that emit loud
                                noises, objectionable odors or other nuisance will be incapacitated or removed. No animals, with the
                                exception of service animals, are permitted in the building.

Subleasing / Sharing Exhibit:   Exhibitors may not sublet or share the tabletop or surrounding area, nor exhibit, offer for sale, give as
                                a premium, or advertise articles/services not registered for the table. An exception may be if such
                                articles/services are required for the proper demonstration or operation of the exhibitor’s display, in
                                which case identification of such articles shall be limited to the regular nameplate, imprint, or other
                                identification which in standard practice, as it normally appears on the exhibitor product. The Exhibitor
                                may not have in the work area behind the table any non-exhibiting company representatives.

Rejected Displays:              Exhibitor agrees that eligibility of its exhibit shall be contingent upon strict compliance with these
                                instructions. The Chamber and Expo representatives reserve the right to reject, eject, or prohibit any
                                exhibit in whole or in part, or any exhibitor or its representatives, with or without giving cause. If an
                                exhibit or exhibitor is ejected for violation of these instructions or for any other stated reason, the Expo
                                or the Chamber will not provide a refund.

Liability:                      Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of
                                exhibitor’s activities on the premises and will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Home Builders
                                Association, The Casselberry Chamber of Commerce, or Expo representatives from any and all such
                                losses, damages and claims. All Exhibitors must have their own liability insurance in force for this

Attendance:                     Attendance is free to all Chamber members, invited guests, area business owners and their
                                representatives. The Expo management has sole discretion of admission privileges to the Expo.

                           For more information about Table Exhibition or Sponsor Opportunities contact
                                                   Mike Schaffer
                                     at 407.221.6293 or

                                                                                                                     CCC-SF-EXHIBINST-1 20080112

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