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					                                            out of this world
                                                       WITH MYSTIC EDITOR SERENE CONNEELEY

T                                   PROTECT
           ired, bloated or                                                                                             spiritual development and
           craving chocolate?                                                                                           psychic protection.
           Someone could be                                                                                                ‘Meditation is important,
           draining you of                                                                                              but a lot of people have

           energy, and you                                                                                              trouble with it. That’s why
           may need some                                                                                                I made the CD,’ he says.
psychic protection to re-                                                                                                  ‘They’re not complicated
establish your boundaries.                                                                                              rituals. I like simple things
   Author and psychic Paul                                                                                              because they work – and if
Fenton-Smith says it will                                                                                               they’re too hard people won’t
give you more energy to                                                                                                 do them anyway,’ he grins.
get through your day.                                                                                                      Paul runs the Academy of
   ‘We’ve all had situations                                                                                            Psychic Sciences, where he
where we are drained by                                                                                                 facilitates courses in psychic
friends, partners or co-                                                                                                protection, astrology,
workers. Mostly it’s people                                                                                             palmistry, tarot and psychic
who subconsciously drain                                                                                                awareness. He will also
you of energy because they                                                                                              teach this year in Brisbane,
need some – but it’s a bad                                                                                              Melbourne and Adelaide.
dynamic to get into.                                                                                                       ‘Everyone, just in everyday
   ‘It could be a co-worker                                                                                             life, is going to come across
who seeks you out to feel                                                                                               a situation where they need
more energised, or a friend                                                                                             some protection,’ he says.
who always tells you their                                                                                                 ‘I see people debilitated.
problems and leaves                                                                                                     You can’t concentrate, things
feeling heaps better, while                                                                                             are harder, you’re exhausted.
you are left exhausted.                                                                                                    ‘Everything is made of
   ‘You want to be able to                                                                                              energy, including us, so it’s
help the person – but not                                                                                               easy to have it taken away.’
be drained yourself.’
   A common sign someone                                                                                        Psychic protection tips
is a psychic vampire is                                                                                           Have a bowl of water
sudden exhaustion – if you                                                                                      beside the bed to collect
come away drained every                                                                                         emotions as you sleep.
time you see them, you                                                                                          Change the water daily.
need protection. Some                                                                                             In the office you can
people experience sudden                                                                                        disguise a bowl of water
stomach bloating too.                                                                                           as a vase of flowers.
   You may feel ravenously                                                                                        Light a candle to lift the
hungry yet food doesn’t             you need to set boundaries to               In Paul’s book A Secret Door to energy of a room (don’t
satisfy you – because you           protect your personal space?’             the Universe, he gives personal   leave unattended though!).
actually need emotional               Paul says if you can’t avoid            examples of being psychically       A clear sound such as
energy – or crave chocolate         the situation, have a bath or go          drained and explanations of how a bell or wind chime can
to give you a quick burst of        swimming afterwards to literally          to improve the situation. He is   restore harmony to a room.
energy when you’re around           wash away the negative energy.            a fan of meditation, and details    Burning smudge sticks
certain people. Or you                ‘If you’re getting drained at           some simple methods to do this. shifts stubborn or negative
could just feel uncentred           work and are so exhausted you               He has also created a new       energy. Close all windows
and not quite yourself.             don’t have much left to give              CD, Guided Meditations 2, for     while burning, then air well.
   ‘Surrounding yourself with       your family, have a shower as
white light, including over
your head and under your
                                    soon as you walk in the door
                                    to clean off negative energy.              TO FIND OUT MORE
feet, is a good method.               ‘And it’s hard, but sometimes             For info on Paul’s CDs, books and courses
   ‘Ask yourself if you’re the      you need to be deliberately                   Phone (02) 9418 8907.
counsellor for your friends.        distant for a while, so you don’t             Website
If so, what do you get out of       give out much energy while                    E-mail
it? Is it a pattern, and do         you’re with a psychic vampire.’

                                                   your psychic
                                                    WITH CELEBRITY PSYCHIC GEORGINA WALKER

                                    HANDWRITING                               You’re like a child in a toy shop – so many distractions, so
                                                                              many choices. You will always find work. You have ambition.
                                    ANALYSIS                                  What is holding you back is fear: ‘What if I make a mistake?’
                                                                              There are no mistakes. You must decide where you wish to live
                                    Will I find work here and settle          – Australia holds its arms open to you, yet you fear isolation.
                                    down, or return overseas?                 You can accept a challenge, so trying new vocations and skills
                                    I’ve become involved with                 will be the ultimate decision in regard to obtaining sufficient
                                    someone – what will happen?               work. Until you decide where you want to abide for another
    The A indicates ambition,       I feel like I’m in limbo.                 two years you will look for escape or reason to change your
    Es show you like a challenge.         Annie B, Narraweena, NSW.           mind. Be firm, make the decision and see everything line up.

       Send your question with a photo for publication to Georgina at the address on page 79. Visit her at
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