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									CALENDAR 2005
           EXHIBITION                                          DATE
January    ENGIMACH                                            05-09 January

February   Tooltech 2005                                       03-07   February
           IETF                                                09-12   February
           INDUSTRIAL IT 2005                                  16-18   February
           PROCESS 2005                                        16-18   February
           Wire and Tube India                                 18-20   February
           Expo Manufactura                                    22-24   February

March      Houstex                                             1-3 March
           Transfometal 05                                     7-10 March
           National Design Engineering Show and Conference     7-10 March
           Industrie Lyon 2005                                 8-11 March
           MetalsFair 2005                                     8-11 March
           Tecma                                               8-11 March
           MTA Vietnam                                         9-12 March
           Elmia Tool 05                                       15-17 March
           TIMTOS 2005                                         15-20 March
           Castings & Metal-Working 2005                       16-18 March
           Linkage Industry 05                                 16-19 March
           MUAP                                                18-21 March
           TEKNO                                               20-23 March
           SIMM 2005                                           28-31 March
           Metalworking 05                                     29 March-1 April
           EUROSTAMPI 2005                                     31 March-2 April

April      EUROSTAMPI 2005                                    31 March-2 April
           Westec 05                                          4-7 April
                                                              5-7 April
           Régiotech Subcontracting and Industrial Equipment Exhibition
           CIMT 05                                            11-17 April
           FORMA-TOOL                                         12-15 April
           INTERMOLD 2005                                     13-16 April
         RESALE 2005                                         18-20   April
         High Technologies of XXI century 2005               18-22   April
         Mach Tech 05                                        19-22   April
         INTERTOOL KIEV                                      19-22   April
         Hannover Messe                                      19-24   April
         Microsys                                            26-29   April

May      Twin Cities Apex                                    3-5 May
         FEIMAFE 05                                          9-14 May
         MTA MetalAsia                                       10-14 May
         Intermach 05                                        11-15 May
         Machine Tools Thailand 2005                         11-15 May
         Metaltech Malaysia                                  11-15 May
         Sheet Metal 05                                      11-15 May
         Metaltech 05                                        17-20 May
         Intertool and Metalworking                          17-20 May
         South China Int Machinery EXH 05                    23-26 May
         Eastech                                             24-26 May
         International Engineering Fair                      24-27 May
         Butech Busan                                        25-29 May
         TEKNO-MEC                                           26-29 May

June     Blechexpo                                            1-4 June
         Machine tool & Manufacturing Indonesia Surabaya 2005 June
         Cleveland Apex                                       7-9 June
         Austrotec                                            8-10 June
         WMTS                                                 14-16 June
                                                              20-23 June
         Technology International Exhibition for Machinery, Hi-Tech and Industrial Equipment
         MACHTOOL 2005                                        20-23 June

July     Suzhou Linkage Industry 05                          6-9 July
         Thermotec 2005                                      13-15 July
         ITM                                                 20-23 July

September   MecaTec                                               6-8 September
            HI Industrimessen                                     6-9 September
            Midwest Apex                                          13-15 September
            EMO Hannover 2005                                     14-21 September
            Wire Singapore                                        20-22 September
            ITF Exhibition                                        26 September-1 October
            Machine Building International Industrial Equipment   26 September-1 October
            Metal Philippines                                     28 September-1 October
            China Wuhan Machinery and Electronic Show             September/no dates yet

October     ITF Exhibition                                        26 September-1 October
            Machine Building International Industrial Equipment   26 September-1 October
            Metal Philippines                                     28 September-1 October
            SAITEX                                                4-7 October
            Eurotool Krakow 05                                    5-7 October
            CMTS 05                                               17-20 October
            Expo Metalmecanica                                    18-20 October
            Tekniska Mässan                                       18-21 October
            MAQUITEC 2005                                         25-29 October
            Re-Use Used Machinery and Equipment Exhibition        25-30 October
            Intertool Moscow                                      31 October-3 November

November    Intertool Moscow                                      31 October-3 November
            CIF 05                                                November
            MMA MANEC                                             5-9 November
            Metalmaq                                              5-9 November
            Stainless Steel World                                 8-10 November
            Dongguan int Machinery and Materials EXH              9-12 November
            MU & AP Revamping-REMACH                              11-13 November
            Fabtech 05                                            13-16 November
            MIDEST                                                15-18 November
            Remach Expo 2005                                      15-18 November
            Thai Metalex 05                                       17-20 November
            Metalvak 2005                                         22-24 November
            Machine tools & Automation Pakistan 2005              23-26 November
December     V International Industrial Forum - 2006       28 November-1 December
             Fabform                                       6-8 December
             Machine Tool Indonesia 05                     7-10 December

January 06   IMTEX-International Machine Tools Expo 2006   19-22   January
March 06     Simodec                                       March   2006
April 06     FinnTec-2006                                  24-26   April 2006
             RESALE 2006                                   26-28   April 2006
May 06       Montreal Fabricating and Machine Tool         15-17   May 2006
VENUE                                      WEBSITE                        DESCRIPTION
University Ground, Ahmedabad, India               Mega Industrial Exhibitions

Godrej Industrial Garden Town Ship, Mumbai           Internation Exhibition on Cutting Tools, Metrology & Accessories
New Delhi, India                                                      India Expo International Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology Fair
Bologna, Italy                       6-th International Exhibition & conference on integrated systems for industrial en
Bologna, Italy                   International Engeneering and technological Fair and Conference
Hybderabad, India                   Sheet Metal and Essen Welding India
Monterrey, Mexico              , Metalcutting, Assembly, Automotive, Electronic, Iron & Steel Exhib

Houston, Texas, USA                                    Advanced Productivity Exposition
Lyon, France                                  Salon de la machine-outil et des equipments de production
Chicago, USA                                                                Industrial Engineering Show
Lyon, France                                Industrial International Exhibition
Guangzhou, China                         China International Metal Recycling Exhibition
Mexico City, Mexico                               Tecnologia en Maquinas Herramienta
Ho Chi Minh International Exhibition & Convention Centre (HIECC)
                                                  The International Machine
Joenkoeping, Sweden                             Int Fair for Tool makers and tool users
Taipei, Thaiwan                                                             Taipei International Machine Tool
Zaporozhye, Ukraine                                                         International exhibition-conference
Hong Kong, China                   17th International Linkage Industry, Mould & Die Exhibition
Brescia, Italy                                         Industrial and Mechanical International Exhibition
Dubai, United Arab Emirates                        The 7th International Technological Exhibition for Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen, China                                                             The 6th China Shenzhen International Machinery & Moulds Industry Exhibition
Minsk, Belarus                                Metalcutting machines, metalworking centres & other machine tools
Parma, Italy                                                                Industrial and
                                   Metalworking Machine tool Exhibition

Parma, Italy                                                               Industrial and
                                  Metalworking Machine tool Exhibition
Los Angeles, USA                                      Manufacturing & Metalworking Conference & Exhibition
Lille, France                             Sous-traitance et équipements industriels
Beijing, China                                  International Metalworking Exhibition
Celje, Slovenia                                                            International Fair for Tools,
                                  Toolmaking Machines
Tokyo, Japan                             The 16th Japan International Die & Mold Manufacturing Technology Exhibition
Karlsruhe, Neues Messezentrum, Germany    11-te Internationale Messe fuer gebrauchte Maschinen und Anlagen
Moscow, Russia                                                      4-th International
Budapest, Hungary                          International Machine Manufacturing Technologies Trade Fair
"Acco International", Ukraine            6th International Trade Fair for Machine-tools, Tools, Metal-working, Manufacturin
Hannover, Germany                     Industrial service & equipment
Sinsheim, Germany                    Fachmesse fuer Microsystemtechnik und Ultrapraezisionsfertigung

Minneapolis, USA                                   Minesota's Lagest Machine Tool and Metalworking Exposition
Sao Paulo, Brazil                         www.feimafe            Brazilian Machine Tool Industry Fair
Singapore Expo, Singapore             The 16th International Exhibition on Precision Engineering, Machine tools and Met
Bangkok, Thailand                          Hi-Tech Machinery Exhibition
BITEC, Thailand                                                         Thailand’s specialized Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Exhibition
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                  The 11th International Machine Tool
                                          www.tra & Metalworking Exhibition
Bangkok, Thailand                      Asean International Sheet Metal Fabrication Exhibition
Hochiminh City, Vietnam                   IIME Vietnam
St Petersburg                                3rd Int Trade Fair for Tools, Metal working, Manufacturing Technologies and with
Guangzhou, China                 12th South China Int'l Machinery & Materials Exhibition
Westspringfield, USA                               The USA EAST COAST's Largest Annual Manufacturing Event
Nitra, Slovakia                                                         12th International Trade Fair for Machinery, Tools, Devices and Technologies
Busan, Korea                                                            2.
                                 International Machinery Fair 2005
Lanciano, Italy                                Machine Tools, Sheet Metal Working Machinery, Subcontracting, Printing Machiner

Sinsheim, Germany                                                     Trade Fair for Sheet
                                 Metal Working and Joining Technology
Surabaya, Indonesia                        International Machine Tool & Manufacturing Exhibition
Cleveland, USA                                   Int Fachmese fuer Blechbearbetung und fuegetechnologie - ehemals Suedblech
Graz, Austria                         The International Convention and Trade Fair
Edmonton, Canada                    AB Western Manufacturing Technology Show
Tel Aviv, Israel                          no website                  Technology International Exhibition for Machinery, Hi-Tech and Industrial Equipme
Poznan, Poland                       Produktion und Automation

Suzhou, China                    Suzhou International Machine Tool & Mould Technology Exhibition
Tokyo, Japan                                                           4-th International Exhibition of Industrial Furnaces, Equipment & Material
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                    no website                   Industrial Trade Fair Malaysia of Industrial Development, Machinery and Equipmen
Helsinki, Finland                                                          International Mechanical Engineering
                                  and Machinery Components Exhibition
Herning, Denmark                         Skandinavian International Industrial Fair
Novi Michigan, USA                                    no info available yet
Hannover, Germany                             Metalworking trade fair
Singapore, Singapore                       Tube Singapore - All Asia Tube and Pipe Fair
Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                          International
                                  Technical Fair
Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                          Machine Building Exhibition
World Trade Center,Manila,The Phillippines            9th International Machine tools & Metalworking Exhibition
Wuhan, China                               no website                      5-th International Machinery & Electronics Industrial Fair

Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                         International
                                  Technical Fair
Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                         Machine Building Exhibition
World Trade Center,Manila,The Phillippines           9th International Machine tools & Metalworking Exhibition
Gauteng, South Africa                           The South African International Trade Exhibition
Krakow, Poland                               10th Metal Working Machinery and Tools Trade Fair
Toronto, Canada                             Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show
Guadalajara, Mexico               International Manufacturing Technology Fair of Machine tools, Electronics and Equ
Stockholm, Sweden                          Storage & Transportation Fair 2005
Barcelona, Spain                                The Industrial Fair 2005
Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                         Used Machine tools
                                  International Fair 2005
Moskow, Russia                                 8th International Trade Fair for Tools, Metal-Working and Manufacturing Technolo

Moscow, Russia                               8th International Trade Fair for Tools, Metal-Working and Manufacturing Technolo
Shanghai, China                             no info yet
Lissabon, Portugal                                                      no info yet
Lissabon, Portugal                                                      no info yet
Maastricht, Netherlands                  Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo
Dongguan, China                   7th China Dongguan International Machinery & Materials Exhibition
Monticiari, Italy                          5th Italian International Machine tools Exhibition
Chicago, USA                                       Forming and Fabricating Show
Paris, France                                   Industrial Subcontracting Show of Metalworking , Plastic and Rubber Equipment
Moskow, Russia                              IV International Exhibition of used and renovated industrial equipment
Bangkok, Thailand                         International Machine Tools and Metalworking Machinery Trade Exhibition
Gorinchem, Netherlands                           International used machine tools exhibition
Karachi, Pakistan                 International Machine tools Exhibition in Pakistan
Kiev, Ukraine                            International Exhibition Center, INC
Nuernberg, Germany                             Int Fachmesse fuer Blechumformung und Fertigungstechnologie
Jakarta, Indonesia                          The 19th International Machine Tool Exhibiton

Chennai India                            Conventions & Fairs (India) PVT LTD
Roche-sur-Foron, Switzerland              Foire Machine Outils de Decolletage
Helsinki, Finland                         International Machine Tool Exhibition
Karlsruhe, Neues Messezentrum, Germany   12-te Internationale Messe fuer gebrauchte Maschinen und Anlagen
Montreal, Canada                                                   Quebec’s largest marketplace for machine tools, accessories and industrial supplie
gy & Accessories
 ring and Technology Fair
 tegrated systems for industrial enterprises
  and Conference

tive, Electronic, Iron & Steel Exhibition

 r Industrial Machinery
y & Moulds Industry Exhibition
other machine tools

cturing Technology Exhibition
chinen und Anlagen

es Trade Fair
ools, Metal-working, Manufacturing Technologies & Welding


 g Exposition

ngineering, Machine tools and Metalworking Technology

Cutting Exhibition
 king Exhibition

ufacturing Technologies and with Welding Technologies

turing Event
ls, Devices and Technologies

 Subcontracting, Printing Machinery and Used Machinery Exhibition

 chnologie - ehemals Suedblech

ry, Hi-Tech and Industrial Equipment

hnology Exhibition
 es, Equipment & Material
lopment, Machinery and Equipment
nery Components Exhibition

Machine tools, Electronics and Equipment

rking and Manufacturing Technologies

rking and Manufacturing Technologies

Materials Exhibition

, Plastic and Rubber Equipment
d industrial equipment
achinery Trade Exhibition

chinen und Anlagen
 accessories and industrial supplies.

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