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Wednesday 24 March, 2010 Term 1, Week 9
                                                                  From the Deputy’s Desk…
Principal’s Report                                               Sydney North Dance Camp
Manly West was most successful at last week’s Zone                                           Evie Dainton, Carolina Clemmett
Swimming Carnival, winning the overall points score                                          and Kimberley Dwyer spent last
trophy. Congratulations to Mr Coombes and Miss Wilson                                        week at Sydney Dance Company
who accompanied the team and to all of our swimmers                                          Studios. The girls had the
who excelled on the day by either winning an event or                                        opportunity to work with students
achieving a ‘personal best’. Good luck to those swimmers                                     across the Northern Sydney
who have qualified for the Regional Carnival.                                                Region, talented dance tutors
                                                                                             and experience a variety of
This Friday trials for Winter P.S.S.A. teams will commence.                                  dance styles such as musical
The number of teams and participants is restricted and                                       theatre called Broadway.
teacher’s selection is based on specific skills in particular    Nominations are now being accepted from students in
sports. Wherever possible they will give opportunities to as     Years 2-4 & Years 5 -6 interested in attending the 2010
many students as possible; a ‘Netta’ team for beginner           Junior State Dance Camps. See Mrs Bernasconi if your
netballers is one example. Please discuss the P.S.S.A.           child is interested in attending either camp.
trials with your child in order to avoid any distress should
they miss out.                                                   Rock n Roll DANCE-A-THON Tomorrow our hall will be a
                                                                 hive of activity with all students rocking, twisting and
Special thanks to Amanda Farrell, Cath Williams and all of       jitterbugging to some great 50’s Rock n Roll music.
our parents who have been organising our Dance-a-thon.           Students need to bring their sponsorship forms, money
It should be a colourful event and one that raises               and a gold coin with them on the day.
substantial funds for student resources. Thanks to all our
sponsors.                                                        Literacy Recognition Assembly
                                                                 Next week we will be celebrating the achievements and
Last night at the P & C meeting, Mrs Bruce presented a           efforts of our students at our Literacy Recognition
detailed presentation on NAPLAN Testing. The national            Assemblies.
tests will be held in May for all students in Years 3, 5, 7, &   The 3-6 Assembly will be held on Wednesday 31 March
9. Should you have any queries in regard to these tests          in the hall commencing at 11.45am and the K-2 Assembly
please see your child’s class teacher. While the school          will be on Friday 1 April in the Hall at 11.45am. Invitations
uses the data from the test to plan future programs, the         have been sent home to parents today.
results do not form part of your child’s assessment that
appears on school reports. There is no need to practise for      School Environment Committee
these tests. Teachers will ensure that all students are          We are currently formulating a School Environmental
familiar with the requirements.                                  Management Plan (SEMP) and we are looking for parents
                                                                 to join the committee to work with staff and students in a
As announced last night, there will no longer be a School        variety of areas. If you are interested please contact Miss
Council at Manly West. (See President’s Report). I wish to       Wilson our Environmental co-ordinator.
acknowledge the tremendous effort all representatives
have put in over a number of years and particularly thank        School Holiday Camps
the president, Lindsay Godfrey, parent representatives;          NSW Sport and Recreation's action-packed kids' holiday
Annie Tufts, Robbi Grady, Greg Hurst & Rhonda Costin;            camps are run by experienced and well-qualified
teacher representatives Cathryn Lambert, Sue McLean &            instructors. It is an opportunity to experience challenging
Adrienne Bruce and our community representative, Susan           activities, develop self-esteem and make new friends. Find
Harriman. I look forward to continuing to work closely with      out more at
the community in a variety of other areas.
                                                                 Adrienne Bruce
Sharon Sands

     Special Offer- To assist in your child’s
      education, we will donate 5% of our
    commission to Manly west Public School
   from Sales of Property listed as a result of
                this Newsletter.
    Diary Dates
                                                               CANTEEN ROSTER
       Monday 29 March - Stage 3 Robotics Workshop
       Monday 29 March – Artist In Residence Festival         Week 10 Term 1
       Tuesday 30 March – Stage 3 Robotics Workshop                                                           th
                                                               Monday 29th March                   Tuesday 30 March
       Wednesday 31March – 3-6 Literacy Recognition            Helen Davison AM                  Carol Blackford AD
        Assembly at 11.45am in the Hall                         Sarah Lazarus PM                  Lucy Lopez PM
       Wednesday 31March – 1M, 1W & 1K Airport                 Anne Calabrito PM                 Victoria Duberdieu PM
        Excursion                                               Dirk Rossey AM                    Michelle Martin AM
       Wednesday 31March – NSW State Swimming                                st                               st
        Carnival                                               Wednesday 31 March                  Thursday 1 April
                                                                Jacquie Daddo AD                    Kate Norbury AM
       Thursday 1 April– NSW State Swimming Carnival
                                                               Martine Taylor AM                   Margi Randell AD
       Thursday 1 April – K-2 Literacy Recognition            Jacqie Nemec PM                     Kay Manettas AD
        Assembly at 11.45am in the Hall                        Sam Lumsdaine PM                    Eliza O’Sullivan PM
                                                               Janine Marsden PM

                                                               CANTEEN CLOSED
                           Student                             EASTER SPECIAL
                           Achievement                         1/4/10 NO LUNCH
                                                               NO OTHER LUNCH                             ORDERS
                         Congratulations to our school
                                                               ORDERS ON THIS DAY
                         merit award recipients for this
                         week.                                           nd
                                                               FRIDAY 2 April Good Friday CANTEEN CLOSED
 Mackenzie Green of Class 4L, Rebecca Odell of                Bernice Beard AM
  Class 4/5L and Emma Weiss of Class 4B for                    Grianne Keany AM
  collecting 30 School Merit Awards for a School               Wendy Dar AM
  Intermediate Certificate.                                    Fiona Tuedt PM
 Lucy Henderson of Class 6M for collecting 75 School          Kate Scott PM
  Merit Awards for a School Medallion.
  .                                                            Canteen News
School Council President’s Report                              As you can see next Wednesday we have our Easter special, no
                                                               other lunch orders will be available on this day. We welcome
                                                               any helpers to the canteen on Wednesday 31st March as it is one
For many years Manly West has operated a School                                                           th
                                                               of our busiest days of the year. Friday 26 March is the last
Council with its primary function being to assist the school   day you can place an order for the Easter special. If you have
in its planning and evaluation, and to support the school in   lost your order form, pop in to the canteen for a copy or you can
its many endeavours and projects. During this time the         print one from the school website, follow links to canteen.
School Council has consisted of the School Principal and       Thursday 1st April, the canteen will be closed for stock take so
Deputy, and teacher, parent and community                      there will be no lunch orders, morning tea, or any purchases
representatives.                                               available from the canteen on Thursday.
The dedicated staff at Manly West have extensive extra
curricular activities such as sport, dance, music and drama    Next term we will be providing items from our winter menu which
                                                               will be handed out next week for each child to bring home, and
as well as ongoing professional development requirements
                                                               will also be available on the school website very soon. Pasta
such as the quality teaching initiative. As a result the       Bolognese will be replaced by Sushi and meat pies, Fish and
recent teacher position vacancies on the Council were          chips will be replaced by Butter Chicken, (made on the premises
unable to be filled as constitutionally required in order to   using fresh chicken breast), and Chicken Burgers will be replaced
allow the Council to continue to operate.                      by Vegetarian Nachos (made on the premises with our own home
As a result of this the School Council has reviewed its        made nachos sauce). From term 2 Sushi will only be available for
functions such as review and support of the School             Thursdays and Fridays as our supplier can only deliver on these
Management Plan, The Masterplan and The Annual                 days.
School Report. It is proposed that much of the School
                                                               If you would like to volunteer at the canteen we have a
Council’s role may be achieved through specialised school
                                                               Wednesday AM (9am – 12pm) available. Please email me at
committees. It has been decided to formally dissolve the if you are interested.
School Council in the expectation that there will continue
to be strong parent involvement via these committees and
through the P&C.                                               DANCE-A-THON TOMORROW!
We would like to acknowledge the positive contribution
that many parents, teachers and community                      OUR FIRST BIG FUNDRAISER FOR 2010
representatives have made to the School Council over the
many years.                                                     Don’t forget……to bring your sponsorship form,
We encourage the parent community to continue to be            pledges and a gold coin donation, to dress up in 50’s
involved in the planning, evaluation and implementation of     gear and, most importantly…to HAVE FUN!
School programs and policies through the P&C and other          A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL PARENTS, CARERS,
committees such as the School Evaluation Committee.
                                                               TEACHERS AND STUDENTS FOR YOUR FANTASTIC
                                                               SUPPORT OF THIS EVENT.
Sharon Sands – Principal
Lindsay Godfrey – School Council President
                                                               The Events Committee
    Sydney North Representatives
    Congratulations to the following students:                     Switch off and head to the Cove!
     Sam Wicks for being selected in the Sydney North             Come along to Manly Council’s evening of Earth Hour
       AFL Team                                                    excitement...
     Max Simons and Corey Browne for being selected                                    th
       in the Sydney North Rugby League Team.                      When: Saturday 27 March 2010, 8pm – 9.30pm.
                                                                   Activities: A fire performance (fire-eating, twirling &
                                                                   acrobatics) & African Drumming.
UNIFORM SHOP                                                       Where: Manly Cove (in between Oceanworld Australia and
                                                                   Manly Ferry Wharf)
Remaining opening time for Term 1 is:                              Why: To celebrate the Earth by supporting action on
                                                                   climate change.
Wednesday 31 March                 9.00am – 9.30am
                                                                   For more information, contact Manly Council’s Climate
There have been a few problems with zips on the blue               Change Education & Special Projects officer on 9976
school backpacks. A representative from the company                1654.
that supplies them is going to come to the school on the
first day of next term, Tuesday 20 April at 9.30am. He will
be able to fix any problem zips on the spot. Could
                                                                   District Swimming
students leave faulty bags outside the school office on that       Last Wednesday 36 swimmers made their
morning and I will ensure they are returned to their               way to the Warringah Aquatic Centre to
classroom (if they have their name and class marked on             participate in the Manly District Swimming
the bag).                                                          Carnival. A huge effort was made by all
Liz Troy                                                           swimmers as we yet again brought home
0439 463836                                                        the District Championship.
Joint Uniform Co-Ordinator                                         Congratulations to all the Manly West District swimmers for
                                                                   representing our school with great team spirit and
                                                                   sportsmanship. You all should be very proud of yourselves
LIBRARY NEWS                                                       for how you performed and for making it to a District level.
                                                                   Not only did we dominate in the individual events but 3 out
                                                                   of our 4 relay teams won.
            A huge round of applause for Lilly Hobbs               The Snr Girls relay team came first as did both the Jnr
              (5M), Emma Weiss (4B), Oisin Dermody                 Girls and Snr Boys teams both setting new District records.
              (4C), Jasper Daddo (1M), Mia Kha (2P), Abi           A huge effort and we wish them all the best for Regional.
             Troy (4L), Grace Kassel (3S), Caroline                As well as winning the carnival overall, we had some
             Kassel (1W), Ella Ryan (4C), Jamaica Leech            standout individual winners who took home the Age
             (3B), Julia Altenburger (4L), Madi Nicholas           Champion for their division.
            (4L), Nellie Scarrabelotti (3S), Milo Jaggers          Jnr Girls District Age Champion – Naomi Scott
(5/4L) & Eliot Dainton (5/4L) for completing the 2010              11yr Boys District Age Champion – Oli Boyce
Premier’s Reading Challenge! Will your name be here                11yr Girls District Age Champion – Billie Myall and Jemima
next week?                                                         Stratton
                                                                   Today the following individual swimmers and relay teams
                 Don’t forget that the RSL of Australia are        have been out at the Sydney Olympic pool competing in
                  again calling upon Primary students to           the Sydney North Swimming Carnival and we look forward
                    enter the “AUSTRALIA MY                        to hearing their results next week.
                    COUNTRY” Competition. Students in
                    Years 3-6 are encouraged to enter a            Naomi Scott     Venice Warner              Jonah
poem,              composition, essay, a non-written piece         Gerrritsen
(e.g. artwork, diorama) or something created using                 Eliza Wright    Lucinda Drinan        Harry Chilcott
electronic media (e.g. DVD or PPT) on one of the following         Billie Myall    Aliyah Helu           Oli Boyce
themes: sacrifice, loyalty, history, service, tradition or pride   Jemima Stratton Courtney Sloan        Hugo Gerritsen
in being Australian. All entries (or photos of entries if too      Grace Owen      Max Simons            Riley Kilpatrick
large) must be handed in to me before or by Friday,
May 28 , 2010. 1st prize is a framed certificate presented         Well done to all swimmers and a huge thank you to all
by the Governor of NSW at a reception at Government                parents for your help with transportation and support on
House plus a cheque for $100, while 2 place winners                the day. We could not have done it without you.
receive a cheque for $50 and an inscribed certificate from         Good luck to all children at Regional and we hope to hear
the State Branch. Entry forms and more information on              some great results.
how to enter are displayed in the library windows. You are
thoughtful, creative students, so give it your best go!            Regards,
                                                                   Jono Coombes
Happy reading, writing and creating, Ellen Swick                   Sports Coordinator
      Chatswood Musical Society
           High School Musical 2 On Stage!
                   4-15 May, 2010
               Family Tickets only $99

             Zenith Theatre, Chatswood
   Book online today
                Or call 1300 66 22 12

              LOST SHOES

               A near-new pair of black leather school
               shoes was left at the coloured equipment,
               after school, on Monday 15 March. They
are Clarks, a Velcro Mary Jane style in a size 12 1/2E.

     If anyone has found these shoes please contact
Juanita on 0434 433 743.hildren!

                                                           Lost Razor Scooter
                                                           If you have seen a Razor scooter belonging to Robin
                                                           Evans of 2M please inform the Office. Last seen on
                                                           Thursday,18 March at school.

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