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                   Have you checked out our website? –
Volume 14                                   Issue 6                                 26th April, 2007
The P&C Committee meet on the 2 Wednesday of each month in the Administration Building from 7.00pm

              PRINCIPAL’S PATTER                                                 FOR YOUR FRIDGE MAGNET
I’m exceptionally proud of the hard work our Teachers have                             Cut this out so you won't forget.
been doing lately. The photos below illustrate some of the                             SCHOOL CALENDAR
great activities they and our students have undertaken.
                                                                         Term Dates:
                                                                         Term 1:     Monday 29 January to Friday 5 April
                                                                         Term 2:     Tuesday 17 April to Friday 22 June
                                                                         Term 3:     Tuesday 10 July to Friday 21 September
                                                                         Term 4:     Monday 8 October to Friday 14 December

                                                                         Pupil Free Days for 2007:
                                                                         Monday      16 April
                                                                         Monday      9 July
                                                                         Monday      22 October
Our Easter Hat Parade was a great and popular success for the
Junior School!                                                           Public Holidays for 2007:
Year 7Red and Year 6Red visited Q1 and were amazed how                   6 April     Good Friday
quickly the lift took them to the top floor.                             9 April     Easter Monday
                                                                         25 April    Anzac Day
                                                                         7 May       Labour Day
                                                                         11 June     Queens Birthday
                                        Be sure to see
                                        the Anzac Day
                                        photos on the                             FROM THE DEPUTY’S DESK
                                        next page.
                                                                         Our ANZAC Day ceremony was held on Friday April 20 to
                                                                         honour the memory of those who fought for Australia and
                                                                         New Zealand in all conflicts and to dedicate the Miami
                                                                         State School Memorial Lone Pine Garden. The Garden
                                                                         was built in a combined effort by the Burleigh Heads RSL
                                                                         Sub-branch and the Currumbin/Palm Beach RSL Sub-

                                                                         We were very pleased to have Steven Ciobo MP, Federal
                                                                         Member for Moncrieff, Ray Stevens State Member for
                                                                         Robina, Mr and Mrs Jock McIlwain, long time benefactors
                                                                         of the school, Representatives from the RSL, Department
                                                                         of Veteran Affairs and Freeda Rogler-Errey long time
                                                                         supporter of the school attend the ceremony.

                                                                         The school leaders did a wonderful job and are to be
Graham Dixon                                                             congratulated not only for the school pride they
                                                                         demonstrated but also for the initiative and effort they put
Principal                                                                into ensuring the Ceremony went smoothly.

Miami State School                                              Page 1                                                26th April, 2007
While the wreaths were being laid around the Lone Pine
Memorial Garden, the choir, under the direction of music
teacher Mrs Jenny McKeown, sang a moving rendition of                             MIAMI KIDS CLUB PROGRAM
“The Last ANZAC.”
                                                                         This is a new Behaviour Management initiative from
Miami State School is glad to have played some part in                   Behaviour Management Funding. We are now able to
ensuring the ANZAC remains a deeply enshrined part of                    extend the wonderful Kid’s Club Program that Jan Talbot
our history and heritage.                                                our Behaviour Management Teacher has been running so
                                                                         successfully over the years.

                                                                         In discussion through the Intervention Committee and Jan,
                                                                         it has been decided to run the program along the same
                                                                         lines as her Wednesday group.

                                                                         Jan will train the Teacher Aides who will be running the
                                                                         program. The targeted group will be higher level behaviour
                                                                         students who require support in the playground during
                                                                         lunch time and also requiring social skill activities.

                                                                         This new program will be in addition to our Lunchtime
                                                                         Supervised Play Program in the Library and our Outside
                                                                         Behaviour Support Program.

                                                                         If you have questions about this program or our Behaviour
                                                                         Management Policy now called the Code of School
                                                                         Behaviour please do not hesitate to call in and discuss
                                                                         these issues with me.
Year 4 children placing their wreath at the Lone Pine
Memorial Garden (above)and our Memorial Garden                           Maree Hansford
after the ceremony (below).

                                                                                      NATIONAL WALK SAFELY TO
                                                                                          SCHOOL DAY
                                                                         Please support National Walk Safely to School Day on
                                                                         Friday 4 May 2007.

                                                                         The objectives of this day are:

                                                                                  To promote the health benefits of walking and
                                                                                  help create regular walking habits at an early age
                                                                                  To help children develop the vital road-crossing
                                                                                  skills they will need as they become mature
                                                                                  To ensure that children hold an adult’s hand when
                                                                                  crossing the road
                                                                                  To reduce the car dependency habits that are
                                                                                  being created at an early age and which will be
                                                                                  difficult to change as children become adults.
                                                                                  To promote the use of Public Transport
                                                                                  To reduce the level of air pollution created by
       FROM THE HEAD OF SPECIAL                                                   motor vehicles
       EDUCATION SERVICES DESK                                                    To reduce the level of traffic congestion
PARENT SUPPORT GROUP - SWD                                               National walk safely to school day should not be seen as
Our next meeting will be on Friday 27 April 2007 at                      an isolated event, but rather part of a broader package of
2:00pm in the staff room. This session will be presented by              measures being implemented by government and the
Mrs. Lauren McHugh, Education Queensland Speech                          community to raise awareness about the importance of
Language Pathologist based at Miami State School.                        physical activity and health. Over 25% of Australian
                                                                         children are overweight or obese. The day is an event
Lauren will talk about her role and the acquisition of                   which acts as a catalyst to get children and their
language skills.                                                         parents/carers to use more “active transport”, by promoting
                                                                         community awareness of the need to walk more for better
This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and to find            health.
out more about your child’s education and how you can
help them learn.                                                         Justina Crawford
All welcome.
                                                                         Deputy Principal
Maree Hansford                              HOSES

Miami State School                                              Page 2                                               26th April, 2007
                                                                         Kobe Javillonar      Hadlee Mason-Wyatt
     MERRIMAC STATE HIGH SCHOOL                                          Casey O’Leary        Tayla-Casey Pearce
           SCHOLARSHIPS                                                  Stephanie Sakley     Lily Zawadzki
                                                                         Jayde Lodge          Kiya Drew

                                                                         Year 2

                                                                         Arion Anderson       Wasita Apiratkasem
                                                                         Nicole Barreto       Mitchell Bass
                                                                         Sarah Cummings       Coby Dunham
                                                                         Thorin Fitzpatrick   Mac Grant
                                                                         Jonah Guttenbeil     Jian Hattersley-Janes
                                                                         Bryli Hill           Rachael Hyde
                                                                         Myles Jewell         Corey Lunney
                                                                         Karin Mochizuki      Tenaha Thurlow
                                                                         Lachlan Ward         Jake Thwaites
                                                                         Lily Caswell         Dakyeong Cheon
                                                                         Angelique Giuffre    Jesse Hinton
                                                                         Taleeya Jones        Thomas Maley-Howarth
                                                                         Lisette Marfell      Nathan Michael
                                                                         Trent Piggott        Matthew Purcell
                                                                         Kelsey Rodgers       Jake Ruha
                                                                         Jack Severien        Jacob Sweeney
                                                                         Lily Tolson          Arliah Trevanion
                                                                         Jasmine Turi         Madisyn Armstrong
                                                                         Lochie Duncan        Zac Fleming
                                                                         Joel Gray            Jacinta Halls
     BEHAVIOUR AWARDS PROGRAM                                            Matthew Hayward      Cody Kember
                                                                         Piper Mackie         Aaliyah Maoate
The Squares program awards for this year will all be in the              Sarah McAllister     Lucy Millar
school colour of green. If a child receives a reward for each            Madeleine Mitchell   Tom Morgan
term they also will receive a Miami State School Merit                   Caylin Smith         Valeria Rissotto
Badge at the end of the year.                                            Darcy Batty          Lucas Castro
The first term Miami State School Behaviour Awards for the               Luca DiCesare        Blade Robinson
Senior School were announced at last week’s assembly.                    Jay Mouatt           Ally Croskery
Congratulations to all the children who have their names in
the newsletter this week.
The Junior School Awards were announced at assembly on                   Year 3
Thursday 26 April, 2007 and their names appear in the
newsletter also. Congratulations to all the Junior School                Bailey Armstrong     Hayden Bullock
students who received their awards for this term.                        Katie Carson         Simon Claridades
                                                                         Daniel Fenwick       Harrison Howick
The following students from the Junior school received their             Austin Jennings      Emily Jones
awards at assembly on Thursday 26 April 2007.                            Aimee Kearns         Jak Kennedy
                                                                         Cain Menheere        Cheyne Millar
Year 1                                                                   Josh Pearce          Levi Poharama
                                                                         Jacinta Rusac        Kate Saunders
Lucas Allen                Avalon Anderson                               Tristan Seeto        Halia Storay
Shayan Blair               Jade Churchouse                               Ramone Whippy        Andrew Grech
Briley Claridades          Eve Constantinos                              Andrew Ryan          Cortni Burton
Mitch Farlow               Baylee Hanson                                 Stuart West          Serah-Maree Kypreos
Bridget Humphrey           Dakota Jiggins                                Dennis Smith         Georgia Smith
Harrison Macrae            Courtney McCauley                             Hailey Brown         Hunter Torbet
Claudia Mitchell           Ky Newitt                                     Iesha Palmer         Jazpah Perkes
Declan O’Brien             Bree Palmer                                   Krysten Balfoort     James Meyer
Theresa Pitzen             Jessica Sewell                                Sam Ayton            Jack Beutel
Karin Moriyama             Kayla Ashworth                                Joseph Brown         Ashleigh Burton
Jaidyn Bartsch             Brooke Bass                                   Laura Connell        Bodie Edwards
Mikaela Castro             John Domulot                                  Joshua Grylls        Giles Gulson
Talia Donoghue             Jason Garty                                   Jasmin Hart          Max Hughes
Kye Garty                  Joshua Grech                                  Tailah Izzo          Yahna Lodge
Rhys Huntley McDermott                                                   Taos Mayer           Luke Marshall-Steevens
Ashlee Jennings            Lana Jones                                    Kalem McLuckie
Jayde Ko                   Joshua McIsaac                                Jade Mortley         Khalil O’Keefe
Josie Michael              Maya Nye                                      Tyrone O’Leary       Cooper Shipley
Eli Radley-Wright          Joshua Samuels                                Lachlan Walker       Olivia Watson
Jordyn Bauer               Kia Barnes                                    Rosie Cinnamon       Alison Cunliffe
Harrison Smith             Shaadiya Filoa                                Amber Dodds          Clarissa Nicholls
Jessie Barling             James Blackman                                Calla North          Xanthe Panella
Damen Cameron              Jayden Carter                                 Chelsea Vermillion   Zac Denmeade
Xavier Castle              Harvey Eaton                                  Daniel Doran         Marco Makari
Jess Hema                  Shanayah Irving                               Kobe Schulz          Sam Littlechild

Miami State School                                              Page 3                                            26th April, 2007
Year 4                                                Paris Hutchen              Rhianon Jones
                                                      Madison Kennedy            Madelaine Lamb
Kiana Ayala          Cheyenne Potter                  Ryshae Lewis               Patrick Nesdale
Rebecca Purcell      Tatiana Bizley                   Eileen O’Keefe             Jeremy Power
Jack Green           Hunter Hutchen                   Jack Stafford              Victoria Stanley
Nathan Keane         Liam Power                       Alex Steele                Daniel Upson
Karlten Wolsey       Stuart Chong                     Michael Warren             Cameron Wells
Jack Duncanson       Samara Eklund                    Brody Whittaker            Matthew Zammit
Emily Grant          Joshua Grigg                     Tamarind Anderson          Alana Barreto
Bailey Kember        Adele McAllister                 Remy Brooks                Natalia Castro
Joshua Smith         Montana Samantzis                Chase Gleeson              Mathew Grech
Greta Nye            Hannah Merkin                    Hayley Green               Tayla Hallam
Taleea Menyweather   Asher Jones                      Morgan Lamb                Nathan Mensforth
Ellis Humphrey       Morgan Hull                      Anju Mochizuki             Brittany O’Grady
Josiah Guttenbeil    Samantha Goodall                 Kate Patterson             Jade Petty
Harry Farlow         Indiana Dinnis                   Cameron Spearpoint         April Turi
Jordan Booker                                         Luke Davies-Webby          Jay Nicholas
                                                      Jackson Taole              Sam Brown
Year 5                                                Ashley Brooke              Deja Hau
                                                      Ashley Macrae              Darcy Mason
Nathan Prostamo      Aaron Jennings                   Jessie McAllister          Katie Peachman
Jye Millar           Michael Toner                    Katrina Sankey             Bianca Szabo
Jake Drage           Summer Hutchen                   Tara Vassella              Monique Babor
Olivia West          Suzanne Ryan
Jaiden Grylls        Ruby Moore
Luke McAllister      Caitlin Taylor                                         BE AWARE
Ryan Balfoort        Isaac Burton
Joel Carson          Nico Churchouse
                                                      Students are cautioned NOT to make independent
Jordan Coronel       Amber Croft-Manssen
                                                      arrangements with ANYONE who purports to being a Gold
Tiani Durose         Mikayla Hinton
                                                      Coast Bulletin photographer or journalist. Photographs
Teagan Lunney        Bonnie McKenzie-Craig
                                                      appearing in TXT4U are taken by Bulletin staff
Janae Poharama       Zoe Shipley
                                                      photographers or supplied directly by schools.
Oscar Tuerlings      Ebony Turi
Taliya Warren        Jacob Tattam                     Parents and schools are asked to give their consent to any
Michelle Barreto     Brooke Cameron                   arrangements       for   such    pictures    of   students.
Corjit Clarke        Bianca Daddo                     Parents/Schools should check with the Bulletin’s chief
Cody Davis           Ayla Fitzpatrick                 photographer Graham Long at 5584 2522 to verify the
Nathan Grech         Bob Lou                          identity of a photographer before they give consent.
Nene Tanaka          Courtenay McCue
Hingaia Hahipene     Erin Montgomery                  The Gold Coast Bulletin has received information regarding
Rhiarn Myles         Jahkaya Palmer                   an individual who is posing as a TXT4U journalist or
Zachary McCall       Bronte Pedlow                    photographer and contacting young people who have
                                                      appeared in the TXT4U publication. He says that he is
Years 6 and 7                                         following up on a story that appeared in the pages and
                                                      offering students a $20 mobile phone credit to participate in
Annooka Baatarsukh   Benn Davies-Webby                a survey. The man asks the students some questions and
Bree Groffen         Brittani Barry                   when the “survey” is complete gets their mobile phone
Brooke Myers         Dante Cunliffe                   details so he can contact their phone carrier and “credit”
Emeline Lancaster    Georja Aisbett                   their account.
Jake Mitchell        Jayden Rodgers
Yeojin Cheon         Joel Ringland                    This individual does not work for The Gold Coast Bulletin
Jonty O’Rourke       Kianu Hewitt-Stirling            and he has made inappropriate phone calls and sent
Kristian Santro      Lilli Zivanovic                  images to two young people this week.
Nicole Dodds         Ryder Drew
Sabardo Mayer        Shaun Macare                     To confirm the employment of any Gold Coast Bulletin staff
Sheridyn Marshall    Tahlia Layton                    member ask their details then call The Bulletin’s switch on
Tim Joske            Yuta Fujimara                    5584 2000 to return their call or confirm their identity with
Taylor Eleison       Teneal Eske                      our Editorial Administrator.
Emma Laurent         Alicia Lou
Jordan O’Brien       Ebony Watson                     Graham
                                                      Graham Dixon
Brodie Weeks         Ashley Volk                      Principal
Michael Burnett      Camellia Burnham
Jye Feltham          Jesea McLuckie
Mackenzie Norris     Zane Powell                                  ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS
Zoe Sutherland       Paige Warren
D’Hari Wharton       Elena Wolsey
Paige Donoghue       Sarah Darmody
Paige Denmeade       Gaby Balloch                      Entertainment Books are available from
Jed Beckett          Vanessa Clark                            the Library for $50 each.
India Craddock       Madeline Feint
Lauren French        Maddison Glover
Kirby Chase-Hanson   Emily Havas

Miami State School                           Page 4                                                26th April, 2007
                                                                                        P & C MEETING
                MIAMI MUNCHSTOP NEWS

Polo shirts should be in this week. Winter uniforms should
be in at the end of next week. Thank you to all our                            Wednesday 9th May

Kim and Julie

                                                                          Administration Building
MON         TUES        WED         THURS       FRIDAY
                        2           3
7           8           9           10          11
HOLIDAY     Megan                   Sandra      Pru

                                                                          1 PURPLE’S PET FOOD DONATION
          GO SUZIE GO!!                                                               DRIVE
                                                                      This term 1 Purple are learning about “Food and Fun.” As
Our very own Suzanne Ryan is competing at the                         part of our unit of work we will be learning about Living and
National Swimming Championships soon and                              Non-living things. Our focus is on our pets. We are
                                                                      collecting animal/pet food (such as biscuits, tinned food
we, as a school, would like to support her as
                                                                      etc.) for all types of animals to donate to the RSPCA. A
much as possible.                                                     representative from the RSPCA will be attending assembly
                                                                      later this term to collect the food donations. (Watch this
We are having a “Free Dress Day” on                                   space for more details). We will be collecting your kind
Wednesday 2nd May to raise money to help with                         donations out the front of 1 Purple’s classroom, located at
the huge expenses which accumulate when                               the end of Prep. There will be a bucket in which you can
competing at this level. If you want to come in                       place your generous donation.
free dress please bring a gold coin to hand in to
your teacher on Wednesday morning.                                    Thanks you for your support

Craig Tuffin
PE Specialist
                                                                      Rebecca Guinea
                                                                      Teacher - 1 Purple

Miami State School                                           Page 5                                                26th April, 2007
The school is happy to advertise some local events and business ventures. However, we do not necessarily endorse them to you. It is the responsibility of individual
                     parents/caregivers to ensure that they themselves are satisfied with all services offered before they involve their children.

                                                                                                      SPEECH & DRAMA CLASSES
                  PIANO TUITION
                                                                                                         For years 3,4 and 5
           All ages                                                                           in the school hall between 8:00 am and
                                                                                                        8:50 am on Fridays
           Classical & Popular
                                                                                                      Parents welcome to sit in
                                                                                        Have fun learning through poetry,
           Air-conditioned Studio                                                       prose, drama, role playing, mime, voice
           Exams & Leisure                                                              care (with phonetics ie. Stepping stones
           Beginners to Advanced                                                        to the processing of words, spelling,
                                                                                        reading and speaking) and various
     Phone: 5572 1615                                                                   tasks (storytelling, public speaking,
                                                                                        plays etc), games for listening,
     Mobile: 0402 997 497
                                                                                        observation, tolerance, concentration
     FREE!            ½ Hour                                                            and memory.
     Consultation Lesson                                                                        Local teacher of 26 years                                                      Phone Karen Sleep on 5573 2009 to
     1 Albicore St. Mermaid Waters
                                                                                        enrol. Limited numbers taken.
                                                                                                 Empower children for life.

       GRASS TENNIS CLUB                                                                Is your child behind in Maths or
 Tennis Coaching for children and
              adults.                                                                   We can help them now, before it’s too
 Group, Private and Sparkle Tots
         (4 – 7 year olds)                                                              Flexible, fun, @ home, PC learning with
 Lessons before and after school.                                                       phone tutoring support from $24 per
              New Coach
      Jenny Dimond, former world                                                                   National Academy of Learning
                                                                                          “Helping children achieve their dreams”
      ranked player and advanced
                coach.                                                                                            0414 746 420
        Phone now on 5572 2133

Miami State School                                                           Page 6                                                              26th April, 2007

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