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AFC Pre-terminated Loose Tube Cables
AFC Group can offer a comprehensive range of high quality pre-
terminated loose tube cables. Our in-house production facility enables
us to offer quick turn-around times and great flexibility to meet our
customers’ varied requirements.

Pre-terminated cables can be manufactured to virtually any length and
connector combination. Each end of the cable is terminated with a
purpose-built loose tube fanout kit which offers excellent fibre protection.


• Pre-terminated cables offer the advantage of reduced time and cost associated with on-site connector terminations
  and testing. This is of particular interest for projects where narrow installation windows can be applicable.
• Machine polished and thoroughly inspected and tested factory terminations offer greater consistency with regard to
  connector termination quality and performance.
• The robust heavy duty fanout kit protects the inner tubes and fibres and is safely secured by clamping onto the cable
  and the central strength member.


 Standard Loose Tube                           4 to 24 fibre           OS1 (SM 9/125µm)
                                                                       OM1 (MM 62.5/125µm)
                                                                       OM3 (MM 50/125µm)
 Composite Loose Tube                          12 fibre                6F (OS1) / 6F (OM1)
                                               18 fibre                6F (OS1) / 12F (OM3)
 Please contact AFC Group for cable specifications. Various cable constructions and fibre counts are available upon request. MOQ and lead times may apply.

 SC/UPC                 SC/APC                 FC/UPC                  FC/APC                 LC/UPC                  ST/UPC

Fibre fanout kits:
 Multimode                          3mm orange fanout tails, 1m
 Single Mode                        3mm yellow fanout tails, 1m
 Composite                          Combination of yellow and orange tails for respective mode enabling easy identification

Additional options:
 Hybrid connector terminations
 Protective hauling mechanism
 Cable glands
 Custom numbering and labeling


Assembly dimensions and packaging:
 Fanout tail length is measured from fanout point to connector and is 1m unless protective hauling is used
 Cable assembly length is measured from connector to connector (including the fanout tails)
                                                                    Fibre fanout point

                                               1m                                                     1m
                                                                 Cable assembly length

 Loose tube cable assemblies are supplied on drums unless specified otherwise
 End A (terminated end) will be wound on the inside of the drum unless specified otherwise

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Fibre fanout kits:
 Up to 24 fibres
 Housing: 32mm OD (Outer Diameter) x 110mm Length
 Individual clip-on numbers attached to each tail for fibre identification
 Supplied with mounting bracket for fixing within enclosures
Connector performance:
                                                                                            Insertion Loss (dB)                                                      Return Loss (dB)

 Single Mode                                                                               @ 1310 and 1550nm
 SC/UPC, FC/UPC, LC/UPC, ST/UPC                                                                  <0.25                                                                         >50
 SC/APC, FC/APC                                                                                  <0.25                                                                         >60

 Multimode                                                                                  @ 850 and 1300nm
 SC/UPC, LC/UPC, FC/UPC, ST/UPC,                                                                  <0.25


 LC-LC are duplexed to maintain an end to end pair crossover unless specified otherwise
 SC, ST and FC are terminated with simplex connectors and are not duplexed
Protective hauling mechanisms:

 Heavy Duty hauling mechanism
 Nylon braiding with inner protective rubber tubing and pulling loop
 50mm OD
 Not recommended for use in ducting or conduit smaller than 100mm

 Connector staggering
 Staggering is required when protective hauling mechanism is used
 Staggered connectors are paired and spaced 60mm apart
 The pairs follow the standard color code and numbering: blue/orange, green/brown, grey/white etc. with pair 1
 blue/orange the longest
 Single Mode
 Connectors are insertion and return loss tested at 1310 and 1550nm and test results are supplied for each assembly
 Connectors are interferometer checked for Telcordia compliant endface geometry
 Link tested via light source and power meter using the three-test cord referencing method as defined in AS/NZS 3080
 ( ISO 14763-3:2006 )
 Bi-directional link test results at both 850 and 1300nm are supplied with each cable assembly
 Pigtails are OTDR tested, single direction for 850/1300nm and 1310/1550nm respectively


Only for                       Fibre                            Connector                   Length (m)                   Fibre                 Installation                                            Cable

                               1 – 9/125µm                      SC                                                                             1 – Not Required
                               3 – 50/125µm OM3                 SCA                                                                            2 – Medium Duty Hauling Mechanism End A
                               6 – 62.5/125µm                   ST                                                                             3 – Medium Duty Hauling Mechanism End A&B
                                                                LC                                                                             4 – 20mm Gland fitted End A
                                                                FC                                                                             5 – 20mm Gland fitted End A&B

                                                                                                                                                               *If combination of installation options is
                                                               P LT 1 S C L C 2 5 M – 1 2 – 1 X X X                                                            required (ie hauling mechanism and glands)
                                                                                  (A)      (B)                                                                 please specify

Whilst due care has been taken to ensure the contents of this data sheet are accurate, AFC Group cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions that may occur. Nor can they make any warranties in
connection with the use of the product or its application. The information and specifications contained in this document are subject to change without notice.
This page and all its components are protected by copyright. No part may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of AFC Group Pty Ltd.

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