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					                                Position Description

    Position Title:   Manager, Urban Customer Service         Effective Date:   March 2010
                      Band 5 (Coliban Water Enterprise
                      Agreement) full-time role                                 General Manager Customer
                                                              Reporting to:
    Department:       Customer Service

                                                                                General Manager Customer
    Location:         Bendigo                                 Approved by:

Organisational Overview
Coliban Region Water Corporation is based in Bendigo and is one of the largest Victorian regional urban
water corporations. Our service area covers 16,550 square kilometres including 49 towns. We manage,
maintain and operate over 50 reservoirs and water storage basins and provide water and waste services
to both urban and rural customers.

At Coliban Water we are focussed on what we need to achieve and how we achieve results.
Our trademark behaviours guide our interactions with each other, our customers, community and
stakeholders. Our trademark behaviours are:
•        Show respect – value people and their contribution
•        Model a “can-do” attitude
•        Be present – see something, do something, take responsibility. Do what you say.
•        Results oriented – focus on delivery of solutions

Position Overview

This new created position reporting to the General Manager Customer Service is designed to embed a
customer-centric culture, whilst maximising opportunities with Coliban Water’s largest customer segment
– urban residential customers. Leading a small team, the role supports Coliban Water to adapt to a
changing external environment by:
•        Proactively understanding urban customer needs
•        Developing new markets and new product opportunities
•        Managing the investigation of complex customer inquiries and any alleged compliance breaches
•        Taking a lead role in the development of a customer-centric culture within Coliban Water
•        Reviewing business systems to ensure consistent and positive customer experience, whilst
         managing risk
•        Ensuring that Coliban is a safe workplace and maintains a sustainable environment
•        Providing leadership to ensure urban team contribution is maximised

Key Result Areas

Customer Centric Culture
Lead the development of a customer-centric culture within Coliban Water and its’ associated service
partners through:
•     Providing relevant and effective customer advocacy internally, as a senior reference point for
      professional advice regarding urban customer cycle expectations and issues management.
•     Provide legislative, policy and regulatory compliance advice and guidance to customers and team

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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                             Position Description

•     Contribute to the development and adaptation of organisational and water industry policy and
      practices in relation to urban service delivery.
•     Create and maintain relationships with key water industry personnel and stakeholders in the
      region, representing Coliban Water at a senior level on stakeholder working groups, steering
      committees, community forums and water industry groups.
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Provide customer-centric information and advocacy service to both internal and external
•    Improving urban customer satisfaction levels as evidenced through customer surveys and
     complaints data.

Development of New Markets and New Products
Ensure new product opportunities and revenue for the urban sector is maximised by:
•    Developing an understanding of the urban customer segment’s needs and aspirations through
     market research.
•    Conceptualising and developing a clear business case for new products or markets.
•    Overseeing implementation new products, policies and processes in the urban sector.
•    Taking a lead in preparation for contestable environment by understanding opportunities and
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Business has a shared understanding of urban customer needs based on research.
•    Quality of business cases and research.
•    Development of new product initiatives relevant to the urban residential market.
•    Readiness for contestable environment.

Customer Investigations
Ensure Coliban Water’s resolution of complex customer complaints is fair and timely by:
•    Overseeing management of investigations and response to complaints from urban customers,
     including ombudsman case management.
•    Undertake necessary investigations (both within the business and at customer site) to achieve
     appropriate resolution for both the customer and the business.
•    Investigate claims for compensation and negotiate appropriate settlement with customers.
•    Create and distribute company, regulatory and customer reports and correspondence as required.
•    Prepare appropriate correspondence within the necessary timeframes.
•    Together with the Manager Contact Centre, coach Customer Service staff to ensure customer
     contact processes are such that first call resolution is achieved whenever possible, minimising
     escalated complaints.
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Processes ensure effective and timely investigation to agreed timeframes.
•    Outcomes are appropriate for the customer and the business.
•    Number of escalated complaints are trending downwards.

Regulatory Compliance
Ensure Coliban Water maintains its regulatory compliance obligations. As a nominated ‘Authorised
Officer’ under section 291A of the Water Act 1989, investigate any alleged breach of water restrictions.
•      Manage the effective deployment of the investigations staff to ensure appropriate responses to
       reported breaches of water restrictions and identified high water users.
•      Actively investigate alleged breaches of water restrictions within established procedures and
       policies. This includes sites visits and gathering information for Briefs of Evidence.
•      Apply Coliban Water’s policies and procedures to manage any regulatory breaches including
       penalty infringement notices, property reporting and on-site audits.
•      Collate documentary evidence and provide information for the preparation of relevant ‘Notice of
       Contravention’ and/or legal proceedings where appropriate.
•      Represent Coliban Water in Court, as required.

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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                            Position Description

•     Ensure investigations are conducted appropriately, including evidentiary collection; identifying any
      organisational risk.
•     Ensure compliance with all internal and external reporting requirements.
•     Ensure regulatory enforcement team achieves appropriate outcomes for customers and the
•     Ensure preparation of Briefs of Evidence are completed appropriately.
Key Performance Indictors:
•    All investigations are compliant with Coliban Water’s policies and legal requirements

Customer Business Systems and Risk Mitigation
Identify opportunities for improvement of urban customers’ experience or revenue maximisation, whilst
mitigating risk by:
•      Identifying risk exposure to Coliban Water, provide expert and informed advice to the company on
       matters related to urban service delivery risk mitigation and identification of systemic urban
       service delivery issues within the business.
•      Ensuring workflows and processes are efficient, documented and drive agreed business
•      Increasing business awareness of issues, controls to mitigate risk.
•      Ensuring business partners undertake health checks of systems and implement remedies.
•      Planning projects and implementing agreed improvements and training, as appropriate.
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Sound strategies developed and implemented.
•    Evidence of business partners improvement plans, including revenue maximisation.
•    Ongoing active risk mitigation plan for urban service delivery and revenue collection.

Occupational Health and Safety and Environment:
Ensure that Coliban is a safe workplace and maintains a sustainable environment by:
•    Complying with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental legislation.
•    Complying with all company policies and procedures, including completing OH&S training.
•    Reporting all safety incidents and hazards immediately.
•    Taking reasonable care for own safety and that of others.
•    Ensuring that the work environment is free from any form of discrimination, harassment or
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Evidence of OH&S plan for self and team.
•    Demonstrate leadership compliance with Coliban Water policies.

Ensure that the Coliban Water’s urban team making an effective contribution by:
•    Developing ownership of urban team’s business plan
•    Having a clear resource management plan
•    Setting team targets & behaviour expectations
•    Coaching and mentoring staff
•    Undertaking professional development and training, both on and off-the-job
•    Keeping up-to-date on professional, industry and company information
•    Participating constructively in peer reviews, leadership forums and incident management
•    Completing performance and development plan for self and direct reports
•    Undertaking higher duties, job rotation and back-up colleagues as required
Key Performance Indictors:
•    Delivery of outcomes to urban customers’ business plan and budget.
•    Actively contribute to leadership team in Customer Service and Coliban Water.

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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                                 Position Description

Key Capabilities

•        Customer Focus – has customer and their needs as a primary focus for actions and decisions.
         Works to develop and sustain productive and mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships.
•        Teamwork/ Building Business Relationships - develop and utilise collaborative relationships to
         accomplish work goals.
•        Commitment to Performance - indicate through actions and decisions, a sense of importance to get
         the job done. Focus on the most important things, overcome obstacles and seek long -term
•        Influencing skills - use appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to seek
         information, establish strategies, build rapport, demonstrate capability and gain commitment.
•        Commercial/organisational awareness – utilise sound knowledge of systems, situations and
         cultures inside and outside the organisation to identify potential problems and opportunities.
         Understand the impact and implications of decisions on other areas of the organisation.
•        Leading, Mentoring and Coaching – effective planning and organising skills. Inspire and guide
         individuals (including direct reports, peers etc) towards achieving goals. Provide timely guidance
         and feedback to help strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas to accomplish their objectives.
•        Judgement and Decision making – complex problem solving to design long-term solutions. Will
         require consultation with wide range of customers, stakeholders and business partners.
•        Innovative Thinking – conceptualisation of innovative products and markets and ability to develop
         proposals through to implementation.

Position Dimensions

    Capital Expenditure/Budget        Up to 10 units

    Authorities                       Authorised Officer

    Number of Direct Reports          2

    Customer Groups:                  Urban residential customers

    Other                             Statutory Bodies, ESC, EWOV

Working Relationships:
    Internal:     Executive Managers, Team Leaders, all Coliban staff, CAMS operational staff, Incident
                  Management Team

    External:     Local government authorities in Coliban’s service area, residential customers, water
                  industry groups, other stakeholders

Knowledge/Skills/Certifications Required

To be successful in the Customer Service team, you will have proven experience in business
management with a customer service focus.

•   Tertiary qualification in a field such as Business, Communications or Marketing
•   Exceptional communication skills (interpersonal, written and oral) and a 'can-do' approach

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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                             Position Description

•     Relationship building and influencing skills
•     Current Victorian driver’s licence

•    Experience in strategic planning and product development / design for specific market sectors
•    Customer claims case management experience
•    Demonstrated understanding of service delivery risk assessment and mitigation
•    Understanding of compliance requirements in relation to legislation

Special Requirements
Travel; outside business hours contact (meetings, customer site visits etc). Note: This position is the
initial contact point for after-hours operational issues that have the potential for a claim regarding
damage to a customers’ property.

Special Assessments and Inherent Requirements
Applicants are asked to submit a resume and address the selection criteria in the application. Short-
listed candidates will be interviewed by a selection panel.

Key Selection Criteria
1.   Appropriate tertiary qualification plus substantial relevant experience (5-7 years) required, including
     demonstrated competence in product development and/or service delivery risk mitigation.
2.   Proven ability to use research and analytical skills to develop an understanding of a target market’s
     needs and to conceptualise and develop appropriate systems, processes and products.
3.   Demonstrated ability to manage the investigation of complex customer complaints and claims for
     compensation, and to negotiate an appropriate resolution for the business and the customer.
4.   Highly developed and effective communication skills, including the ability to obtain co-operation
     from staff and service partners at all levels, to deal professionally (including preparation of
     appropriate correspondence) with customers and other stakeholders.
5.   A track record in delivering timely solutions to meet customer and business needs.
6.   A current Victorian Driver’s Licence.
7.   Knowledge of water industry regulatory framework, including compliance requirements would be an

Position Enquiries
Kerri Carr, General Manager Customer Service

Further information about Coliban Water:

Applications addressing key selection criteria can be sent to:

Manager People and Performance
Coliban Water
PO Box 2770

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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                           Position Description
Or send via email to:

By 5pm on Tuesday 6 April 2010.
Please quote Job No 09MUCS
Email applications preferred.

Manager, Urban Customer Service
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