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									               Planning Alternate Tomorrows
  Fact Sheet – with Hope – P.A.T.H.
STATE CENTRE       What is PATH?
PO Box 434
Yandina Qld 4561
07 5472 7072       PATH is a person centred, powerful planning tool which assists
1800 777 723       participants to reach a desirable future. It is built around a central
                   focus person called the Pathfinder, who other people come together
                   to assist.

                   There are seven steps in the P.A.T.H process, these are as follows:

                   1.       Touch the dream: get people to explore images of how they
                   want their future to be and ask them to name their “North Star” –
                   their purpose, goal or dream
                   2.       Sense the goal: get the group to look backwards from the
                   future – “describe the positive desirable future as if it had already
                   happened - How does it feel to have arrived?”
                   3.       Ground it in the now: Describe the present and explore how
                   that feels. Describe the situation that the Pathfinder is living in at the
                   4.       Identify people to enrol: Who needs to be involved to make
                   change possible? If certain people are not involved in the process
                   now what must be changed to make them available to help?
                   5.       Recognise ways to build strength: How can we improve our
                   skills, our relationships our knowledge to keep us happy, and healthy
                   along the path to achieve our dreams?
                   6.       Chart action for the next few months: What kinds of
                   things will have to be done to realise the goal over the next few
                   months – identify the easy steps on the journey first.
                   7.       Commit to the first step.

                   PATH uses graphics where possible to make it more alive and
                   interesting. A PATH is a visual tool, which should be kept insight to
                   keep the pathfinder focused on their dreams and goals as well as
                   those supporting them to do so.

                   People who know the Pathfinder well such as their: friends, parents,
                   siblings, relatives, neighbours, teachers, counsellors, Elders and other
                   community members are invited to attend the PATH.

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