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NATIONS                                                                                                                             RC

                                                                                                    Distr. General
                                                                                                    1 August 2008

             United Nations                                                                         Original: English
             Environment Programme

             Food and Agriculture Organization
             of the United Nations

Rotterdam Convention on the Prior
Informed Consent Procedure for Certain
Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in
International Trade
Conference of the Parties
Fourth meeting
Rome, 27–31 October 2008
Item 5 (a) of the provisional agenda
Implementation of the Convention: status of implementation

              Status of official contact points
              Note by the Secretariat
              1.      At its second meeting, the Conference of the Parties considered a note from the Secretariat
              regarding official communication with Governments. The Conference noted that the entry into force of
              the Convention provided an opportunity to improve the efficiency and timeliness of communication
              with Parties, non-Party Governments and observers, and to bring communication practices into line with
              the provisions of the Convention and the rules of procedure. Consequently, the Conference requested
              the Secretariat to write to Governments asking them to provide contact details for their official contact
              points for the Convention and to agree to the posting of those details on the Convention website.
              2.      The Secretariat contacted all Governments, using the lists of official contact points of the
              United Nations Environment Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the
              United Nations, inviting them to provide contact details for their official contact points for the
              Rotterdam Convention. The resulting list of official contact points for all Governments (both Parties and
              non-Parties) has been used for the distribution of all official documents relating to the fourth meeting of
              the Conference of the Parties and is available on the Convention website. For Governments that have
              not yet nominated an official contact point, previously existing contact information has been used.
              3.      Attached for the information of the Conference in the annex to the present note is the list of the
              official contact points in relation to the Rotterdam Convention for all Parties and non-Parties.1

                      UNEP/FAO/RC/COP.4 /1.
              1        The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this document do not imply the
              expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the legal
              status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or

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       For reasons of economy, this document is printed in a limited number. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to
       meetings and not to request additional copies.


    List of official contact points

Argentina                               Armenia

Directora General de Asuntos            The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ambientales                             Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dirección General de Asuntos            Government House 2
Ambientales                             Republic Square
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores,    Yerevan 375010
Comercio International y Culto          Armenia
Esmeralda 1212, Piso 14                 Attn H.E. Mr.
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Argentina                               The Permanent Representative
Attn Embajador María Esther             Permanent Mission of the Republic of
Bondanza                                Armenia to the United Nations
Phone         +54 11 4819 74 14         119 East 36th Street
Fax +54 11 4819 74 13                   New York 10016
e-mail        met@mrecic.gov.ar         United States of America

Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros
Dirección Nacional de Control           Manager of Technical and
                                        International Policy, Product Integrity,
Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo
                                        Animal and Plant Health
                                        Australian Government Department of
San Martín 451                          Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires         GPO Box 858
C1004AAI                                Canberra, ACT 2601
Argentina                               Australia
Phone         +5411 4348 8350
                                        Attn Dr Angelo Valois
Fax +5411 4348 8368
                                        Phone          +61 2 6272 5566
                                        Fax +61 2 6272 5697
       pissaly@ambiente.gov.ar          e-mail
Representación Permanente de la
República Argentina ante la FAO         Austria
Piazza dell'Esquilino, 2
Roma 00185                              Department V/9, International
Italy                                   Environmental Affairs
Phone         +39 06 4807 33 00         Federal Ministry of Agriculture,
Fax +39 06 489 06 984                   Forestry, Environment and Water
e-mail        faoprarg1@interfree.it    Management
                                        Stubenbastei 5
                                        Vienna 1010
Misión Permanente de la República
Argentina ante los Organismos
                                        Attn Ms. Elisabeth Hosner
Internacionales en Ginebra
                                        Phone         +43 1 51522 1622
10, route de l'Aéroport
                                        Fax +431 515227626
Case postale 536
                                        e-mail elisabeth.hosner@lebensministerium.at
Geneva 15 1215
Phone         +41 22 929 8600
Fax +41 22 798 5995/1992


Department V/2, Chemicals Policy        Benin
Federal Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry, Environment and Water         Juriste Environnementaliste,
Management                              Conseillère Technique Juridique
Stubenbastei 5                          Ministère de l'Environnement et de la
Vienna 1010                             Protection de la Nature.
Austria                                 01 BP 3621
Attn Dr Helga Schrott                   Cotonou
Phone         +43 1 51522 2327          Benin
Fax +43 1 51522 7334                    Attn Mme. Pulchérie Marianne S.
e-mail                                  Donoumassou Simeon
       helga.schrott@lebensministeriu   Phone          +229 90 03 17 80
m.at                                    Fax +229 21 31 50 81

                                        Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et
Ministre des Affaires Etrangères        de l'intégration africaine
Service M4.1                            Ministère des affaires étrangères et de
Direction générale des relations        l'intégration africaine
politiques multilatérales               Avenue Pape Jean- Paul II
Rue des Petits Carmes, 15               Boîte Postale 318
Bruxelles B-1000                        Cotonou
Belgium                                 Benin

Développement (Unité A-2)               Directeur de l'Aménagement du
Commission des communautés              Territoire
européenes                              Ministère de l'environnement, de
G-12 09/111                             l'habitat et de l'urbanisme
Bruxelles 1049                          B.P. N. 01-3621
Belgium                                 Cotonou
                                        Phone          +229 312 065
The Permanent Representative            Fax +229 312 065
Permanent Mission of Belgium to
PO.Box 30461                            Bureau du PNUD
Nairobi                                 B.P. 506
Kenya                                   Cotonou
                                        Fax +229 31 57 86
Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Natural Resources
Market Square                           Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y
Belmopan                                Culto
Belize                                  Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y
Attn Mr. John Breceno                   Culto
                                        Calle Junín
                                        Esquina Ingavi
Minister of Foreign Affairs             La Paz
Ministry of Foreign Affairs             Bolivia
Attn Mr. Godfrey Smith                  Dirección General de Organismos
                                        Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y
                                        La Paz
                                        Phone         +591 2 40 8924
                                        Fax +591 2 40 8642/ 40 8905


Oficina del PNUD                         The Minister of Environment and
Casilla 686                              Water
La Paz                                   Ministry of Environment and Water
Bolivia                                  67, William Gladstone str.
                                         Sofia 1000
Bosnia and Herzegovina                   Bulgaria

Authority for Protection of Herbs        Ambassade de la République de
Ministry of Foreign Trade and            Bulgarie
Economic Relations B&H                   via Pietro Paolo Rubens, 21
(Uprava BiH za zastitu zdravlja bilja)   Roma 00197
Trampina 4/III                           Italy
Sarajevo BiH-71000                       Phone         +39 06 322 4640
Bosnia and Herzegovina                   Fax +39 06 322 6122
Phone         +387 33 212387             e-mail        embassy@bulemb.it
Fax +387 33 217032
       upravabihzzb@bih.net.ba           Mission permanente de la Republique
                                         de Bulgarie auprès de l'ONU et des
Brazil                                   autres organisations internationales à
                                         Chemin des Crêts-de-Pregny 16
Head of the Division
                                         Le Grand Saconnex
Division for Environmental Policy and
                                         Genève 1218
Sustainable Development (DPAD)
Ministry of External Relations (MRE)
                                         Phone        +41 22 798 0300
Esplanada dos Ministérios, bloco H
                                         Fax +41 22 798 0302
Anexo II, Sala 204
Brasilia-DF 70170-900
Phone         +55 61 3411 9289
Fax +55 61 3411 9288                     Burkina Faso
e-mail        dpad@mre.gov.br
                                         Le Ministre de l'Environnement et de
                                         Cadre de vie
The Permanent Representative of          565, rue Agostino Neto
Brazil to FAO                            BP. 7044
Permanent Representation of Brazil to    Ouagadougou 03
FAO                                      Burkina Faso
Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima,32         Phone         +226 50318708
Rome 00186                               Fax +226 50310675
Italy                                    e-mail
Attn H.E. Mr.                                   sedogo.mecv@mee.gov.bf

The Permanent Representative of          Burundi
Brazil to the United Nations in Geneva
Permanent Mission of Brazil to the       Institut National pour l'environnement
U.N. in Geneva                           et la conservation de la nature
71, av. Louis-Casaï                      Ministère de l'aménagement, du
Cointrin. Geneva 1216                    tourisme et de l'environnement
Switzerland                              B.P. 56
Attn H.E. Mr.                            Gitega
                                         Le Ministre des relations extérieures
The Minister of Foreign Affairs          et de la coopération
Ministry of Foreign Affairs              Ministère des relations extérieures et
2, Alexander Zhendov str.                de la coopération
Sofia 1040                               Boulevard de la Liberté
Bulgaria                                 B.P. 1840
Attn H.E. Mr.                            Bujumbura
                                         Attn Mme Antoinette Batumubwira
                                         Fax +257 223970


Ministère de l'Aménagement du           Executive Director
Territoire, de l'Environnement et du    Consumer and Commercial Products
Tourisme                                Environment Canada
B.P. 631                                251 St-Joseph Blvd, 12th Floor
Bujumbura                               Gatineau, Québec K1A 0H3
Burundi                                 Canada
Phone          +257 224 979/221 649     Attn Mme France Jacovella
/224233                                 Phone        819 956 5263
Fax +257 228 902                        Fax 819 994 0007
Ministère de la santé publique
B.P. 1820
Bujumbura                               Senior Policy Advisor
Burundi                                 Environment and Energy Division
                                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Mission permanente du Burundi
                                        International Trade
auprès du PNUE
P.O. Box 2752, 1007
                                        111 Sussex Drive, 2nd floor, Rideau
Lugalo Rd. Upanga East, Dar-Es-
                                        K1A 0G2
Tanzania, United Republic of
                                        Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1J1
Phone        +255 22 2126827
Fax +255 22 2121499
                                        Attn Mr. Bernardo A. Li
                                        Phone        +613 996 42 95
Cameroon                                Fax +613 995 9525
Directeur des Normes et des                    Bernardo.Li@international.gc.c
Inspections Environnementales           a
Ministère de l'Environnement et de la
Protection de la Nature
Yaoundé                                 First Secretary
Cameroon                                Permanent Mission of Canada in
Attn Dr. Blaise Efendene                Geneva
Phone          +237 776 19 41           5 Avenue de l'Ariana
Fax +237 223 6051
e-mail                                  Genève 1202
       efendeneblaise@yahoo.fr          Canada
                                        Attn Ms. Johanne Forest
Canada                                  Phone       +41 22 919 9244
                                        Fax +41 22 919 9227
Director General
Policy, Communications & Regulatory
Affairs Directorate Pest Management
Regulatory Agency
Health Canada
                                        Cape Verde
2720 Riverside Drive
Canada K1A 0K9                          Le Ministre des affaires étrangères, de
Canada                                  la coopération et des communautés
Attn Mr. Trish MacQuarrie               Ministère des affaires étrangères, de
Phone          +1 613 736 3660          la coopération et des communautés
Fax +1 613 736 3659                     Praça 1° de Maio
e-mail         Trish_MacQuarrie@hc-     C.P. 60
sc.gc.ca                                Praia
                                        Cape Verde

                                        Bureau du PNUD
                                        Caixa Postale 62
                                        Cape Verde


                                          Representante Permanente de Chile
Le Ministre d'Êtat, Ministre des          ante el PNUMA
affaires étrangères et de l'intégration   Misión Permanente de Chile ante el
africaine                                 PNUMA
Ministère des affaires étrangères et de   P.O. Box 45554
l'intégration africaine                   Nairobi
B.P. 746                                  Kenya

Le Ministre de l'Environnement et de      The Minister for Agriculture
l'Eau                                     Ministry of Agriculture
Ministère de l'Environnement et de        11 Nongzhanguan Nanli
l'Eau                                     Beijing 100026
B.P.447                                   China
Phone          +235 52 32 55              The Minister, State Environmental
Fax +235 52 38 39/52 52 32 c/o            Protection Administration (SEPA)
UNDP                                      N° 115, Xizhimennei Nanxiaojie
                                          Beijing 100035
Bureau du PNUD                            Phone         +8610 66151933
B.P. 906                                  Fax +8610 66151761
                                          Division of International Organizations
Mission permanente du Tchad auprès        Department of International
du PNUE                                   Cooperation
11, Avenue Kalemie Zone le Gombe          State Environmental Protection
B.P. 9097                                 Administration
Kinshasa 1                                Beijing
Congo, Democratic Republic of the         China
Phone       +243 12 21646                 Attn Ms Jeqing Zhang
                                          Phone          +86 10 6555 6520
Chile                                     Fax +86 10 6655 6513
Ministra de Relaciones Exteriores                 zhang.jieqing@sepa.gov.cn
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Catedral 1158, piso 3
Santiago                                  Permanent Mission of the People's
Chile                                     Republic of China to UNEP
                                          Whisper Estate LR 9104/136
                                          P.O. Box 30947
Ministro Secretario                       Nairobi
Secretaría General de la Presidencia      Kenya
Moneda N° 1160, 4 piso
Santiago                                  Congo
Phone         +562 698 4150               Direction Générale de l'Environnement
Fax +562 698 4656/699 3900                B.P. 958
Oficina del PNUD                          Congo, Republic of the
Dag Hammarskjold 3241                     Attn M. Albert Yoka
Vitacura                                  Phone        +242 52146 95
Santiago 7630412                          Fax +242 814134/837150
Chile                                     e-mail       yokalefoko@yahoofr
Phone         +56 2 654 1000
Fax +56 2 654 1099                        Bureau du PNUD
e-mail        fo.chi@undp.org             B.P. 465 et 51
                                          Congo, Republic of the


Ministre des affaires étrangères, de la   Direction de la Protection des
coopération et de la francophonie         Végétaux, du contrôle et de la Qualité
Ministère des affaires étrangères, de     Ministère de l'Agriculture
la coopération et de la francophonie      20 B.P. V7
B.P. 2070                                 Abidjan
Congo, Republic of the                    Côte d´Ivoire
                                          Phone          +225 20210770
                                          Fax +225 20212032
Le Ministre de l'Economie Forestière et
de l'Environnement
Brazzaville                               Mission Permanente de la République
Congo, Republic of the                    de Côte d'Ivoire auprès du PNUE
Phone         +242 814141/810295          High 23
Fax +242 814134/837150                    Kabele 13
                                          House N° 1308
Cook Islands                              P.O. Box 3668
The Secretary                             Phone         +251 171 1213
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and           Fax +251 712 754
P.O. Box 105                              Cuba
Cook Islands                              Ministro a.i.
                                          Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y
                                          Medio Ambiente
The Secretary
Ministry of Agriculture
                                          Capitolio Nacional
P.O. Box 96
                                          Prado y San José 10
Cook Islands
                                          Habana Vieja. La Habana 200
Côte d´Ivoire                             Attn Dr. Fernando M. González
Ministre de l'Environnement et des        Phone         +537 867 0756
Eaux et Forêts                            Fax +537 866 8654
BP 650
Abidjan 20
Côte d´Ivoire                             Director
Phone          +225 20 21 70 67           Dirección de Colaboración
Fax +225 20 21 42 74                      Internacional
                                          Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y
                                          Medio Ambiente
Ministre                                  Capitolio Nacional
des Affaires Etrangères                   Prado y San José 10
Bloc Ministériel                          Habana Vieja, La Habana 200
B.P. 1533                                 Cuba
Abidjan                                   Attn Sr. Jorge Luis Fernández
Côte d´Ivoire                             Chamero
                                          Phone         +537 867 0606
Bureau du PNUD                            Fax +537 866 8054
Angle Avenue Marchand, Rue Gourgas
01 BP 1747                                Centro de Información, Gestión,
Abidjan                                   Educación Ambiental
Côte d´Ivoire                             Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y
Phone         +225 21 13 41/              Medio Ambiente
Fax +225 21 13 67                         Calle 20, Esq. 18.a, Playa
e-mail        registry.ivc@undp.org       Habana
                                          Attn Dr. Mario Abo Balanza
                                          Phone         +537 209 60 14 / 202
                                          93 51
                                          Fax +537 204 90 31
                                          e-mail        mabo@ama.cu


                                       The Secretary-General
Permanent Secretary                    National Coordination Committee on
Planning Bureau                        Environment (NCCE)
Nicosia                                Jungsong-dong, Central District
Cyprus                                 P.O. Box 44
Attn Mr. Panico Pouros                 Pyongyang City
                                       Korea, Democratic People’s Republic
The Minister for Foreign Affairs       Phone        +850 2 7222
Ministry of Foreign Affairs            Fax +850 2 381 44410
Government House 18
Demostenis Severis Avenue
Nicosia 1447                           UNDP Office
Cyprus                                 P.O. Box 27
                                       Korea, Democratic People’s Republic
The Permanent Representative of the    of
Republic of Cyprus to UNEP
Permanent Mission of the Republic of   Democratic Republic of the
Cyprus                                 Congo
P.O. Box 30739
                                       Secrétaire Général
                                       Académique à l'Université de Kinshasa
                                       B.P. 202 Kinshasa XI
Czech Republic                         Kinshasa/Lemba
                                       Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Minister of Environment of the Czech   Attn M. le Professeur Jean
Republic                               Chrysostome Mudogo Virima
Vrsovicka 65                           e-mail       mudogov@yahoo.fr
Prague 10 100 10
Czech Republic
Attn H.E. Mr. Petr Jan Kalas           Mission permanente de la République
                                       démocratique du Congo auprès du
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - OMEV     P.O.Box 48106
Loretanske nam. 101/5                  Nairobi
Prague 1 11800                         Kenya
Czech Republic

Permanent Representative to UNEP
Embassy of the Czech Republic          Denmark
Jumuia Place, Lenana Road
48785                                  The Danish Environmental Protection
Nairobi                                Agency
Kenya                                  Strandgade 29
                                       Copenhagen K 1401
Democratic People’s Republic           Denmark
                                       Attn Ms. Mona M. Westergaard
of Korea
                                       Phone        +45 32 66 01 00
                                       e-mail       mst@mst.dk
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Department of International
Organizations                          The Danish Environmental Protection
Ministry of Foreign Affairs            Agency
Jungsong-dong, Central District        Strandgade 29
P.O. Box 44                            Copenhagen K 1401
Pyongyang City                         Denmark
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic    Attn Mr. Lars Fock
of                                     Phone        +45 32 66 01 00
Phone         +850 2 382 7222          e-mail       lfo@mst.sk
Fax +850 2 381 44410


Djibouti                                  Ecuador

Ministre des affaires étrangères et de    Director General de Medio Ambiente
la coopération int., chargé des           Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores,
relations avec le Parlement               Comercio e Integración
Ministère des affaires étrangères et de   Avenida 10 de Agosto y Carrión
la coopération internationale             Quito
B.P.1863                                  Ecuador
Djibouti                                  Phone         +593 2 299 3234
Djibouti                                  Fax +593 2 299 3234
Le Ministre
Ministère de l'Habitat, de l'Urbanisme,
de l'Environnement et de                  Ministro
l'Aménagement du Territoire et de         Ministerio del Ambiente
l'Artisanat                               Avenida Amazonas y Eloy Alfaro
B.P. 11                                   Edificio del Ministerio de Agricultura,
Djibouti                                  7° piso
Djibouti                                  Quito
Phone          +253 35 00 06              Ecuador
Fax +253 35 16 18                         Phone          +593-2 256-3429,
                                          Fax +593-2 250-0041/ 256-5809
Bureau du PNUD
B.P. 2001                                 Oficina del PNUD
Djibouti                                  P.O. Box 4731
Djibouti                                  Ecuador

Dominica                                  El Salvador

The Minister                              Gerente de Materiales Peligrosos
Government Headquarters                   División de Seguimiento a Convenios
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and    Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y
the Environment                           Recursos Naturales
Kennedy Avenue                            Kilómetro 5 ½ Carretera a Nueva San
Roseau                                    Salvador, Calle y Colonia Las
Dominica                                  Mercedes, Edificio MARN
                                          San Salvador
Dominican Republic                        El Salvador
                                          Attn Italo Andrés Córdova Flamenco
Subsecretaría de Estado de Gestión        Phone         +503 224 65 15
Ambiental                                 Fax +503 224 64 68
Secretaría de Estado de                   e-mail        convenios@marn.gov.sv
Medioambiente y Recursos Naturales
Av. John F. Kennedy                       Ministro
Km 6/12                                   Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Autopista Duarte                          Calle Circunvalación, No.27, Colonia
Los Jardines del Norte                    San Benito
Santo Domingo                             San Salvador
Dominican Republic                        El Salvador
Attn Sra. Zoila González de               Attn H.E. Mr. Francisco Esteban
Gutiérrez                                 Lainez Rivas
Phone         809 472 0627                Phone         +503 22439715
Fax 809 472 0631                          Fax +503 22439658
       sga@medioambiente.gov.do           Equatorial Guinea

                                          Oficina del PNUD
                                          C.P. Box 399
                                          Equatorial Guinea


Ministro                                The Minister for Agriculture
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores,       Ministry of Agriculture
Cooperación Internacional y             39/41 Lai Street
Francofonía                             Tallinn 15056
Malabo                                  Estonia
Equatorial Guinea
                                        International Relations Division
Ministro Delegado                       Ministry of Environment
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de   Toompuiestee 24
la Francofonía                          Tallinn EE0100
Malabo                                  Estonia
Equatorial Guinea                       Phone         +372 622 626802
                                        Fax +372 6262801
Ministro Delegado
Ministerio de Minas e Hidrocarburos
Equatorial Guinea                       Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                        P.O. Box 393
Eritrea                                 Addis Ababa
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministry for Foreign Affairs            Director General
P.O. Box 190                            Environmental Protection Authority
Asmara                                  P.O. Box 12760
Eritrea                                 Addis Ababa
The Minister for Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture                 Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
P.O. Box 1048                           Development
Asmara                                  P.O. BOX 62347
Eritrea                                 Addis Ababa
Permanent Mission of Eritrea to UNEP
P.O. Box 38651                          UNDP Office
Nairobi                                 P.O. Box 5580
Kenya                                   Addis Ababa
The Permanent Representative of
Eritrea to the United Nations           Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to
800 Second Avenue, 18 th floor          UNEP
New York N.Y. 10017                     P.O. Box 45198
United States of America                Nairobi
Phone          +212 687 3390            Kenya
Fax +212 687 3138
                                        European Community
                                        Deputy Head of Unit
Ministry of Foreign Affairs             DG Environment
Rävala pst 9                            European Commission
Tallinn EE0100                          BU-9, 06/167
Estonia                                 Brussels B-1049
                                        Attn Mr. Paul Speight
Ministry of Social Affairs
                                        Phone        +32 2 296 4135
Gonsiori 29
                                        Fax +32 2 296 7617
Tallinn 15027


Director General                          Sous-direction des Affaires
c/o Delegation of the Commission          économiques
 of the European Communities              Direction des Nations Unies et des
P.O. Box 45119                            Organisations internationales (NUOI)
Nairobi                                   37 quai d'Orsay
Kenya                                     Paris 07 SP 75700
                                          Sous-direction de l'environnement
Unit for International Affairs            Direction des Affaires économiques et
Ministry of the Environment               financières (DE)
P.O. Box 35                               37 quai d'Orsay
Government 00023                          Paris SP 75700
Finland                                   France
Attn Ms. Kerstin Stendahl-Rechard

                                          Représentation permanente de la
Senior Adviser                            France auprès du PNUE
Environmental Protection Department       PO Box 41784
Ministry of Environment                   Nairobi
Government                                Kenya
P.O.Box 35
Finland                                   Gabon
Attn Ms. Elisa Irpola
Phone           +358 400 731 203
                                          Directeur Général Adjoint
                                          Centre National Anti-Pollution
                                          Ministère de l'Environnement, du
                                          Développement durable, de la
Department for Global Affairs. Unit for   Protection de la Nature, chargé de la
Environmental Policy                      Gestion et de la Prévention des
Ministry for Foreign Affairs              Calamités Naturelles et de la
P.O. Box 176                              Technologie
Helsinki 00161
                                          B.P. 3241
France                                    Libreville
Le Ministre de l'Economie, des            Attn Dr. Hubert Binga
Finances et de l'Industrie                Phone        +241 76 3250
7ème Sous-direction-Teledoc 279 -         Fax +241 76 6385
Bureau agriculture et environnement       e-mail
Direction du Budget                              hubert_binga@hotmail.com
139, rue de Bercy
Paris Cedex 12 75572                      Le Ministre d'Etat, Ministre des
France                                    affaires étrangères, de la coopération
                                          et de la francophonie
La Ministre de l'Ecologie et du           Ministère des affaires étrangères, de
Développement durable                     la coopération et de la francophonie
Direction de la prévention des            B.P. 2245
pollutions et des risques                 Gabon
Bureau des substances et
préparations chimiques                    Ministre
20, avenue de Ségur                       Ministère de l'Economie forestière, des
Paris 07 SP 75302                         Eaux, de la Pêche chargé de
France                                    l'Environnement et de la Protection de
                                          la Nature
                                          B.P. 3974


Bureau du PNUD                        Head of the Social Healthcare
B.P. 2183                             Department
Libreville                            Ministry of Labour, Health and Social
Gabon                                 Affairs of Georgia
                                      N° 30 K.Gamsakhurdia ave.
                                      Tbilisi 0102
Le Consul Honoraire
Consulat honoraire du Gabon
                                      Attn Mr. Levan Baramidze
Hotel Intercontinental
                                      Phone         +995 32 221235
P.O.Box 30353
                                      Fax +995 32 77 0086

Gambia                                The Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                      c/o The Permanent Mission of the
                                      Federal Republic of Germany to UNEP
Executive Director
                                      P.O. Box 30180
National HIV/AIDS Secretariat
5 Fitzgerald Street

Secretary General                     The Executive Director
Office of the President               Environmental Protection Agency
State House                           P.O. Box M 326
Banjul                                Accra
Gambia                                Ghana

Resident Representative               Minister
UNDP                                  Ministry of Food and Agriculture
UN House                              P.O.Box M.37
Cape Point                            Accra
Bakau                                 Ghana

Permanent Secretary                   Ministry of Ministry of Local
Department of State for Fisheries &   Government, Rural Development and
Water Resources                       Environment
Marina Parade                         P.O Box M50
Banjul                                Accra
Gambia                                Ghana
                                      Attn H.E. Mr.
Georgia                               Phone         +233-21 664763
                                      Fax (+233-21) 661015
Head of Unit
Head of the Waste and Chemical
Substances Management Unit
                                      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Integrated
                                      P.O. Box M 53
Environmental Management
Ministry of Environment Protection
and Natural Resources of Georgia
                                      Attn H.E. Mr.
Tbilisi 0114, Gulua str 6
Attn Mr. Alverd Chankseliani          the Resident Representative
Phone          +995 32 27 5723        United Nations Development
e-mail         gmep@access.sanet.ge   Programme
                                      P.O.Box GP 1423


Greece                                 Guinea-Bissau

Director                               Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et
Department of Pesticide                de la coopération
Ministry of Rural Development and      Ministère des affaires étrangères et de
Food                                   la coopération
General Directorate of Plant Produce   Praça dos Herois Nacionais
Directorate of Plant Protection        B.P. 190
150, Sygrou ave.                       Bissau
Athens 17671                           Guinea-Bissau
Attn Mr. Kafritsas Theofanis
                                       Bureau du PNUD
Phone         +302109287238
                                       C.P. 179
Fax +302109212090
e-mail        syg032@minagric.gr

Head of Division                       Guyana
Division of Environment Section B of
Dangerous Substances, Preparations     Director General
and Articles                           Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy and Finance        Takuba Lodge
Directorate General                    254 South Road and New Garden
General Chemical State Laboratory      Street
16 an Tsoha Street                     Georgetown
Athens 11521                           Guyana
Attn Mr Dimitrios Tsichlis
Phone         +302 10 647 9451         Head of the Presidential Secretariat
Fax +302 10 646 6917                   Office of the President
e-mail        gxk-                     New Garden Street
environment@ath.forthnet.gr            Georgetown

Director                               Hungary
Directorate of Environmental
                                       The Director General
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                       Department of International
1, Zalokostas str.
Athens 10671
                                       Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                       Bem rkp. 47
Attn Chryssogelos Nikolaos
                                       P.O.Box 423
Phone         +30210 3683230
                                       Budapest 62 1394
Fax +30210 3683234
                                       Department of International and
Ingénieur Chimiste, Chef de Division   European Affairs
Contrôle des Produits Chimiques        Ministry of Health
Division Contrôle des Produits         Budapest 1051 Arany János u. 6-8
Chimiques                              Hungary
Ministère de l'Agriculture, de         Attn Ms. Katalin Novak
l'Elevage, de l'Environnement, des     Phone         +36 1 301 7870
Eaux et Forêts                         Fax +36 1 311 8054
BP 761                                 e-mail        novak.katalin@eum.hu
Attn M Bangaly Dioumessy
Phone          +224 60 29 7755
e-mail         diomesi@yahoo.fr


                                         Secretary of the National Authority for
Adviser                                  chemical Conventions
Ministry of Forest and Environment       Secretariat of the National Authority
531, Paryavaran Bhawan                   for Chemical Conventions
C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road               Build. 8/West,
New Delhi 110 003                        United Nations Ave.
India                                    Immam Khomeini Sq.
Attn Dr. G. K. Pandey                    Tehran 11364
Phone         +91 11 2436 0467           Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Fax +91 11 2436 0467                     Attn Mr. Gholamhossein Dehghani
e-mail                                   Phone         +98 21 61154336
       pandey@menf.delhi.nic.in          Fax +98 21 66740094
                                         e-mail        gdehghani@mfa.gov.ir

Additional Director
Ministry of Environment and Forestry     The Director Office of International
752, Paryavaran Bhawan                   Organizations
C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road               c/o Permanent Mission of Iran to
New Delhi 110 003                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs
India                                    P.O. Box 49170
Attn Ms. Sanchita Jindal                 Nairobi
Phone       +91 11 2436 0488             Kenya
Fax +91 11 2436 0488
e-mail                                   Ireland
                                         The Secretary
Iran (Islamic Republic of)               Department of Foreign Affairs
                                         EU Multilateral Policy
Deputy of the National Authority for     Bishop's Square
Chemical Conventions                     Redmonds Hill
Secretariat of the National Authority    Dublin 2
for Chemical Conventions                 Ireland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Build.8/ Ministry for Foreign Affairs,   Italy
United Nations Ave.
Imam Khomeini Sq.                        DGCE-Coordinamento FAO/IFAD/PAM
Thran 11364                              Ministerio degli Affari Esteri
Iran (Islamic Republic of)               Roma 00194
Attn Mr. Nassereddin Heidari             Italy
Phone         +98 21 61154448
Fax +98 21 66740094                      Jamaica
e-mail        nheidari@mfa.gov.ir
                                         Minister for Agriculture
The Minister for Agriculture             Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Jahad-e-Agriculture          Hope Gardens
Keshavarz Blv.                           P.O. Box 480
Tehran 14155                             Kingston 6
Iran (Islamic Republic of)               Jamaica

UNDP Office                              Ministry of Land and Environment
P.O. Box 15875-4557                      16 A Half Way Tree Road
Tehran                                   Kingston 6
Iran (Islamic Republic of)               Jamaica
                                         Phone         +1 876 9204081
                                         Fax +1 876 929 6005

                                         UNDP Office
                                         P.O. Box 280
                                         Kingston 5


The Minister for External Affairs and
Foreign Trade                            The Minister for Foreign Affairs
c/o Permanent Representative of          Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jamaica to the United Nations            10 Baibitshilik Street
767 Third Avenue, 9th Floor              Astana 473000
New York NY 10017                        Kazakhstan
United States of America                 Attn H.E.
Phone         +212 935 7509
Fax +212 935 7607
                                         The Minister for Natural Resources
Japan                                    and Environment Protection
                                         81 Karl Marx St.
Director                                 Kokshetau 475000
Global Environment Division,             Kazakhstan
International cooperation Bureau         Attn H.E.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs              Phone         +73172 591950
2-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku           Fax +73172 59 19 73
Tokyo 100-8919
Japan                                    Permanent Representative of the
Attn Mr. Yasuhiro Hamura                 Republic of Kazakhstan to the United
Phone         +81 3 5501 8245            Nations
Fax +81 3 5501 8244                      Permanent Mission of the Republic of
e-mail                                   Kazakhstan to the United Nations
       yasuhiro.hamura@mofa.go.jp        305 East 47th Street,
                                         3rd Floor
Environment Officer                      New York NY 10017
Special Agency Section                   United States of America
The Permanent Mission of Japan to        Phone         +212 230 1900
the International Organisations in       Fax +212 230 1172
Geneva                                   e-mail        kazakhstan@un.int
Chemin des Fins 3
Case Postale 337                         Kenya
Genève 19 1211
Switzerland                              Permanent Secretary
                                         Ministry of Environment and Natural
Jordan                                   Resources
                                         Nairobi 30126
The Minister of Planning and             Kenya
International Cooperation                Phone         +254 20 73 08 00
Ministry of Planning and International   Fax +254 20 71 00 15
Cooperation                              e-mail
P.O. Box 1408                                   administrator@mazingiraasili.g
Amman 11118                              o.ke
                                         The Permanent Secretary
The Minister of Environment              Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Environment                  Kilimo House, Cathedral Road
P.O. Box 1408                            P.O. Box 30028
Amman 11941                              Kenya
Jordan                                   Fax +254 02 316231
The Minister of Foreign Affairs          ku
International Relations and
Organizations Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 35217


The Permanent Representative of the
Republic of Kenya to UNEP                 The Minister for Agriculture
Permanent Mission of Kenya to UNEP        Ministry of Agriculture
P.O.Box 41395                             Republikas laukums 2
Nairobi                                   Riga LV-1841
Kenya                                     Latvia
Attn H.E. Mr.                             Attn H.E. Mr.
Fax +254 02 215105
       kmunep@swiftkenya.com              Senior Officer
                                          Environmental Protection Department,
                                          Technology Division
UNDP Office                               Ministry of the Environment of the
P.O. Box 30218                            Republic of Latvia
Nairobi                                   Peldu street 25
Kenya                                     Riga LV.1494
                                          Attn Mr. Zane Gedrovica
                                          Phone          +371 7026511
                                          Fax +371 7820442
Counsellor, Permanent Representative             zane.gedrovica@vidm.gov.lv
of the State of Kuwait to F.A.O
viale Aventino, 36 -int.8
Rome 00153                                Permanent Representative of the
Italy                                     Republic of Latvia to the United
Attn Prof. Lamya Ahmad Al-Saqqaf          Nations
                                          333 East 50th Street
                                          New York, NY 10022
Head of the directorate of Research       United States of America
and Nurseries                             Phone         (212) 838-8877
Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs   Fax (212) 838-8920
and Fish Resources
P.O. Box 21422
Safat 13075
Attn Mr. Faisal Yousef Al-Sadeegi         Honorary Consul of Lebanon
Phone         +965 4723408                Maendeleo Building
Fax +965 4735096                          University Way
                                          P.O. Box 55303

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs               Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et
Dzerhinsky Ave. 54                        des émigrés
Bishkek                                   Ministère des affaires étrangères
Kyrgyzstan                                Palais Bustros, Achrafieh
Permanent Representative of the
Kyrgyz Republic to the United Nations
866 United Nations Plaza                  The Prime Minister and Minister for
Suite 477                                 Foreign Affairs
New York NY 10017                         C/o The Permanent Representative of
United States of America                  Lebanon to the United Nations
Phone        +212 486 4214                866 United Nations Plaza, Room 531
Fax +212 482 5259                         533
                                          New York NY 10017
                                          United States of America
                                          Phone         +212 355 5460
                                          Fax +212 838 2819


Lesotho                                  Lithuania

The Principal Secretary                  Head of Chemical Substances Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs              Chemical Substances Division
Qhobosheane Complex                      Ministry of Environment
P.O. Box 1387                            A. Jaksto St. 4/9
Maseru 100                               Vilnius LT-01105
Lesotho                                  Lithuania
                                         Attn Mrs. Marija Teriosina
                                         Phone         +370 5 266 3501
UNDP Office
                                         Fax +370 5 266 3502
P.O. Box 301
                                         e-mail        m.teriosina@am.lt
Maseru 100
                                         Le Ministre des affaires étrangères
                                         Ministère des affaires étrangères
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                         B.P. 1602
c/o the Honorary Consulate General of
P.O. Box 6095
Kenya                                    Le Ministre de l'Environnement
                                         18, Montée de la Petrusse
                                         Luxembourg-ville 2918
UNDP Office
P.O. Box 274
Liberia                                  Ministère des affaires étrangères
                                         Direction II
                                         B.P. 1602
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mamba Point
Liberia                                  Le Vice-Premier Ministre, Ministre des
                                         affaires étrangères et du commerce
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya                   extérieur
                                         Ministère des affaires étrangères et du
Secretary                                commerce extérieur
General Agency for Environment           5, rue Notre Dame
P.O. Box 83618                           Luxembourg
Tripoli                                  Luxembourg
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Attn Dr. Mahmoud S. Elfallah             Madagascar
Phone         +218 21 487 1590
Fax +218 21 487 0266                     The Honorary Consul
e-mail                                   Consulate of the Democratic Republic
        Ega.unfccc@environment.org.ly    of Madagascar
                                         AACC Building, Waiyaki Way
Liechtenstein                            P.O. Box 14205 - 00800
                                         Westlands, Nairobi
Le Ministre pour les affaires            Kenya
Ministère pour les affaires étrangères   Ministre des affaires étrangères
Regierungsgebäude                        Ministère des affaires étrangères
Vaduz FL9490                             B.P. 836
Liechtenstein                            Antananaviro ANOSJ 101
Monsieur le Directeur
Bureau des affaires étrangères
Vaduz FL 9490


Ministère de l'environnement
B.P. 571                               Direction Nationale de
Ampandrianomby, Antananaviro 101       l'Assainissement et du Contrôle des
Madagascar                             Pollutions et des Nuisances
Phone          +261 20 22 409 08       BP.E 3114
Fax +261 20 22 419 19                  Bamako
Bureau du PNUD                         Phone          +223 229 24 10
B.P. 1348                              Fax +223 229 50 90
Antananarivo 101                       e-mail
Madagascar                                     dnacpn@datatech.toolnet.org

Malaysia                               Direction des Affaires Juridiques
                                       Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et
Principal Assistant Secretary          de la Coopération Internationale
Conservation and Environment           Bamako
Management Division                    Mali
Ministry of Natural resources and      Phone         +223 222 37 43
Environment                            Fax +223 222 52 26
Level 6, Tower Block 4G3, Precinct 4   e-mail        diallo101@caramail.com
Federal Government Administrative
Putrajaya 62574                        Ministère de l'Environnement et de
Malaysia                               l'Assainissement
Attn Mr. Poon Chai Chong               Bamako
Phone          +6-03 8886 1134         Mali
Fax +6 03 8888 4473                    Phone          +223 229 51 68
e-mail         poonchai@nre.gov.my     Fax +223 229 51 70
                                       e-mail         yberthe2002@yahoo.fr

Undersecretary                         Marshall Islands
Conservation and Environmental
Management Division                    The Secretary of Foreign Affairs and
Ministry of Natural Resources and      Trade
Environment                            Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Level 6, Tower Block 4G3, Precinct 4   P.O.Box 1349
Federal Government Administrative      Majuro 96960
Centre                                 Marshall Islands
Putrajaya 62574
Attn Dr. Kok Fei Lian                  The Minister
Phone         +603 8886 1125           Ministry of Foreign affairs
Fax +603 8888 4473                     B.P. 1349
e-mail        drlian@nre.gov.my        Majuro
                                       Marshall Islands
Maldives                               Phone         +692 625 3181
                                       Fax +692 625 4979
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Environment, Energy and    Mauritania
3rd. Floor, FEN Building               Conseiller chargé des Affaires
Ameenee Magu                           Juridiques
Male                                   Ministère Delégué auprès du Premier
Maldives                               Ministre chargé de l'Environnement
Attn Mr. Abdullahi Majeed              B.P. 170
Phone         +960 3324861             Nouakchott
Fax +960 3322286                       Mauritania
e-mail                                 Attn M. Hamoud Ould Sid' Ahmed
       env@environment.gov.mv          Phone         +2226410836
                                       Fax +2225258386
                                       e-mail        hosa65@hotmail.com


Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et    Director
de la coopération                         International Cooperation
Ministère des affaires étrangères et de   Ministry of Nature and Environment of
la coopération                            Mongolia
B.P. 180                                  Government Building 3
Nouakchott                                Baga Toiruu-44
Mauritania                                Ulaanbaatar-11 210620A
Mauritius                                 Attn Ms. Choikhand Janchivlamdan
                                          Phone         +976 - 51- 266197
Senior Occupational Health Physician      Fax +976 - 11- 321401
Occupational Health Unit                  e-mail        mne@mongol.net
Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
Atchia Building                           The Minister of Foreign Affairs
Port Louis                                Department of International
Mauritius                                 Organizations
Attn Dr. Pravin Kumar Ramdin              Enkh Talvny gudamj 7A
Phone         +230 211 2553               Ulan Bator
Fax +230 211 9928                         Mongolia

Mexico                                    Namibia

Directora General para Temas              The Permanent Secretary
Globales                                  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores       4th Floor, Government Offices
Edificio Tlatelolco                       Building
Plaza Juárez 20, Piso 14                  Robert Mugabe Avenue
Col. Centro                               Private Bag 13347
Mexico, D.F. 06010                        Windhoek
Mexico                                    Namibia
Attn Consejera Socorro Flores Liera
Phone          +52 55 3686 5628
Fax +52 55 3686 5632                      The Minister for Foreign Affairs
e-mail                                    Administrative Building
        focalpointmexico@sre.gob.mx       4th Floor, Western Wing
                                          Private Bag 13289
Missión Permanente de México ante la      Namibia
ONU                                       Attn H.E. Mr.
Avenue Budé 16 (7e étage)
Case postale 433
Geneva 1202                               UNDP Office
Switzerland                               Private Bag 13329
Phone        +41 22 748 0707              Windhoek
Fax +41 22 748 0708                       Namibia
       mission.mexico@ties.itu.int        Permanent Representative
                                          Permanent Mission of the Republic of
                                          Namibia to the United Nations
Mongolia                                  360 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1502
                                          New York NY 10017
UNDP Office                               United States of America
P.O. Branch 49/207                        Phone        +1 212 685 2003
Ulaan Bator                               Fax +1 212 685 1561
Mongolia                                  e-mail       Namibia@un.int


                                         The Secretary for Foreign Affairs
The Right Honourable Prime Minister      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Minister for Foreign Affairs         Private Bag 18901
Ministry of Foreign Affairs              Wellington
Shital Niwas,Maharajgunj                 New Zealand
Kathmandu                                Phone         +644 439 8440
Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic of    Fax +644 439 8517

Chief of the Environment Division        Chief Executive
Chief Environment Division               Ministry for the Environment
Ministry of Environment, Science and     23 Kate Sheppard Place
Technology                               P.O. Box 10362
Singha Durbar                            Welllington
Kathmandu                                New Zealand
Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic of    Phone          +64 4 439 7400
Attn Mr. Khum Raj Punjali                Fax +64 4 439 7704
Phone         +977 1 4247391
Fax +977 1 4225474                       Permanent Representative
e-mail        kpunjali@most.gov.np;      Permanent Mission of New Zealand to
info@most.gov.np                         UNEP
                                         2, Chemin des Fins
Netherlands                              P.O. Box 334
                                         Grand Saconnex, Geneva 1218
The Permanent Representative of the      Switzerland
Kingdom of the Netherlands to the        Phone        +41 22 929 0350
FAO                                      Fax +41 22 929 0374
Permanent Representation of the
Kingdom of the Netherlands to the        Niger
Via delle Terme Deciane 6                Bureau du PNUD
Rome 00153                               B.P. 11207
Italy                                    Niamey
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
c/o The Permanent Representative of      La Ministre des affaires étrangères et
the Kingdom of the Netherlands to        de la coopération
UNEP                                     Ministère des affaires étrangères et de
P.O. Box 41537                           la coopération
Nairobi                                  B.P. 396
Kenya                                    Niamey
Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of
the Netherlands to UNEP                  Nigeria
Riverside Lane, Off Riverside Drive
P.O. Box 41537                           Minister
Nairobi                                  Federal Ministry of Environment,
Kenya                                    Housing and Urban Development
New Zealand                              Abuja
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Attn: UNC Division, Stafford House       Minister
Wellington                               Federal Ministry of Agriculture and
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade    Rural Development
c/o The Permanent Representative of      Area 11, Garki
New Zealand to FAO                       Abuja
Via Zara 28                              Nigeria
Rome 00198


Minister                              The Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs           Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Zone 3, Wuse                          Constitution Avenue
Abuja                                 Islamabad
Nigeria                               Pakistan

Norway                                The Secretary
                                      Ministry of Environment,
The Minister for Foreign Affairs      Local Government and Rural
Ministry for Foreign Affairs          Development
c/o Permanent Mission of Norway to    44F, Office Tower, Blue Area
UNEP/Habitat                          Islamabad 44000
International Life House, 1st Floor   Pakistan
P.O. Box 46363                        Phone         +92 51 920 1468
Nairobi                               Fax +92 51 920 6343
Phone          +254 2 341415/6/7/8
Fax +254 2 216009                     UNDP Office
                                      P.O. Box 1051
Ministry of Environment               Pakistan
Oslo N-0030                           Panama
Attn Mona Aahus
                                      Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores
Phone         (+) 47-22-34-90-90
                                      Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Fax (+) 47-22-34-95-60
                                      Palacio Bolívar
                                      San Felipe
Norwegian Pollution Control Agency    Zona 4
P.O.Box 8100                          Panamá 4
Oslo N-0032                           Panama
Norway                                Phone         +507 511 4103
                                      Fax +507 511 4109
The Minister for Development
Ministry for Foreign Affairs          Administrador General
7 Juni plass No. 1                    Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente
PO Box 8114 Dep                       (ANAM)
Oslo 1 N-0032                         Albrook Edificio 804, C. Zona 0843
Norway                                Apdo. Postal 2016
Attn H.E. Mr.                         Balboa, Ancon
Oman                                  Phone         +507 500 0855

Acting Director of Follow-Up &        Oficina del PNUD
International Relations               Casa de las Naciones Unidas
Ministry of Environment and Climate   Ciudad del Saber
Affairs                               Apartado 6314
P.O. Box 323                          Panama
Muscat P.C. 100                       Panama
Attn Ms. Zuhaira Ali Dawood
Phone         +968 24 695218
Fax +968 24 691232


The Permanent Mission of the
Republic of Pakistan to UNEP
P.O. Box 30045


                                      The Honourable Secretary for Foreign
Servicio Nacional de Calidad y        Affairs
Sanidad Vegetal y de Semillas         Department of Foreign Affairs
(SENAVE)                              11rh Floor DFA Building
Humaitá 145 e/ Independencia          233a Roxas Bolvd, Pasay City
Nacional                              Manila 1300
Edificio Planeta I piso 15            Philippines
Paraguay                              The Secretary
Phone          +595 21 441 491        Department of the Environment and
e-mail                                Natural Resources
        eesteche@telesurf.com.py      DENR Building, Visayas Ave.
Peru                                  Quezon City Metro Manila 1102
Ministro                              Phone        +63 9296626
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores   Fax +63 2 9204352
Jr. Ucayali No. 318
                                      The Permanent Representative of the
                                      Republic of the Philippines to the
Attn H.E. Mr.
                                      United Nations
                                      556 Fifth Avnue, 5th floor,
Oficina del PNUD                      New York NY 10036
Av. Benavides 786                     United States of America
Miraflores                            Phone         +1 212 764 1300
Apartado Postal - 18-0923             Fax +1 212 840 8602
Lima 18
Peru                                  Poland
Phone         +511 213 3200
Fax +511 4472278                      Permanent Representative of the
                                      Republic of Poland to UNEP
Misión Permanente del Perú ante Las   P.O. Box 30086
Naciones Unidas                       Nairobi
Avenue Louis Casai 71                 Kenya
Case Postale 160                      Attn H.E. Mr. Wojciech Jasinski
Cointrin. Geneva 1216                 Fax +254 20 3872 814
                                      The Director
Philippines                           United Nations System and Global
                                      Affairs Department
Department of Foreign Affairs         Ministry of Foreign Affairs
c/o The Permanent Mission of the      Aleja Szucha 21
Republic of Philippines to UNEP       Warsaw 00-580
P.O. 47941                            Poland
Nairobi                               Fax +48 22 621 02 17
                                      Inspector for Chemical Substances
Office of the FAO Representation in   and Preparations
the Philippines                       Bureau for Chemicals Substances and
29F Yuchengco Tower, RCBC Plaza       Preparations
6819 Ayala Avenue.                    Ul. Sw. Teresy 8
Makati City 1229                      Lodz 21-348
Philippines                           Poland
Phone          +632 9010351           Attn Mr. Jerzy Majka
Fax +632 9010361


Senior Adviser                         Environment Cooperation Division
Gabinete de Emergências e Riscos       International Economic Affairs Bureau
Ambientais                             Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente         37 Sejongno (Doryeom-dong),
Rua da Murgueira                       Jongno-gu
9/9A Zambujal Apartado
Alfragide                              Seoul 110-787
Ap 7585                                Korea, Republic of
Amadora 2611-865                       Attn Mr. Kim Chang-moo
Attn Mr. Rui M. Figueiredo Simões
Phone         +351 21 472 82 79        Republic of Moldova
Fax +351 21 471 8231
e-mail                                 The Minister of Foreign Affairs
       rui.simoes@apambiente.pt        Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                       31 August Str., 80
Qatar                                  c/o UNDP Resident Representative
                                       Chisinau MD 2012
The Minister for Foreign Affairs       Moldova, Republic of
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 250                           The Permanent Representative
Doha                                   Permanent Representative of the
Qatar                                  Republic of Moldova to the United
Attn H.E. Mr.                          Nations
                                       35 east 29th Street
The Secretary General                  New York NY 10016
Supreme Council for the Environment    United States of America
& Natural Reserves                     Phone        +212 447 1867
P.O. Box 7634                          Fax +212 447 4067
Republic of Korea
Permanent Representative               Dangerous Substances Directorate
Permanent Mission of the Republic of   Ministry of Environment and
Korea to UNEP                          Sustainable Development (MESD)
Anniversary Towers                     B-dul Libertajii n° 12, sector 5
P.O. Box 30455                         Bucharest 040129
Nairobi                                Romania
Kenya                                  Attn Mrs. Mariana Zglobiu
Attn H.E. Mr. Yun Ki-Syub              Phone         +40 21 316 6492
                                       Fax +40 21 317 4070
Director General                              mariana.zglobiu@mmediu.ro
International Cooperation Office
Ministry of Environment
Government Complex-Gwacheon 1          Rwanda
Joongang-dong, Gwacheon-si
                                       Mission permanente de la République
Gyeonggi-do 427-729 Korea              du Rwanda auprés du PNUE
Korea, Republic of                     International Life House
Attn Mr. Sin Boonam                    Kimathi Street
Phone       +82 2 2110 6512            P.O. Box 30619
Fax +82 2 2504 9206                    Nairobi 00100
                                       Phone         +254 317400
                                       Fax +254 317403


                                          Saudi Arabia
Ministère de l'Agriculture et de          President
l'Elevage                                 Presidency of Meteorology &
Kigali                                    Environment (PME)
Rwanda                                    P.O.Box 1358
Attn Mr. Léon Hakizamungu                 Jeddah 21431
                                          Saudi Arabia
Rwanda Environment Management             Attn H.E. Mr. Turki bin Nasser Bin
Authority (REMA)                          Abdelaziz
P.O. Box 7436                             Fax +96 626511424
Rwanda                                    Senegal
Attn Ms. Rachael Tushabe
Phone        +250 55100053                Directeur
Fax +250 580017                           Direction de l'Environnemnt et des
e-mail       ntushaber@yahoo.co.uk        Etablissement classés
                                          Ministère de l'Environnement et des
                                          Etablissements Classés
Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et
de la
                                          Attn M. Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla
Ministère des affaires étrangères et de
                                          Phone          +221 33 822 62 11
la coopération régionale
                                          Fax +221 33 822 62 12
B.P. 147
                                          e-mail         denv@orange.sn

Bureau du PNUD                            Permanent Secretary. Director
BP 445                                    International Organisations
Kigali                                    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rwanda                                    Tanglin 248163
                                          Permanent Secretary. Director
The Secretary for Foreign Affairs
                                          International Relations Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                          Ministry of the Environment and
Beach Road
                                          Water Resources
Private Bag
                                          Environment Building
                                          40 Scotts Road, #23-00
                                          Singapore 228231
The Director
Ministry of Lands, Surveys and            Slovakia
Private Bag                               Permanent Mission of the Slovak
Apia                                      Republic to FAO and WFP
Samoa                                     Embassy of the Slovak Republic
Phone         +685 23723                  Via dei Colli delia Famesina 144
Fax +685 23174                            Roma 00194
UNDP Office
Private Mail Bag                          The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Apia                                      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Samoa                                     Hlboká cesta 2
                                          Bratislava 833 36
                                          Attn H.E. Mr.


Director of Institute
Central Control and testing Institute    Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores
for Agriculture                          Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores
Matuskova 21                             c/o Embajada de España
Bratislava 37 833 16                     (Oficina del Representante
Slovakia                                 Permanente ante la FAO)
Attn Mrs. Anna Vitariusova               Largo dei Lombardi 21
                                         Rome 00186
Permanent Mission of the Slovak          Italy
Republic to the UN and other IO
9, Ancienne route                        Sri Lanka
Grand-Saconnex. Geneva 1218
Switzerland                              UNDP Office
                                         P.O. Box 1505
Slovenia                                 Colombo
                                         Sri Lanka
The Minister for Agriculture, Forestry
and Food                                 Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Food                                     Republic Building
Dunajska 58                              Republic Square
Ljubljana 1000                           Colombo 1
Slovenia                                 Sri Lanka

Minister of the Environment and          The Minister
Spatial Planning                         Ministry of Environment & Natural
Dunajska cesta 48                        Resources
Ljubljana SI-1000                        "Sampathpaya" N° 82 Rajamalwatta
Slovenia                                 Road
Phone         +3861 4787300              Colombo 4
Fax +3861 4787427                        Sri Lanka
                                         Phone         +941 866617
South Africa                             Fax +941 866613/877292

Permanent Mission of the Republic of
South Africa to UNEP                     The Permanent Representative of the
Roshanmaer Place                         Republic of Sri Lanka to UNEP
Lenana Road                              P.O. Box 1505
P.O. Box 42441                           Colombo
Nairobi 00100                            Sri Lanka
The Director General                     The Minister for External Relations
Department of Foreign Affairs            Ministry of External Relations
Directorate: Environment, Science        Mak Nimir Avenue
and Technology                           P.O. Box 873
Route JAD 000                            Khartoum
Private Bag X152                         Sudan
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
                                         The Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                         c/o The Permanent Mission of the
                                         Republic of Sudan to UNEP
                                         P.O. Box 48784


                                         Head of Division
Environmental Policy Officer             Division Substances, Soil,
Environmental Section                    Biotechnology
Ministry of Labour, Technological        Federal Office for the Environment
Development and Environment              (FOEN)
Wagenwegstraat N0.22                     Berne 3003
Paramaribo                               Switzerland
Suriname                                 Attn Mr. Georg Karlaganis
Attn Mrs. Mariska Riedewald              Phone         +41 31 322 69 55
Phone         +597 475368                Fax +41 31 324 79 78
Fax +597 420960                          e-mail
e-mail        milieu_atm@yahoo.com              georg.karlaganis@bafu.admin.c
                                         Syrian Arab Republic
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
c/o The Permanent Representative of      Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sweden to UNEP                           Muhajreen Shora
Royal Swedish Embassy                    Damascus
P.O.Box 30600                            Syrian Arab Republic
Nairobi                                  Phone         +963 11 3331 200
Kenya                                    Fax +963 11 332 7620 / 332 0686

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and   Director
Fisheries                                Directorate of Chemical Safety and
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and        Dangerous Wastes Management
Fisheries                                Ministry of Local Administration and
Fredsgatan 8                             Environment
Stockholm SE 103-33                      Mazraa Square
Sweden                                   P.O. Box 3773
                                         Syrian Arab Republic
                                         Attn Mr. Fouad ELOK
                                         Phone         +963 11 444 1079
Monsieur le Conseiller Fédéral           Fax +963 11 444 3729
Département fédéral de l'économie        e-mail        fa-ok@scs-net.org
Vice-président du Conseil fédéral
Chef du Département fédéral de
l'économie                               Thailand
c/o Représentant permanent de la
Suisse auprès de la FAO
Viale Aventino 89
                                         Pollution Control Department
Rome 00153
                                         Ministry of Natural Resources and
                                         92 Soi Phahon Yothin 7,
Le Chef du Département fédéral des       Phahon Yothin Road, Phayathai
affaires étrangères                      District
c/o Permanent Mission of Switzerland     Bangkok 10400
to UNEP                                  Thailand
7th Floor, International Life House      Attn Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana
P.O.Box 30752 GPO                        Phone         +662 298 2121
Nairobi                                  Fax +662 298 2129
Kenya                                    e-mail        supat.w@pcd.go.th


                                         Ministère de la Santé
                                         B.P. 386
                                         Phone         +228 222 4261
                                         Fax +228 222 2073


Ministère de l'environnement et des       The Permanent Secretary
ressources forestières                    Ministry of Water, Lands and
B.P. 4825                                 Environment
Lomé                                      P.O. Box 7096
Togo                                      Kampala
Phone          +228 221 0600 / 2210 /     Uganda
2213078                                   Phone         +256 41 230879
Fax +228 210 333/ 2210600                 Fax +256 41 251918

Bureau du PNUD
Lomé                                      The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Togo                                      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                          c/o Permanent Mission of Ukraine to
Ministre des affaires étrangères et de    P.O. Box 63566
la coopération                            Nairobi 00619
Ministère des affaires étrangères et de   Kenya
la coopération                            Phone         +254 374 89 22
Place des Martyrs de Sarakawa             Fax +254 375 6028
B.P. 900
Togo                                      Director
Attn H.E. Mr.                             Department of Environmental Safety
                                          Ministry of Environmental Protection
Uganda                                    of Ukraine
                                          35 Urytskoho Str.
                                          Kiev 03035
The Permanent Mission of Uganda to
                                          Attn Mr. Igor Zosimov
P.O. Box 60853
                                          Phone         +38044 206 3316
                                          Fax +38 044 206 3316
                                          e-mail        deb@menr.gov.ua

The Permanent Secretary                   United Arab Emirates
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 7048                             The Under Secretary
Kampala                                   Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Uganda                                    P.O. Box 1509
Phone         +256 41 258 834             Dubai
Fax +256 41 232 874                       United Arab Emirates

UNDP Office                               The Minister for Finance and
P.O. Box 7184                             Industries
Kampala                                   Ministry of Finance and Industries
Uganda                                    Abu Dhabi
                                          United Arab Emirates
Third Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs               UNDP Office
Ministry for Foreign Affairs              P.O. Box 3490
Parliament Building                       Abu Dhabi
PO Box 7048                               United Arab Emirates
                                          The Minister of State for Foreign
The Permanent Secretary                   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal           P.O. Box 1
Industry and Fisheries                    Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box 102                              United Arab Emirates


The Minister for Information and         UNDP Office
Culture                                  P.O. Box 9182
Ministry of Information and Culture      Dar es Salaam
P.O. Box 17                              Tanzania, United Republic of
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
                                         International Cooperation
Federal Environment Agency (FEA)         Kivukoni Front
Al Salem St. Union Bank building 14      P.O. Box 9000
floor                                    Dar-es-Salaam
P.O. Box 5951                            Tanzania, United Republic of
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Phone         +971 2 6330000             Uruguay
Fax +971 2 643 4885
                                         Delegación Permanente de la
United Kingdom of Great                  República Oriental del Uruguay
Britain and Northern Ireland             65 rue de Lausanne, 4ème étage
                                         Genève 1202
The Ambassador of the United             Switzerland
Kingdom to FAO
Permanent Representation of the
                                         Departamento de Organismos y
United Kingdom to FAO
                                         Reuniones Internacionales
Via Monserrato 48/1
                                         Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Rome 00186
                                         18 de Julio N°1205
The Secretary of State for Foreign and
Commonwealth Affairs
                                         Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y
c/o The Permanent Mission of the
United Kingdom to UNEP
                                         Calle constituyente 1476
P.O. Box 30465
                                         Attn Ing. Elena Masoller
                                         e-mail        emasoller@mgap.gub.uy
United Republic of Tanzania

The Permanent Representative of the      Ministro
United Republic of Tanzania to UNEP      Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Taifa Road, Re-Insurance Plaza           18 de Julio N°. 1205
9th Floor
P.O. Box 47790                           Montevideo
Nairobi                                  Uruguay
Kenya                                    Attn H.E. Mr.

The Principal Secretary                  Ministry of Housing, Land Use
Office of the Vice President             Management and Environment
P.O. Box 5380                            Calle Zabala N° 142
Dar-es-Salaam                            Entre 25 de Mayo y Rincon
Tanzania, United Republic of             Montevideo

The Director General
The National Environmental
Management Council
P.O.Box 63154
Tanzania, United Republic of


Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic                        Viet Nam
                                                      The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores                   1 Ton That Dam
Avenida Urdaneta, Torre MRE, al lado                  Hanoi
del Correo de Carmelitas                              Viet Nam
Attn H.E. Mr. Alí Rodriguez Araque                    Yemen
Phone         +58212 8624484
e-mail        ministro@mre.gov.ve                     The Chairman
                                                      The Environment Protection Authority
Viceministro de Conservación                          (EPA)
Ambiental                                             Ministry of Water & Environment
Ministerio del Ambiente y de los                      (MWE)
Recursos Naturales                                    P.O. Box 19719
Venezuela                                             Sana'a
Attn Ing. Miguel Leonardo Rodriguez                   Yemen
                                                      Phone         +967 1 20 78 16
                                                      Fax +967 1 207327

                                                      Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire et de
Ambassador, Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary         l'environnement
Representative of Afghanistan to Italy
Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in         Palais Mustapha Bacha, rue de l'Indépendence
Rome                                                  No.6,
Via Nomentana 120                                     Alger
00161 Rome                                            Algeria
Rome 00161                                            Phone        (213) 21 43 2815/16/13
Attn H.E. Mr. Abdullah Ali                            Mission permanente de l'Algérie auprès du PNUE
                                                      Muthaiga Road, 37
Albania                                               Mobile Plaza

Directorate of International Organizations. UN        P.O. Box 64140
Division                                              Nairobi 00620
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                           Kenya
Blvd. "Gjergj Fishta", n°. 6
Attn Mr. Jorgji Petrika
Phone         +355 4 364 090 ext 142                  Andorra
Fax +355 4 362 085
e-mail        pjorgji@mfa.gov.al                      Le Ministre des relations extérieures
                                                      Ministère des relations extérieures
                                                      C/ Prat de la Creu, 62-64
Ministre des affaires étrangères                      Andorre-la- Vieille
Sous-Direction des affaires culturelles et sociales   Andorra
Avenue de Pékin , Al , Mouradia

Phone         (213 21) 664588


Angola                                         Azerbaijan

Le Ministre des relations extérieures          H.E. The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministère des relations extérieures            Ministry of Foreign Affairs
37 rue Major Kanhangulo                        4 Shikhali Gurbanov str.
                                               Baku 370005
Luanda                                         Azerbaijan
                                               The Permanent Representative of Azerbaijani
Ministre                                       Republic to the United Nations
Ministère de Urbanisme et l'Environnement      Permanent Mission of the Azerbaijani Republic
Avenida 4 de Fevereiro No.30                   866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 560
Luanda C.P. 3502                               New York 10017
Angola                                         United States of America
Phone         (244-2) 91508402                 Phone         +212 371 2559/2832/2721
Fax (244-2) 310622/310479                      Fax +212 371 2784/ 2672

Ministerio das Relacoes Exteriores
Largo de Partido
Caixa Postal n. 1233                           Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Service
Luanda                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Service
Angola                                         East Hill St
Antigua and Barbuda                            Nassau, N.P.
                                               Attn Mr
The Right Honourable Prime Minister and
                                               Phone         +1 242 322 7624
Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                               Fax +1 242 328 8212
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                               e-mail        mfabahamas@batelnet.bs
New Administration Building
Queen Elizabeth Highway
St. John's
Antigua and Barbuda                            Head
                                               Public Commission for the Protection of Marine
                                               Resources, Environment & Wildlife and Governor
The Honourable Minister                        of the Southern Governorate
Minister of Works, Transport and Environment   P.O.Box 25444
New Administration Building                    Awali
Queen Elizabeth Highway                        Bahrain
St. John's
Antigua and Barbuda
Phone         +1 268 462 0787                  UNDP Office
Fax +1 268 462 2836/462 2482                   P.O. Box 26814
Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to
the United Nations
3Dag Condominiums,                             President
305 East 47th Street, 6th Floor                Public Commission for the Protection of Marine
                                               Resources, Environment and Wildlife and
                                               Governor of the Southern Governorate
                                               P.O. Box 32657
New York 10017                                 Isa Town
United States of America                       Bahrain
Phone        + 212 541 4117                    Attn Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa
Fax +212 757 1607
e-mail       antigua@un.int                    The Director
                                               Directorate of Economic Affairs
                                               Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                               P.O. Box 547


Bangladesh                                       Bhutan

The Secretary                                    Director
Ministry of Environment and Forests              Department of Multilateral Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat                           Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dhaka 1000                                       Gyalyong Tshongkhang
Bangladesh                                       Royal Government of Bhutan
Phone         +88 02 7160481                     Thimphu
Fax +88 02 7169210                               Bhutan
e-mail        secretary@moef.gov.bd
                                                 Deputy Minister
Barbados                                         National Environment Commission Secretariat
                                                 Royal Government of Bhutan
UNDP Office                                      466
625 C                                            Thimphu
Bridgetown                                       Bhutan
The Honourable Minister for Agriculture and
Rural Development                                Director
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development    Department of Waste Management and Pollution
Graeme Hall, Christ Church                       Control
                                                 Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism
Bridgetown                                       Private Bag 0068
Barbados                                         Gaborone
Her Excellency Minister
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and   Director
Internatinal Business                            Department of Crop Production
Hasting Christ Church                            Ministry of Agriculture
1 Culloden Road                                  Private Bag 003
St. Michael                                      Gaborone
Bridgetown                                       Botswana
Barbados                                         Phone         +267 39 50 500
Phone         +1 246 427 0427                    Fax +267 395 6027
Fax +1 246 429 6652/ 431 9554
                                                 Brunei Darussalam
                                                 Permanent Secretary (Technical & Professional)
The Minister for Foreign Affairs                 Ministry of Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                      5th Floor
Ul. Lenina 19                                    Old Airport
Minsk 220030                                     Berakas
Belarus                                          Bandar Seri Begawan BB3510
Attn H.E. Mr.                                    Brunei Darussalam
                                                 Attn Mr. Haji Mohd Said POKPs DP Haji
His Excellency, Minister of Natural Resources
                                                 Phone         +673 2 382298
and Environmental Protection
                                                 Fax +673 2 380298
Ul. Kollektornaya, 10
                                                 e-mail        permsec tp@mod.org.bn
Minsk 22084
Phone         +375172 206691
Fax +375172 204771/ 205583


Director                                          The Secretary General
Department of Agriculture                         c/o The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of
Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources          Cambodia to the United Nations
                                                  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Old Airport
Berakas                                           327 East 58th Street
Bandar Seri Begawan BB 3510                       United States of America
Brunei Darussalam                                 Phone        +212 336 0777
Attn Pg Hjh Mariana PDNLDR Pg Hj Abdul            Fax +212 759 7672
Momin                                             e-mail       cambodia@un.int
Phone        +673 2 382343
Fax +673 2 380250                                 Central African Republic
       mariana.momin@agriculture.gov.bn           Le Ministre des affaires étrangères
                                                  Ministère des affaires étrangères
The Commissioner of Town and Country              Boîte postale 936
Planning                                          Bangui
Town and Country Planning Department              Central African Republic
Ministry of Development
P.O. Box 269                                      Le Ministre de l'Environnement, du
Negara MPC BB3577                                 Développement Durable et de l'Economie Sociale
Brunei Darussalam                                 B.P. 830
Phone         +673 2382591                        Bangui
Fax +673 2383313                                  Central African Republic
e-mail        tcpcom@brunet.bn                    Phone         +236 612 342
                                                  Fax +236 617 541
Ministry of Environment, Parks and Recreation     Bureau du PNUD
Ministry of Development                           Boîte postale 872
Bandar Seri Begawan                               Bangui
Brunei BB3510                                     Central African Republic
Brunei Darussalam                                 Phone         +236 611977/ 614977
Attn Mr. Haji Mohd Zakaria Haji Sarudin           Fax +236 611732
Phone         +673 2 383222
Fax +673 2 383644                                 Colombia
e-mail        modenv@brunet.bn
                                                  Viceministra de Asuntos Multilaterales
Cambodia                                          Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
                                                  Calle 10# 5-51
The Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and        Bogotá
Fisheries and Advisor to the Prime Minister       Colombia
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries   Attn Dra. Adriana Mejía Hernández
200, Preah Norodom Boulevard,                     Phone         +571 5628092
Khan Chamcarmon                                   Fax +571 5627610
Phnom Penh
Attn H.E. Mr.                                     Coordinadora Grupo de Asuntos Ambientales
                                                  Grupo de Asuntos Ambientales Multilaterales
Son Excellence Monsieur l'Ambassadeur             Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Ambassade de Cambodge                             Carrera 6# 9
2 rue Tahawia                                     Bogotá 46
Guiza                                             Colombia
Cairo                                             Attn Dra. María Andrea Albán Durán
Egypt                                             Phone          +571 5667077
                                                  e-mail         maria.alban@minrelext.gov.co


                                                Ministerio de la Producción
Bureau du PNUD                                  Aptdo. 10094 - 1000
B.P. 648                                        San José
Moroni                                          Costa Rica
Comoros                                         Attn Licda. Gabriela Sandí Carmiol
                                                Phone          +506 231 5311
                                                Fax +506 232 2103
Ministre                                        e-mail         gsandi@mipro.go.cr
Ministère des relations extérieures, de la
coopération, de la francophonie et de
l'environnement, chargé des Comoriens de        Ministro Consejero
l'étranger                                      Misión Permanente de Costa Rica
B.P. 428                                        11, rue Butini
Moroni                                          Ginebra 1202
Comoros                                         Switzerland
                                                Attn Srta. Alexandra Segura
                                                Phone          +41 22 731 2587
Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et de la    Fax +41 22 731 2069
coopération                                     e-mail         alexandra.segura@ties.itu.int
Ministère des affaires étangères et de la
coopération                                     Croatia
B.P. 428
Moroni                                          Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Comoros                                         Ksaver 200a
                                                Zagreb 10000
Le Ministre de la production et de              Croatia
l'environnement                                 Phone         +385 1 4607 555
Ministère de la production et d'environnement   Fax +385 1 4677 091
Comoros                                         Egypt
Phone         +269 731388
Fax +269 73 08 49/74 46 32                      General Director
                                                Hazardous Chemicals and Waste Department
                                                Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency
Mission permanente de la République fédérale    Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs
islamique des Comores                           30 Misr-Helwan Road
Jamia Plaza, 1st Floor, Kigali Street           Maadi, Cairo 117728
P.O. Box 43912                                  Egypt
Nairobi                                         Attn Dr. Adel Shafei Osman
Kenya                                           Phone         +002 02 526 64 52
Phone         222 964/ 226503                   Fax +002 02 525 64 75
                                                e-mail        adelshafei@eeaa.gov.eg
Costa Rica
Coordinadora de Política Exterior
Direccíon General de Política Exterior          The Permanent Secretary
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto     Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade
Avenida 7-9, Calle 11-13 San José               8th and 9th Floor, Suvavou House
                                                Government Buildings
San José Apartado 10027-1000                    P.O.Box 2220
Costa Rica                                      Suva
Attn Sra. Linyi Baidal Sequeira                 Fiji
Phone        +506 2223 7555 ext 273
Fax +506 2257 6997
e-mail       lbaidal@rroo.go.cr                 The Secretary for Foreign Affairs
                                                Department of Foreign Affairs
                                                Prime Minister's Office


UNDP South Pacific Office                         Le Secrétaire d'Etat des affaires étangères et du
Private Mail Bag                                  culte d'Haïti
Suva                                              c/o Mission permanente de la République d'Haïti
Fiji                                              auprès de l'Office des Nations Unies
                                                  64, rue de Monthoux
Grenada                                           Genève 1201
The Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign       Phone         +41 22 732 76 28
Affairs                                           Fax +41 22 732 55 36
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International
Trade                                             Holy See
Ministerial Complex, Fourth Floor
St. George's                                      The Permanent Observer of the Holy See to
Grenada                                           UNEP
Phone         +1 473 440-3036, 440-2712           P.O. Box 14326
Fax +1 473 440-4184                               Nairobi
Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores               Oficina del PNUD
2a Avenida 4-17 zona 10                           Apartado Postal 976
Ciudad de Guatemala 01010                         Tegucigalpa
Guatemala                                         Honduras
Attn Mr. Haroldo Rodas Melgar
Phone         +502 2410 0000
                                                  Ministro de Estado en el Despacho de Relaciones
Ministro de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales         Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho de
Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales       Relaciones Exteriores
20 Calle 28-58                                    Antiguo Centro Cívico Gubernamental
Zona 10 Edificio MARN                             "Miraflores"
C.A.                                              Blvd. Fuerzas Armadas
Attn Mr. Juan Mario Dary Fuentes
Phone         +502 24230500 ext1202-1204-         Tegucigalpa M.D.C.
1203-1205                                         Honduras
e-mail        ministro@marn.gob.gt
Coordinador de convenios y Protocolos del MARN    Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
20 calle 28-58, zona 10                           Centro Gubernamental
Guatemala                                         Boulevard Kuwait, Antigua Casa Presidencial
Attn Dr. Juan de Dios Calle                       Tegucigalpa M.D.C.
Phone         +502 24230500 ext 1202-1204-        Honduras
1203-1205                                         Phone         +504 234 3297,
                                                  Fax +504 234 1898
                                                  Sucursal Banco Atlántida
Le Ministre                                       Consejo Superior de Planificación Económica
Ministère des affaires étrangères et des cultes   Comayaguela, D.C
Boulevard Harry Truman                            Honduras, C.A.
Port-au-Prince                                    Honduras
Bureau du PNUD
P.O. Box 557                                      Ministry for the Environment
Haiti                                             Skuggasun 1
                                                  Reykjavik 150


                                                    The Director
Deputy Minister                                     Environmental Affairs Department
Hazardous and Toxic Wastes Management               Ministry of Mines, Natural Resources and
C Building 1st Floor,                               Environment
Jalan D.I. Pajaitan Kav 24 Kebun Nanas              Malawi
Jakarta 13410
Indonesia                                           The Secretary
Attn Mr. Yanuardi Rasudin                           Department of Research and Environmental
Phone         +62 21 85905637                       Affairs
e-mail        yan@menlh.go.id                       Research and Environmental Affairs
                                                    P.O. Box 30745
Iraq                                                Lilongwe
Minister of Environment
Ministry of Environment
                                                    UNDP Office
PO Box 10062
                                                    P.O. Box 30135
                                                    Lilongwe 3
Attn H.E. Mr.

Israel                                              Malawi High Commission
                                                    The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Malawi
Deputy Director                                     to UNEP
Division of Hazordous Substances
Ministry of the Environment                         Zambia House First Floor
P.O.Box 34033                                       OHIO/Sokoine Drive
Jerusalem 95464                                     P.O.Box 7616
Israel                                              Dar es Salaam
Attn Dr. Gilly Zimand                               Tanzania, United Republic of
Phone         +972 2 6553765/771
Fax +972 2 6553763                                  Malta
e-mail        giliz@environment.gov.il
                                                    The Permanent Secretary
Kiribati                                            Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                    Palazzo Parisio
The Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs         Merchants Street
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                         Valleta CMR 02
P.O. Box 68                                         Malta
Kiribati                                            Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment
Phone         +686 28000                            Casa Leoni, Barriera Wharf
Fax +686 28334                                      Valleta CMR2
Lao People’s Democratic Republic                    Phone         +356 21485 100/105
                                                    Fax +356 21493 744
Le Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre des affaires
                                                    The Permanent Representative of Malta to UNEP
Ministère des affaires étrangères
                                                    c/o The Director, Multilateral Affairs Department
Rue That Luang
                                                    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                    Merchants Street
Lao People´s Democratic Republic
Malawi                                              Phone         +245 731 2292250
                                                    Fax +245731 251520
The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Capital Hill
P.O. Box 30315
Lilongwe 3


Permanent Mission of Malta to the United
Nations and other International Organizations   Direction de la Surveillance et de la Prévention
26, Parc Chateau Banquet                        des Risques
Geneva 1202                                     Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire de
Switzerland                                     l'Eau et de l'Environnement
Phone        +41 22 901 0580                    9, Avenue Al Araar, Secteur 16
Fax +41 22 738 1120                             Hay Riad
Micronesia (Federated States of)                Morocco
                                                Attn M. Abdelhay Zerouali
The Honourable Acting Secretary for Economic    Phone          +212 37 57 0469
Affairs                                         Fax +212 37 57 0471
Department of Economic Affairs
P.O. Box PS-12
Pohnpei FM 96941                                Chef
Micronesia (Federated States of)                Division Prévention et Stratégies d'Intervention
                                                Departement de l'Environnement
                                                9, Avenue Al Araar, Secteur 16
The Permanent Representative of the Federated   Hay Riad
States of Micronesia to the United Nations      Rabat
820 Second Avenue,                              Morocco
Suite 17 A                                      Attn Farah Bouqartacha
New York NY 10017                               Phone         +212 37 57 05 94
United States of America                        Fax +212 37 57 0471
                                                e-mail        bouqartacha@gmail.com
L'Ambassadeur, Représentant permanent auprès
de la FAO                                       Centre for Ecology Studies
Ambassade de la Principauté de Monaco           Eduardo Mondlane University
Via Antonio Bertoloni, 36                       Maputo
Rome 00197                                      Mozambique

                                                UNDP Office
Ministre Conseiller Délégué                     P.O. Box 4595
Réprésentant permanent auprès des Organismes    Maputo
Internationaux à Caractère Scientifique         Mozambique
Environnemental et Humanitaire
13 rue Emile de Loth
                                                The Minister for Agriculture and Rural
Monaco - Ville MC-98000                         Development
Monaco                                          Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Attn Patrick VAN KLAVEREN                       Praça dos Heroes Moçambicanos
Phone         +377 93 15 81 48                  P.O. Box 1406
Fax +377 93 50 95 91                            Maputo
                                                The Minister for Coordination of Environmental
The Minister                                    Affairs
Ministry of Environmental Protection and        Ave. Acordos de Lusaka 2115
Physical Planning                               P.O. Box 2020
P.C. Vektra bb                                  Maputo
Podgorica 81000                                 Mozambique
Montenegro, Republic of                         Phone         +258-1 498 114
Attn H.E.                                       Fax +258 1 498114
Phone         +381 81 482 121
Fax +381 81 234 131
                                                Secretariat for International Co-operation
                                                Ministry of Agriculture


                                                   Dirección General de Organismos y Conferencias
UNDP Office                                        Internacionales
P.O. Box 650                                       Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Yangon                                             Managua
Myanmar                                            Nicaragua
                                                   Phone         +505 2 66 6222
                                                   Fax +505 233 0133
The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Pyay Road                                          Ministro
Yangon                                             Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
Myanmar                                            (MARENA)
                                                   Km. 12.5 de la Carretera Norte frente Loria
                                                   Franca Industrial, Las Mercedes
Foreign Economic Relations Department              Managua
Ministry of Planning and Finance                   Nicaragua
Office of the Ministers                            Phone          +505 263 1667
Bo Aung Gyaw Street                                Fax +505 233 0133
Myanmar                                            Niue

The Joint Secretary                                Premier and Minister
Department of Forestry                             Department of External Affairs
National Commission for Environmental Affairs      External Affairs International Relations and Aid
(NCEA)                                             Coordination
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Complex                Alofi
Bayinnaung Road                                    Niue
West Gyogone, Insein Township
Yangon                                             The Minister of Environment
Myanmar                                            Office of the Premier
Phone         +951 644497                          Government of Niue
Fax +951 644497                                    P.O. Box 40
e-mail        env.myan@mptmail.net.mm              Alof 1
Nauru                                              Phone          +683 4200

Department of Island, Development and              Palau
The President of the Republic and Minister for     Minister of State
Foreign Affairs, Public Service, Nauru Phosphate   Ministry of State
Royalties Trust and Minister for Health            P.O. Box 100
Yaren                                              Koror 96940
Nauru                                              Palau
Attn H.E.                                          Attn H.E. Mr. Temmy L. Shmull
                                                   Phone         +680 488 2509
The Secretary for External Affairs                 Fax +680 488 2443
Department of External Affairs
Yaren District                                     Palestine
Phone          +674 444 3191                       Minister of Environmental Affairs
Fax +674 444 3105                                  Ministry of Environmental Affairs
                                                   Ansan El-Thawra Street
Nicaragua                                          Gaza
Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
Del Cine González una cuadra al Sur sobre
Avenida Bolívar


                                                 Saint Kitts and Nevis
The Permanent Observer
The Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to   Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade,
UNEP                                             Industry and Commerce
1 Fairbridge Avenue                              Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 3817                                    Church Street
Belgravia, Harare                                P.O. Box 186
Zimbabwe                                         Basseterre
                                                 Saint Kitts and Nevis
Papua New Guinea

The Secretary                                    Prime Minister and Minister
Department of Agriculture and Livestock          Finance, Technology, Sustainable Development,
P.O. Box 417                                     Tourism, Sports and Culture
Konedobu                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Papua New Guinea                                 Church Street
                                                 P.O. Box 186
The Secretary                                    Saint Kitts and Nevis
Dept. of Environment and conservation
Ministry of Environment and Conservation         Saint Lucia
P.O. Box 6601                                    Minister for External Affairs, International Trade
Boroko                                           and Civil Aviation
Papua New Guinea                                 Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade
Phone        +675 325074                         and Civil Aviation
Fax +675 3259192
                                                 Water Front
UNDP Office                                      Castries
P.O. Box 1041                                    Saint Lucia
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea                                 Minister
                                                 Ministry of Physical Planning Development,
Russian Federation                               Environment and Housing
                                                 Greham Louisy Administrative Building
The Permanent Representative                     P.O. Box 709
The Permanent Mission of the Russian             Castries
Federation to International Organizations in     Saint Lucia
Nairobi                                          Phone         +758 4684402
Lenana Road                                      Fax +758 4522506
P.O. Box 30049
Nairobi                                          Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
                                                 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign
The Minister for Foreign Affairs                 Affairs, Commerce and Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                      Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade
Smolenkaya - Sennays 32-34                       3rd Floor, Administrative Centre
Moscow 121220                                    Kingstown
Russian Federation                               Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Minister of Natural Resources                Environmental Health Coordinator
Ul. B. Gruzinskaya, Str, 4/6                     Public Health Department
P.O. Box 123812 GSP                              Ministry of Health and the Environment
Moscow                                           Environmental Coordinating Unit
Russian Federation                               North River Road
Phone         +7 495 254 7633                    Kingstown
Fax +7 495 254 6610                              Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
                                                 e-mail        ehdsvg@yahoo.com


San Marino
                                                   Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of
The Secretary of State for Foreign and Political   Serbia
Affairs                                            Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of
Secretariat of State for Foreign and Political     Serbia
Affairs                                            24-26 Kneza Milosa St.
Palazzo Begni                                      Belgrade 11000
Contrada Omerelli 1                                Serbia, Republic of
San Marino                                         Attn H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremic
San Marino                                         Phone          +381 11 3616 333
                                                   Fax +381 11 3618-366
                                                   e-mail         mfa@smip.sv.gov.yu
Sao Tome and Principe
Le Ministre des affaires étrangères, de la
coopération et des communautés
Ministère des affaires étrangères, de la           The Principal Secretary Foreign Affairs
coopération et des communautés                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Avenida 12 de Julho                                P.O. Box 656
Sao Tomé                                           Victoria, Mahe
Sao Tome and Principe                              Seychelles

Bureau du PNUD                                     The Minister of Environment
Caixa Postal 109                                   Ministry of the Environment
Sao Tomé                                           P.O. Box 445
Sao Tome and Principe                              Victoria, Mahe
                                                   Phone         +248 224644
                                                   Fax +248 224500

The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Serbia
to UNEP                                            The Director General
c/o Embassy of Republic of Serbia to Ethiopia      Environment Division
P.O. Box 1341                                      Ministry of the Environment
Ethiopia                                           P.O. Box 445
Phone        +251 1 517 804                        Victoria, Mahe
Fax +251 1 514 192                                 Seychelles
                                                   Phone         +248 224644
                                                   Fax +248 224500
The Minister of Science and Environment
                                                   Sierra Leone
22-26 Namanjina Street
Belgrade 11000
Serbia, Republic of                                Honorary Consul of the Republic of Sierra Leone
Attn H.E.                                          Permanent Mission of Sierra Leone to UNEP
Phone         +38111 3616516                       P.O. Box 30682
Fax +38111 3616516                                 Nairobi

UNDP Office
69 International Brigade                           Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food
P.O. Box 644                                       Security
Belgrade 11001                                     Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Serbia, Republic of                                Security
Fax +381 1 3444300                                 1st floor, Youyi Building, Brookfiels
                                                   Sierra Leone

                                                   The Minister for External Affairs
                                                   Ministry of External Affairs
                                                   Sierra Leone


UNDP Office
P.O. Box 1011                                The Minister for Foreign Affairs
Freetown                                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sierra Leone                                 Rudaki 42
Solomon Islands                              Tajikistan

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Relations                                    The Permanent Representative of Tajikistan
Honiara                                      Permanent Mission of the Republic of Tajikistan
Solomon Islands                              to the United Nations
                                             136 East 67th Street
                                             New York NY 10021
The Permanent Secretary                      United States of America
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                  Phone         +212 744 2196
P.O. Box G10                                 Fax +212 472 7645
Solomon Islands                              The former Yugoslav Republic of
                                             The Minister for Foreign Affairs
The Minister for Foreign Affairs             Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Democratic Republic to the United Nations    Ul. Dame Gruev 6
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                  Skopje 1000
c/o Permanent Mission of the Somali          The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
425 East 61st Street, Suite 702
United States of America
                                             Permanent Representative of The former
Swaziland                                    Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the United
                                             866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 517
The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of
                                             New York NY 10017
Swaziland to UNEP
                                             United States of America
P.O. 41557
                                             Phone        +212 308 8504
                                             Fax +212 308 8724

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade      The Director of Multiregional Affairs
P.O. Box 518                                 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Mbabane                                      GOA Building N°2 Floor
Swaziland                                    Avenida Presidente Nicolau Lobato
                                             PO.Box 6
The Permanent Secretary                      Dili
Department of Foreign Affairs                East Timor
P.O. Box 518                                 Phone         +670 333 9610
Mbabane                                      e-mail        jcamara@mnec.gov-tl.net

Ministry of Tourism, Environment and
                                             Minister of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box 2652
                                             Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Phone         +268 404 6420-3
                                             Attn H.E. Mr. Sonatane Tu'akinamolahi
Fax +268 404 6438
                                             Taumoepeau Tupou
                                             Phone         +676 23 600
                                             Fax +676 23 360


Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs               Bureau PNUD
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                        P.O. Box 863
Nuku'alofa                                         Tunis
Tonga                                              Tunisia
Attn Mr. Viliami Va'inga Tone
Phone         +676 23 600
                                                   Le Ministre des affaires étrangères
Fax +676 23 360
                                                   Ministère des affaires étrangères
                                                   Place du Gouvernement
Trinidad and Tobago                                La Kabah 1030
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Knowsley Building                                  Directeur Général de l'ANPE
1, Queen's Park West                               Agence nationale de protection de
Port of Spain                                      l'environnement (ANPE)
Trinidad and Tobago                                Centre urbain nord
                                                   15 rue n° 7051 cité Essalem
                                                   Immeuble ICF
The Permanent Secretary (Environment)              Ariana Tunis 2080
Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment   Tunisia
Sacred Heart Building                              Attn Mme Noura Laroussi
16-18 Sackville Street                             e-mail        anpe.boc@anpe.nat.tn
Port-of- Spain
Trinidad and Tobago                                Turkey
Phone         +1868 6242000
Fax +1868 6278682
                                                   The Permanent Representative of the Republic
                                                   of Turkey to UNEP
UNDP Office                                        The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Turkey
P.O. Box 812                                       to UNEP
Port-of-Spain P.O. Box 812                         Gigiri Road - Off Limuru Road
Trinidad and Tobago                                P.O. Box 64748
Tunisia                                            Kenya

Mission permanente de la Tunisie auprès du         The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for
PNUE                                               Foreign Affairs
Woreda 17, Kebele 19, House n8                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(Bole Road, next to Zimbabwe Embassy)              Balgat
Addis Ababa
Ethiopia                                           Ankara 06520
Phone        +251 1 612063                         Turkey
Fax +251 1614568

                                                   UNDP Office
Le Ministre des affaires étrangères                P.K. 407
a.b.s. de la Mission permanente de Tunisie         Ankara
58, rue de Moillebeau                              Turkey
Genève 19 1211
Switzerland                                        Turkmenistan
Phone         +41 22 734 84 50
Fax +41 22 734 0663
                                                   The Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                                   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Le Directeur                                       c/o UNDP Resident Represntative
Organisations et Conférences internationales       83 Magymgyly Street
Ministère des affaires étrangères                  Ashgabat 744000
30, rue d'Iran                                     Turkmenistan


The Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan
to the United Nations                              Minister for Foreign Affairs
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 424                Department of Foreign Affairs
New York NY 10017                                  Private Mail Bag 053
United States of America                           Port Vila
Phone         +212 486 8908                        Vanuatu
Fax +212 486 2521

Tuvalu                                             The Head
                                                   Environment Unit
The Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign        Private Mail Bag 063
Affairs                                            Port Vila
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                        Vanuatu
Funafuti                                           Phone         +678 23406
Uganda                                             Fax +678 25108

United States of America                           The Director-General
                                                   Ministry of Lands, Survey, Environment, Energy,
The Permanent Representative of the United         Minerals and water Affairs
States of America to the UN Organizations in       Port Vila PMB 007
Geneva                                             Vanuatu
                                                   Phone         +678 27833
11, Route de Pregny                                Fax +678 25165
Chambesy. Geneva 1292
Switzerland                                        Zambia
Phone        +41227494300
Fax +41227494892                                   The Honourable Minister
                                                   Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
The Secretary of State                             Mulungushi House
Division Director, Office of Environment Policy.   Independence Avenue
US Department of State                             Lusaka
c/o John E. Thompson                               Zambia
2201 C Street NW, OES/ENV Room 4325
Washington DC 20520                                Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural
United States of America                           Resources
Attn H.E. Mr.                                      Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural
Phone         +1202 647 9799                       Resources
Fax +1 202 647 5947                                P.O.Box 34011
e-mail        ThompsonJE2@state.gov                Lusaka
Uzbekistan                                         Attn H.E. Mr. Kabinga Pande

The Permanent Representative of the Republic
                                                   The Director
of Uzbekistan to the United Nations
                                                   Environment and Natural Resources
801 Second Avenue,
                                                   Management Department
20th floor
                                                   Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural
New York NY 10017
United States of America
                                                   P.O.Box 34011
Phone        +212 486 42 42
Fax +212 486 7998

the Minister for Foreign Affairs
                                                   The Country Representative
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                   United Nations Common Premises
Uzbekistanskaya Street, n°9
                                                   United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
c/o Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan
                                                   Alick Nkhata Road
Via Tolmino, 12
                                                   P.O. Box 31966
00198 Rome
Tashkent 700029


                                                       The Permanent Secretary
The Permanent Mission of Zimbabwe to UNEP              Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minet ICDC House                                       Munhumutapa Building
Mamlaka Road                                           P.O. Box 4240
P.O. Box 30806                                         Harare
Nairobi                                                Zimbabwe
                                                       UNDP Office
The Permanent Secretary                                P.O.Box 4775
Ministry of Agriculture                                Harare
1 Borrowdale Road                                      Zimbabwe
Private Bag 7701
Causeway. Harare
                                                       OCP Rotterdam convention Official contact point
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
111th Floor Kaguvi Building
Corner 4th Street/Central Avenue
Private Bag 7753
Causeway. Harare