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					Western & relatioNs
Western & neighbourhood relations

Things you should know                                           In addition, Western has 949 apartment and town house
                                                                 units for upper-year and graduate students, which

abouT wesTern and                                                accommodate more than 2,000 students.

                                                                 Western’s affiliated university colleges, King’s, Huron and
neighbourhood relaTions                                          Brescia, provide residence space for approximately
                                                                 900 students.
The University of Western Ontario values its relationship with
neighbours and the greater London community. Our goal
                                                                 2. Western has frozen first-year enrolment.
is to take a proactive approach to being “a good neighbour”
and, where appropriate, to respond effectively in addressing     The 2007 strategic plan of Western, entitled Engaging the
concerns from neighbours whose lives are impacted by             Future, established a target of a first year entering class
Western and its students.                                        of 4,350 for the next decade, so demand for residence
                                                                 space should not increase. Western’s growth strategy will
Western and its affiliated university colleges, King’s,
                                                                 be focused on graduate students. Over the next decade,
Huron and Brescia, work closely with others who share
                                                                 Western hopes to recruit an additional 1,100 masters-level
responsibility for student neighbourhood issues, including
                                                                 students and 1,400 doctoral-level students. This translates
landlords, the City of London and neighbourhood groups.
                                                                 to just 260 additional students per year.
The university believes shared accountability, open
communication and cooperation will lead to the most              Graduate students are older and may have a deeper
effective approaches to building and preserving                  understanding of the importance of neighbourhood
strong neighbourhoods.                                           relations. Many graduate students bring a working spouse
                                                                 and a family with them. These are the type of individuals
Western is acutely aware the actions of a small minority
                                                                 London hopes to attract to settle in the community and
of students create problems for neighbours. We pledge to
                                                                 they integrate well into the neighbourhoods where
continue to work with neighbourhood groups and other
                                                                 they live.
stakeholders to find mutually satisfactory approaches to
solving these issues.
                                                                 3. Western’s building plans Will foCus on
We also must acknowledge our students are adults,                   aCademiC and researCh faCilities.
and, as such, are accountable for their actions when off
 campus, in an equivalent fashion to all London residents.       Western’s Campus Master Plan outlines plans for
 The university seeks to educate, inform and encourage           infrastructure growth of the university. With undergraduate
  responsible actions by our students that will maintain         enrolment frozen, the plan does not include an increase in
   good relations with neighbours.                               the number of student residences. Western has made an
                                                                 extraordinary commitment to building plans that will focus
    This document, “Western & Neighbourhood Relations,”          on new academic and research facilities. These building
    is intended to offer information that will help              plans will increase Western’s debt from approximately
     Londoners understand the actions and policies of the        $120 million in 2007, to more than $220 million by 2010.
      university that are in place to preserve and enhance       New residence construction would increase that debt in an
       positive relationships with our neighbours.               amount that would not be financially practical for
                                                                 the university.
        1. Western enCourages
           on-Campus living.                                     4. Western and its affiliated university
                                                                    Colleges Care about london neighbourhoods
           Since 1997, Western has invested more than
            $100 million in 1,777 new residence spaces.             and Work hard to be good neighbours.
              1997 - essex Hall              +508 spaces         Every day at Western, work is taking place that is designed
               1999 - elgin Hall             +407 spaces         to strengthen the relationship between the university and
                2003 - Perth Hall            +445 spaces         its neighbours. Here are some of the activities and programs
                 2006 - London Hall          +417 spaces         in place:

                   Western now has 4,326 residence spaces          • Western and Fanshawe share a full-time Housing
                    for students – room for all first-year           Mediation Service. This service is funded by Western,
                     students and approximately 1,000                Fanshawe, the students’ councils of both institutions and
                      upper-year students who want to live           the City of London.
                        in residence.
                                                                   • Western has provided funding for a second Housing
                                                                     Mediation staff member to better serve the needs of
                                                                     the community.
• Western meets regularly with neighbourhood                      5. Western enCourages students to use
  associations, and has positive and ongoing dialogue
  with association representatives.                                  transit or park on Campus, rather than
                                                                     park in neighbourhoods.
• Western is an active member of the City of London’s
  Town and Gown Committee and is represented by a                 All Western students purchase a compulsory transit pass
  member of senior administration, the Associate Vice-            through their student fees. This is to encourage transit
  President, Housing & Ancillary Services.                        use, minimize the need for parking and discourage
                                                                  neighbourhood parking. The main campus at Western offers
• Western pays for enhanced police presence during key            ample parking to accommodate the needs of all students
  times, such as Orientation Week. For reasons of safety,         who wish it.
  security and liability, Western relies on its police service,
  rather than student patrols.                                    Expansion of parking at King’s University College created
                                                                  approximately 80 new spaces to address neighbourhood
• Western’s University Students’ Council plans high               concerns about parking in the area. More than 100 spaces
  quality on-campus activities during Orientation Week.           were added in 2002. King’s also agreed to respect a request
  These activities mean new students are less likely to           from the neighbourhood association that parking not be
  participate in parties off campus.                              built on flood plain, while remaining responsive to the need
                                                                  to create additional parking.
• Western is interested in preserving neighbourhoods
  that provide an appropriate balance of good quality
  student and permanent resident housing. Recognizing             6. the Western/fanshaWe housing mediation
  the importance of maintaining the residential character            offiCe Continues to look for neW and
  and streetscapes of nearby neighbourhoods, the                     innovative Ways to reaCh students,
  university continues to actively oppose rezoning and
  variance applications not in keeping with this goal.               landlords and neighbourhood residents
                                                                     With the information they need.
• Western encourages responsible garbage disposal by
  distributing 18,000 garbage schedules at the beginning          Western’s housing mediation officer provides educational
  of September. Garbage bags and information sheets               programming to students, landlords and community
  are also distributed to each house in neighbourhoods            members about their rights and responsibilities, and works
  near the campuses. In the spring, as students move out,         to prevent problems from recurring. Areas of focus include:
  dumpsters are provided in key areas and an exchange
  program for old furniture, and online garage sale, help
  reduce the amount of furniture for disposal.
  • Local mailings – In early fall, more than 18,000 homes         offer assistance. If a student’s behaviour crosses the line
    near Western and Fanshawe receive information                  when he or she is off campus, the best recourse is the
    packages regarding student housing issues. The                 application of the same laws, by-laws and community
    packages contain information on Housing Mediation              response that might be effective for dealing with
    Services, on being a good neighbour, information about         individuals who are not students. If a student is breaking
    orientation, garbage schedules and letters directed at         the law, London Police Service should be called.
    students living in specific problem areas.
                                                                  • Students at Western have a special relationship with
  • Off-Campus Advisors – 18 advisors distribute monthly            the university and they are respected members of our
    newsletters in assigned areas, implement monthly                academic community. Students at Western are not
    community-building programs and randomly survey                 ‘wards’ of the university and Western has no special right
    their areas for concerns and issues. They present               to define the moral and social behaviour of our students
    information sessions in residences to prepare students          when they are off campus. A good analogy might be
    before they move into the community. This program               to compare the university’s role to that of a community
    has won two provincial awards, and has attracted the            employer. An employer may control behaviour and set
    interest of other universities that are interested in           rules on the job, but cannot exercise moral or social
    emulating Western’s programs.                                   authority over how those employees conduct their lives
                                                                    as ordinary citizens, in the community, except possibly in
  • Electronic newsletter – Western Off-Campus News goes            cases where such behaviour has a demonstrable direct
    to 30,000 Western students, six times a year. It is also        effect on the employer.
    distributed to 2,000 homes in the surrounding campus
    neighbourhood and addresses timely housing issues.            • During the 2007 - 08 academic year, Western’s Campus
                                                                    Community Police Service dealt with a total of 17
  • Outreach programs – These programs, offered monthly             incidents where the Code of Student Conduct was
    and delivered by off-campus advisors, are designed to           applied, mostly for on-campus behaviour.
    help students make informed and appropriate choices
    on where they live.                                           • You may read the University’s Code of Student Conduct
                                                                    policy at
  • Information and counseling – Services are offered to
    neighbourhood residents and students to address             8. Western’s Campus Community poliCe
    rights and responsibilities, e.g. resolving disputes with
    neighbours, landlords or roommates.                            serviCe Works in partnership With london
                                                                   poliCe serviCe.
7. Western has a responsibility for student
                                                                Western has invested considerable resources to provide
   aCtivities When they are on Campus.                          a Campus Community Police Service (CCPS) that is
   influenCing off-Campus behaviours is more                    widely recognized across Ontario. CCPS is committed
   Challenging.                                                 to professional standards, community partnerships
                                                                and activities that contribute to the safety, security
Western has a Code of Student Conduct that establishes          and quality of life in and around the university
standards and behavioural expectations of students.             community. In partnership with London Police
Invoking sanctions under the Code is a serious matter.          Service, Western’s 30 CCPS staff provide strategic
Western uses the Code of Student Conduct to maintain            prevention, emergency management and
campus security and to ensure the safety of the people who      enforcement solutions designed to emphasize
study, work and visit here.                                     individual responsibility and create a safe campus
  • Most often, the Code is applied in on-campus situations.
                                                                Western police provide fast first-response to
  • The Code may be applied when a student is off campus,       on-campus calls for assistance and advice.
    acting as a designated representative of the university.    Members of the broader London community
    Occasionally, the Code may also be invoked if the off-      are encouraged to contact Campus Police
    campus actions of a student have a direct and adverse       for information regarding on-campus police
    effect on the functioning of the university. An example     services and to discuss the role of CCPS.
    of this might be in a case of a student who assaults        For off-campus activities of concern
    another student off campus. Those actions would have        to neighbours, London Police should
    a direct effect on the safety of people on the Western      be the first point of contact. Further
    campus and, therefore, the Code may be used to protect      information on services is found at:
    members of the Western community.                 

  • If the actions of students are troubling to neighbours,
    Western’s Housing Mediation service is available to
9. Western enCourages responsible                              12. Western and its students Care about
   student behaviour.                                              the City of london.
  • Western works closely with its University Students’         • The University of Western Ontario and its students
    Council, especially during Orientation Week and               generate approximately $1.5 billion in local economic
    Homecoming, to ensure campus events will keep                 activity each year. Western provides approximately
    neighbourhood disruptions to a minimum. The                   3,800 full-time jobs in London.
    Orientation program is organized and run by a group
    with representatives from both students and members         • Each fall, hundreds of landlords, merchants and
    of Western’s senior administration.                           business owners welcome the return of Western
                                                                  students. These businesses rely on Western students
  • Western’s Orientation program is organized to provide         and benefit from their patronage.
    activities for new students arriving on its campus.
    Because the campus is home to more than 6,000               • A 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement
    students, Orientation activities can be noisier than          revealed that 33 per cent of first-year undergraduate
    day-to-day activities during the academic year. Western       students at Western and 68 per cent of fourth-year
    and its University Students’ Council put a great deal of      students participated in community service in 2008.
    effort into planning safe, dry events that keep students
    on campus and away from neighbourhoods on the               • Western students have raised more than $2.5 million
    perimeter of Western. Western is appreciative that, for       for Shinerama since 2000, making it one of the top
    many years, our neighbours have welcomed the return           Shinerama campaigns in the country.
    of our students and recognized their presence brings
                                                                • Since 2004, through Ivey Connects, Ivey students have
    many positive things to our community.
                                                                  donated more than 23,000 pounds of food and more
                                                                  than $20,000 to the London Food Bank. Western also
10. Western values and promotes a                                 participates in the “Business Cares” food drive, and
    residential Campus approaCh.                                  contributed over 17,000 pounds of food and needed
                                                                  items last fall.
Western has, through the years, worked to cluster its
academic, research and residential services on one              • An alternative spring break program has seen
campus. This approach, which Western intends to continue,         hundreds of students apply to use their spring break
encourages collegiality and collaboration between staff,          to serve locally or around the world where their help
faculty and students.                                             is needed. In March of 2009, students assisted various
                                                                  aid agencies in Peru, Dominican Republic, Louisiana,
  • Western has a large residential capacity to encourage         Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala, as well as
    on-campus living.                                             assisting agencies in London. Students raise the
                                                                  funds to pay for their service-based travel.
  • The university provides comprehensive services on
    campus including:                                           • More than 200 students work in Western’s
                                                                  Community Legal Services to provide free legal
       Health care                                               advice and representation to members of the
       Pharmaceutical services                                   community. Law students also provide pro bono
       Campus police services                                    legal services to community agencies that do
                                                                  not have the resources to afford
       Emergency response                                        legal counsel.
       Food services
       Entertainment, such as a movie theatre                  • Western raised a record $534,008 for United
                                                                  Way of London & Middlesex in 2008.
       Arts, culture, a museum and library
                                                                • Canadian Blood Services collects about
                                                                  2,200 units of blood annually from the
11. Western prepares on-Campus                                    University Community Centre and
    students to make the transition                               various Western student residences.
                                                                  According to Blood Services, “Western
    to off-Campus living.                                         is an integral part of our blood
                                                                  donor program.”
The housing mediation officer offers monthly information
sessions for students who live on campus at Western to
help them make the transition. All on-campus residents
receive a package of information that outlines city by-laws,
tenant issues and roommate concerns. Information is
distributed to 5,200 on-campus students in January and
February as they prepare to search for accommodation for
the following year.
Western’s Housing Mediation service
room 102 elgin Hall
the university of Western ontario
London, ontario, n6a 5B9
Phone: (519) 661-3787
Housing Mediation officer: glenn Matthews

caMPus coMMunity PoLice service
stevenson-Lawson Building
the university of Western ontario
London, ontario, n6a 5B8
Phone: (519) 661-3300
director: elgin austen

university students’ counciL
vice President, university affairs
ucc rm 340
London, ontario, n6a 3K7
Phone: (519) 661-3574

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