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                         ISSUE NO 5                                                         MAY 13 2008_ _

                         COUNCILLOR D A V I D P L U M R I D G E AM
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I mentioned in my last Notes that Council has re-established its Reconciliation Committee. This is something
that I was particularly keen to see happen because of the importance of a better understanding between the
Council and our Aboriginal communities. The new committee comprises 3 members from Government
agencies, a Kaurna representative, 3 community representatives who are either Aboriginal or Torres Strait
Islanders together with the Lord Mayor and 3 councillors namely Cllrs Cullen, Wong and myself.
The roles of the committee which has to report to Council on a quarterly basis are to:
      1. Recommend to Council an annual Reconciliation Action Plan
      2. Provide input to policy development and strategic advice to Council
      3. Promote a positive image and facilitate reconciliation among our diverse cultural communities
      4. Monitor the implementation of the guiding principles of Council’s Reconciliation Vision Statement.
  I look forward to having a chance to contribute to the work of this important initiative of the Council.

 After many meetings, (about 11 informal sessions) talks over coffees, chance meetings in corridors and the
 reading of the extensive public submissions made in response to the consultation on the ‘Creating our Future
 2008-2030’ documents, last Tuesday night Council adopted a draft budget and agreed on draft documents for
 public consultation for the first year of the new term.
 So now it’s over to you! The full document, as well as some shorter summary pamphlets, is now
 available from the Customer Centre, libraries and on-line at

 The draft Budget which will raise $63.8 million in general rates incorporates a Capital Works program of $53.4
 million, including a $21.4 million investment in projects to make sure the City’s streets and footpaths are well
 maintained in a clean and safe condition. More money has been made available for community groups, arts
 programs and support for recreation and sport aimed at improving our health and making better recreational
 use of the Parklands. Funding for sponsorships and major events has not been expanded and cuts have been
 proposed to Media and Marketing efforts. Highlights of the Draft Budget for me include:

      A separate rate of 1% which will raise $638000 ear-marked to fund Climate Change and Green initiatives.
      Likely projects include solar panels on a significant council building and buying green power.
      A 10% levy on Park Lands leases and licences to provide funds for the work of the Park Lands Authority. I
      estimate that this would raise $90000 after all leases have fallen due for renewal.
      Park Lands funding includes work on the design of Victoria Square, work on Victoria Park, Park 12,
      preparing the Park Lands Management Strategy, reticulation from the Glenelg Pipeline and Stage 5 of the
      Park Lands Trail. Fees for car parking on the Park Lands for events will be increased substantially to
      discourage this undesirable practice and encourage more use of public transport.
      Heritage protection will be extended with funding for 2 Development Plan Amendments and a commitment
      to increase Heritage Incentive Scheme funding in subsequent years.
      The introduction of a 3-bin waste collection system from January 2009.
      $50k for a study and implementation plan to activate the laneways in the Central Business District
      $25k for a study to test the feasibility of establishing a City of Adelaide Museum
      A greater commitment to creating a bicycle safe city with construction of one East/West and one
      North/South cycle route through the city, more bicycle racks and a new hiring node in the city centre
      The funding support for the East End markets is to be severely cut from $451k to $250k p.a.
      Funds have been earmarked to look into the possibility of Council again making use of the Box Factory
      After much debate it was agreed to include continuation of the Owner/Occupier grant of $175.
      Funds have been included to continue work on Grote Street west to Morphett Street
      North Terrace Stage 3, which is the section from Kintore Ave to King William Rd, is also funded.

  The Business Plan and Budget clearly reflect a different set of priorities for the new Council with
  emphasis on Environmental Issues, greater support for population growth and services to residents
  and a determination to protect the heritage and character of Adelaide whilst at the same time
  supporting good development which makes a positive contribution to the quality of city life.
IN THE LAST EDITION I showed some buildings and asked what they had in common. Well they were all
Art Deco Buildings and 31-33 Gilbert Place has been approved for demolition. For more information on
Adelaide’s Art Deco heritage contact the Adelaide Chapter of the Art Deco Society c/o of David O’Loughlin
at David is the Mayor of the City of Prospect.

A large gathering assembled in Light Square to celebrate the birthday of William Light
The ceremony was instigated by Light’s friends who presented the Loving Cup to
Adelaide City Council, asking that it be used each year to drink to Light’s health with SA
wine. This was duly done by all present! This year’s event featured the naming of
Adelaide’s streets, most of which were named on 3 June 1837. For those who wondered
how Whitmore Square got its name, Whitmore was the MP who introduced the SA
Foundation Act into the British House of Commons then passed through the House of
Lords with the support of the Duke of Wellington. It was enacted on 19/2/1836

Meeting held on 5 may (next meeting 19 May at 5.30pm)
   Approval was given to the construction of a 3-storey townhouse at 155 Halifax St. Although over height
   and over the plot ratio the panel considered that the design had merit and warranted approval.
   The Panel agreed to the request of the owner of 381-382 South Tce to remove a significant tree. The
   tree, a Gleditsia Tricanthos, was allegedly causing various problems to residents in the area.
   A proposal by the Maras Group to add to the Charlick Building in Rundle Street was deferred for
   further consideration by the applicant of issues relating to height and set-backs.

 Special Meeting held on 1 May (Next Meeting 15 May at 5.00pm with special briefings on Heritage Listing
 of the Park Lands and the Cultural Assessment study prepared by Dr David Jones)
 At this meeting we were briefed by the Head of the Health Department about plans for the new health
 precinct planned for the rail yards north of North Terrace. After much questioning and discussion the
 Authority resolved to advise the Government that the plans for the Hospital are inconsistent with the
 Park Lands Management Strategy and the Community Land Management Plan for Park 27 It is also
 inconsistent with the Adelaide (City) Development Plan. The Authority also decided to ask the Council to
 consider these views in any submission it might make on this subject.

 COUNCIL MEETING 12 MAY (Next Meeting 26 May at 5.30pm)
 Questions and Motions on Notice are a feature of this Council’s procedures. If a member tables a question
 or motion at least 5 working days before the meeting, it appears on the agenda and will be answered by the
 Lord Mayor if it is a question or dealt with by Council at the meeting if it is a motion.
 This week the following Councillors had items on Notice
      Clr Anne Moran - a question on the District Court judgement regarding conflict of interest.
      Clr Anne Moran - a motion calling for a full briefing on the future of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.
      Clr Sandy Wilkinson - a motion requesting more historical information on Heritage Plaques.
      Clr Sandy Wilkinson - a motion to provide more information to the Heritage Survey consultants.
      Clr Joe Cullen - a motion asking the Premier to support improved energy efficiency for new residential
      development equivalent to 6-star ratings.
      Clr Anne Moran – a motion calling on the Government to look at innovative ways to alleviate
      overcrowding on the trams, especially the shuttle service through the city.
      Clr Richard Hayward – a motion calling on the State to support building of solar electric buses in SA.
  Other decisions of Council included:-
       In-principle support for the formation of the Brown Hill Keswick Creeks Storm water Board as a
       regional subsidiary of Adelaide (8%), Burnside (12%), Mitcham (10%), Unley (21%) and West Torrens
       (49%) Councils. Funding is to be a 3-way split between the Councils, State and Federal governments.
       Council agreed to a request from the Adelaide High School to appoint a representative to the
       Governing Council and selected Clr Stephen Yarwood with Clr Ralph Clarke as his deputy.
       Council approved the expenditure of $65k as a deposit on the purchase of a Steinway Concert Grand
       Piano and pre-committed to the balance of the $192k from the 2008-2009 Draft Budget.
       It was decided to seek the support of the government through the Capital City Committee for 50%
       funding towards the estimated $200k required to install a signalised crossing on South Tce to allow
       safe crossing mainly for children using the South Park Lands and the playground by Willcox Street.
       A decision was made to remove the centre-road parking in Rundle Road at weekends. Redesign of the
       slip lanes at the Dequettville Tce junction has the potential to return 2000 m2 of road to open space.
       The reinstatement of Assets under the SAJC lease over Victoria Park was the subject of a
       confidential item. Let us hope that the community will soon see Victoria Park turned into a park
       for the people (Clipsal notwithstanding!) Tenders have been called for consultants to prepare the
       Master Plan.
       Council showed general acceptance of Government plans for the new hospital recognising that it is
       inconsistent with current planning policies. Suggestions for improvements to its relationship with
       surrounding areas were made and a plea to have the names of the RAH and the IVMS retained.

         For comments and suggestions please contact me by email or mobile 0417 088 992

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