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Class 47 Best Cymbidium
                                                                                                                  NORTH SHORE
                                                                                                                 ORCHID SOCIETY
Class 48 Best Cattleya Alliance
Class 49 Best Paphiopedilum Alliance
Class 50 Best Other Orchid

Cattleya means a Cattleya hybrid or any hybrid of a Cattleya with either one or                                            2007
more Brassavola, Laelia or Sophronitis
Class 40 The following are in this class:- Ada, Aspasia, Brassia, Cochlioda,                                           WINTER SHOW
Comparettia, Gomesa, Ionopsis, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Odontoglossum,
Oncidium, Rodriguezia, Rossioglossum, Trichopilia & Variegata
Class 45 Seedlings must be nominated and they may be benched and judged in                                                          at
their appropriate classes.
                                                                                                                      THE GORDON CENTRE
                                                                                                                    802-808 PACIFIC HIGHWAY
This show is set up as a display. Set up on Wednesday 11th July, commencing at                                               GORDON
6 pm. Plants for competition: entries from 6 pm for judging at 7:30 pm on 11th July.

Judging will be in accordance with standards laid down by the Orchid Society of
NSW Inc. except for Miniature & Intermediate Cymbidiums which are defined as                                 Show Dates
Miniature Cymbidiums up to 60 mm wide & Intermediate Cymbidiums up to 90                               12 July – 14th July 2007
mm wide. All entries are free. Entries are eligible for judging in one class only,                    Thursday – Saturday 4:00pm
except where stated otherwise in the Schedule. At the discretion of the Show
Marshal, additional Classes may be included, where warranted. Plants for special
prizes shall be selected from all exhibits in the Show unless otherwise specified.
All multiple entries must be benched in their Class for judging. Plants are not                            Hours: Shopping Hours
eligible for exhibition unless owned by the exhibitor for 6 months. No Awards, first
or second, shall be given if in the judge's opinion, the plant or plants do not reach
the required standard. All plants must bear the owner's name to prevent loss. No
responsibility will be accepted by the Society but the Committee guarantees every                   Set up on Wednesday 11th July
reasonable care.                                                                                      Commencing from 6:00 pm
                                                                                                           Judging 7:30 pm
PLANT SALES A plant sales table will be available at the show and will operate
according to the North Shore Orchid Society Inc. Code of Practice in relation to
Plant Sales and Procedure.
                                                                                                                  Show Marshal
   The N.S.O.S. would like to thank the Management of the Gordon Centre for                                       Garrie Bromley
                                                                                                                 Phone: 9452 3202
               making the space available for the Winter Show.
                                                                                           President                                         Secretary
                                                                                          Merv Daetz                                      Trish Peterson
                                                                                        Phone: 9419 6642                                 Phone: 8920 8690
                       PRIZE LIST & SCHEDULE
                                                                      CATTLEYA & ALLIANCE
Grand Champion Orchid                                   $150 & Sash   Class 17 Best Exhibition Cattleya - Lavender
Reserve Champion Orchid                                 $75 & Sash    Class 18 Best Exhibition Cattleya - Any Other Colour
Champion Standard Cymbidium                             $25 & Sash    Class 19 Best Cluster Cattleya Alliance, minimum 5 flowers
Champion Miniature or Intermediate Cymbidium            $25 & Sash    Class 20 Best Cattleya Alliance, 71 -119 mm - Red. Orange or Yellow
Champion Species                                        $25 & Sash    Class 21 Best Cattleya Alliance, 71 -119 mm - Any Other Colour
                                                                      Class 22 Best Cattleya Alliance, 70 mm and under - Red, Orange or Yellow
Champion Australian Native Orchid                       $25 & Sash    Class 23 Best Cattleya Alliance, 70 mm and under - Any Other Colour
         Species or Hybrid                                            Class 24 Best Species - Cattleya & Alliance
Champion Cattleya Alliance                              $25 & Sash
Champion Paphiopedilum Alliance                         $25 & Sash    PAPHIOPEDILUM ALLIANCE
Champion Vanda Alliance                                 $25 & Sash    Class 25 Best, Red, Green or Yellow Standard Paphiopedilum
                                                                      Class 26 Best Spotted or Any Other Colour Standard Paphiopedilum
Best Specimen Australian Native Orchid                  $25 & Sash    Class 27 Best Paphiopedilum Hybrid, Maudiae Type
         Species or Hybrid                                            Class 28 Best Novelty Paphiopedilum Alliance
Best Specimen Plant, other than native                  $25 & Sash    Class 29 Best Species Paphiopedilum Alliance
Champion Other Genera                                   $25 & Sash
Champion Orchid - Novice Section                        $25 & Sash    DENDROBIUM
                                                                      Class 30 Best Dendrobium Hybrid other than Native

Prizes  1st Prize $10.00                                              VANDA ALLIANCE
        2nd Prize $5.00                                               Class 31 Best Phalaenopsis, over 75 mm White or Pink
OPEN SECTION                                                          Class 32 Best Phalaenopsis, over 75 mm Any Other Colour
STANDARD CYMBIDIUMS                                                   Class 33 Best Intermediate Phalaenopsis 51-75 mm
Class 1 Best White or Pink Cymbidium                                  Class 34 Best Mini Phalaenopsis, under 51 mm
Class 2 Best Green or Yellow Cymbidium                                Class 35 Best Other Vandaceous
Class 3 Best Red or Brown Cymbidium                                   Class 36 Best Species - Vanda Alliance
Class 4 Best Any Other Colour Cymbidium
MINIATURE AND INTERMEDIATE CYMBIDIUMS                                 Class 37 Best Oncidium Alliance Hybrid:
Class 5  Best Red or Brown Miniature Cymbidium                                 Miltoniopsis, Odontioda, Odontoglossum & Odontonia, Vuylstekeara
Class 6  Best Green or Yellow Miniature Cymbidium                     Class 38 Best Oncidium Alliance Hybrid Other Interqenerics
Class 7  Best Any Other Colour Miniature Cymbidium                    Class 39 Best Oncidium Hybrid
Class 8  Best Red or Brown intermediate Cymbidium                     Class 40 Best Species - Oncidium Alliance
Class 9  Best Green or Yellow Intermediate Cymbidium                  Class 41 Best Pleurothallidinae Hybrid
Class 10 Best Any Other Colour Intermediate Cymbidium                 Class 42 Best Pleurothallidinae Species
                                                                      Class 43 Best Other Species
AUSTRALIAN NATIVE ORCHIDS                                             Class 44 Best Other Hybrid
Class 11 Best Dendrobium Species                                      Class 45 Best Seedling Any Genera, hybridist's name (if known) and plant's
Class 12 Best Australian Native Species - Other                                parents to be shown (to be nominated)
Class 13 Best Australian Terrestrial Species & Hybrid                 Class 46 Best Specimen Plant
Class 14 Best Australian Orchid Hybrid - Dendrobium
Class 15 Best Australian Orchid Hybrid - Other
Class 16 Best Specimen

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