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					Welcome to the
Fourth Grade at
We utilize a team approach in
 the fourth grade. Students
     change classes for
approximately two hours of
    instruction each day.
Mathematics,         Reading,
Social Studies       English,
      &             Spelling &
Science/Health       Writing
      Let’s meet the 4th grade team!
     Lara Reeves –Math/Reading
Yuly Jablonski – Science/Social Studies
   **Lang. Arts will be taught by each
         homeroom teacher**
Briana Ryals – Math & Science/Health

Amy Wingate –Soc. St./Reading
Here is an overview of the major
topics addressed in each subject
    area of the fourth grade
            Social Studies
• Indians of North America
• Explorations & Encounters
• Our Colonial Heritage
• The American Revolution
• The New Nation
• Our Nation Grows
•Map & Globe Skills
• Place Value
• Addition & Subtraction with Regrouping
• 2, 3 & 4-Digit Multiplication
                                  ¾      .001
• Long Division
• Geometry        30o

• Fractions- Including Addition & Subtraction
• Decimals
• Graphing
            Science & Health
• Science Process Skills & Scientific Method
• The Solar System
• Weather
• Light & Sound
• Food Chains, Food Webs and Ecosystems
• Force, Mass, Motions and Machines
• Nutrition & Digestion
• Drug Alcohol Awareness
         Language Arts
       Reading                  English
       Spelling                 Writing

  The language arts average is generated
    using the following percentages:
Reading = 70%   English = 20%    Spelling = 10%
At River Ridge, we believe
that a strong foundation in
READING is the key that
unlocks all learning. For
this reason, we take
reading very seriously!
The Accelerated Reader Program is
an integral part of our reading
Students are monitored weekly to
assess their reading level,
comprehension, and growth.
AR will no longer be counted for a
             Accelerated Reader
Students will work to meet three goals for
1. Students should maintain an 85 average for
   quiz scores.
2. An individualized point goal is set for each
3. An individualized book level goal is set for
   each child.
Class schedules are posted on
 each Homeroom teacher’s
 •Students have received agendas.
       • Kept inside the binder
  •Daily communication between
         home and school.
 •Sign your child’s agenda nightly.
 • Failure to get the agenda signed
will result in a responsibility sign in.
       Signed Paper Folders
• Graded papers will be sent home each
• Review the information provided and sign.
• Graded papers should be returned on
Thursday, but no later than Friday.
•If the papers are not returned (signed), your
child will receive a responsibility sign in.
   Grading Policy
There are 2 categories for
 grades: Major Tests &
     Daily Grades
Major test grades include chapter
 or unit tests as well as projects.
These grades are recorded twice
 and carry greater weight in the
  overall average than do daily
       Make-Up Work
When your child is absent, it is
most beneficial to him or her to
   get the missed work before
  returning to school. We will
prepare a missed work agenda
 to be picked up or sent home
   with a sibling or neighbor.
      Grading Scale
A=90-100     B=80-89
C=73-79      D=70-72
*In the 4th grade, number rather than
      letter grades are reported.
          Honor Roll
Students who maintain overall A
averages each term in L.A., Math,
Science, and Social Studies qualify for
the A Honor Roll.

Students who maintain overall A and B
averages each term in L.A., Math,
Science, and Social Studies qualify for
the A & B Honor Roll.
     Classroom Management
We have found that positive reinforcement of
appropriate behavior and academic achievement
goes a long way in motivating student progress. We
want to insure that instructional time is spent on
instruction. Our plan is based on the premise that:
* Students will not interfere with the instruction of
the teacher.
* Students will not interfere with the learning of
other students.
* No harm shall be inflicted on other students in
any way.
2 types:
• Behavior (not following directions,
  talking out of turn, not keeping hands to
  self, poor behavior in restroom, hallway,
  cafeteria, at recess, etc.)
• Responsibility (not completing
  homework, not getting planner signed, not
  bringing supplies to class, not getting AR
  folder signed, not bringing back sign-in
  note, etc.)
• If your child gets a
  behavior sign-in, his/her
  teacher will staple a notice
  in the agenda for you to
  sign. It must be returned
  the following day or
  another sign-in will be
  given and a call home will
  be made.
      Behavior Consequences
• 1 sign-in= Warning
• 2 sign-ins=loss of 5 minutes of recess
• 3 sign-ins=loss of 10 minutes of
• 4 sign-ins=parent conference (via

• Serious behavior issues will be handled
  by Dr. Richardson or Mrs. Cox.
       School-wide Rules

1. Always participate and try your best.
2. Respect others and their property.
3. Always walk silently in the building on the
   tan line (two blocks away from the wall).
4. Raise your hand to be called on before
5. Always be prepared for class.
       Birthday Party Treats
• Birthdays will be
  celebrated on
  Thinking Cap Day
  (usually the last Friday
  of each month). Each
  class’s Room Mom
  will contact you
  regarding treats during
  the month of your
  child’s birthday.
• They must be store
  bought and sealed.
               Water Bottles
• Students are encouraged to
  bring a water bottle to school.
• Water bottles should have
  twist-on caps that seal tightly.
• Water bottles should be
  cleaned/changed frequently.
• Please keep a sock on bottles
  to absorb condensation.
• Only water should be brought
  to school to drink.
• Some 4th grade students
  will receive invitations
  soon to join chorus. Miss
  Callan will not be holding
  auditions this year. Only
  those who receive
  invitations will be
  eligible. Invitations were
  given out today.
  Our library is available to
 students daily from 8:30 to
  3:30. Fourth graders may
check out two books at a time.
 One book must always be an
on-level AR book. Check-outs
   are good for two weeks.
Our instructional day is from
8:30 to 3:30. Students should
NOT arrive before 8:00 unless
they are registered in the
before school care program.
• If students arrive at school after 8:30, he/she
  must be accompanied by an adult to the office
  for a tardy slip.
• Students MUST bring either a doctor’s note or
  parent note upon returning from an any
  absence. This is per Columbia County Policy.
  All absences will be documented and county
  protocol followed.

1. Parent excuse – 5 per
2. Medial excuse – unlimited
3. Unexcused – no note, no
   reason for absence
Be sure to join our school’s
PTO! Our school’s success is
greatly impacted by the level
of support demonstrated by
our parents and teachers.
Remember that you can
make direct donations in lieu
of participation in
Afternoon Dismissal:
• Walkers are to be dismissed from the end of the
  4/5th grade hall. Parents, please meet walkers at
  the bike rack.
• NO transportation changes can be made after
  3:00 P.M.
• All transportation changes should be made via
  written note to your child’s teacher or via e-
      Important Information!!
• Most important information you might want
  to know can be found on the 4th Grade Web
  Page. Look here to find information related
  to each subject area. If you still have
  questions after looking there, please see your
  child’s individual teacher’s page for contact
           Car Line Reminders
1. Stay in your car when dropping off or picking up. If you
      park in the parking lot and walk to the sidewalk you must sign
      students out on the computer and present sticker to the teacher.
2.   Do not use cell phones
3.   Put placard in front windshield so that teachers see it.
4.    Use turn signals
5.    Please DO NOT park along Mullikin Road to pick your
      child up.

These guidelines are for the safety of our students. We
   appreciate your help in keeping them safe.
     This concludes our
informational presentation on
 Fourth Grade at River Ridge