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					                                         Cyndi Seidler
                 8209 Foothill Blvd. A184, Sunland, CA ▪ 818-686-8660 ▪

                                    Media Producer
                         Production Management ▪ Creative Development

5 years experience in pre-production, production and post-production with a rich blend of
experience in new media, television and radio, accompanied by a proven track record of
developing successful video properties.
   •   Production management: from Concept to Release
   •   Directing and Writing episodic content/Scripting: 24 episodes of Web Series
   •   Guide Development of Concepts: Pitches, Ideas: Corporate and TV
   •   Radio Broadcasting: Live & Recorded, Production and Hosting (talk-show)

Experience Overview

   •   Writing Pro Treatments                             •   Maintaining Contracts,
   •   Scripting Shows, Features                              Production Books & Client Billing
   •   Story Boarding / Creatives                         •   Client and Creative Management
   •   Project Logistics & Research                       •   Pitching Concepts
   •   Location Scouting                                  •   Oversee Creative Services for Clients
   •   Obtaining Use Permits, Contracts                   •   Collaborating with Graphic Design
   •   Oversee Detailed Budgets:                          •   Coordinating Marketing and
       Planning & Execution                                   Promotion Strategies
   •   Testimonial Recruitment                            •   Review Dailies & Log Footage
   •   Talent & Crew Casting & Waivers                    •   Supervision: Editors, Crew,
   •   Wardrobe Planning                                      Talent, Stock Footage/Music &
   •   Scheduling Shoots                                      Composers
   •   Crew Negotiation & Booking                         •   Managing Production & Creative Staff

Career Credits

   “So Far” music video, Spencer Davis (pre-production)
   Producer / Director / Writer

   Corporate Video, One Step Data, Inc., 2010
   Producer / Director / Writer

   “Smart Retail” Web Series, 24 episodes, 2009-2010
   Producer / Director / Writer / Videographer

   Training Video, One Step Retail Solutions, 2009
   Director / Videographer
   RESUME: CYNDI SEIDLER, PRODUCER                                         Pg. 2

   “Retail Pro” Product video, 2008
   Producer / Director
   A production of Retail Pro International

   “Interview with Scott Kreisberg”,2007
   Producer / Director
   Prime Cut Productions

   “Get Organized” DVD series pilot, 2005
   Co-Producer / Director / Writer / Host
   A Soorya Arts Production

   Website commercial / online media, GDA, 2004
   Script Writer
   A Production of GDA (Get Out Of Debt America)

   “Cold Dogs” News Documentary Special, 2004
   Script Writer
   A Muttshack Production

   “Organized Living with Cyndi Seidler”, 2001-2003
   Producer / Radio Talk-show Host
   KIEV-Talk Radio

Core Background, Knowledge & Skills

      •   Working knowledge of current           •    15 Years as a Professional
          industry standard audio/video               Organizer: Corporate & Event
          file and tape formats and                   Planning
          production equipment                   •    10+ Years in Marketing
      •   Strong Computer Skills: Word,               (including Internet Marketing)
          Excel, Adobe PhotoShop,                •    Extensive Internet Research
          basic Flash                            •    Effective Client Management
      •   Professional level Graphic &           •    On-Camera: Featured Guest
          Web Design, HTML                            Spots, Live Broadcast News, TV
      •   Project Management                          Specials, Reality Shows
      •   Excellent Presentation Skills:         •    Voice-Over: Radio
          Verbal & Written                            Commercials, Web Series &
      •   Proficient Videographer                     Narration
      •   Team Motivation & Team

                           References Available Upon Request

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