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									London field trip_notes

Other places of interest                               Brighton
Around London:                                         -   beach
Kew Gardens http://www.kew.org.uk                      -   The Brighton Pavilion
-   botanic gardens                                    -   Train: Brighton; journey time: 1hr
-   Tube: Kew Gardens (zone 3)
                                                       Concerts/theatre, etc.:
Greenwich                                              -   Royal Opera House
http://www.greenwich.gov.uk/Greenwich/                 -   Royal Festival Hall
-   Royal Observatory – Greenwich Mean Time            -   Royal Albert Hall
    (GMT) and the Meridian Line                        -   Barbican Centre
-   National Maritime Museum                           -   English National Opera (operas sung in
-   Docklands Light Railway (DLR): Cutty                   English)
    Sark                                               -   Popular West-end musicals:
Windsor Castle http://www.windsor.gov.uk.                  _musicals.html
-   Train: Windsor                                         The Phantom of the Opera – Piccadilly
-   Green Line bus departs from Victoria                   Circus
    http://www.greenline.co.uk                             Les Miserables – near Leicester Square
                                                           Mamma Mia – near Leicester Square
Leeds Castle http://www.leeds-castle.com                   Chicago – The Strand; Tube: Charing Cross
-   in Kent, not in Leeds!                                 The Lion King – Covent Garden
-   train from Victoria; journey time: 1hr
-   combined ticket (admission + train)                Museums:
    available                                          Most of the museums in London are free of
                                                       charge. Fees usually apply for special
Bath http://www.romanbaths.co.uk                       exhibitions.
-   The Roman Baths                                    -   British Museum (very near to UCL ; Tube:
-   Train: Bath Spa (not Bath); journey time:              Russell Square)
    1.5hr                                              -   National Gallery (facing Trafalgar Sq; Tube:
                                                           Charing Cross)
Oxford                                                 -   National Portrait Gallery (next to National
-   bus (called “Oxford Tube”) departs from                Gallery)
    Victoria (Buckingham Palace Road)                  -   Tate Britain (Tube: Pimlico, Westminster)
    http://www.stagecoach-oxford.co.uk/oxfordt         -   Tate Modern (Tube: St. Paul’s, then cross
    ube/                                                   the Millennium Bridge)
-   journey time: 1hr                                  -   Shakespeare Globe Theatre (next to Tate
                                                       -   Victoria & Albert Museum (Tube: South

London field trip_notes

    Kensington) – Special exhibition: Vivienne         Café Presto – my favourite café
    Westwood                                           -   a tiny café (with 4 tables only) on
-   Natural History Museum (Tube: South                    Torrington Place (within 5 minute’s walk
    Kensington)                                            from UCL Ling Dept);
-   Science Museum (Tube: South Kensington)            -   reasonable price, e.g. ciabatta with various
-   Museum of London (Tube: Barbican)                      fillings at about ₤3.
-   Imperial War Museum (Tube: Waterloo or
    Southwark)                                         Planet –
                                                       -   an organic food shop on Torrington Place;
Sight-seeing:                                          -   ready-to-eat food or you can buy some and
-   Big Ben                                                cook for yourself;
-   Houses of Parliament                               -   a collection of magazines on healthy life
-   London Eye                                             style for you to read while you eat.
-   Westminster Cathedral
-   St. Paul’s Cathedral                               Starbucks – Tottenham Court Road and
-   Tower Bridge, Tower of London                      everywhere

Parks:                                                 Café Nero – location: same as Starbucks
-   Hyde Park (Tube: Hyde Park Corner) –
    Speakers’ Corner – anyone can talk about           Costa (café ) - nearest: basement of Waterstone’s,
    anything at any time in Sunday mornings!           Malet Street, just opp. ULU.
-   St. James’s Park (Tube: St. James’s Park)
-   Regent’s Park (Tube: Regent’s Park, Baker          Pret-a-manger – nearest: Tottenham Court Road
                                                       Busaba – very good modern Thai restaurant

Markets:                                               Chinese Restaurant –
A lot more stalls open during weekends.                -   near Russell Square Tube Station.
-   Covent Garden (Tube: Covent Garden)                -   Set lunch: ₤4.5 incl. main course, soup and
-   Portobello Road (mainly antiques) –                    tea; cheap for Chinese food in London!
    Remember the film “Notting Hill”? (Tube:
Nottinghill Gate)                                      The Goose (pub) – near Russell Square Tube
-   Spitalfields Market (go on Sundays) (Tube:         Station
    Liverpool Street)
-   Camden Road Market (Tube: Camden                   JD Lloyds – (not sure of its name …)
    Town)                                              -   pub w/ modern design (one of the
                                                           Wetherspoon pubs)
Places to eat around UCL:                              -   Charing Cross Road

London field trip_notes

                                                            - set dinner: around ₤10
Lower Refectory, UCL –
-   student canteen inside UCL main site; next              Blues:
    to Ling Dept                                            - modern European cuisine
-   cheap(er!) (just cheaper than outside –                 - set dinner: around ₤10
    though not cheap either)
                                                            Pizza Express
UCL Union –                                                 - chain store
-   next to Bloomsbury Theatre; next to Ling                - average price for a pizza: ₤6
-   cheap(er) food-to-go                                    All Bar One
                                                            - pub
University of London Union (ULU) –
-   cheap(er) food-to-go at the shop on the             China Town - Tube: Leicester Square
    ground floor                                        -   calling cards sold here
-   pubs on the upper floors                            -   cheap eats: Wong Kei

Free vegetarian food –                                  Bricklane - Tube: Aldgate East
-   During term time, there’s a cart opp. the           -   Indian & Bangladeshi cuisine
    UCL main quad, outside the brick-red
    Cruciform Building, everyday around lunch           Supermarkets:
    hour. They are promoting healthy eating and         Marks & Spencer – Tottenham Court Road
    give vegetarian food for free. If you see a
    long queue there, you may want to join the          Sainsbury’s –
    others!                                             -   There’s one opp. Warren Street Tube Station;
                                                            another one near Tottenham Court Road
Other places to eat:                                        Tube Station
SOHO - Tube: Leicester Square
-   my favourites:                                      Others:
    Nando’s:                                            Accommodation: Ramsay Hall –
    - Portuguese cuisine                                -   breakfasts provided
    - grilled chicken                                   -   centrally heated
    - set lunch: ₤4.5 incl. 1/4 portion grilled         -   a wash hand basin in each room
chicken + 2 side dishes                                 -   a TV room with Sky TV, a bar, a small
                                                            library and Launderette
    Pierre Victoire:                                    -   Tube: Goodge Street, Warren Street, Euston
    - French cuisine                                        Square, Great Portland Street
    - set lunch: around ₤7                              -   Address: 20 Maple Street, London, W1P

London field trip_notes

    5HB                                                    l
-   Tel. +44 (0)20 7387 4537                               UCL Union: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-union/
-   Fax +44 (0)20 7383 0843                                University of London: http://www.lon.ac.uk
                                                           Eating guide: http://www.london-eating.co.uk
Photocopying –      ULU: around 3p per sheet.              Transport for London: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/
                                                                 Single journey within zone 1: ₤2
Newspapers –                                                     Carnet (a pack of 10 single journey tickets
-   Cheaper at UCL Union shop or ULU.                      within zone 1): ₤15
-   Broadsheets: e.g. Guardian, Times                            1-week travel card for zone 1: ₤17
-   Tabloid: e.g. The Sun                                        No discount with International Student
-   Entertainment guide: e.g. Time Out (weekly             Identity Card (ISIC).
    magazine); 70p cheaper at ULU!                         National Express – Coaches to places outside
Internet café –                                            http://www.nationalexpress.com/neh.cfm
There’s an orange internet café (“easyinternet”,           Trains http://www.trainline.co.uk
not sure of its name) on Tottenham Court Road              Travel information www.visitbritain.com

Burberry outlet –                                          This list isn’t exhaustive – there’s A LOT MORE
Train: Hackney Central (zone 2), then 15                   to do in London. For more ideas, consult travel
minutes’ walk (get a map from the internet first!)         books (e.g. Lonely Planet) or websites, or ask
                                                           John or me (Joanne)!
Street maps: www.multimap.com                              Joanne’s mobile: 07903721629
Maps of UCL main sites:
University College London:
Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL:
Department of English, UCL:
International Corpus of English (ICE):
Survey of English Usage:
UCL Language Centre


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