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					                     MOON LANTERN FESTIVAL

                   14TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 Elder Park – 4-8pm
                              At 2 Sept. 2008

4pm                 Food and non-food stalls open
                    Commercial & Community Food Stalls
                    Non Food Stalls: Chinese Horoscope Telling, Carpets for
                    Communities and Yhans Jewellery stall

4 - 8.00pm          MC – Jemma Rivera.

4 – 4.40pm          Pre-record Music over stage PA

4-5pm               Tuida (The Tale of Haruk) – Roving throughout park

4pm – 5pm           Workshops

                    Lantern Making Demonstration
                    SA Vietnamese Teacher’s Association

                    Calligraphy Workshop and Origami Workshop
                    Japan Australia Friendship Association

4.15pm – 4.45pm     Taiko Drumming Workshop
                    Atsui-No-Taiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble
4.15pm – 4.45pm     Martial Arts Workshop
                    The Tiger’s Chan Moo Kwan Taekwando Academy

4.15pm – 4.45pm     Tai Chi Workshop
                    Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc

4.30pm – 4.40pm     Traditional Vietnamese Music
                    Vietnamese Traditional Music Club in SA Inc

4.40pm – 4.50pm     Parading the Lantern & Pop Song
                    Vietnamese Literature and Arts Association Inc

4.52 – 4.57pm       Traditional Dance on stage
                    Vietnamese Long Hoa Buddhist Youth Association

5.05pm – 5.25pm     1) Tai Chi Palm
                    2) Tai Chi Fan
                    3) Moon Fairy Dance

5.30pm – 5.40pm     Tabla & Singer/Harmonium Player

5.50pm – 6.05pm     Bhuddist Blessing in Rotunda - Chinese Bhuddist monks and
                    community from the SA Zhu-Lin Buddhist Association.
                    Shrine and blessing in Rotunda

6.05 pm – 6.15pm    Bhuddist Blessing along parade route through park
                   MOON LANTERN FESTIVAL
6.15pm – 6.25pm    Speeches on stage
                   Welcome to Country: Uncle Lewis, Mike Rann, Hieu Van Le and
                   Douglas Gautier
                   Speakers led on stage by Lions flourish (Phu Dong Lion Dance)

6.25pm – 6.40pm    Atsui-No-Taiko Japanese Drumming Ensemble

6.40 – 6.45pm      DragonBoat SA/ Lions lead along river / Atsui-No-Taiko
                   Japanese Drumming Ensemble - drumming (calling of
                   dragon boats).

6.45 – 6.55pm      Lion’s dance on Popeye landing
                   Phu Dong Lion Dance

6.55pm             Starburst (firework signalling start of parade from Pinky Flat)
                   Parade begins
                   led by The Tiger’s Chan Moo Kwan Taekwondo Academy
                   parade of students

7.20pm – 7.40pm    Martial Arts Demonstration on stage
                   The Tiger’s Chan Moo Kwan Taekwondo Academy

7.45pm –7.51pm     Yapong dance
                   Ade Suharto, Kensington Ballet School, Gamelan Sekar Laras

7.52pm –8.02 pm    Shadow puppet play
                   by Heri Dono, Jumaadi and Gamelan Sekar Laras

8.03pm – 8.08pm    Once Upon a Midnight
                   Flinders Uni Drama and Japanese students

8.10pm – 8.20pm    Tale of Haruk – Tuida

8.20pm- 8.25pm     Lions Dance on popeye landing
                    by Phu Dong Lion Dance

8.25 – 8.30pm      Fireworks

8.30pm – as people leave
                    Moon DVD on screens (to be supplied by Christopher)

                   Finish of Moon Lantern Festival

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