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					Mine Analytics
AMC the business of mining
                       Mine Analytics
                       Mine Analytics ensures both planned and                     Strategic Mine Optimisation
                       operating mines achieve their business goals                By finding the optimum combination of key decision
                       throughout their life cycles. AMC’s capabilities            parameters i.e. cut-offs, mining methods, production
                       can be delivered as stand-alone services, with              rates, sequencing, plant upgrades and other crucial inputs,
                       maximum value achieved when used together                   AMC models opportunities and threats to understand the
                       in an integrated approach. AMC can also                     relationships between risk and reward to best achieve
                                                                                   corporate and stakeholder goals.
                       assist clients with implementing business
                       improvement strategies.                                     Operations Optimisation
                       Benchmarking                                                AMC provides project optimisation strategies at a level
                                                                                   of detail suitable for mine planning that can be tailored
                       AMC maintains an extensive and up to date database          to project or client requirements e.g. optimisation of
                       of mining costs and productivities for surface and          life-of-mine development and production scheduling,
                       underground mines. Our benchmarking methodology             business wide strategic planning and staffing schedules.
                       focuses on developing a detailed understanding of the
                       drivers of cost and productivity. AMC has completed over    Mine Simulation
                       60 benchmarking studies world-wide.
                                                                                   AMC has developed a holistic mine-to-market simulation
                       Management and Operational                                  tool (MineOpSim®) for surface and underground mining
                       Reporting Systems                                           operations. MineOpSim® greatly reduces the time and
                                                                                   cost to emulate and analyse proposed and existing mining
                       Accurate, timely and relevant reporting is essential for    operations, with high levels of detail, functionality and
                       effective mine management. AMC develops customised          customisation.
                       reporting solutions which integrate financial and physical
                       metrics. Our methodology ensures reports are based on       Caving Simulation
                       sound, reliable data and interface directly with existing
                       accounting and mine systems to provide timely and           Cave-Sim™ has been developed to help analyse the
                       meaningful information.                                     performance of different block and sub-level cave layout
                                                                                   options, enabling full integration of economic parameters
                       Operational Improvement Studies                             and geological models into three dimensional flow models
                                                                                   of operating caves.
                       AMC identifies opportunities to maximise the value
                       extracted from mineral resources by detailed analysis of    Geological Uncertainty and Risk Assessment
                       cost, revenue and productivity performance. Using Value
                       Driver Tree methodologies, AMC can identify, quantify and   AMC can review, evaluate and advise clients on the
                       compare business improvement options.                       implications of geological uncertainty, geological risk and
                                                                                   appropriate assessment strategies – from estimation of
                                                                                   Mineral Resources to evaluating geological inputs that
                                                                                                                                                 Front Main Greg Tossel Above David Johns

                                                                                   contribute to estimation of Ore Reserves.
                                                                                                                                                 Photography: Front Top David Johns

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