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									Membership Categories – Summary
Service Membership - $42
A Service Membership is offered to currently serving and ex-serving members of our forces
(Army, Navy & Airforce). This membership gives them full access to all club facilities including
discounts. Full voting rights & a quarterly journal called ‘Mufti’ sent from Anzac house.

Service Members can only be full members at one Sub Branch (see Associate Member)

Criteria for Service Membership
Must 18 years of age or over;
Has served in any of the Australian defence forces in any conflict;
Has served not less than 6 months in the regular or reserve Australian Defence        Force;
Has completed a period of National Service in the Australian Defence Force;
Has served in the Defence Forces of any country that is a part of the Commonwealth;
Has served in the defence forces of the New Zealand or the United States of America;
Is an Australian citizen and has served in the defence force of any country allied to Australia

Affiliate Membership - $42
Affiliate Membership is a type of RSL Membership that caters for family members of serving and
ex-service men and women. Its purpose is to provide a form of RSL membership that
maintained the ‘bloodlines’ of those who have served their country in both peace and war.

  - Members will receive a quarterly journal from Anzac House called ‘Mufti’
  - The opportunity to share in the comradeship common to those who have served in the
       armed forces.
  - The Ability to serve on the Sub Branch Committee
  - Discounts offered by Anzac House
  - Discounts offered in house (food and drinks)

Any person who:
    - Has served a minimum of 6 months in the Police Force, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, or
        State emergency Service
    - Is over the age of 18 who is a relative of any Service or Life member of the RSL
    - Is related to a person who at the time of his/her death was eligible to be a member of the
    - A child of an ex-service man or woman
Social Member - $45
A Member who would like to utilise the facilities of our Sub-Branch. Is entitled to all in house
discounts (food and drinks). Has no voting rights and is not a member of the actual RSL.
Members can be Social members at more than one RSL.

Community Member - $10
A Community member is not entitled to any discounts, they just receive a members card so they
do not need to sign in each time they visit our Sub Branch.

Associate Member - $17
An Associate Member is a financial Service Member of another Sub Branch and a second
member at our Sub Branch. No one can be a Service member at more than one club. This
category is only available to Service Members (not affiliate or social). Member must prove by
either receipt or Clubs Online that they are a full financial member at another Sub Branch.

Bundoora RSL Bowling Centre Members
Affiliate Bowling Member - $180
Same as an RSL Affiliate member but one who bowls as well - Same joining criteria for Affiliate
Membership is required for eligibility.

Service Bowling Member - $180
Same as an RSL Service member but one who bowls as well - Same joining criteria for Service
Membership is required for eligibility.

Junior >18 Member - $90
A member who is under 18 who just bowls. Has no voting rights etc.

Social Bowling Member $180
A member who enjoys utilising the clubs facilities as well as Social and Pennant bowls

Social Member $30
Members who enjoy the Clubs facilities but DOES NOT bowl

Veteran 80+ Bowling Member $115
Same as a Social Bowling Member with reduced fee's once age reaches 80

War Widow Bowling Member $180
Same as a 'Social Bowling Member'

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