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					Curriculum Vitae: David Monteath
                      Height:        5'11
                      Build:         Medium
                      Eyes:          Blue
                      Hair:          Fair

Full Equity

V/O Agent:            VOICE SHOP
                      1a Devonshire Road
                      W4 2EU
                      020 8742 7077

Trained:              Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts

Character             Production                             Company                 Director

Michael               Crimewatch UK                          BBC                     Nic Blower
Tom                   The Sober Truth...                     L.I.F.S                 Martin Goessler
Chic                  Take The High Road (12 Episodes)       Scottish Television     Frank Cox
Soldier               Iphigenia At Aulis                     BBC                     Don Taylor
Gary Knox             Coronation Street (5 Episodes)         Granada                 Bill Gilmore
Mark McCabe           Maureen Reid, Where Are You?           Scottish Television     David Andrew
Edward Dwininig       Annals of the Parish                   BBC Scotland            Tom Cotter
Boy                   Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy              BBC                     Jonathan Powell

Det Sgt Trotter       The Mousetrap                          Mousetrap Productions   David Turner
Guy Berkeley          Lady Windermere’s Fan                  D C Weldon              Philip Prowse
Dougie Cameron        A Voyage Round Para Handy              Playbox                 John Rocaccioli
Christopher Morcom    Breaking The Code                      D C Weldon              Clifford Williams
Lord Alfred Rufford   A Woman Of No Importance               R.S.C.                  Philip Prowse
Dan Dini              Cinderella                             Brunton Theatre         Jeffrey Daunton
Peter                 Lion, Witch & Wardrobe                 Brunton Theatre         Jeffrey Daunton
Lt Langan             The Plough & The Stars                 Brunton Theatre         Jeffrey Daunton
Sir David Brechin     The Bruce                              Edinburgh Festival      Charles Nowosielski
Sir Edward Bruce      The Bruce                              Edinburgh Festival      Charles Nowosielski
Tahan                 Slaves Of The Eagle                    Theatre Alba            Charles Nowosielski
Robert Paisley        The Massacre At Tranent                Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
Guildenstern          Hamlet                                 Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
Jimmy Crankit         Pinocchio                              Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
Robbie Smith          Stags & Hens                           Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
Captain La Hire       St Joan                                Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
English Soldier       St Joan                                Brunton Theatre         Charles Nowosielski
Monk                  Enrico IV                              Citizens Theatre        Philip Prowse
Davy Galbraith        Wedding Fever                          Logan Theatres          Jimmy Logan
Captains Mate         Dick Whittington                       Pavilion Theatre        Jimmy Logan
Katitsky/ Writer      The Representative                     Citizens Theatre        R D McDonald
Tommy Trafford        An Ideal Husband                       Citizens Theatre        Philip Prowse

                      Driving, Riding, Swimming, Shooting, Fencing (SBFD) & Stage Combat, Judo,
                      Chinese Broadsword, Ta’i Chi Chuan (Qualified Instructor in Form, Theory and