Media Release DEAR AUNTY (Wasawasa Festival 2009) by lindayy


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									Dear Aunty                                           

        How do Hapakasi, Afakasi, Hapa, Mixed Race Islanders manage many worlds?

With Tattoo, Dogs teeth, Gowns, Coconut oil, Torch light and Aunty.
        Sunameke gathers its stories for its latest production from surveys sent out through facebook and YouTube
        and brings it together with dance, film and music.

        It’s an intimate perspective on what it is to be mixed race living in Australia. From the Islands to Aussie
        within our own bodies we find the balance. Confronting and beautiful this show is just like its namesake.

        Highly versatile we transform from supermodels to thieves and all the while we tell you about her.
        Dear Aunty is the voice from those nieces and nephews that never back chatted.
        Don't you ever wonder what they were really thinking?

        These tales and songs of acceptance are delivered with a soft punch and a wicked smile.

What is so special about this production?
        It links Our Idea of the Pacific through dance, film, language, poetry and contemporary traditional rhythm,
        It is a sneak peek into the lives of the Hapakasi!
        Present day and traditional island cultures meld with the multicultural lives of the performers, including
        Papua New Guinean, Filipino, Samoan and Maori Hapakasi.

Why is it called Dear Aunty?                Just ask her she will know!

Julia Gray, (Mekeo Australia), Director Sunameke Productions
Yola GRAY (Mekeo Australia), with passion and precision her Island styles run deep and in sunamekes own
circles has become known as the hard drive.
Justine Maxwell (Papuan Philippines Spanish American), like a river of heartfelt joy her dance brings a
balancing lightness to a true mix of culture.

Music Director:
James Mangohig (Philippines Dutch). Mangohig makes music that incorporates both his own personal musical
journey and the love of Filipino culture.

Julia Gray and James Mangohig’s music is the meeting place of their combined cultural heritage, Australia, Papua
New Guinea and The Philippines.
Dramatically moving and gut wrenchingly honest, sunameke playing live will haunt you with its melodies and
rhythms. Their music is an intimate perspective that is confronting in its beauty.

Video Surveys - Sosefina Fuamoli (Samoa Australia) Monique Moffat-Croft (Manus British) Ranu James (Motu
Australia) Katrina Sonter (Manus Australia) Heta Crombie (Maori British)
Face Book Surveys – With participants as far as New York and as close as next door.

Want a sneak peek? Then check out our footage!!



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