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									SCC 159                        SCC 151
                                           WASTE DISPOSAL
                                                     Information Sheet #1   June 2007
140 Dunlop St E          150 Dunlop St E
Barrie ON                     Barrie ON

       Please save for future reference.       •   Books can be donated to our very own
                                                   Party Room shelves.
                                               •   Gift boxes and bags, wrapping paper and
      Please refer to Corporation Rules,           tissue can be re-used for packaging gifts.
      Section H – GARBAGE DISPOSAL.
                                               Recycle. Bayshore Landing offers recycling
REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE                         services for paper, cardboard and containers
                                               that would otherwise be directed to the
    Each Canadian generates almost 2 kg of     landfill.
garbage every day – more than any other
citizen in the world. We can reduce the           By following the 3R principles, we can
amount of garbage sent to landfill by          collectively reduce the amount of waste sent
following the 3Rs – in order of importance:    to landfill and save money for the
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.                     Condominium Corporation.
Reduce. Reduce consumption to cut waste.
• Don't buy more than you really need.         WASTE DISPOSAL COSTS
• Avoid over-packaged products.                •   Garbage Dumpsters: garbage collected in
• Think twice before disposing items that          the chutes and in the recycling room
  no longer work properly. Can the item be         garbage cans is compacted and wheeled
  repaired? Is there a charitable group that       to the rear parking lot weekly for pick-up.
  can make use of the item or repair it?           We pay the “lift” fee and the city waives
• Buy well made and durable products –             the landfill “tipping” fee (covered by
  you'll reduce waste while saving yourself        property taxes). Garbage in excess of one
  time, money and aggravation.                     pick-up will be charged both “lift” and
• Look for EcoLogo products that have a            “tipping” fee.
  high content of recycled materials.          •   Recycling Bins: paper bins and container
                                                   bins are picked up by the City at no cost.
Re-use. Reuse products before disposal.        •   Cardboard Dumpsters: We pay the “lift”
• Be practical and creative in finding             fee only.
  further uses for things.
• Glass jars, plastic containers, cardboard    BAYSHORE LANDING WASTE
  boxes, bags and cans are great for
  storage.                                     Our waste stream is varied and includes:
• Cloth bags are ideal for shopping.           • Garbage – chute garbage; large garbage;
                                                 and bulk items such as appliances,
• Use rechargeable batteries.
                                                 furniture, renovation and repair scrap.
• Wrapping paper, string, rubber bands
                                               • Recycling – paper recycling, container
  and twist ties will soon be needed again.
                                                 recycling and cardboard recycling.
• Give items to others that can reuse them.
                                               • Other – tires; refrigerators, freezers,
• Clothing, toys, furniture and other
                                                 dehumidifiers, air conditioners and
  household items can often be donated.
                                                 hazardous wastes.
Info Sheet #1 – Waste Disposal                                                                  2

GARBAGE CHUTES                                     waste at the landfill site per year at no
                                                   charge. Cost over that limit is $105/tonne.
What are we allowed to put down chutes?            Items banned from landfilling:
•   Chutes are designed to handle “kitchen         • Liquid wastes.
    bags”, grocery bags or similar-sized bags.     • Hazardous wastes.
•   Ensure bags are properly closed or tied.       • Non-certified appliances containing
•   Only use chutes between 6 am to 10 pm.            CFCs. A licensed technician must
•   Do NOT force large bags or items down             decommission refrigerators, freezers, air
    the chute. This jams the chute and will           conditioners, dehumidifiers and water
    likely require a service call to clear the        coolers before they can be disposed of at
    jam.                                              the landfill site – paperwork stating the
•   Do NOT drop cat litter down the chute.            appliance is CFC-free must be affixed to
    Double bag litter and place it in the             the appliance.
    recycle room garbage can.                      • Tires. The landfill takes these in for a fee
•   Do NOT drop liquids, broken glass, wood           ($3/tire under 17”; $5/tire between 17”
    and metal objects (including coat                 and 19”; $15/tire over 19”; double the
    hangers). This damages compactors.                rate if tires are on rims).
    Place these items in or next to the recycle    • Corrugated cardboard (but you can
    room garbage can.                                 dispose of it in the recycle room).

LARGER BAGGED GARBAGE                              An alternative to landfilling bulk items
   Garbage that is larger than what can fit            The City of Barrie and Habitat for
into the garbage chutes should be carried to       Humanity-Huronia ReStore have partnered
the recycle room and be placed in or beside        to provide a Bulky Item Collection Program.
the garbage can. Limit is ONE bag.                 Barrie residents can remove these for a cost
   If you have more than one bag, contact          of $25.00 per item – cash or cheque to
the property manager or superintendent to          Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
determine if the bags can be dropped off. If            To arrange for item pick-up, call the City
not, they will have to go to the landfill.         of Barrie at 739-4219; press 4 and leave
                                                   your name, address, phone number and a
                                                   description of the item to be collected.
BULK ITEMS                                         ReStore staff will contact you to arrange
How do I get rid of this stuff?                    pick up within three business days.
   You must arrange removal of bulk items              ReStore staff cannot pick items up from
including appliances, furniture, carpets,          inside any home so you must arrange for
construction materials, and large bagged           the item to be placed outside the building –
wastes. These items are NOT to be left in          don’t forget to advance book the elevator!
the recycling room – you must arrange for              ReStore staff reserves the right to refuse
disposal including: booking an elevator,           items that are unacceptable for landfilling.
arranging transport and landfilling.                   For more information call 739-4219 or
   The City of Barrie's landfill site is located   visit www.barrie.ca.
at 272 Ferndale Drive N, and is open
Tuesday through Saturday, 9am to 4 pm.                DO NOT DROP OFF BULKY ITEMS AT THE
Here you can dispose of garbage, scrap                       RESTORE LOCATION.
metal, electronics and cardboard (which you
can do in the recycle room). Each residence
is permitted to dispose of up to 500 kg of
3                                                                            Info Sheet #1 – Waste Disposal

HAZARDOUS WASTE                                   RECYCLING
   Hazardous wastes are not regular                  We recycle here at Bayshore Landing.
garbage. They are NOT to be disposed of           There are three categories of recyclables in
down the garbage chute, in the recycle            the Recycle/Move-In room on the 2nd floor:
room, or by pouring them down the drain.          • Paper recycling
   Residents must drop off these items at         • Container recycling
the Household Hazardous Waste Depot, 272          • Cardboard recycling
Ferndale Drive North on Saturdays, 9 am to           It is important for residents to dispose of
4 pm. For more information call 739-4219          their     recyclable   materials      in  the
or visit www.barrie.ca.                           APPROPRIATE bin. Not sorting your
                                                  recyclables properly may result in bins not
Hazardous products are labelled as toxic,         being collected by the contractor or being
corrosive, flammable or reactive.                 landfilled rather than recycled.
        Toxic materials can be poisonous or          Here are some tips:
        cause long-term illnesses if they come    • Open flaps and flatten all boxes and
        into contact with your skin or are
        inhaled or ingested.
        Corrosive products, such as acid, eat     • Plastic bags CANNOT be recycled. Empty
        through materials like fabric, wood and      papers     and    containers     into  the
        metal. They can cause severe burns if        appropriate bins and dispose of bags in
        they come into contact with eyes, skin,      the garbage.
        and throat.
        Flammable materials burn easily. They        Paper and container recycling bins have
        should not be used or stored near a       a label on the outside and inside of the lid
        heat source or open flame.                that identifies the items to be deposited in
        Reactive materials can spontaneously      that lid.
        ignite or create poisonous vapours
        when mixed with other products. Never
        mix household products together or
                                                     THE LAST PAGE DESCRIBES HOW TO
        store incompatible materials near each           DISPOSE OF RECYCLABLES.
                                                     Bayshore Landing Information Sheet #1
These symbols determine hazard severity.                     Waste Disposal – June 2007

                                                      Please send your comments or questions to:
                                                         Bayshore Landing Management Office
    Danger        Warning          Caution            140 Dunlop Street East, Barrie, ON L4M 6H9
                                                       Phone: 705-722-8557 Fax: 705-722-5470
Common household hazardous products:                       Email: lreadman@canlighthall.com
• chlorine bleach    • mothballs
• drain cleaners     • nail polish remover            Larry Readman, RCM        Property Manager
• fire extinguishers • old propane tanks                      Craig Atkins      Superintendent
                                                               Ben Proulx       Relief Superintendent
• flea collars       • paints
• flea sprays        • prescription drugs                    Management Office Hours
• herbicides         • solvents                         Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri – 9am to 4pm
• pesticides         • spot removers                           Wed – 1pm to 7:30pm
• insect repellent   • stains and finishes            Weekends and Statutory Holidays – Closed
• kerosene           • toilet cleaners
• lawn chemicals     • motor oil                       Please Support our Advertisers
• lighter fluid      • oven cleaners
Info Sheet #1 – Waste Disposal   4

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