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									                                     THE CARTER CENTER TELEPHONE DIRECTORY

                                                                   WINTER 2008-2009

                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Accounts Payable --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7
Accounts Receivable ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7
Administration --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2
Americas Program--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Board of Trustees------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ page 2
Buildings & Grounds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Chairman, Office of ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2
China Program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Computer Information Systems (CIS) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Conference Rooms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------inside cover
Conflict Resolution Program ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Copenhill Café -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6
Custodial Services (EMS) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ page 6
Democracy Program ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Development (see Institutional Development) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Education ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Email Addresses (Field Offices)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 9
Email Addresses (Staff) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 10
Events --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 4
Exercise Room --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6
Facility Services ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Finance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Global 2000 Programs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2
HEALTH Programs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2
Human Resources ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6
Human Rights Program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
INCLEMENT WEATHER Number ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 8
Institutional Development ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 4
Internships (see Education)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Jimmy Carter, Office of-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 1
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7
Landscaper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Mail Room--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Maintenance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 5
Mental Health Program ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 2
OPERATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ page 4
PEACE Programs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ page 3
Public Information --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6
Research ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Resource Room (see Research) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 3
Rosalynn Carter, Office of ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 1
Security ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6
Telecom Reference ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7
Telecommunications ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 7
Voicemail Access Number -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 8
Volunteer Services --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 6

R e v i s e d       4 / 1 7 / 2 0 1 0
Website Address:

Freedom Parkway Facility location
Mailing Address:       453 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Kirbo Building location
Mailing Address:          One Copenhill Avenue, 453 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Location Address:         1149 Ponce de Leon Avenue, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Chamblee location
Mailing Address:          4770 Buford Hwy, MS F22, Building 102, Room 1101, Atlanta, Georgia 30341

Mailing Address:          Dr. William Foege, M.D., M.P.H.
                          Rollins School of Public Health
                          1518 Clifton Road, NE, 7th Floor
                          Emory University
                          Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Mailing Address:          Ellen Mickiewicz, Ph.D., Fellow and Director
                          Box 90241, Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University
                          Durham, North Carolina 27708-0241
Ellen Mickiewicz, Ph.D., Fellow and Director                                                     919/613-7387
Rita McGrath, Sr. Associate of Special Projects                                                          x823
Fax Number:                                                                                      919/681-8288

Mailing Address:      750 Commerce Drive, 4th Floor, Decatur, Georgia 30030
Website Address:
Main Number:                                                                                     404/371-0466
Fax Number:                                                                                      404/371-1087

Mailing Address:     One Copenhill Avenue, 441 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Website Address:
Main Number:                                                                         404/865-7100
Fax Number:                                                                          404/865-7102

                               CONFERENCE AND EXERCISE ROOMS

Development-Kirbo Conference Room                                                                       x822
CEO Conference Room (CEOCR)                                                                             x133
Global 2000 Conference Room                                                                             x831
Ivan Allen III Pavilion (IAP) Conference Room                                                           x266
Peace Conference Room                                                                                   x143
Exercise Room                                                                                           x177
                                       THE CARTER CENTER
                                 OFFICE OF JIMMY & ROSALYNN CARTER

                                                                                404/331-0283 FAX
Jimmy Carter, Founder and Trustee                                               404/331-3900
Rosalynn Carter, Founder and Trustee                                            404/331-3900

Lauren Gay, Special Assistant to Jimmy Carter                                          x211
Duncan Ross-Kinzie, Administrative Assistant                                           x207

Paula Bosarge, Director of Correspondence                                              x254
Sanda Means, Correspondence Assistant                                                  x225
Robin Thompson, Correspondence Assistant                                               x223

Nancy Konigsmark, Director of Scheduling for Jimmy Carter                              x201
Beth Davis, Administrative Assistant                                                   x202

Melissa Montgomery, Special Assistant to Rosalynn Carter                               x205
Lorraine Echols, Administrative Assistant                                              x203

Plains, GA                                                                      229/430-8421 FAX
Office Manager                                                                  229/824-7136


                                                                                404/331-0283 FAX
John B. Hardman, M.D., President and CEO                                                x219
Carol Johnson, Executive Administrative Assistant                                       x219

John Moores, Chairman of the Board                                              404/331-3900
Hannah Park, Assistant to Mr. Moores                                            404/331-3900

Phil Wise, Vice President, Operations, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees          x215
Barbara Abrams, Executive Administrative Assistant to Phil Wise                        x224

                                            VICE PRESIDENTS

John J. Stremlau, Ph.D., Vice President, Peace Programs                                x150
Donald R. Hopkins, M.D., M.P.H., Vice President, Health Programs                       x837
Phil Wise, Vice President, Operations, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees          x215

                                              THE CARTER CENTER

                                       HEALTH PROGRAMS ACTION AREA
                                                                                                    404/874-5515 FAX
Donald R. Hopkins, M.D., Vice President, Health Programs                                                    x837 TEL
Shandal Sullivan, Executive Administrative Assistant to Dr. Hopkins                                         x837

Fellows & Consultants
William H. Foege, M.D., Sr. Fellow for Health Policy                                                404/727-8797 TEL
Norman Borlaug, Ph.D., Sr. Consultant, Agriculture                                                   011-525-761-3311

                                           GLOBAL 2000 PROGRAMS
                                          & MALARIA, PUBLIC HEALTH
Main Number                                                                             404/420-3830 TEL
                                                                            G2000 Kirbo 404/874-5515 FAX
                                                                    G2000 Chamblee 770/488-4521 FAX
                                                                G2000 Chamblee GW 770/488-4532 FAX
Craig Withers, Director, Program Support                                                        x851
Kelly Callahan, Assistant Director, Program Support                                             x833
Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben, Ph.D., Director, Guinea Worm Program                                770/488-4509
Philip Downs, Assistant Director, Guinea Worm Program                                   770/488-4507
Darin Evans, Sr. Program Officer, Guinea Worm Program                                   770/488-4508
Renn McClintic-Doyle, Office Manager, Chamblee location                                 770/488-4506
Lauri Hudson-Davis, Administrative Assistant, Chamblee location                         770/488-4511
Frank O. Richards, M.D., Director, River Blindness, Lymphatic Filariasis,               770/488-4511
      Schistosomiasis & Malaria Programs
Moses Katabarwa, Ph.D., Epidemiologist, River Blindness, Lymphatic Filariasis,          770/488-4511
      and Schistosomiasis Programs
Lindsay Rakers, Program Development Coordinator                                         770/488-4511
Patricia Graves, Epidemiologist, Malaria Specialist                                     770/488-4634
Aryc Mosher, Assistant Director, Malaria Program                                        770/488-4507
Paul Emerson, Ph.D., Director, Trachoma and Co-Director, Malaria Program                        x854
Jonathan King, Epidemiologist, Trachoma Program                                                 x838
Lisa Rotondo, Assistant Director, Trachoma Program                                              x842
Elizabeth Cromwell, Assistant Director, Trachoma Program                                        x858
Joyce Murray, Ph.D., Director, Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative               404/727-3766
Shelly Terrazas, Assistant Director, Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative                 x857
Don Denard, Manager, Accounting Operations                                                      x852
Marc Tewari, Manager, Grants                                                                    x835
Pamela Garrett, Financial Analyst                                                               x834
Tracy Wilson, Financial Analyst                                                                 x872
Mulu Bahta, Financial Analyst                                                                   x832
Faith Randolph, Senior Accountant                                                               x856
Michele Cullom, Office Manager                                                                  x853
Martha Lucas, Sr. Secretary                                                                     x850
Patsy Irvin, Secretary                                                                          x830
NOTE: Field personnel in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Togo, and Uganda, may be
reached through Craig Withers.

                                               MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM
                                                                                                    404/420-5158 FAX
Thom Bornemann, Ed.D., Director                                                                             x165
Lei Ellingson, Assistant Director                                                                           x164
Lynne Randolph, Program Coordinator                                                                         x166
Rebecca Palpant, Senior Program Associate                                                                   x169
John Bartlett, Sr. Project Advisor                                                                          x161

Jane Bigham, Assistant Program Coordinator, Journalism Fellowships   x877
Yolonda Johnson, Sr. Secretary                                       x165

                                       THE CARTER CENTER

                                 PEACE PROGRAMS ACTION AREA
                                                                              404/420-5196 FAX
John J. Stremlau, Ph.D., Vice President, Peace Programs                               x150
Christine Hall, Executive Administrative Assistant, Peace Programs                    x157
Karen McIntosh, Administrative Assistant, Peace Programs                              x151

                                         AMERICAS PROGRAM
Jennifer McCoy, Ph.D., Director                                        404/651-4836 or x176
Marcelo Varela-Erasheva, Associate Director                                            x186
Laura Neuman, J.D., Associate Director                                                 x146
Andrea Durango, Program Associate                                                      x170
Sarah King, Program Assistant                                                          x175
Kari Mackey, Assistant Project Coordinator, ATI                                        x183

                                           CHINA PROGRAM
Yawei Liu, Ph.D., Director                                                            x162
Heather Saul, Program Associate                                                       x867
Sean Ding, Assistant Program Coordinator                                              x869

                                   CONFLICT RESOLUTION PROGRAM
                                                                              404/420-3862 FAX
Hrair Balian, Director                                                                x180
Tom Crick, Associate Director                                                         x156
Nathan Stock, Assistant Director                                                      x181
Jose Tenga, Assistant Director                                                        x883
Cassandra Grant, Program Assistant                                                    x185
Itonde Kakoma, Assistant Project Coordinator, Liberia                                 x173
Ziyaad Lunat, Assistant Project Coordinator, Palestine                                x886

                                        DEMOCRACY PROGRAM
David Carroll, Ph.D., Director                                                        x172
David Pottie, Ph.D., Associate Director                                               x174
Sarah Johnson, Assistant Director                                                     x184
John Marsh, Interim Assistant Director                                                x182
Avery Davis-Roberts, Sr. Program Associate                                            x807
Tynesha Green, Program Assistant                                                      x188
Owen McDougall, Assistant Project Coordinator, Sudan                                  x808
Amber Charles, Assistant Project Coordinator, Election Standards                      x846
Claire Colbert, Assistant Project Coordinator, Nepal                                  x178
Cynthia Michota, Graduate Fellow (temp.)                                              x472
Erin Crysler, (temp.) Ghana Election                                                  x889

                                    HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM
Karin Ryan, Director                                                                  x171
Sam Jones, Assistant Director                                                         x884
Delikah Carter, Program Assistant                                                     x885
Ella Shagabutdinova, Program Associate                                                x152

Lauren Kent-Delany, Director, Educational Programs (Internships)                      x154
Holly Bennett, Program Assistant, Educational Programs (Internships)                  x179

Steven H. Hochman, Ph.D., Director of Research                                        x187
Janet DeForest, Librarian and Coordinator, Research & Information   x167
     Services (Resource Room)

                                       THE CARTER CENTER

                                          OPERATIONS AREA
                                                                  404/331-0283 FAX
Phil Wise, Vice President, Operations, and                                x215
      Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Barbara Abrams, Executive Administrative Assistant to Phil Wise          x224

EVENTS SERVICES                                                   404/614-3737 FAX
Lisa Wiley, Manager of Conference & Events Services                       x111
Molly Howard, Conference Coordinator                                      x113
Patricia Rafshoon, Conference Coordinator                                 x123
Lindsey Ciener, Conference Assistant                                      x869
Eugene Sims, Events Set-up/Sr. Custodian

                                      INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT

ANNUAL FUND & MAJOR GIFTS                                         404/892-9438 FAX
Seema Shams, Chief Development Officer                                    x134

Delita Marsland, Sr. Associate Director, Annual Fund                     x810
Claire Kaye, Associate Director, Annual Fund                             x870
Chanda Atkins, Administrative Assistant, Annual Fund                     x864

Karen Price, Assistant Director, Planned Giving                          x860

Susan Hubbard, Sr. Associate Director, Major Gifts                        x871
Ahna Machan, Sr. Associate Director, Major Gifts                  206/728-6685

Bryan Conley, Sr. Associate Director, Research                           x101

Ryan McDonald, Chief Development Officer, Principal Gifts

DIRECT MARKETING                                                  404/688-1701 FAX
Linda Kane, Chief Development Officer, Direct Marketing                   x116
Vernicia Malveaux, Manager, Internet Marketing                            x190
Brooke Romanowski, Associate Director                                     x118
Gayle Beckner, Program Development Coordinator                            x119

HEALTH PROGRAMS                                                   404/688-1701 FAX
Nicole Kruse, Chief Development Officer, Health                           x132
Rebecca “Becky” Brookshire, Sr. Associate Director, Health                x103
Maureen Goodman, Sr. Associate Director, Health                           x130
Madelle Hatch, Sr. Associate Director, Health                             x160
Randy Slaven, Program Development Coordinator                             x866

PEACE PROGRAMS                                                    404/688-1701 FAX
Larry Frankel, Ed.D., Chief Development Officer, Peace                    x115
Lance Alloway, Sr. Associate Director, Peace                              x189
Jennifer Lewis, Sr. Associate Director, Peace                             x114
Tessa Stromdahl, Program Development Coordinator                          x191

                                         THE CARTER CENTER

                                            OPERATIONS AREA

                                        INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT

DONOR SERVICES                                                        404/688-1701 FAX
Karen Roop, Associate Director, Gifts Processing & Records                    x192
Joan Pritchard, Coordinator, Development Services                             x193
Maurita Williams, Coordinator, Development Services                           x131
John Wermuth, Sr. Office Assistant                                            x109

                                                                      404/420-3816 FAX
Jay Beck, Consultant                                                          x809
Dianne Bryant, Consultant                                                     x102

                                                                      404/420-5158 FAX
Chris Brown, Director and Treasurer of The Carter Center, Inc.                x153
Tanya Taylor, Controller                                                      X828
Matthew Cirillo, Manager, Grants                                              x227
Jennifer Christopher, Manager, Accounting                                     x238
Janet Russell, Administrative Assistant                                       x144

Accounts Receivable
Bernstine Hollis, Sr. Accountant                                               x204
Charlene Mayfield, Sr. Accountant                                              x221

Accounts Payable
Michelle L. Hilliard, Sr. Accountant                                            x209
Alison Jordan, Sr. Accountant                                       txt 404/308-4668

Program Support – Peace                                               404/420-5196 FAX
Cheri Robinson, Manager, Accounting Operations                                x289
Olivia F. Owens, Financial Analyst                                            x239
Courtney Mwangura, Financial Analyst                                          x260
Ramiro Martinez, Financial Analyst                                            x231

COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS                                          404/420-3800 FAX
Charles Kong, Lead Network Administrator                                      x763
Hong Liu, Sr. Desktop Consultant                                              x733
Tanya Briggs, Computer Coordinator/Help Desk                                  x740
Help Desk                                                                     x740

BUILDINGS & GROUNDS                                                   404/614-3737 FAX
Ed Costley, Manager, Buildings & Grounds                                      x149
Buddy Smith, Lead Maintenance Mechanic                                        x477
Chris Chase, Sr. Tradesworker                                                 x476
Mark Murphy, Lead Groundskeeper                                               x138

FACILITY SERVICES-TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                  404/420-3800 FAX
Angela Hale, Facility Services Manager                                        x140
John Billingsly, Facility Services Coordinator                                x840
Shirley Allison, Secretary/Receptionist                                       x100
Jennifer Sanchez, Office Assistant                                            x200
Silas Brown, Jr., Mail Clerk/Courier                                          x139
                                         THE CARTER CENTER

                                            OPERATIONS AREA

Wilma Johnson, (contractor)                                         x136/137

Sam Bowles (contractor)                                                 x728
Melicia Calloway, (contractor)                                          x728
Ocie Braswell (contractor)                                              x728

                                             HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                 404/420-3818 FAX
Michael Turner, Director                                                 x121
Sabrina Burnett, Human Resources Associate                               x120
Janet Russell, Administrative Assistant                                  x144

SECURITY                                                         404/614-3724 FAX
Timothy Wilcox, Manager, Security                                        x806
Bruce Giles, Security Officer                                            x106
Robert “Dennis” Haire, Security Officer                                  x106
Dallas Wilson, Security Officer                                          x106
Kemba Seidu, Security Officer                                            x106
Milton Swain, Security Officer                                           x106
Kemba Seidu, Security Officer                                            x106
Milton Swain, Security Officer                                           x106
James Hendricks, Security Officer (temp.)                                x106

VOLUNTEER SERVICES                                               404/614-3737 FAX
Jackie Culliton, Volunteer Services and Art Collection Manager           x105
Denise Bomberger, Senior Office Assistant (Mornings)                     x104
Susan Hunsinger, Senior Office Assistant (Afternoons)                    x104

                                            PUBLIC INFORMATION
                                                                 404/420-5145 FAX
Deanna Congileo, Director                                                x108
Paige Rohe, Media Relations Coordinator                                  x129
Calvin Sylvester, Administrative Assistant                               x117
Mychal Voorhees, Administrative Assistant                                x107

Health Programs
Emily Staub, Associate Director                                         x126

Peace Programs
Deborah Hakes, Media Relations Coordinator                              x124

Web Manager
Connie Nelson, Assistant Director                                       x128
Trish Solomon, Web Development Specialist                               x125

Chris Olson Becker, Assistant Director                                  x127

                              JIMMY CARTER LIBRARY AND MUSEUM
Main Number                                                                                   404/865-7100 TEL
                                                                                              404/865-7102 FAX

Jay E. Hakes, Ph.D., Director                                                                 404/865-7100

Robert Bohanan, Deputy Director                                                               404/865-7112
Doug Boyd, Sales Shop/Admissions Clerk                                                        404/865-7131
Bettie Brown, Secretary                                                                       404/865-7108
Kahlil Chism, Education Specialist                                                            404/865-7126
Tony Clark, Public Affairs Specialist                                                         404/865-7109
James Doherty, Museum Craftsman                                                               404/865-7110
Betty Egwenike, Archives Specialist                                                           404/865-7111
Jennifer Fogarty, Receptionist                                                                404/865-7106
Janet Harris, Program Support Assistant\Volunteer Coordinator                                 404/865-7114
Nancy Hassett, Museum Registrar                                                               404/865-7115
Jim Herring, Archivist                                                                        404/865-7116
Chuck Hunt, Facility Manager                                                                  404/865-7117
Youlanda Logan, Archives Specialist                                                           404/865-7118
Terryll Lumpkin, Administrative Officer                                                       404/865-7119
Sheila Mayo, Archives Specialist                                                              404/865-7120
Ceri McCarron, Archives Specialist                                                            404/865-7121
Mary Ann McSweeney, Archives Specialist                                                       404/865-7122
Sylvia Naguib, Museum Curator                                                                 404/865-7123
Albert Nason, Archivist                                                                       404/865-7124
Polly Nodine, Librarian                                                                       404/865-7125
Sara Saunders, Audiovisual Archivist                                                          404/865-7155
Keith Shuler, Archivist                                                                       404/865-7127
David Stanhope, Supervisory Archivist                                                         404/865-7128
James Stewart, Sales Shop Manager                                                             404/865-7129
Chuck Stokely, Archives Specialist                                                            404/865-7130
Chasity West – Sales Shop/Admissions Clerk                                                    404/865-7131
Phyllis White, Sales Shop/Admissions Clerk                                                    404/865-7131
Dallas Whitted, Computer Systems Administrator                                                404/865-7133
Robert Wilson, Sales Shop/Admissions Clerk                                                    404/865-7131
James Yancey, Archivist                                                                       404/865-7132

Gift Shop                                                                                     404/865-7131
Security                                                                                      404/865-7134

                                               TELECOM REFERENCE

General Information – Dialing Instructions
To place a local call, dial 9 + 10-digit number.
                                                                         Direct Dialing of Extensions from outside
Long distance calls from extensions, which are billed to                 the Center
departments and                                                          For extensions beginning with :
programs, must be placed using an authorization code.                     1, dial 404/420-51 _ _
                                                                          2, dial 404/4 2 0-5100 and request extension #.
To place a domestic long distance call:                                   4, dial 404/420-34 _ _
1. Dial 9 + 1 + 10-digit number and listen for account code prompt.       7, dial 404/614-37 _ _
2. Dial authorization code.                                               8, dial 404/420-38 _ _
To place an international long distance call:
1. Dial 9 + 011 + international number and listen for account code prompt.
2. Dial authorization code.

To place a long distance call using VONAGE VoIP long distance:
1. Dial 611 + 1 + 10-digit number for domestic long distance; 611 + 011 + international number for int’l long distance.
Operator: To reach the Front Desk receptionist, dial 0 or 100; to reach a BellSouth operator, dial 9 + 00.

                                                         TELECOM REFERENCE

                                             PHONE FEATURES - QUICK REFERENCE

FEATURE                           STEP 1                             STEP 2                             STEP 3
To Store #                        Press AUTODIAL                     Dial 9+area code+ number           Press AUTODIAL
                                                                     to be stored
To Use                            Select a free LINE                 Press AUTODIAL
CALL PICKUP                       Select a free LINE                 Press CALL PICKUP
CONFERENCE                        Press CONFERENCE                   Dial 9+number                      Press CONFERENCE
Note: Above procedure to be used after establishing first call using standard procedure. Repeat the procedure for additional conferees
(up to five other parties).
To Activate                       Press FORWARD                      Dial 9+number                      Press FORWARD
To Cancel                         Press FORWARD
To Reinstate                      Press FORWARD twice
To Forward to voicemail           Press FORWARD                      Dial 199                           Press FORWARD
TRANSFER                          Press TRANSFER                     Dial internal extension            Press TRANSFER

                                          VOICEMAIL FEATURES - QUICK REFERENCE

VOICEMAIL ACCESS NUMBER - To check your voicemail                             Press “5” to record your greeting.
from a location outside the Center:                                           Press “#” to stop recording.
   Dial the voicemail number (404) 420-5199.                                 You may press “2” to listen to what you have
   Log in as usual with Mailbox # and Password #.                             recorded, “9” to set expiry date & time for temporary
                                                                               greeting, “76” to delete what you have recorded, or
                                                                               hang up.
Logging in:
     Press MESSAGE key or Dial “199” (general voicemail FORWARDING A MESSAGE
      extension).                                              To forward a message left on your voicemail to another
     At Mailbox? prompt, press “#” if at your own phone or user’s voicemail box:
      “ext.” then “#” from another phoneset.                   After playing the message -
     At Password? prompt, press “ext.” then “#” or your           Press “73” to forward.
      revised password.                                            Dial “ext.” + “#” for each mailbox you want to
     To listen, press “2”                                          forward message to.
     To delete message after listening, press “76”                Press “#” to end the list.
     To restore (un-delete) message, while still in voicemail     Optional : Press “5” to record tag-on message to
      dial “76”. Once you have exited voicemail, message            recipient announcing that you are forwarding.
      cannot be restored.                                          Press “#” to stop recording or to indicate that you
     To log-off, dial “83” or hang up.                             don’t wish to record.
                                                                   Press “79” to send message.
To change your password:
     While logged in, press “84”.                             EXPRESS MESSAGING
     Enter a new password, then press “#” (It must be 4 or To deposit a message on another’s voicemail without
      more characters)                                         ringing their phone or to leave a message after hours:
     Enter the new password again, then press “#”                 Dial “197” (from outside the Center, dial (404) 420-
     Enter your old password, then press “#”                       5197).
                                                                   Dial “ext.” + “#” and leave message.
As a courtesy to your callers you may wish to keep your        To transfer a caller to voicemail:
greeting updated, informing them of your daily schedule,           Press CONFERENCE
or if you are out for the day, week or month. This is              Dial “197” to access express messaging
particularly helpful over the holidays. To update or record        Press CONFERENCE again
your greeting, use the following steps:                            Enter the extension/mailbox number of the person
     Log in with your mailbox # and password #.                    being called followed by “#”
     Press “82” to compose greeting.                              Quickly press RELEASE button.
     Press “1” to select external greeting or “3” to select
      temporary greeting.

 INCLEMENT WEATHER number                                                                                             404/420-3820

                           E-MAIL ADDRESSES for FIELD OFFICES


Burkina Faso    Bernadette Dabre       GWEP      

Cameroon        Dr. Albert Eyamba      GRBP      

Ethiopia        Teshome Gebre          GWEP, GRBP, TCP

                Dr. Hailu Yeneneh      EPHTI     

Ghana           Jim Niquette           GWEP, TCP 

Guatemala/OEPA Mauricio Sauerbrey      GRBP      

Mali            Jim Ting               GWEP, TCP 

Niger           Mohamed Salissou Kane GWEP, TCP  

Nigeria         Dr. Emmanuel Miri      GWEP, GRBP, TCP

Sudan           Dr. Nabil Aziz         GWEP, GRBP, TCP
                Alex Jones             GWEP, GRBP, TCP

Uganda          Peace Habomugisha      GRBP      


Liberia         John Hummel            contact Tom Crick
                                                               E-MAIL ADDRESSES
ABRAMS, BARBARA                                            KENT-DELANY, LAUREN       
ALLISON, SHIRLEY                                           KING, JONATHAN                  
ALLOWAY, LANCE                                       KING, SARAH                                    
BAHTA, MULU                                                 KONG, CHARLES                     
BALIAN, HRAIR                                              KONIGSMARK, NANCY          
BECK, JAY                                                   KRUSE, NICOLE                                  
BECKER, CHRIS OLSON                                        LEWIS, JENNIFER                               
BECKNER, GAYLE                                             LIU, YAWEI                               
BENNETT, HOLLY                                             LUCAS, MARTHA                               
BIGHAM, JANE                                           MACHAN, AHNA                           
BILLINGSLY, JOHN                                           MACKEY, KARI                            
BOMBERGER, DENISE                                          MALVEAUX, VERNICIA                      
BORNEMANN, THOM                                            MARSH, JOHN                                
BOSARGE, PAULA                                             MARSLAND, DELITA               
BRIGGS, TANYA                                         MARTINEZ, RAMIRO                                     
BROOKSHIRE, BECKY                                          MAYFIELD, CHARLENE                        
BROWN, CHRIS                                     MCCLINTIC-DOYLE, RENN                                 
BROWN, SILAS                                               MCCOY, JENNIFER                                    
BRYANT, DIANNE                                             MCDONALD, RYAN                          
BURNETT, SABRINA                                           MCDOUGALL, OWEN                        
CALLAHAN, KELLY                                            MCINTOSH, KAREN                           
CARROLL, DAVID                                             MEANS, SANDA                               
CARTER, DELIKAH                                            MOSHER, ARYC                                        
CHARLES, AMBER                                             MURRAY, JOYCE                              
CHRISTOPHER, JENNIFER                                      MWANGURA, COURTNEY                    
CIRILLO, MATTHEW                                           NELSON, CONNIE                  
CONGILEO, DEANNA                                   NEUMAN, LAURA                           
CONLEY, BRYAN                                         OWENS, OLIVIA                             
COSTLEY, ED                                                PALPANT, REBECCA            
CRICK, TOM                                                  POTTIE, DAVID                      
CROMWELL, ELIZABETH                                        PRICE, KAREN                         
CULLITON, JACKIE                                           PRITCHARD, JOAN                                 
CULLOM, MICHELE                                            RAFSHOON, PATRICIA           
DAVIS, BETH                                             RAKERS, LINDSAY                                        
DAVIS-ROBERTS, AVERY                                       RANDOLPH, FAITH                             
DEFOREST, JANET                                            RANDOLPH, LYNNE                             
DENARD, DON                                                RICHARDS, FRANK                                        
DOWNS, PHILIP                                                   ROBINSON, CHERI                           
DURANGO, ANDREA                                            ROHE, PAIGE                           
ECHOLS, LORRAINE                                           ROMANOWSKI, BROOKE                       
ELLINGSON, LEI                                             ROOP, KAREN                                      
EMERSON, PAUL                                         ROTONDO, LISA                               
EVANS, DARIN                                                    RUIZ-TIBEN, ERNESTO                                   
FOEGE, WILLIAM                                          RUSSELL, JANET                       
FRANKEL, LARRY                                             RYAN, KARIN                        
GARRETT, PAM                                               SANCHEZ, JENNIFER                            
GAY, LAUREN                                                  SAUL, HEATHER                                     
GILES, BRUCE                                           SHAGABUTDINOVA, ELLA                       
GOODMAN, MAUREEN                                           SHAMS, SEEMA                             
GRANT, CASSANDRA                                           SLAVEN, RANDY                               
GRAVES, PATRICIA                                                SOLOMON, TRISH                    
GREEN, TYNESHA                                   STAUB, EMILY                         
HAKES, DEBORAH                                              STOCK, NATHAN                                 
HAKES, JAY                                                STREMLAU, JOHN                   
HALE, ANGELA                                                 STROMDAHL, TESSA                               
HALL, CHRISTINE                                             SULLIVAN, SHANDAL                                
HARDMAN, JOHN                                         SYLVESTER, CALVIN                             
HATCH, MADELLE                                              TAYLOR, TANYA                                
HILLIARD, MICHELLE                                         TENGA, JOSE                              
HOCHMAN, STEVE                                      TERRAZAS, SHELLY         
HOLLIS, BERNSTINE                                          TEWARI, MARC                              
HOWARD, MOLLY                                              THOMPSON, RITA                           
HUBBARD, SUSIE                                       THOMPSON, ROBIN              
HUDSON-DAVIS, LAURI                                             TURNER, MICHAEL                            
HUNSINGER, SUSAN                                           VARELA, MARCELO                          
IRVIN, PATSY                                                VOORHEES, MYCHAL                        
JOHNSON, SARAH                                       WERMUTH, JOHN                             
JOHNSON, YOLONDA                                   WILCOX, TIMOTHY                             
JONES, SAM                                              WILEY, LISA                                      
JORDAN, ALISON                                             WILLIAMS, MAURITA                         
KAKOMA, ITONDE                                             WILSON, TRACY                                 
KANE, LINDA                                                  WISE, PHIL                                       
KATABARWA, MOSES                                                WITHERS, CRAIG                              
KAYE, CLAIRE                         
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