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									You are warmly invited                                                                                                                Ensure the future
                                               Front Cover: Yumi Umiumare & Tony Yap; Mami Yamanaka; Jali Buba
                                               Inside Cover: Naree Vachananda & Janette Hoe; Geogia Metaxas; African Royal Drummers
                                               Photos: Bill Poon, Brad Hick, Georgia Metaxas Design: Janette Hoe

to become a donor                                                                                                                     and vibrancy of
and support the work                                                                                                                  multicultural arts
of Multicultural Arts
Victoria.                                                                                                                             in Victoria.

                                               Visit us online at

Share the experience.                          Please forward to:
Inspire a new generation.                      MAV Gift Fund
                                               Multicultural Arts Victoria Inc
Invest in the future.                          PO BOX 2179
                                               Fitzroy DC
                                               Victoria 3067
Donate today so multicultural                  Australia
arts in Victoria will grow and
                                               Or deliver in person to:
prosper, enriching the lives of                MAV Gift Fund
many Australians for generations               Multicultural Arts Victoria
                                               Ground Floor
to come.                                       Fitzroy Town Hall
                                               201 Napier Street
                                               Phone: +613 9417 6777
                                               Facsimile: +613 9416 3342

                                                                                                                                          Multicultural Arts Victoria
Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.                                                                                                            Gift Fund
Together                                                             Yes, I would like to                                   Thank you.
we make a difference.                                                make a tax-deductible                                  Your support is greatly
As a donor to the Multicultural Arts Victoria
(MAV) Gift Fund, you may wish to nominate                            donation.                                              appreciated.
one of the following areas for your support.

    Grass Roots Activity                                             Please accept my donation of                           My Contact Information
    Support MAV’s cultural work and advocacy to
                                                                          $100                                              Title
    ensure the long-term sustainability of MAV as
    one of Australia’s most exciting multicultural                        $200                                              First Name
    arts organisations.                                                   $2,000                                            Last Name
                                                                          $10,000                                           Organisation
    Cultural & Artistic Programs                                          Other $                                           Mailing Address
    Support MAV’s professional programs of
    artistic excellence, innovation and creativity.
    Help leading and peer culturally diverse artists                 With a donation of                                     State                           Postcode
    explore and create new work.                                     A single gift of     $                         .00     Daytime Phone
    Emerging Artists & Communities                                   An annual gift of $                 .00 for    years   Mobile
    Support MAV’s vital work with emerging and                       ie. An annual gift of $5,000 for 5 years
    refugee artists and communities through the                                                                             Email
    Emerge Cultural Network Program.*
  *Emerge Festival, Visible mentoring and CD recording
                                                                     Payment Method
                                                                                                                            Please address receipt to
   program State of Culture plus Connect our Emerging                     Electronic Funds Transfer
   and Refugee Youth program                                         MAV Gift Fund, BSB 033 048, Account 641 561

    MAV Cultural Hub                                                      Cheque Payment payable to MAV Gift Fund           My preferred format for public acknowledgement is
    Help us develop a world class multicultural                                                                             as follows
    arts hub which will inspire and nurture culturally               Credit Card
    diverse arts and culture in a multicultural                           Visa                Mastercard
    Victoria for generations to come.
                                                                     Please charge        $                         .00
                                                                                                                                    Yes, I would like to receive regular MAV
    MAV is endorsed as a Charitable Entity under Subdivision         Cardholder’s Name
    50 - Bof the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and is a
    registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) in accordance         Card Number                                                    I would like my gift to be treated as anonymous
    with Subdivision 30-D of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.     Expiry Date
                                                                                                                                    I wish to receive further information about
    Please note: All gifts to the MAV Gift Fund are unconditional,
                                                                                                                                    including MAV in my bequest arrangements -
    although nominated areas of interest
                                                                     Signature                                                      donating shares, work/s of art or donating property.
    will be considered.

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