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					                   NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
Committee: Trenton Baker, Aberdeen LLC; Mark Chiolis, Grass Valley; Lisa Cowden, Ensemble Designs;
Erin Dare; Dolby Laboratories, Inc.; Craig DeBari, Sony Electronics; Paul Distefano, Shadowstone, Inc.;
Jennifer Faircloth, Inlet Technologies; Steve Hayes, GenArts; Clint Hoffman, Sierra Video Systems; Phyllis
Hoffmann, Ascent Media; Bland McCartha; Front Porch Digital; Nadra Mohy el Dine, Irdeto; Kathy Mosher-
Boulé, FX Group; Tobin Neis, Barbizon Lighting Co.; and Maureen Payne; Vislink Group; Juliett Southern,
Crawford Communications
Absent: Guy Coleman,; George Hoover, NEP
NAB: Chris Brown, Justine McVaney, David Dziedzic, Patrick Flynn, Shawn Canfield, Michelle Kelly, Kelly
Bloem, Liderby Portorreal and Cassandra Stewart
Freeman: Steve Anderson and Anytra Lowe
LVCVA: Michael O’Keefe

   I.      Welcome & Introductions

   II.     Introductions & Committee Business
           a. Introduction of New Committee Members: Trenton Baker, Aberdeen LLC; Guy Coleman,
     ; Jennifer Faircloth, Inlet Technologies; Juliett Southern, Crawford
               Communications; Phyllis Hoffmann, Ascent Media.
           b. Vice Chair nominations – Two individuals were nominated: Bland McCartha, Front Porch
               Digital and Tobin Neis, Barbizon Lighting Company. Bland McCartha, Front Porch Digital
               was elected as the 2009/2010 Vice Chair.

   III.    Show Strategy
           a. 2009 Recap
                   i. Chris Brown encouraged the members to be very open and honest in regards to what
                      is working versus what can be improved or changed. Chris also stressed the
                      importance of members staying focused on the overall picture and their role as
                      representatives of the larger exhibitor base, which requires committee members to
                      set aside, to the extent possible, getting individual company agendas; of course, all
                      input and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
                  ii. For the 2009 show, NAB focused on reinforcing the show’s branding around content
                      and the full content creation and delivery spectrum. This is a critical strategic
                      objective that supports the show’s reach to new and emerging players and media
                      segments. This goal was supported on the exhibit floor by several key initiatives,
                      including Content Theater, Content Commerce Pavilion, the Content Distribution
                      Forum, 3D Pavilion and the ATSC DTV Pavilion.
                 iii. For the conferences this goal was supported by highlighting high profile content
                      creators, including Rob Cohen, Josh Schwartz, etc plus the Digital Cinema Summit.
                 iv. An additional key piece to this year’s plan was instituting a group VIP program that
                      involved a special offer for certain key broadcast companies and buyers; this included
                      the Networks and their affiliate boards (TV, etc). Affiliate boards for all four major
                      networks participated in this program, as did the entire Fox Affiliate Body. This
                      program included NAB subsidies to assist in getting larger VIP participation at the
                      show. Overall more than 200 buyers participated in the VIP program. Additional
                      information regarding this program was discussed during the marketing portion of the
                  v. This year communications NAB sent communications to exhibitors in advance of the
                      pre-show were stepped up to ensure exhibitors were fully informed on anticipated
                      attendance numbers and demographics; the focus was on addressing concerns over
                      reduced attendance openly and to reinforce the very high quality of the show
                      audience; something that has always been the strength of the show.

NEAC Meeting Minutes                         Page 1 of 13                                August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
      Committee Discussion: Committee questioned if any networks previewed new programming at the
      2009 show. No networks participated in the content theater/content commerce.
                   vi. 2009 NAB Show numbers
                            1. 82,650 total registrants
                                   a. 50,390 Exhibits Only
                                   b. 5,589 Conference Attendees
                                   c. 1,121 Press
                                   d. 25,550 Exhibitors / Manufacturer Reps
                            2. 22,485 international registrants (27%)
                            3. 108 Countries
                            4. 1,541 exhibitors
                            5. 810,000 net square feet
      Committee Discussion: Mark Chiolis commented that although the overall numbers were down the
      attendees that were onsite were quality, desired buyers. Chiolis, Cowden and Southern all stated
      that they received more qualified leads in 2009 with less people. Bland McCartha re-iterated that he
      also experienced higher quality. However, Paul Distefano and Kathy Mosher-Boule disagreed and
      felt that the traffic was lower to the point where the quality did not increase enough to cover the loss.
      Steve Hayes, GenArts felt that the quality of the traffic was excellent and overall he was happy with
      the ROI. However, his employer felt that traffic was too light and did not justify the size of the booth.
      Distefano attributed his lack of ROI with poor booth placement. Juliett Southern explained that one
      area they were unprepared for was the amount of traffic on Thursday. Erin Dare suggested that re-
      education is needed to better explain/PR efforts regarding the importance of quality versus quantity.
      Clint suggested that NAB use exhibitors quotes when meeting with the press to highlight the quality
      versus quantity message.
                  vii. 2009 NAB Show survey results (see summary)
                            1. Attendees rated the show above the national industry averages and remained
                               relatively the same in satisfaction versus 2008.
                            2. Exhibitor satisfaction dropped overall, close to national average
                            3. The net buying influence increased 4% for 2009 to 93% and is well above the
                               national average.
                            4. 78% of attendees plan to purchase products seen at show
                            5. 76% of attendees responded that they will definitely or probably attend next
                               year’s show.
                  viii. 2010 Priorities
                            1. Maintain leadership and relevance
                            2. Quality 1st; quantity a close second
                            3. Build quality at core; quantity via new/growth segments
                            4. Tighten up conference offerings
                            5. Content (Commerce)
                            6. Broadband Video
                            7. Focus on value
                            8. Communications/relationships
           b. Marketing
                     i. Key Audience Target, Quality vs Quantity
                            1. Broadcasters
                            2. Post-Production Community
                            3. Telcos
                            4. Game Developers & Animators
                            5. Broadband/Online Video
                            6. Advertising/Digital Media Agencies
                            7. Content Owners/Studios

NEAC Meeting Minutes                          Page 2 of 13                                  August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                           8. Enterprise: Mil/Gov, Religious Institutions
                           9. Sports Venues/Teams
                           10. China, India, Middle East, Africa, Russia
                   ii. 2009 Program Highlights
                           1. Social Media/Online Engagement Program
                           2. Hollywood Advertising Campaign (including a year-round marketing
                           3. VIP Broadcaster Program
                           4. 48 Hour Film Competition
                           5. Industry Alliances & Event Sponsorships
                           6. Exhibitor Marketing Programs
                           7. Media Partner Programs: NAB works with over 250 media partners that
                               incorporate over $300 million in advertising, etc.
                  iii. Social Media
                           1. Post-Production & Game Developers
                           2. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
                           3. Pre-show and Onsite Programs
                           4. User Groups, Bloggers
                           5. 1,500 registrations; 90% first-time attendees
                           6. 4,000+ friends & followers
                  iv. VIP Broadcasters Program
                           1. Travel, Registration and Meeting Room Incentives
                           2. Exhibit Floor Tours
                           3. 208 Participants
                           4. Affiliates, Affiliate Body Groups
                           5. TVB & NAB Board Members
                           6. Small & Medium Market Radio Stations
                   v. 2010 Key Strategies
                           1. Social Media/Online Engagement Program
      Committee Discussion: Education program for Twitter and/or Facebook to explain to exhibitors how
      to better utilize social media and suggestions to partner with NAB on our programs. The majority of
      the committee utilize Facebook and Twitter. Trenton Baker remarked that Siggraph had an excellent
      Twitter program that incorporated exhibitors and attendees. Erin Dare commented that we need to
      be careful focusing on social media and not forget the “old-timers” that do not use these tools.
                           2. Destination Broadband
                                   a. Dedicated Marketing Plan
                                   b. Media Partner Support
                                   c. Social Media
                           3. Hollywood Engagement
                           4. VIP Buyer Program
                                   a. Who/which groups are important to the exhibitors? NAB asked the
                                       committee for suggestions in how to make this program more tailored
                                       to the exhibitors.
                                             i. AAAA, Studio Execs, Mega Churches, Digital Media Execs
                                            ii. For the broadcaster market general managers, station
                                                 managers, executives, etc are the target for most of the
                                                 broadcast target exhibitors. Committee suggested that
                                                 government/military, sports (leagues, venues, etc) and
                                                 education be added.
                                   b. How does NAB get exhibitors involved?
                                   c. How does NAB add value?

NEAC Meeting Minutes                        Page 3 of 13                                August 10-11, 2009
                   NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                                             i. Targeted – one-on-one marketing program for the companies
                                                 that are appropriately matched.
                             5. Filmapalooza
                                     a. Annual Film Festival – 80 winning films
                                     b. Year-round promotion
                                     c. Educational sessions and film screenings
                                     d. Cooperative marketing & registration packages
                             6. Industry Alliances & Event Sponsorships
                             7. User Groups/UGC Contest
                   vi. Destination Broadband
                             1. Based on survey results and communications at the 2009 show, NAB has
                                 launched a new area on the exhibit floor, designated Destination Broadband.
                                 This area will focus on online video production: including hardware, mobile
                                 applications, broadband content, and the backbone of the area. This will be a
                                 pavilion area, standalone booths and “pods” will be included. Kelly Alexis from
                                 the NAB Exhibit Sales team is leading the exhibit portion of this feature.
                                 Committee suggested that exhibitors be given the opportunity to brand
                                 themselves as a part of the Destination Broadband area regardless of their
                                 booth location, i.e Grass Valley, possibly tagging these companies with a
                                 Destination Broadband logo – in booth and on the directory.
                             2. Creation of a dedicated marketing plan
                             3. Media Partner Support
                             4. Social Media
          c. Exhibits
                      i. Rebooking for the 2010 show was fairly strong.
                     ii. Several product categories were consolidated and/or moved
                             1. Radio/Pro Audio moved from North to C1-2
                             2. Technologies for Worship moved from C5 to North
                             3. Management & Systems consolidated into North
                             4. Acquisition & Production consolidated into Central
                             5. Distribution & Delivery moved in South
                             6. Post-Production and Display Systems moved to South Lower
                    iii. Destination Broadband
                   iv. Content Theater
                             1. Moved to South Upper along with Content Commerce Pavilion and
                                 Destination Broadband
                     v. RTNDA has a re-configured floor plan
                   vi. Country Pavilions
                   vii. CMO Communications: NAB is working on ways to better communicate with all of the
      Committee Discussion: Keep it simple, keep it short and focused – they will look at the headline and
      very little else. As NAB develops this plan, drafts may be sent to the committee for suggestions.
          d. Education
                      i. Streamline Packages: conferences have grown to the point where they are difficult to
                         market and for the attendees to understand the packages and why they should attend
                         particular sessions. In December of 2008 NAB hired Christina Vergara, Director,
                         Convention Education. She is working to refocus the conference offerings developing
                         conference lines that line up with the show floor. Simplify is a key target for the future
                         of NAB Shows.
                             1. Broad-er-casting Conference (possible name) will be geared towards the
                                 general audience. This new conference will incorporate many of the existing

NEAC Meeting Minutes                           Page 4 of 13                                    August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                               conferences under one umbrella (BMC, BEC, Destination Broadband,
                               Telecom, etc.)
                            2. Post-Production
                            3. Super-Pass – include all conferences under one pass – able to attend any
                               session they are interested in.
      Committee Discussion: Was the economy the main reason for the drop of conference attendees?
      NAB does feel the main reason for the drop in conference attendance was economically driven,
      however there has been a trend over the past several years of lower conference registrants. This
      trend is most likely due to confusion of what the possible packages were, what attendees should
      register for and competitive “free” training on the show floor.
      Call for Speakers has been mysterious. Jennifer Faircloth explained that her company submitted
      several abstracts and proposals that were not chosen, but also no response was ever received.
      Committee asked what the procedure is for this coming year and how can they better participate.
      Justine explained that NAB is working to develop a better technology tool to communicate with
      potential speakers and respond to them in a timely manner as well as review proposals that may not
      fit the traditional “technology” conference. In addition, Christina will be reviewing all proposals for
      sessions that might fit the other areas.
      Clint Hoffman suggested we look at targeting more AV dealers and consider creating a conference
      committee. Erin Dare suggested that NAB work with SMPTE to develop conference sessions.
      Bland McCartha suggested that we create the ability to tag themselves or their products with one of
      the content continuum logos as applicable. (same idea as Destination Broadband)
            e. Experience/Events – Exhibitors
                     i. Education
                            1. E-Courses
                                   a. In-house design of custom online courses
                                   b. Creative integration of slide and film presentation
                                   c. Majority of footage was filmed by NAB staff onsite at the 2009 show
                                   d. Focusing on convenience to exhibitors
                                   e. Shorter segments which can be watched separately or contiguously
                                   f. Industry Articles
                            2. First-time Exhibitor Guide
                                   a. Informational tool for new exhibitors on what to expect pre-show,
                                        onsite, and post-show specific to NAB
                                   b. Available in small sections specifically geared to new exhibitors
                            3. Checklists
                    ii. Communications
                            1. Exhibitor Communications Calendar
                                   a. Goal: Reduce number of emails exhibitors receive from NAB and
                                        official vendors
                                   b. Exhibit Services staff will monitor all NAB and official vendor emails
                                   c. Maximum number of emails allowed per week
                                   d. Consolidation of related emails needed during similar time frame
                                   e. Maximum of 3-4 emails total per week (during peak time, March-April)
                                   f. Vendors are not supplied with exhibitor emails until they sign an
                                        agreement to these terms
                            2. Include communication’s archive on Web site
                   iii. New for 2010
                            1. All onsite registration will be located in Central 4/5
                            2. Extended header option for linear exhibitors 300 square feet or larger
                            3. 20% visibility rule will remain a guideline for 2010
                   iv. Marketing Tools

NEAC Meeting Minutes                         Page 5 of 13                                 August 10-11, 2009
                     NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                           1. Exhibitor Dashboard: Creation of one site that allows exhibitors to navigate to
                              multiple sections as needed without signing in at each location. This
                              dashboard will include navigation to Exhibitor Registration, Freeman and the
                              Exhibitor Manual and the Directory Listing portal. In addition, when exhibitors
                              are on the registration dashboard they will see information on their allotment,
                              ability to invite customers, which customers have registered using their codes
                              and lead retrieval orders.
                           2. Exhibitor Invitation Program: This program is still being reviewed as many of
                              the exhibiting companies did not utilize the program and to see if CDS can
                              develop a similar program that is no additional charge, plus it would be
                              integrated into the exhibitor registration process/dashboard.
                           3. Traffic Builder / PR Toolkit: NAB solicited ideas from the committee on which
                              tools are most likely to be utilized by the exhibiting community. We will also be
                              integrating these tools into the dashboard and educational program to
                              increase participation.
                  v. 2011 Space Selection
                           1. 12/7/09           Survey sent to exhibitors
                           2. 1/22/10           Survey results due to NAB
                           3. 2/19/10           Floor draw complete
                           4. 2/21/10           Call schedule sent to point holders 1-500 (including ability for
                                                exhibitors to confirm their appointments)
                           5. 3/8/10            Calls begin
                           6. 4/12/10           Onsite Selection
                  vi. Freeman contract is up for negotiation. NAB feels that Freeman has been a good
                      partner however in order to keep the level of service that we have come to expect
                      from Freeman they need to implement an increase on a few services. This increase
                      will be 2.5% on material handling, rigging labor, electrical, electrical labor, and I&D
         Committee Discussion:
                           1. Charge for “feeder” cable issues. This is not new to Freeman – they charge
                              material charges. Cable charge to bring electric from outlet to booth
                           2. Ability to install/supply own cables (build into booth) – not under carpet. –
                              Tobin / Paul to meet with Steve & electrical to discuss rules
                           3. Electrical billing for tear down 2-7 pm – OT vs ST – Do we need to review
                              blended rates for electrical – is it fair to charge exhibitors overtime rates when
                              they leave Thursday night and Freeman has all day Friday to remove
                              electrical? – Ensemble – example – do we push the opportunity for hard card
                              to every exhibitor.
                           4. Hard card vs 50%
                           5. Final material handling charges were not invoices for a couple of weeks.
                           6. Final billing delayed 2-3 months

   IV.      Freeman Presentation (Steve Anderson, Anytra Lowe)
            a. 2009 Highlights
                    i. Service Score (CSI) 08 vs. 09
                   ii. Review loss program & claims
                  iii. Labor Highlights
            b. NAB CSI SCORE – 93% (91% in 2008)
                    i. Comments from exhibitors
                   ii. Keep up the good work!
                  iii. Great Service

NEAC Meeting Minutes                            Page 6 of 13                                 August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                iv. Labor is slow showing up.
                  v. The easiest show we have ever done
                vi. Labor
          c. Lost Program & Claims
                   i. Fast tracked 5 claims for $2,308.07
                  ii. Paid            1 claims for $1,000
                 iii. Open            2 claim
                iv. Denied            7 claims
          d. Labor
                   i. 2008 – No Grievances
                  ii. 2009 – No Grievances
                 iii. Some teamster unrest
                iv. Retaliation of 42 grievances received on next show (Nat’l Hardware)
                  v. Labor Management for 2010
                vi. New wording for Work Rules
                vii. Clearer work clarification
          e. Freeman online
                   i. Resource Center
                  ii. Single Sign On
                          1. Allows exhibitors to transfer from a show website to Freeman OnLine without
                              re-entering their user name and password
                          2. Benefits
                                  a. Improves the exhibitor’s user experience when transitioning from your
                                      show website to your show’s site on Freeman OnLine
                                  b. Reduces number of steps to purchase trade show products and
                                      services making the overall process more efficient for your exhibitors
                 iii. Integrated Ordering
                          1. Enables exhibitors to order Freeman and non-Freeman Specialty Contractor
                              services through Freeman OnLine
                          2. Benefits
                                  a. Simplifies the show services ordering experience by allowing exhibitors
                                      to order all products and services online in one location
                                  b. Provides exhibitors an integrated view of all orders for a given show
                                  c. Gives participating Specialty Contractors an integrated online
                                      presence and exposure to more customers
                          3. Orders and payment information will be delivered to Specialty Contractors via
                              a secure vendor portal called VendorNet
                          4. The exhibitor will receive a separate invoice from each specialty contractor
                              and their credit card will be charged by each individually. They will continue to
                              receive one invoice for Freeman services
                          5. Freeman will work closely with VendorNet, Show Management and Specialty
                              Contractors to deliver this service to our mutual customers
                          6. There will be a fee charged to show management by show for the integrated
                              ordering service. This fee covers setup costs, VendorNet transaction fees,
                              training and customer support for Specialty Contractors
          f. Key enhancements launching in September, 2009:
                   i. Simplified registration and login processes and improved search capabilities
                  ii. New user interface with more intuitive navigation and an improved ordering wizard to
                      guide exhibitors through the process
                 iii. Improved product detail, information and recommendations

NEAC Meeting Minutes                          Page 7 of 13                                 August 10-11, 2009
                   NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                   iv. Single sign on – allows exhibitors to transition seamlessly from a show’s website to
                        Freeman OnLine without having to re-enter logon credentials
                    v. Integrated ordering – provides exhibitors on select shows the ability to order all
                        Freeman and Specialty Contractor services through Freeman OnLine
                   vi. 2010 Service Initiatives
                            1. 2009 Concierge Elite program was a success
                            2. Service Desk lines were almost non-existent
                            3. Exhibitors knew their Concierge on a first name basis
                            4. Freeman will work with Aramark and Floral to be included for 2010.
                            5. Freeman OnLine enhancements and integrated ordering will allow for more
                                 real-time information at the fingertips of our Concierges.
                   vii. Cost Discussion
                            1. Select exhibitor rate increases – 2.5%, Not an across the board increase.
                            2. NAB has eliminated high cost show décor to support cost control.
                            3. All service enhancements from 2009 will remain in place or be expanded
Committee Discussion: Freeman Online issue is you must pay by credit card, when ordering extensive
services exhibitors prefer to pay by check. For the past couple of years the NAB forms on the exhibitor
manual have not been interactive (fill-able).
Clint Hoffman suggested Freeman offer a “storage” service for exhibitors of both InfoComm and NAB.
Ability in manual to pull/print all forms (only forms).

   V.        LVCVA Update
             a. Michael O’Keefe – enhancement project has been placed on hold. Project will be reviewed
                 in April/May 2010 and could potentially affect 2011, but unless the economy changes there is
                 only a slight chance that the 2011 show will experience construction challenges.
     VI.     Attendee/Exhibitor Matchmaking Update
             a. We have partnered with BDMetrics for the past 5 years and the contract expires in December
             b. As Nab reviewed potential contract extensions and criteria we chose to go out with an RFP.
                 This RFP will also include the NAB365 portal which the year-round product, company
             c. Seven companies were invited
             d. Five responded
             e. Two companies were chosen for the “short list”. BDMetrics is one of these companies.
             f. Currently under final review.
             g. RFP Criteria
                       i. Technology Driven - Not sales driven
                      ii. Track record and industry reputation
                     iii. Full suite of solutions for better integration, efficiency, and service (expo and
                          conference management
                     iv. Administrative controls and flexibility
Committee Discussion: Refer to Siggraph, can input profile and it will match attendees to exhibitors. Clint
feels that the matchmaking service has not worked well, but the keyword search worked very well. Jennifer
felt that the EventLeads service gave her company higher visibility and many of the “matched” attendees did
reach out to set appointments or to at least visit their booth.
Question was raised if registration companies do their own matchmaking or do any of them partner with the
providers better than others. After reviewing the registration rfp responses we do not feel that matchmaking
is a service offered by the registration vendors however all of the vendors do work well with the match
making suppliers.

NEAC Meeting Minutes                          Page 8 of 13                                 August 10-11, 2009
                   NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
Committee requested that any company selected participate in an exhibitor advisory committee to request
feedback and hear suggestions.
Justine McVaney asked for feedback on InfoCommIQ. Clint feels that this is a good directory for the
manufacturers and the show directory. However, it is competitive and he is unable to compete with
companies like Sony in regards to advertising budget.
VPO – unsure of the value need to review confusion with VPO marketing materials exhibitors thought the
only way to get their press releases on the NAB web site was through VPO.

   VII.   Housing Report
          a. Justine provided the committee with a historical perspective on how the committee and NAB
             have been working with the hotels. Over the past several years the hotel rates have
             dramatically increased. In 2009 the Las Vegas housing market began experiencing
             significant decreases in demand.
          b. In an effort to control the costs NAB negotiated a new program with the hotels that allowed
             hotels to increase their rates at set dates, with rates caps. However, due to economy these
             increases were un-necessary as rates were actually lowering on the review dates.
          c. Part of this program also sets regulations in regards to how much lower the NAB rate must
             be versus the market rate.
          d. 2010 Housing Strategy
                   i. Fewer Hotels in the Block
                         1. The hotels have agreed to offer a minimum of at least $20 or 20% off of
                              prevailing rate.
                         2. In exchange hotels will have the option to increase their rates if the market
                         3. NAB will aggressively market the “Guaranteed Rate Program” and the fact
                              that Shuttle Service will only be available from these select hotels.
                         4. Select hotels will offer opening/early bird rates guaranteed at the time of
                         5. Rates will be reduced automatically if these hotels lower the published rate.
                  ii. Benefits of the Block
                         1. Gives us credibility and leverage in securing competitive room rates and larger
                              blocks of rooms for subsequent meetings.
                         2. Our rate is guaranteed to be the lowest.
                         3. Guaranteed a complimentary room at another hotel of like standard if you get
                         4. Makes our business desirable to the city and Convention Center.
                         5. Immediate access to the official NAB hotel information will be available at
                         6. Manage your own room block.
                         7. There are no minimum room night guarantees or attrition penalties for group
                         8. Booking through the official housing office ensures accurate pick-up statistics
                              from hotels and allows NAB to receive the best room blocks and rates for
                              future shows.
                         9. You support NAB by using our official vendors.
                 iii. Consequences of not booking in the block
                         1. Shuttle service will not be provided to these hotels.
                         2. Minimum room night guarantees and/or attrition penalties may apply for group
                         3. The NAB Show Daily will not be distributed at these hotels.

NEAC Meeting Minutes                        Page 9 of 13                                August 10-11, 2009
                   NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                  iv. 2009 Hotels
                                                                           2009            2009           2010
                                    Hotel                          Opening Rate    Closing Rate   Opening Rate
                                    Ballys                         $       195    $        179    $         129
                                    Bellagio                       $       309    $        179        TBD
                                    Caesars                        $       281    $        180    $         180
                                    Circus Circus                  $       112    $         46        TBD
                                    Courtyard by Marriott LV       $       259    $        259    $         179
                                    Encore                         $       309    $        309    $         199
                                    Flamingo                       $       175    $        110    $         115
                                    Harrah's                       $       159    $        120    $         115
                                    Hilton Grand Vacations CC      $       199    $        145    $         145
                                    Hilton Grand Vacations Strip   $       169    $        135    $         135
                                    Imperial Palace                $       105    $         70    $         60
                                    Las Vegas Hilton               $       269    $        155    $         165
                                    Las Vegas Marriott Suites      $       289    $        289    $         199
                                    MGM Grand                      $       249    $        109    $         154
                                    Paris                          $       194    $        200    $         175
                                    Planet Hollywood               $       195    $        159    $         149
                                    Renaissance                    $       294    $        294    $         229
                                    Riviera                        $       149    $         99    $         89
                                    Sahara                         $        89    $         44    $         39
                                    Spring Hill Suites                                            $         184
                                    TI                             $       199    $        149    $         159
                                    Wynn                           $       299    $        249    $         189

   VIII.   Registration Report
           a. RFP Process
                    i. Two years ago NAB made the decision to go through a RFP process for the
                       registration vendor. NAB had been with Experient for almost 16 years and had an
                       excellent relationship with them.
                   ii. Sent to 9 full service companies
                  iii. Advance the process
                  iv. Alleviate frustrations for NAB, attendees, and exhibitors.
                   v. Two companies made the short list: Experient and CDS.
                  vi. CDS was chosen as we felt their overall vision and management is closely aligned
                       with NAB’s strategic goals.
           b. CDS Presentation
                    i. Based in Bourne, MA
                   ii. Established in 1986
                  iii. 135 Event Professionals, majority based at headquarters
                  iv. 160 Meetings & Events Annually
                           1. Total attendance ranging from 5K-110K
                           2. 60% of clients are associations
                           3. CDS understands that each client is different and they tailor their products to
                               meet each client’s strategic goals.
                   v. Exhibitor Registration

NEAC Meeting Minutes                           Page 10 of 13                               August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                       1. Customized to fit the event
                       2. Direct link to the exhibitor dashboard
                       3. CDS portal page which is customized to each company.
                              a. Check leads
                              b. View registrants with your codes
                              c. Register booth personnel
                              d. Order/view lead retrieval equipment
                              e. View press list
                              f. Manage badge mailing preferences
                       4. Registration process
                              a. See all of the previous year’s registrants
                              b. Spreadsheet type format to add new personnel
                              c. Upload a pre-defined spreadsheet with booth personnel
                              d. Email own company’s spreadsheet to CDS for upload
                              e. Invite a customer feature: CDS supplies suggested text for email which
                                   allows exhibitors to track which customers register and which do not.
                       5. Lead Retrieval
                              a. Steve Barove, Exhibitor Account Manager.
                              b. Three emails will be sent prior to show to remind exhibitors of discount
                              c. Webinars will be available to review the equipment and how to use
                              d. Attendee list orders are available with targeting
                              e. Exhibitor Success Kit
                                         i. Overview to help attendees understand strategic goals with
                                            lead management
                                        ii. How to prepare pre-show, onsite and post show.
                              f. Lead Retrieval Equipment
                                         i. Xpress Lead Key
                                                1. PC-based plug 7 play
                                                2. Turns laptop into lead retrieval station
                                                3. No software to load
                                                4. Leads exported and saved locally on laptop
                                                5. 20 standard lead qualifiers
                                                6. Customizable for additional qualifiers
                                                7. CDS is working on development of MAC
                                                8. Does not come with printer have option to print to
                                                    exhibitors own printer
                                                9. Survey questions can be customized and allow for
                                                    multiple choice answers.
                                                10. Lead Mobile & Lead Mobile +
                                                11. Light weight, portable,
                                                12. 20 standard lead qualifiers
                                                13. Note fields to allow
                                                14. 4 day show – CDS will send extra battery or charger
                                                    with equipment. (Committee recommended
                                                15. Mobile + includes Bluetooth printer
                                                16. Standard is separate file for each
                                                17. SD card reader to allow exhibitors to save file
                                        ii. LeadPro – Desktop unit
                                                1. Saved directly to USB stick

NEAC Meeting Minutes                      Page 11 of 13                               August 10-11, 2009
                     NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                                                   2. 20 standard qualifiers
                                           iii. Lead Services
                                                   1. Delivery included with early bird orders
                                                   2. Self service ordering kiosk
                                                   3. Staff walking around floor to ensure that exhibitors do
                                                       not have to leave the booth
                                                   4. Fastest return process in the industry – no long lines
                                                   5. All machines
                                                   6. Lead key $325
                                                   7. Lead Mobile - $375
                                                   8. Lead Mobile + $425
                                                   9. Lead Pro $325
                                                   10. 4 port hub if needed with
                                                   11. Mailing labels, custom qualifiers & return service are
                                                       additional charges
                                                   12. Exhibit Tracker – 48 hours following show attendees will
                                                       receive an email that includes company name and
                                                       exhibitor web site email
                                                   13. Can include survey
         Committee Discussion: Can two mobile + be paired to 1 printer. Not currently available, but CDS is
         working on it.
         Third party developer kit: Badge samples, field mapping – charge (early bird - $325)
         CDS recommends that exhibitors using third party return the data back to allow for inclusion with
         exhibit tracker, etc
         Survey questions: track demo etc, multiple choice answers, open text fields – need to order Xpress
         Lead Key.
         Erin has had issues trying to get data with custom qualifiers and surveys – would take 45 days after
         Custom qualifiers are $110 for exhibitor created questions. (Lead key only)
         LeadPro (desktop) allows for custom qualifiers but character limitations do apply

   IX.      Additional Business
            a. Justine introduced Christina Vergara as the Director, Convention Education. We are focused
               on developing the education program in the existing communities as new speakers. Chris
               Brown encouraged the committee members to work with NAB to locate and secure “rock
               stars” in the industry.
            b. NEAC Meeting Schedule for 2010-2011
                     Monday, January 11, 2010 approx 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. NAB/Freeman will host a
                        committee dinner on Sunday night.
            c. Recap of Action Items
            d. Other Items
                     i. Aramark to attend the winter meeting – add committee requested Aramark update the
                        the cost analysis spreadsheet to include ++.
                    ii. NAB requested feedback on which demographic information is important for NAB to
                        collect. Committee felt the most important demographics were: buying power, industry
                        attendee is involved in, budget (spending plan for upcoming fiscal year), job function,
                        primary business – product categories are not as important, decision maker.
                   iii. Committee suggested we add a statement to the registration form, “the following
                        information is helpful for us to customize your experience, but clarify that this info is
                        not required…”

NEAC Meeting Minutes                           Page 12 of 13                                 August 10-11, 2009
                  NAB Exhibitor Advisory Committee
                 iv. NAB’s goal is to tighten the attendee demographics section to help increase the
                      completion rate
                  v. NAB to send the current demographic questions.
                 vi. Action: NAB to add committee rep to exhibitor dashboard
                vii. NAB to send email to committee including: exhibitor list by category, demographic
                      categories, survey summary (specifying what information can be shared with general
                      exhibitors), Presentation and expense report.
                viii. Clint thanked everyone for their participation and we look forward to working with
                      everyone and moving forward together.

NEAC Meeting Minutes                       Page 13 of 13                              August 10-11, 2009