Loose Tube Cable Specifications

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                                            Loose Tube Cable Specifications
(For Duct or Direct Buried Applications)

Cable description:
Cable containing up to 72 optical fibres in water blocked loose tubes (Maximum 12 fibres per tube) and solid
polyethylene fillers laid-up around a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) central strength member, water blocked
interstices, taped*, polyethylene overall sheathed and integrally bonded nylon jacketed

 Construction details:                                                                 Cross sectional drawing:
 Number of elements                :6
 Tube/Fibre identification         : Colour coded
 Central strength member           : Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
 Fibre protection (tubes)          : Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
 Fillers                           : As required
 Water blocking                    : Thixotropic gel (tubes)
                                   : Water swellable yarns (interstices)
 Core wrapping                     : Polyethylene terephthalate tape*
 Sheath                            : Polyethylene
 Jacket                            : Nylon (UV stabilized) – Blue
 Note (*): Except 72 fibre cable

 Dimensions and mass:
 Overall cable diameter (nominal) : 9.1 mm
 Mass (nominal)                   : 57 - 62 kg/km

 Mechanical and environmental performance:                                             Fibre characteristics:
 Minimum bending radius – No load                  : 90 mm                             Singlemode 1310nm optimised : Table 1SM_Light
 Minimum bending radius – Full load                : 180 mm                            Multimode 62.5/125 µm        : Table 2MM62.5
 Maximum tensile strength – Short term             : 1800 N                                      50/125 µm          : Table 3MM50
 Maximum crush resistance – Short term             : 2000 N/10cm                       Note: There are other fibres available for special
 Operating temperature range                       : From - 10°C to + 70°C             system/networking applications not shown above. Please
                                                                                       contact AFC Group for detailed technical information

Specifications: AS/ACIF S008; IEC 60793 and IEC 60794 series and ITU-T Recommendations

Optical fibre and tube colours:
Fibre 1/   Fibre 2/     Fibre 3/      Fibre 4/   Fibre 5/    Fibre 6 /    Fibre 7     Fibre 8     Fibre 9      Fibre 10     Fibre 11    Fibre 12
Tube 1     Tube 2       Tube 3        Tube 4     Tube 5      Tube 6
  Blue     Orange       Green         Brown      Grey        White        Red         Black       Yellow       Violet       Pink        Aqua

03rd April, 2008

The information contained in this data sheet is subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. Specifications are subject to change without notice

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