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					Logistics and Supply Chain

careers                                                                                         Educating Professionals
                                                                                                Creating and Applying Knowledge
                                                                                                Engaging our Communities

Your career in Logistics and                       Employment snapshot
Supply Chain Management.                            Supply and Distribution Managers
                                                    Job prospects:                                          GOOD
As a graduate of UniSA’s Logistics and Supply
                                                    Employment predictions to 2012–13:                      MODERATE
Chain Management program, you will be well
                                                    Occupation size:                                        LARGE (30 100)
placed to meet a growing demand for skilled
                                                    Ave weekly wage:                                        $1334
staff in the management and organisation
                                                    % in FT work:                                           97%
of technology and people in a range of
                                                    Vacancy levels:                                         AVERAGE
operational areas. Logistics and supply chain
                                                    Vacancy reasons:                                        61% Job change
management involves storing and managing                                                                    32% Leaving occupation
the flow of goods and services from the point                                                               7% New jobs
of origin to the consumer. It can encompass         Production Managers
warehousing, monitoring inventory,                  Job prospects:                                          AVERAGE
purchasing, transport and distribution.             Employment predictions to 2012–13:                      FALL SLIGHTLY
Technology plays a significant role in logistics    Occupation size:                                        VERY LARGE (62 400)
and supply chain management. For example,           Ave weekly wage:                                        $1311
large Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)             % in FT work:                                           98%
companies and supermarkets often employ             Vacancy levels:                                         LOW
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to help       Vacancy reasons:                                        39% Job change
monitor rapidly changing stock levels. It is                                                                58% Leaving occupation
                                                                                                            3% New jobs
therefore common for logistics and supply
chain professionals to work closely with IT        Source: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
and engineering departments.
                                                   Experience. The Difference.                              and businesses. Students will engage in
The growing volume of world trade                                                                           discussions and web based reports regarding
and tourism, coupled with the need for             The Logistics and Supply Chain Management                business operations.
organisations to reduce inventory and              program incorporates the following:
downtime costs, has created a need for                                                                      Case studies and workplace reports
                                                   Work Placements
managers with skills in logistics and production
                                                                                                            Many courses within the Logistics and
planning. Most businesses and organisations        Management Practicum 1 is a field placement
                                                                                                            Supply Chain Management program require
that provide goods and/or services have a          project carried out within a company or
                                                                                                            students to apply theory to a real-life case
need for effective operations management.          organisation under academic and industry
                                                                                                            study. Students may also undertake workplace
                                                   supervision. Requirements of the placement
                                                                                                            reports on an organisation of their choice.
Which occupations?                                 include production of a comprehensive
                                                   report, presentation, student and supervisor             These case studies and reports form a part
When you graduate you may be employed in                                                                    of each student’s assessment.
                                                   evaluations, and personal critical reflection.
an entry level role such as assistant or officer
before gaining enough experience to progress       Career Management Skills                                 Debates
to a managerial role.                              within curriculum                                        Students may participate in debates as part
Graduates who find work in logistics and           Career Management Skills have been                       of courses within the program. These assist
supply chain management may be employed            embedded throughout the curriculum.                      students with developing communication,
in the following roles: Operations manager,        Topics covered include: self awareness,                  leadership and group skills.
operations coordinator/administrator, account      industry options and skills audit.
                                                                                                            More information
executive, inventory supply chain manager,
                                                   Industry visits                                          Experiential learning in Logistics and
procurement specialist, demand planner,
vendor replenishment manager, pricing analyst,     Logistics and Supply Chain Management                    Supply Chain Management
distribution centre manager, production or         students will have the opportunity to          
logistics manager.                                 participate in visits to industry associations           experientiallearning.asp
UniSA – helping you to make the most of your degree.
Career Services                                    Events                                              Global Experience
                                                   Career Services coordinate a range of               Gain a competitive edge and add value to
Career Development Tool                            events to connect students with industry.           your degree through Global Experience.
This tool will give you step by step               These include: the Careers and Employment           This program is designed to expand your global
guidance to make the most of your degree.          Expo in March/April, Work Experience Fair           knowledge, develop essential skills for your
Graduate with a great degree – and also a          mid-year and the International Careers Day          career and build your university experience.
degree of experience, a wallet full of contacts    held twice each year. Other smaller events in       Global Experience will set you apart from the pack.
and a plan to succeed. Watch your emails for       your study area are also offered to connect
                                                   you with employers, work experience and
information on jobs, work experience, events
                                                   career development.                                 Student Exchange
and workshops.
                                                                                                                        Gain a competitive advantage by going on
                                                                                                       an overseas exchange! Develop an international
Work Placement Scheme                                                                                  perspective, cultural awareness and broaden your
                                                                                                       career opportunities. Scholarships are available.
The Work Placement Scheme offers support to
                                                   From first to final year there are workshops
students who wish to undertake placements                                                    
                                                   on how to plan your study for career
in addition to their coursework. Placements        success, preparing for placements and work
are project based and flexible to allow you to                                                         Graduate Qualities
                                                   experience, communication in the business
coordinate study, work and life commitments.       world and preparing for graduate applications       Graduate Qualities are personal attributes which
You receive support, insurance and a certificate   and the selection process. Check out the            are developed during your study. These qualities
upon successful completion of your placement.      schedule online.                                    will distinguish you from other graduates.                                                    
experience/wps                                     action/workshops
                                                                                                       Specific Student Groups
MyCareerPlan                                       Network Now                                         •	Disability                •	Mature	Age
MyCareerPlan is UniSA’s online database                                                                •	External	Students         •	Research
                                                   UniSA’s largest networking dinner.
of employment opportunities, vacation                                                                  •	Indigenous                •	Rural
                                                   Students have the opportunity to meet
internships and work experience, events and                                                            •	International             •	Women	in	Non-Traditional
                                                   High Achieving Alumni and industry leaders.
the Work Placement Scheme. Customise your                                                              More information regarding Career Development
own account, save your searches and build                                                              for Specific Student Groups:
your resume.                                                                                                                                                      choices/groups.asp

Jane                                                                                 Year Graduated: 2007

                                                                                     Job Title: Business Project Officer
                                                                                     Employer: UniSA

“Keep an eye out for graduate positions. ASC and TNT have introduced
graduate positions in the past few years.
Depending on what path you want to take, there are a lots of entry level
positions in shipping/customs environments particularly related to import
and export work. These types of jobs will definitely give you a foothold
in the industry and hopefully lead you in the right direction.”
To read more Alumni Profiles please visit:

Further information                                International applicants                            The University of South Australia reserves the right
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                                                   International Prospective Students Office           admission requirement, mode of delivery or other
For more information about the                     GPO Box 2471                                        arrangement without prior notice.
programs, including fees, visit:                   Adelaide SA 5001                                    Information correct at time of printing (August 2009)                          Telephone: (613) 9627 4854                          CRICOS provider number 00121B
Program code: DBMA                                 Facsimile: (613) 9627 4864
Australian applicants                              Email:
School of Management
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