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					                           Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD
                                      FINAL EVALUATION REPORT
                                         Wyndham City Council
                                            26 August 2005

                                            The City of Wyndham spans an area of 542 square kilometres and is located
LITTER ISSUE                                on the western fringe of Melbourne. The municipality includes the suburbs of
Identified litter hotspots throughout the   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale and Point Cook.
Wyndham municipality.
                                            Wyndham is a designated growth area of Melbourne, currently ranked as the
KEY ELEMENTS                                third fastest growing Local Government Area in Victoria. In recent years
• Education.                                Wyndham has experienced rapid growth with the population currently
• Community engagement.                     estimated to be at around 115 000, a significant increase from the 2001
• Reduction in litter at clean-up sites.    Census figure of 84 861.

                                            The City is home to a diversity of sectors: strong industrial and technology
                                            districts, two major retail precincts, intensive vegetable growing areas and
“Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD”.
                                            grazing lands. Key tourism and open space attractions such as the Werribee
                                            Park Mansion, Victoria’s Open Range Zoo at Werribee, the State Equestrian
PROJECT OUTCOMES                            Centre, the Point Cook Homestead and the Point Cook RAAF Museum
• Community education materials             surround the expansive urban area.
  produced and distributed throughout the
  community and through local schools.
• Three community clean-up days.
                                            PROJECT SUMMARY
• Community volunteer participation.
• “Litter Free Zone” signage developed to   The Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD program was a major local campaign
  target identified litter hotspots.        aimed at cleaning up and preventing litter in identified areas of Wyndham,
• Reduction in litter at clean-up sites.    focusing on roadsides, tourist attractions, local parks, business activity
                                            precincts and beaches. The project encompassed community education
LESSONS LEARNED                             messages (including stickers, posters and signage) and community clean-up
• Importance of key partnerships.           days at identified litter hot spots.
• The challenge of community
  engagement.                               The project took place in Wyndham between February 2005 and July 2005.
• The challenge of developing appropriate
  education materials and signage.
                                            THE PROJECT
PROJECT PARTNERS                            What was the need for the project and how was the need identified?
• Sustainability Victoria (funding body)
• Wyndham City Council                      The litter problem and sites for the clean-up days were identified from an
     o Social Development Unit              audit of the litter hotspots within Wyndham. Hotspot areas were classified
     o City Presentation Department         based on the amount of visible litter, and the environmental impact of litter at
     o City Maintenance Department          these locations.
     o Public Relations Unit
• St John Ambulance                         Description of the project
• Wyndham Rotary                            The main components of the project were:

Sustainability Victoria                                        Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05
1.       Three community litter clean-up days:

Clean-ups were held at four different sites throughout Wyndham on Clean-up Australia Day. These sites were:
     •   Campbells Cove (Point Cook/Werribee South): site area = 7.5 hectares
     •   Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands: site area = 35 hectares
     •   McNaughton Reserve (Little River): site area = 2 hectares
     •   Wyndham Park Werribee: site area = 4.3 hectares

A total of 91 community members volunteered and a total of 128 bags of litter were collected across the four sites. The litter at the
sites was noted to be above usual levels due to recent flooding experienced in the municipality. Litter collected on the day
included plastic drink/milk containers, building site materials, cans and a significant number of syringes.
Pre and post audits at the four clean-up sites (see appendix 1) noted an average 87% reduction in litter at the sites (NB: this
significant reduction is likely due to the large amount of litter prior to the clean-up day because of the recent flooding).

This clean-up day was held in conjunction with the graffiti clean-up day and concentrated on the area surrounding the Hoppers
Crossing railway station. A total of 40 volunteers assisted on the day. Litter collected included cans, bottles, chip packets, plastics
and syringes – a lot of which was litter blown into the area.

This clean-up day targeted the parkland area around the Werribee River, at the rear of the main shopping strip. A total of 40
community members volunteered on the day and collected approximately 30 large black garbage bags of litter. Volunteers were
encouraged to collect litter along the river but to avoid locations that appeared unsafe. Volunteers were also provided with safety
information and a briefing in relation to the handling and proper disposal of syringes found.
Pre and post audits at the clean-up site (see appendix 1) noted a reduction of approximately 40% in litter.

2.       Development and distribution of community education materials
“Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” stickers (12,500) and posters (1,000) were developed utilising a local river scene (see appendix
2). Additional stickers (7,500) were developed, aimed at the younger age groups. These stickers carry the message “Keep
Wyndham Squeaky Clean” (see appendix 2).
A local letter-box drop company was utilised to randomly distribute the “Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” stickers to residential
homes in areas surrounding the identified hotspot areas.

“Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” posters and the “Keep Wyndham Squeaky Clean” stickers were distributed to the 25 local
primary schools within Wyndham.
Additional “Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” posters were distributed to local retailers and tourist attractions.

3.       Development and erection of “Litter Free Zone” signage
The “Litter Free Zone” signs were produced and then erected in Wyndham Park on the third clean-up day (30 July 2005).
The signs have been developed to target particular litter hotspot areas within Wyndham. The main message is for residents to
“please put your rubbish in the bin or report dumped rubbish to Council” (see appendix 3). The signs have been linked in with
Council’s existing Wyndham PROUD Community Safety Reporting Program, which recently underwent a review. This now
enables the reporting of litter issues to follow the same process as the reporting of other community safety issues.
It is intended that the signs will be rotated on a quarterly basis to target a variety of litter hotspots throughout Wyndham.

Sustainability Victoria                                                    Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05
Who was the target audience and how were they engaged?
The target audience for this project were Wyndham residents and, in particular, those who frequent the identified litter hotspot
Volunteer recruitment for the clean-up days particularly targeted residents and retailers in the clean-up area vicinity, as well as
local service clubs and environmental groups. The general Wyndham community were also targeted through local newspaper

What role did each of the project partners play?

                                                Council or
       Project Partner                                              Project role

                                                                    •   Project coordination
                                                                    •   Organising of clean-up days
       Social Development Unit                    Council           •   Distribution of education materials
                                                                    •   Liaising re production of signage
                                                                    •   Administering of grant money

                                                                    • Signage design and approval
       City Presentation Department               Council           • Identification of clean-up sites
                                                                    • Auditing of clean-up sites

                                                                    • Design of education materials (stickers and posters)
       Public Relations Unit                      Council
                                                                    • Advertising of clean-up days

                                                                    • Supply of materials for clean-up days
       City Maintenance Department                Council
                                                                    • Erection of signage

       St John Ambulance                        Partnership         • On-site first aid at clean-up days

                                                                    • Supply of BBQ equipment and preparation of BBQ
       Wyndham Rotary                           Partnership
                                                                      lunch at third clean-up day

Project outcomes
The project was well-received by the relevant stakeholders as evidenced by the collaboration involved in achieving each of the
project milestones.
As previously discussed, the pre and post clean-up day litter audits showed the clean-up days to have been effective in reducing
litter at the particular sites. The engagement of community volunteers proved to be quite a challenging component of the project
however, the number of community members that did volunteer for each of the clean-up days was encouraging compared with
previous efforts.
At this point in time it is too early to determine what the community education materials and the signage have achieved in terms of
behavioural and attitudinal change among local residents. To some degree this will be continually monitored by auditing the hotspot
areas prior to erection of the signage and following the quarterly rotation of these signs and by evaluating the number of calls made
to Council reporting dumped rubbish.

Sustainability Victoria                                                   Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05
The original objectives of the project were met, as is outlined in the table below:

Objective                                                 How achieved

To raise community awareness about the                    •    Production of community education materials (posters and stickers);
importance of litter prevention, including awareness      •    Distribution of community education materials to local residents and
among visitors and tourists.                                   to local retailers and tourist attractions;
                                                          •    Clean-up days at identified litter hotspots throughout Wyndham;
To reduce the negative impact of litter in local          •    Development of “Litter Free Zone” signage;
hotspots (particularly roadsides, tourist attraction      •    Quarterly rotation of “Litter Free Zone” signage to various identified
routes, local beaches and parks).                              hotspots throughout Wyndham (including roadsides, tourist attraction
                                                               routes, local beaches and parks).
                                                          •    Advertising of litter clean-up days to (and through) retailers and
To involve retailers and local tourist operators in the        tourist operators within the vicinity of the clean-up sites;
promotion of litter prevention messages.                  •    Distribution of community education materials to local retailers and
                                                               tourist operators.
                                                          •    Advertising of litter clean-up days to residents within the vicinity of
                                                               the clean-up areas, and to the general community through
To encourage community involvement in litter
                                                               newspaper advertisements;
prevention as a community pride activity.
                                                          •    Distribution of community education materials throughout the
                                                               Wyndham area.

The overall impact of the project was to raise community awareness about the negative impacts of litter and to engage community
members in activities to clean-up identified litter hotspots within Wyndham. In addition to this, the project also decreased the
amount of litter at each of the clean-up sites.

The major lessons learned from this project are:

•   The importance of key partnerships:
        This project emphasised the importance of key partnerships in achieving the project objectives. Utilising key partnerships
        enabled the project to draw from the vast experience and knowledge held by key stakeholders. Issues of community
        engagement and community education are predominantly social issues but, combined with the environmental issue of
        litter, this project required the cooperation of those involved with social planning, city presentation, city maintenance and
        public relations. The cooperation and commitment of the key stakeholders has ensured the project was completed
        successfully and has resulted in a project and a key message that is sustainable.

•   The challenge of community engagement:
        Involving local residents in community initiatives is an ongoing challenge for Council, which was again noted during this
        project. A variety of factors play a role in inhibiting community engagement including time constraints, motivation,
        effective promotion of opportunities and other issues such as a residents’ sense ownership and pride in their community.
        While the number of volunteers at the clean-up days was encouraging, community members are still significantly under-
        represented in such projects. Council is committed to continuing to address this challenge and to achieving increased
        participation in future community clean-up days.

•   The challenge of developing appropriate education materials and signage:
        Developing appropriate education materials was a challenge given the diversity of the potential audience of the campaign.
        The “Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” stickers and posters utilised a well-known local river scene. In so doing, it was
        hoped that the community would be able to identify with this and to take the message on board. A different message was
        utilised on stickers aimed more at school-age residents. The “Keep Wyndham Squeaky Clean” message, along with the
        cartoon mouse mascot, aimed to relate the Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD message to the younger Wyndham
        community. While, at this point, it is difficult to ascertain the impact of the education materials, it is hoped that the two

Sustainability Victoria                                                   Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05
         messages have been effective in engaging their respective target audience with the Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD

         The production of the “Litter Free Zone” signage encountered challenges that were particularly related to the various
         stakeholders required to have input into the design. This resulted in a high exchange of drafts of the signage between the
         various stakeholders and, as a result, became quite confusing at times. An important consideration in this challenge is
         that of time constraints encountered due to staffing issues within Council. Adequate time for signage development would
         have enabled working meetings and negated the confusion encountered. Input from the various stakeholders was vital in
         this process to ensure that the signs produced were effective and, while our process in doing this may not have been
         ideal, the resulting signs are the product of high collaboration and a combining of relevant stakeholder experience in the
         development and portrayal of community education messages.

The project is sustainable through the ongoing quarterly rotation of the “Litter Free Zone” signs and through the incorporation of
the reporting of local litter issues into Council’s existing Wyndham PROUD (Community Safety Reporting Program).

Regular community litter clean-up days will be held in conjunction with graffiti clean-ups in hotspots throughout the municipality. It
is also hoped that the community education materials will continue to promote the “Litter Free – Wyndham PROUD” message to
residents and visitors to Wyndham.

Sustainability Victoria                                                   Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05
Name:             Jacqui Croxon
Role:             Health Development Officer
Organisation:     Wyndham City Council
Address:          PO Box 197, WERRIBEE 3030
Phone:            (03) 9742 8105


                                                                                        Total Cost         Litter Grant
                         Expenditure Item (description)
                                                                                     (excluding GST)     (excluding GST)
                                                                                            $                   $
    1. Advertising costs (3 clean-up days)                                              $2,852.55           $1,388.17
    2. Materials for litter clean-up days                                               $1,113.21            $893.28
    3. Community education materials (stickers & posters)                                 $3,122              $3,122
    4. Distribution of education materials                                               $398.55             $398.55
    5. Production of signage                                                              $1,290              $1,290
    6. Organising & supervision of project & events (staff time)                          $5,370                -
                                                          Total (exclude GST):          $14,146.31          $7,092.00

   List financial or in kind contributions from other project partners.
   Rotary Club of Wyndham – BBQ facilities for third litter clean-up day

Sustainability Victoria                                                    Don’t Waste Victoria - Litter Prevention Grants 2004-05

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