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Living Favor Minded


									Living Favor Minded
Message by Pastor Gale Bennett
Victorious Women Gathering March 1, 2009
NBCC... Moses Lake WA

This is Pastor Gale’s Message Outline:

        1. God wants to help you in every area of your life, not just the big matters.
        2. When you are favor minded , you’ll begin to see God’s goodness in the everyday, ordinary,
           details at the grocery store, at the ball field, at Wal-Mart, at work, or at home.
        3. You may be stuck in traffic. The lane next to you is moving well, but you can’t get over there.
           Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, somebody slows down and waves you in. That’s the
           favor of God.
        4. You may be at the grocery store in an extremely long, slow checkout line, and you’re in a
            hurry. Another checker taps you on the shoulder and says, “I can help you over here.”
            That’s the favor of God assisting you.
        5. The favor of God causes other people to extend preferential treatment to you.
        6. You may be out to lunch when you “just happen” to bump in to somebody that you’ve been
            wanting to meet. That’s not a coincidence. That’s the favor of God causing you to be at the
            right place at the right time.
        7. When those kinds of things happen, be grateful. Don’t take God’s favor for granted. Say,
            “Father thank You for Your favor. Thank you for assisting me.
        9. When you are living favor minded, the Bible says, “God’s blessings are going to chase you
            down and overtake you.” In other words, you won’t be able to outrun the good things of God.
            Everywhere you go , things are going to change in your favor. Every time you turn around
            somebody’s going to want to do something good for you, to assist you in some manner.
            They may not even know why. But it’s the favor of God that causes you to stand out in the
        10. Get into the habit of consistently speaking God’s favor over your life. And not just over your
            own life, but over your business, your employees, your children, your husband, your family.
        11. If you work in sales, declare that you have favor with your clients. Everyday you should
            say,”Father, I thank You that my clients are loyal to me and want to do business with me.”
        12. If you work in real estate, speak God’s favor over your property: “Father, I thank You that this
            property is going to sell. I thank You that Your favor is leading me to the right people. Your
            favor is causing people to want to buy this home.”
        13. Learn to speak God’s favor over every area of your life.
        14. If you’re not experiencing as much favor as you would like, start declaring it more often.
            Become more diligent about speaking it out. And you don’t even necessarily have to say it
            out loud; you can speak it under your breath.
        15. You can say it while you are driving to work. You can say it right before a presentation.
        16. Remember, the more favor-minded you are, the more of God’s favor you’re going to
        17. The favor of God can cause people to make exceptions and change their policies, or do
            something unusual—even that which has never been done before.
        18. The favor of God can cause people to go out of their way to help you.
Victorious Women is a ministry of New Beginnings Christian Center | 318 W Northshore Dr Moses Lake WA 98837 | 509.766.2255
        19. The favor of God can cause people to make exceptions for you.
        20. King David made a lot of mistakes. He committed and ordered a man to be murdered. But
            when he repented and sought forgiveness, God forgave him and gave him a new start. The
            Bible compliments David, saying “He was a man after God’s own heart.” I Samuel 13:14.
            David didn’t focus on his faults or on the things he had done wrong. HE LIVED FAVOR
        21. It was David that wrote, ”Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”
            Psalm 23: 6. He was expecting goodness and mercy, not part of the time, but all of the days
            of his life. The Message Bible says it this way: “God’s kindness and goodness chases me
            down everywhere I go.”
        22. David’s attitude was, “I just can’t get away from the good things of God.”
        23. Noah faced the greatest challenge of his life. The whole earth was about to be destroyed by a
            flood, and God gave him the enormous job of building a huge boat, not to mention gathering
            all of the animals. Noah most likely was tempted to get discouraged. Yet, the Bible says,
            “Noah found favor in the sight of God.” Genesis 6:8
        24. In other words, God was pleased with Noah, so the favor of God came on him in a fresh, new
            way, giving him unusual ability. God assisted him, and he was able to build the ark to save
            his family, the animals and himself.
        25. Consider Ruth. Her husband had died, the land was in a severe famine, and she and her
            mother-in-law, Naomi, didn’t have any food. They were practically starving to death. Ruth
            went to the fields every day and followed behind the reapers, picking up whatever leftover
            grain they had missed. The Bible indicates that in the midst of that adversity, Ruth found
            favor with the owner of the field. That owner told his workers to leave handfuls of grain on
            purpose for Ruth. Notice again the favor of God came during the crisis, and before long,
            Ruth and Naomi’s circumstance turned around, and their needs were supplied in abundance.
            Ruth 2:10.
        26. Start expecting God’s favor.
        27. Start saying, “Father, I thank you that Your favor is coming on me in a new way, and it’s
            going to turn this situation around. It’s going to cause these people to start treating me well.
        28. If you are struggling financially, “Father I thank You that You are causing me to be at the right
            place at the right time. You are bringing wonderful financial opportunities my way.
        29. If you life with an attitude of faith, God’s favor is going to show up, and that situation will turn
            around to your benefit.
        30. The Bible says, “Hope to the end for the divine favor that is coming to you.” I Peter 1:13 In
            other words, don’t give up. Keep on believing, expecting, and declaring. Keep living favor
            minded, and God promises that good things will come to you.
        31. When you really understand that you have this favor available to you, living with confidence
            comes much more easily. You can dare to be bold. You’ll ask for things you normally don’t
            ask for. And you’ll view your adversities in a new way. Deep down inside you’ll know you
            have an advantage in your life. You’ve got an edge. You have the favor of God.

Victorious Women is a ministry of New Beginnings Christian Center | 318 W Northshore Dr Moses Lake WA 98837 | 509.766.2255

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