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									                             Warren Township Recreation Commission
                               Minutes of January 7, 2009 Meeting

The meeting of the Warren Township Recreation Commission convened at 7:12 pm on Wednesday, January 7,
2009 at the Township Municipal Building.
In attendance were Adriane Stewart, Karen Manner, Gary Miller (left early 8:30), Jim Zilinski,
Recreation Director, Eleanora Hermann and Liaison Carolann Garafola; (arrived 7:40)
Absent members: Mary Ellen Florey, Tom Powers, George Lazo, Poonam Alaigh and Rob Lachenauer

Statement by Presiding Officer

Open Public Meeting Statement - Adequate notice of this meeting was given by posting a copy on the Township
Bulletin Board and sending a copy to the Township Clerk, Courier News and Echoes Sentinel as required by the
Open Public Meeting Act.

Flag Salute

Minutes from December 3, 2008 meeting deferred to February meeting.

Chairperson Comments:
    2009 appointments – Positions of chair and/or co-chair for the subcommittees were determined.
       Committees to be voted on at February 4 meeting.
    Jim Zilinski motioned to appoint Adriane Stewart as Chairperson, Gary Miller 2 with all in favor, Jim
       Zilinski motioned to appoint Karen Manner as Vice Chairperson, Adriane Stewart 2 with all in favor;
       other positions appointed were Tom Powers as Treasurer Tom Powers and Alaigh Poonam as Secretary.
    YMCA Update – Basketball program off to a good start, sizeable enrollment. Working on summer camp
       program, would like to have kids bused to Y from summer recreation program. This will be a YMCA
       program; they will do all the advertising and sign up. Commission also discussed that the advertising for
       different activities which includes recreational events, the wording should include “in conjunction with
       Warren Recreation”. Also, Warren residents should receive a discounted rate and have early registration
    2008 Volunteer(s) are: Citizen of the Year is Dr. Paul Abend; Volunteer of the Year is Heather Trumpore;
       Jr. Volunteers of the Year are Kathryne Kelble and Scott Grossnickle; other recipients are Bruce & Brian
       Vitale, Virginia Rea – Adult volleyball, Eric Cheshire-men’s basketball, Sport Org Presidents & safety
       coordinators and Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Club. All Recreation Commission members are in favor of
       recipients – Plaques to be presented at February 12, 2009 Township Committee meeting.
    Antique Road Show – Date to be determined.
    Needy Families – Commission to work with sports groups to aid recipients.
    American Legion hall (2 floor room) was recently renovated, facility can be rented out. Eleanora will do

       a site visit. Commission will consider using this room as a summer classroom for computer camp or some
       other type of program in conjunction with Recreation programs.
    2009 Meetings dates attached.
    Showcase newsletter – Committee discussed aspects of the newsletter including cost, circulation and
       concluded that they will not put an ad in the Showcase paper or Warren/Watchung Connection. Instead
       they decided to create their own newsletter which will be distributed with the township newsletter 4x a
       year. Karen Manner will design newsletter.
       Karen Manner motioned to approve, Gary Miller 2 with all in favor for the change in publication.

        Tom Powers - Treasurer's Report/Budget meeting with Mark
           Skylands bank credit card charge Oct. $25.00
           Mr. John - $51, Greenwood meadows
           Mr. John – 53.77 pavilion area
           Warren Showcase - $600
           Warrenville Lumber – Santa mailbox - $77.47
           Staples – Santa letter paper/envelopes - $45.51
           Pizza Brothers – Santa letters - $76.49
           Boro of Middlesex – Rutgers Training (4) $50
           Rutgers Youth Sports –100 training books - $2,550
           QuikPix – trail signs - $20.00
           Deposit Trust o
           Deposit General Fund
           Rutgers training reimbursement from out of town - $120
           Field rental Dude - $100
           Ben Shaffer & Assoc- 10-Picnic Tables- Youth Athletic Grant - $7,789.10 (arrived)
           Maturano Recreation - Space Whirl Carousel - $4990.97 from– Received and paid
           LandsEnd- shirts, jackets - $551.50 (arrived)
           Ben Shaffer & Assoc – (2) 5 row bleachers – Youth Athletic Grant - $7258.00 (arrived)
           Carolina Flying Discs- $4330.00 grant (arrived)

       Jim Zilinski – WBSI update – Commission discussed their concerns that township residents need to
        be first priority when using twp fields. This issue needs to be addressed and resolved.
        Yuletide Bonfire community event – Receiving positive feedback.
       Karen Manner – Trails – Grant received for kiosks and signs.

     Letters to Santa – Twenty Five (25) teen volunteer’s hand-wrote 104 letters, 10 additional letters
       came in afterwards. Received two calls from moms letting me know their children were very happy
       to receive letters.
     Yuletide bonfire Jan 24 raindate Jan 31th ice skating, refreshments, music - post on twp. website.


           NEXT MEETING will be held Feb. 4 at 7 pm at the Municipal Building 2        floor

                                                                               Official Adjournment 8:30PM
                                                                                             Adjourned 9pm
                                                                                               Submitted by

                                                                                               Carolyn Scannelli
                                                                                               Minutes Secretary

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