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					                               The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                          The Interpreter
                                   Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 150                    Remember September 11, 2001                                                     August 1, 2010

         Our Mission                 ethnographic study of a small
                                     farming village in Okayama
                                                                                    Bit Part in a                      There was one postscript.
                                                                                                                   Several days later, as had been
  In the Spring of 2000, the         Prefecture.      Beardsley       co-           Big Theater                    agreed by the parties, the
  Archives continued the origi-      authored Village Japan based on                                               evacuation of the soldiers and
  nal efforts of Captain Roger       this study, in 1959. This work           (Cont’d) Getting the actual          civilians from Aguijan was
  Pineau and William Hudson,         was read and revered as                  surrender      document      from    scheduled to get under way. A
  and the Archives first at-         frequently in Japan as in the            Washington caused a delay, so        number of large landing craft
  tempts in 1992, to gather the      United States. In 1974, he               we were two days behind the          were anchored close to the
  papers, letters, photographs,      returned to restudy the village,         Tokyo ceremony. Also, the            landing, and a small party of
  and records of graduates of        and was working on a book at             waters surrounding the island        officers huddled there, deciding
  the US Navy Japanese/              the time of his death.                   were found to be too shallow for     how to manage this complicated
  Oriental Language School,              During his time at the               a destroyer. Finally, on the         maneuver. I tagged along, and
  University of Colorado at          University        of     Michigan,       morning of September 4, with         while the group conferred, I
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We             Beardsley served as a member of          our Coast Guard boat anchored        headed up the pathway to the top
  assemble these papers in           the senate assembly, acting              off Aguijan, an admiral’s gig        of the cliff. When I got there I
  recognition of the contribu-       chairman of the department of            arrived bearing a stern-faced        found the Japanese standing in
  tions made by JLS/OLS              anthropology, and director of the        Rear Admiral named Marshall          two orderly groups, the soldiers
  instructors and graduates to       Center for Japanese Studies.             Greer, dressed in whites,            on one side, the elderly men,
  the War effort in the Pacific      Beardsley also was a book                resplendent     with    campaign     women and children on the
  and the Cold War, to the           review editor for American               ribbons and gold braid.              other, rifles and automatic
  creation of East Asian             Anthropologist, trustee and                  When      Yamada      climbed    weapons neatly stacked between
  language programs across           continental editor for Council of        aboard from a landing craft, his     them.
  the country, and to the            Old       World        Archeology,       greenish pallor matched the color        Yamada was standing in front
  development of Japanese-           president of the American branch         of his faded uniform. He looked      of the two groups, and as I
  American      cultural   rec-      of the Far Eastern Prehistory            even smaller than he had at our      approached him, he called my
  onciliation programs after         Association, director of the             first meeting, encumbered as he      name, bowed, and presented me
  World War II.                      Association of Asian Studies,            was with an outsized dispatch        his sword. I detected a knowing
                                     fellow and council member for            case. The confined deck space on     smile on his usually somber face.
Richard King Beardsley               the American Council for                 the slender vessel posed a           The formal ceremony of the
                                                                              problem: where to place the
    Anthropologist                   Advancement of Science, and a
                                                                              surrender documents for the
                                                                                                                   other     day     notwithstanding,
                                     member of the American                                                        Yamada was surrendering his
       of Japan                      Advisor Committee of The Japan           signing. Finally the skipper of      island to me. (to be cont’d)
Throughout his career, Richard       Foundation.                              the Coast Guard boat suggested
                                                                              using the cover of a ventilator                          James Holton in
King Beardsley was a pioneer in          Beardsley did not limit                                                               “My Brush with History:
the field of Japanese community      himself to the study of Japan. He        just behind the wheelhouse, and
                                                                                                                                      by the Readers”,
studies. He graduated summa          also studied Japanese Americans          that was where the parties                            American Heritage,
cum laude from the University of     living in California, spent many         arrayed       themselves,      the                     April 2000, 36-40
California, Berkeley, in 1939.       years teaching a course on the           Americans on one side and the         Sent to us by Euan Davis, JLS 1944
Immediately after graduation,        people of Soviet Asia, and taught        three Japanese on the other.                     ______________

                                                                                                                    Martin Hirabayashi,
Beardsley spent four years in the    a popular course on the                  Nobody invited me to be part of
United States navy, serving as a     anthropology of art.                     the US contingent, so I
Japanese language officer. After         Beardsley was a pioneer in           positioned      myself    directly          Sensei
                                                                              behind Yamada.
WW II, Beardsley returned to         multi-media; he was one of the
                                                                                  After someone read the               US Navy Japanese
Berkeley to earn his PhD. For his    first scholars to write and act in a
dissertation, Temporal and Areal     series of programs on Asia, done         contents of the surrender                 Language School
Relationships      in    Central     for the University of Michigan           document, the signing began. In
                                                                                                                   Hirabayashi Sensei died in 2007.
California Archeology, that was      television center. He was well           the meantime I had noticed
                                                                                                                      Martin Hirabayashi, though
a synthesis of fieldwork of the      known for warmth, kindness, and          Yamada occasionally bending
                                                                                                                   not related, was a neighbor of
archeology of the California         gentle disposition; and he gave          over his big dispatch case. I
                                                                                                                   Gordon Hirabayashi for many
Native American. Despite the         generously to his students.              knew he was ill, but the rest of
                                                                                                                   years while working on a farm
wide reverence for this work,                                                 the group was oblivious of any
                                                         Richard Chalfe                                            located in Kent, Washington.
even up until the time of his                                                 impending disaster until the
                                                                Archive                                            The farm was located in a region
death, Beardsley chose to shift                                               Japanese 2nd lieutenant leaned
                                                                              called Shirakawa, the name
his focus back to Japanese                           archive/aa1979.htm
                                                                              forward to inscribe his name on
                                                                                                                   given the White River Valley--a
studies. He accepted a position at              Published on: 12/1/1979       the document. He threw up,
                                                                                                                   fertile crescent between Seatttle
the University of Michigan in                                                 loudly      and     spectacularly,
                                     [Ed. Note: While I already posted an                                          and Tacoma, Washington--by the
1947.                                                                         spewing the stuff on the papers
                                     obit for Professor Beardsley, this                                            Japanese immigrants who first
   In 1950, Beardsley became a       anthropological information on his
                                                                              and the Americans directly
                                                                                                                   arrived there as        itinerant
pioneer in multi-disciplinary        career appeared to be far more           across from him, including the
                                                                                                                   farmworkers in the late 19th
study when he, and several of his    specific. So I thought I would include   Admiral. Thus did World War II
                                                                                                                   century. By the 1920s, the
co-workers, participated in an       it.]                                     formally end for the garrison of
                                                  _______________                                                  Japanese were the majority
                                                                              Aguijan Island.
ethnic group in the Valley farm        very much about his post-war career,     Nomura, eds. Seattle: University       son. I knew nothing of revolvers.
belt. (Martin Hirabayashi to           as Hirabayashi Sensei never sent us      of Washington Press, 2005).            The only handguns I had ever
David Hays, April 17, 2001;            very much biographical information.          I do appreciate your bio of        fired had been automatics.; so I
Shirakawa: Stories From A              The above was pieced together from       Martin. He had an interesting          admitted my ignorance to my
                                       information on the web. I have
Pacific Northwest Japanese             placed a more complete obit in a         and very productive life. Martin       Marine driver. He told me to put
America, by Stan Flewelling)           future issue. ]                          and I did not cross paths very         only five rounds in the cylinder
    Martin Hirabayashi was a                                                    often as our careers lead us to        of the revolver with the empty
member of Beta Gamma Sigma             Dave:                                    different parts of the world, I        chamber next to the loaded
and Pan Xenia at the University        I can only add that some time in         have sent a copy to Carole             chamber on which the hammer
of Washington immediately prior        the 1960s Martin was consul              Hirabayashi, who is the family         rested. Pulling the trigger once
to World War II. Martin                general in Fukuoka.                      historian. She is married to a         would allow the hammer to fall
Hirabayashi      and      Chisako                                 Rick Straus   nephew of Martin's.                    on the empty chamber, thus
Higuchi were married at                                          US Army JLS
                                                                                                 James Hirabayashi
                                                                                                                       reducing the chance of an
Richmond, Indiana, on Sunday,                                                    Emeritus Professor of Anthropology    accidental discharge. The driver
November 22, 1942. Chisako                 Reprise on                                             and Ethnic Studies   brought with him the courier bag
was a senior at Earlham College                                                      San Francisco State University    for which I was responsible.
in Richmond. Martin was                Hirabayashi Sensei                                         San Francisco CA     When I got to the airfield at
working in Indianapolis. (Pacific      My son, Lane Hirabayashi, sent                               Senior Advisor     Patuxent, Maryland [Naval Air
Cable, Vol. 1, No. 11 -- 2 Dec.        me a copy of your obit on Martin                 Japanese American National     Station (NAS) Patuxent River,
1942, About People)                    Hirabayashi. He remembers you                                      Museum       commissioned in April of 1943],
    He was recruited to teach at       and is appreciative of all the help
                                                                                                   Los Angeles CA      the crew stowed my bag in the
the US Navy Japanese Language          you gave him while he was at                                                    nose compartment of the C47. I
School, at the University of           Colorado.        After      leaving      The JLS Experience                     wondered how I could be
Colorado, in December 1942 to                                                                                          responsible for it when I had no
meet an increasing demand for
                                       Colorado, he went to UC
                                       Riverside for a few years and last
                                                                                of T. Howell Breece                    way of getting at it, but decided
instructors, as the school was                                                                                         that if we were shot down or
                                       year he was appointed to the             (Cont’d) Later I was assigned to
bringing in many more Navy and         Aratani      Professorship        at                                            crashed, I would be dead anyway
                                                                                edit intelligence manuals on
Marine students. He was in                                                                                             and     beyond       caring what
                                       UCLA. This year he was                   Japan for the use of ships’
Boulder from December 1942 to          appointed the Chair of Asian                                                    happened to the bag.
                                                                                officers. We had to work from
July 1943 [his rememberance] or        American Studies.                                                                   I think I was the only
                                                                                photographs         taken       by
June 1944 [when his release was            He wondered whether Martin                                                  passenger until we landed at
                                                                                missionaries, from articles in old
noted in the CU Regents                was a relative or not after                                                     New York where the plane filled
                                                                                newspapers and magazines and
Minutes].        He        always      reading the bit about Gordon                                                    up with passengers, including a
                                                                                from     other such random
downplayed his role at the JLS,        Hirabayashi. “The exclusion of                                                  brigadier general. We made a
                                                                                materials. When I said that I
deferring to those sensei who                                                                                          night     flight     to     Gander,
                                       all Japanese Americans from the          couldn’t do a very good job
had been there longer than he                                                                                          Newfoundland,         where      we
                                       West Coast and the conscription          because I didn’t know enough
had.      "Teaching      Japanese      of Japanese Americans into the                                                  refueled and then we flew to the
                                                                                about such things as dams and
language to the naval officers         United States Army led to                                                       Azores. Again we landed to
                                                                                hydroelectric plants, I was told to
was a real challenge but a             diverse reactions on the part of                                                refuel and to have a meal in the
                                                                                keep quiet and get on with it. I
satisfying experience for me. I                                                                                        Army mess at the airfield.
                                       four Nisei cousins who were              was told later that when a ship’s
had the privilege of teaching the      raised in Japanese American                                                     Because I was a courier I was
                                                                                captain got such a manual he
initial group of WAVE students.        communities in and around                                                       allowed to leave the airplane
                                                                                attached a lead weight to it and
The Phi Beta Kappa students            Seattle, Washington.” [4]                                                       with my 38 in its concealed
                                                                                dropped it over the side. I can
were all exceptional and we               The cousins are Grant Jiro                                                   holster. Otherwise the agreement
                                                                                see why.
should be proud of their efforts       Hirabayashi, Gordon Kiyoshi                                                     with the Portuguese government
                                                                                   One day early in June 1944,
during the War ... Roger Pineau,       Hirabayashi,      Robert       Taro                                             was that no one carried side arms
                                                                                Cmdr. Hindmarsh opened the
Don      Keene     and    Edward       Mizukami, and Henry Nobuo                                                       when they left a plane. From the
                                                                                door into our workroom on the
Seidensticker are people with          Hirabayashi. They are the sons                                                  Azores, we made a long flight to
                                                                                top floor of the Navy
whom I was acquainted. They            of Issei immigrants from an                                                     Casablanca and from there the
                                                                                Department and started counting
were       outstanding      Naval      extended family neighborhood of                                                 next day to Cairo with an
                                                                                heads. The figure he reached was
Officers."(Martin Hirabayashi to       eleven Hirabayashi households                                                   intermediate landing at Tripoli to
                                                                                one short of the number of men
David Hays, March 18, 2001)                                                                                            refuel. At the airfield in Tripoli, I
                                       in the township of Hotaka,               in the room. Someone said, “Sir,
    In the late 1940s, Martin                                                                                          saw my first war damage, the
                                       Nagano          Prefecture, Japan.       you haven’t counted Breece.”
Hirabayashi was a member of                                                                                            jagged holes torn by machine
                                       Toshiharu Hirabayashi, father of         “Oh,” said the Commander,
the Japan Branch, Division of                                                                                          gun bullets in the metal hangars
                                       Grant; Shungo Hirabayashi,               “He’s going to China.” That was
Research for Far East, U.S.            father of Gordon; Isami (nee                                                    of the Italian Air Force. There,
                                                                                how I learned what my next
Department of State. (Japan's          Hirabayashi) Mizukami, mother                                                   also, I got into a conversation
                                                                                assignement would be.
Economy       in     War      and      of     Robert;     and      Hamao                                               with one of my fellow
                                                                                   DDay was, of course, June 6,
Reconstruction, by Jerome B.           Hirabayashi, father of Henry,                                                   passengers, a captain in the
                                                                                1944, and getting anyone onto a
Cohen, University of Minnesota         were the relatives who who                                                      Royal Navy. We were the only
                                                                                transatlantic airplane in June was
Press, Minneapolis, 1949, vi.;         emigrated to America. (In “Four                                                 two naval men on the plane,
                                                                                very difficult. So the Navy made
[Jerome Cohen was a graduate           Hirabayashi       Cousins:        A                                             something that caused him to
                                                                                me a courier, provided me with a
of the USN JLS]).                      Question of Identity”, Nikkei in                                                ignore the enormous gulf
                                                                                38 caliber revolver in a shoulder
                     David M. Hays
                                       the Pacific Northwest: Japanese                                                 between our ranks.
                  Archivist & Editor                                            holster and sent a Marine driver
                                       Americans       and      Japanese                                                   In Cairo, I was able to turn
                                                                                to pick me up at my Washington
[Ed. Note: I placed this obit in the   Canadians in the Twentieth                                                      my courier bag over to an officer
                                                                                hotel where I said a somber
JAVA/AAVA newsletter, care of          Century. Louis Fiset and Gail                                                   at US Naval Headquarters. I was
                                                                                goodbye to my wife and year-old
Grant Ichikawa. We do not know                                                                                         interested to learn that part of the
contents of the bag which I was        they settled permanently for the                                                education as his professional
to guard with my life turned out       rest of their 66 years of marriage.                                             career and shared with them his
to be two bottles of bourbon for       My wife, Gloria, and I kept in                                                  unwavering belief in human
the naval station [Probably more       touch with them and we visited                                                  potential.
worthy of defense than other           each other from time to                                                                                  Mike Berry
paperwork would be]. I was in          time. Maynard never used his                                                         College of Charleston Magazine
Cairo three days, the only time I      Japanese professionally, but he                                                                    Fall 2004, Fall 2,
have ever been to Egypt. The           remembered a great deal, and                                                                                Page 27
station commander thought that         when we got together we would
no American naval officer              have fun recalling phrases and                                                   One who Slipped Away
should come through Cairo              songs. Rhea reminded me                                                                Unnoticed:
without seeing the Pyramids. He        recently that on one of their trips                                               Benton ("Ben") Hines
provided me with a jeep and            to New York we went to a                                                                Marshall
driver and sent me out to Gizeh        Japanese        restaurant      and        Alice and Charles Latimer on a
                                                                                  recent trip to Panama                In response to my letter asking some
for a long afternoon of looking at     "performed," much to the                                                        long-time members to join me in
the Sphinx and the great               surprise and enjoyment of the                 Latimer had planned to accept     Founder membeship status, I was
Pyramids [“…My name is                 waiters!                                   a job offer as an assistant          notified that Ben Marshall had died
Ozymandias, King of Kings,                He had a great sense of                 superintendent in Minnetonka,        July 4, 2000, nearly three years ago.
Look on my Works, ye Mighty,           humor and a sharp wit, as well as          Minn. However, as a favor to a       It pained me that one of us who had
and despair! Nothing beside            skill in solving puzzles. He often                                              been a participant in our organization
                                                                                  few friends at Columbia, he
                                                                                                                       since its organization in 1978 could
remains. Round the decay Of            entered contests and won a                 agreed to meet with the              leave us unreported; it seemed
that colossal Wreck, boundless         respectable amount of money                superintendent of the Panama         unseemly.
and bare The lone and level            from some of them. His love of             Canal Zone Schools over                  I requested more information of
sands stretch far away." Percy         words         produced       "New          breakfast at the Waldorf-Astoria     the person who had responded and
Bysshe Shelley (sorry couldn’t         Millennium        Limericks      for       in New York City. This informal      received a CV which emphasized
help it)]. I no longer remember        Grandmothers and Others,"                  Sunday morning conversation          how little I had known of this fellow
his name, but I am still grateful      published in 2001. Whatever he             led to a flight to Panama and a      AGLP member. I had known Ben
to him. I was quartered in great       did was with total commitment              job offer.                           only from brief contacts at our
                                                                                                                       annual meetings; he was a quiet
luxury at Shephard’s Hotel. (to        and unlimited energy, which                   In 1962, Latimer became           person, not given to talking about
be cont’d)                             made him a valuable member of              dean of The Canal Zone Junior        himself.
                    T. Howell Breece   several boards in his community.           College, and two years later, the        Reading his CV I wished I had
                           JLS 1944                                               deputy superintendent of the         gotten to know him better. He had
           _______________                                           Gene Sosin
                                                                      JLS 1943    Canal Zone schools. “My family       served in the U.S. Navy 1943-1945
   J. Maynard Kaplan                                                              and I loved Panama,” Latimer         in the Pacific theater with the 118th
                                       [Ed. Note: Such personal obituaries                                             C.B. (Seebee), then a year at the
                                                                                  reminisces. “The school system
        JLS 1944                       by peers seem much better than the
                                                                                  was fantastic. Our home was air-     Naval Oriental Language School
                                       standard obits from newspapers.                                                 (Japanese)      [Oklahoma       A&M,
I'm sorry to write you that my         Regrettably, Mr. Kaplan did not            conditioned, we had great outlets    Stillwater] and then 6 months in a
dear friend, J. Maynard Kaplan,        want to be disturbed and never             for swimming and playing golf        Central Intelligence Group.
whom I met in the JLS in 1942,         received    our    newsletter,    a        and we got to travel quite a bit.”       He graduated from the Louisville
died on July 15, 2007, in              disturbance he might have enjoyed,            After 19 years in Central         School of Medicine in 1951, interned
Columbus,       Ohio,   at    the      had he known.]                             America, Latimer returned to the     at the Graduate Hospital of the
venerable age of 94. Maynard                                                      States ready to open a private       University of Pennsylvania and was
was born in Salem, MA, and               Mind over Matter                         practice in counseling in            a resident in psychiatry at Friends
                                                                                  Greenville, S.C. Shortly after       Hospital, the VA and Philadelphia
graduated        from      Brown        Charles Latimer 1944                                                           State Hospital.
University and Harvard Law                                                        returning, he was coaxed back            Over the years he worked at and
School. He graduated from the          (Cont’d)     He     returned    to         into education by a small school     received an A.M. degree in
JLS either in late 1942 or early       Brookline for a few years and              system in nearby Polk County,        Anthropology from the University of
1943 -- maybe you have a record        then accepted an assistant                 N.C. “Once everyone there            Pennsylvania. He worked at a
of that [actually we do, he            principal job in Wallingford,              figured out that I knew how to       number of Pennsylvania State and
entered New years Eve 1942. +          Conn., and later, Montclair, N.J.          work with children, they came to     community        organizations     and
14 months would put his                For those blessed with smarts              depend on me not only as the         institutions.
                                       and an unyielding work ethic,                                                       I last saw Ben in May 2000 I
graduation in late winter 1944] -                                                 school psychologist, but also as
                                       windows of opportunity can                                                      think, when he somewhat gleefully
- and was sent to the Naval                                                       the school system guru,” says        announced that he had retired. It
Communications        Annex    in      grow to the size of doors. One             Latimer. “I had no authority, no     appears he had little time to enjoy
Washington, where he rose to           such door opened for Latimer               power. All I could do was            that phase of his life.
Lt.(j.g.), and we worked together      when the U.S. Army contacted               suggest. And some of my                  A tardy goodbye, Ben; you were
for many months. He and his            him to supervise their secondary           recommendations created near         missed - we just didn't know where
wife, Rhea, became close friends       schools in Europe. “I was                  miracles. I ended up being an        you had gone.
of mine and we spent a lot of          basically in charge of overseeing          advisor to the superintendent,                               Frank Rundle
                                       149 schools scattered across               principals, teachers, children and          Association of Gay and Lesbian
time together during those                                                                                                                       Psychiatrists
wartime days, culminating in our       Germany, France, Italy, and                parents. . . . Helping that school                   V. XXIX(2), April 2003
celebration of V-J Day by              Ethiopia – with 3,000 teachers             system was one of the most                                          Page 17
joining the delirious crowds in        and more than 60,000 students,”            pleasurable experiences in my                     _______________

downtown Washington.                   recalls Latimer. His reputation as         professional career.”
   The Kaplans returned to             a capable administrator quickly               And it is fortunate for a great
Salem for a few years, and later       attracted the attention of                 number of children, spanning
moved with their young son and         education professionals back in            generations and even continents,
daughter to Columbus, where            the United States.                         that Charles Latimer chose
    A Perfect Choice                 that Captain Follmer had asked
                                     me to get a souvenir from the I-
                                                                                                                           He met Ruth Halverson at the
                                                                                                                       US Navy Japanese Language
                                                                                  “In 1998, Rep. Julia Carson
      [A JLO Submariner]             58 for him to give Captain
                                                                              sponsored legislation in Congress to
                                                                                                                       School at the University of
                                     McVay.                                                                            Colorado in Boulder [where she
Two days before OPERATION                                                     clear McVay's name. The bill was
                                        Aboard the I-58, I discussed                                                   was attending as a WAVE, see
ROAD’S END, during which we          the problem with Hashimoto. He
                                                                              opposed by the Navy and did not
                                                                                                                       Issue #135]. They were married
                                                                              pass, but in 2000 Congress approved
sank the remaining 24 subs of        took me forward to the forward                                                    in February 1944. Ruth dropped
                                                                              a resolution clearing McVay's name
the Japanese submarine fleet,        torpedo room and pointed out the         as part of the 2001 defense spending     out of the program when she
Captain Follmer asked me to          tube from which the fatal                bill. Then, in July 2001, the            discovered she was pregnant.
secure from the I-58 a souvenir      torpedo had been discharged.             Secretary of the Navy ordered            After Jack was deployed, she
for him to give Captain McVay        There was an oval base plate             McVay to be exonerated of                moved to Springfield, Illinois (to
of the Indianapolis, who had         affixed to the round door of the         wrongdoing in the loss of the ship”.
                                                                                                                       live with her parents), where her
survived the loss of his ship. I                                    
                                     tube designated with a particular        tfiles/history/military/uss_indianapol
                                                                                                                       son Joseph was born in March
asked him for suggestions as to      number in Japanese. Hashimoto                                                     1945. Jack was in the Pacific at
                                                                              is/history.html. Mr. Kramer has now
what to secure and he had simply     told me he could have the brass                                                   the time, with the Marines [See
replied, “That’s up to you.”         plate removed and suggested it                        _______________             Issues #68, #81-#83A, notably on
                                     would be a suitable souvenir for
                                     the ill-fated Captain McVay.
                                                                                 John Joseph Craig                     Iwo Jima]. The baby was healthy
                                                                                                                       for a few days. They wrote to
                                         Because such a memento                          1918-2005                     each other daily, but mail
                                     seemed to me somewhat                    John Joseph (Jack) Craig [JLS            delivery was another matter.
                                     ghoulish I went along with the           1944] was born on October 2,             Therefore Jack received glowing
                                     suggestion hesitantly; but when I        1918 in Manhattan, New York to           letters about their new son. The
                                     gave it to Captain Follmer the           Helen (Nellie) Meany Craig and           baby developed a lung infection
                                     following day he was delighted           William Craig. Unfortunately,            and died when five days old.
                                     with it and proclaimed that it was       his father, an accountant, died          Jack wrote back about his
Photo #: USMC 139990 I-58            a “perfect choice.”                      two weeks later during the               happiness, only to find his
(Japanese Submarine, 1944-1946) At      A year or so later, while on                                                   exultant letters crossed with
                                                                              influenza epidemic, leaving
Sasebo, Japan, 28 January 1946.      active          duty          with                                                Ruth’s heartbroken ones about
This submarine torpedoed and                                                  Nellie with Jack plus two-year-
                                     COMSUBLANT, I learned of                 old Francis. A few weeks later,          the baby’s death. It was a sad
sank USS Indianapolis (CA-35) on
30 July 1945.                        Captain McVay’s suicide ….               she married Charles Desmond,             time for them on top of the war
U.S. Marine Corps Photograph.        [This must have been a rumor             and had a third son, William             separation.
                                     since McVay’s rank was restored          Desmond. Jack grew up with                   After Jack served in the War
It should be mentioned here that     in 1946 by the new CNO Chester                                                    and briefly in Occupied Japan,
my life aboard the Nereus was                                                 charming, kind, yet impractical
                                     Nimitz. McVay retired in 1949.]          parents, who often were evicted          he was honorably discharged
such that I was wrapped in a            Was it, I inevitably asked                                                     from the Marines as a captain.
cocoon as far as outside world                                                from various apartments for
                                     myself, my “perfect choice” that         failure to pay rent. Sometimes           He and Ruth lived outside of
events were concerned. I had no      had persuaded him to take his                                                     Manhattan (where Jack worked)
Japanese newspapers and no                                                    the boys would help their parents
                                     own life?                                move on the sly from one                 – first in an apartment in New
radio to keep me informed of                               S. Paul Kramer                                              Rochelle      (where      daughters
world events. I did know that                                                 building to the next before facing
                                                                 JLS 1944                                              Karen Craig Carter in 1947 and
Captain Hashimoto of the I-58                                                 overdue rent, even moving
                                     [Ed. Note: To answer Mr. Kramer’s        furniture via rooftop to avoid the       Kim Craig Lambey in 1949 were
had been sent to Washington in       question - probably not. I think Mr.                                              born), then in their first house in
December 1945 to testify at the                                               attention of landlords or building
                                     Kramer’s conscience can rest easy        superintendents. Although times          Levittown on Long Island
court martial of Captain McVay       since Admiral McVay did not commit                                                (where Susan Craig Gerson was
where his arrival had horrified                                               were lean, Jack and Francis did
                                     suicide until 1968. From the USS                                                  born in 1952), then in Norwalk,
the American public. The press       Indianapolis Association website it is   well in School in Mt. Vernon,
                                                                              NY, and they remained best               CT (where son Anthony was
had howled. “What we are doing       hard not to come to the conclusion
                                                                                                                       born in 1961), then to Pelham,
in this case is putting an enemy     that the many were attempting to         friends for life. Jack and his
                                     whitewash themselves of this incident    brother enjoyed camping trips in         NY in 1965. Jack worked first as
in the position of determining the                                                                                     an editor/writer for Chemical
                                     while tarring Captain McVay.             the more rural areas of
justice we mete out to ourselves.    Certainly this is not the only time a                                             Week, then at a large advertising
It was a perverted sense of                                                   Westchester County. In Mt.
                                     commander has been sacrificed to         Vernon High School, he was on            agency (G.M. Basford) where he
values that produced this course     protect the reputation of the Army or                                             specialized in chemical products,
of action,” wrote the Washington                                              the track and cross country teams
                                     Navy. The failure to zigzag had to be                                             then for William             Zinsser
Post. Hashimoto had to be            a trumped up charge.                     (he continued running in college
                                                                              and even ran for pleasure into his       Company              (shellac/paint
lodged during the trial in The           “McVay was found guilty on the
                                     charge of failing to zigzag. The court   70s). He won a full scholarship          manufacturers) where he served
Navy Yard and was given guards                                                                                         as a corporate officer and
to protect him from harm; such       sentenced him to lose 100 numbers in     to NYU, where he graduated
                                     his temporary rank of Captain and        second in his class with a degree        advertising/public         relations
had been the extent of the public    100 numbers in his permanent rank                                                 director for over 30 years, and
hostility.                                                                    in chemistry. Summer jobs
                                     of Commander, thus ruining his Navy      included      life-guarding    and       retired in his 70s. When Zinsser
    He had returned to his           career. In 1946, at the behest of                                                 relocated from Manhattan to
command of the I-58 about the                                                 working in a bank. After
                                     Admiral Nimitz who had become                                                     New Jersey (mid 1970s), he and
same time I arrived aboard the       Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary     graduation, he worked in a
                                                                              chemical lab in Louisville,              Ruth moved to a home in
Nereus and never referred to the     Forrestal remitted McVay's sentence
                                     and restored him to duty. McVay          Kentucky. Although he was                Califon, NJ. (to be cont’d)
trip in such discussions as we
had previously engaged. Thus I       served out his time in the New           exempt from the draft because of                           Kim Craig Lambey
                                     Orleans Naval District and retired in    his occupation, he volunteered                            Biographical Sketch
knew nothing about his trip or       1949 with the rank of Rear Admiral.                                                           _______________
the outcome of Captain McVay’s                                                for military service after Pearl
                                     He took his own life in 1968.”           Harbor.
court martial. All I knew was