July 12, 2005
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July 12, 2005
6:00 P.M.

President Briddell called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:

       Theresa Craley                         Mark Derr
       Paul Knepper                           Scott DePoe
       Robert Steele                          Dennis Henry
       Scott Stewart                          Dave Jones

Minutes:        On motion of Commissioner Steele, seconded by Commissioner Craley
                the minutes of June 14th, 2005 were approved with the following changes:
                page 6, Sewer Engineer – They can save us 30-40% of construction cost;
                page 17, Comm. Craley: I would like to see ½. Delete but if you are
                working for 30% that’s great. Page 23, Sovereign Bank - Agreed that we
                would not pay anything towards the sidewalks should be added. Page 1 –
                Date should be June 14 not June 13. Page 5, the date mentioned for the
                completion date for the Act 537 Plan was 1989 but is actually 1999. The
                minutes reflect that Mr. Beck indicated he extended the sewer to his home.
                There is a correction that the sewer line was built in 1977 and Mr. Beck
                didn’t build his house until 1987. The developer put in the sewer so Mr.
                Beck should not receive a check for $3,999. Vote 5 yes.

Payment of
Bills           On motion of Commissioner Steele, seconded by Commissioner Craley
                the following bills were approved for payment, all were in favor.

                       General Fund                          $695,473.86
                       Street Light                               158.89
                       Sewer Revenue                           97,261.20
                       Intermunicipal Sewer Fund               13,987.90
                       Stormwater Mgt.                            875.00
                       Liquid Fuels                            79,950.00
                       Capital Reserve Fund                    37,016.23

                               Total                       $ 924,723.08

                The Board discussed what bills they would like to have copies of prior to
                the bills actually being paid. All bills for professional services such as
                those for attorneys and engineers should be copied and put in the
July 12, 2005
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                commissioner’s mailboxes by the Friday prior to the meeting so that they
                can review them prior to checks being mailed out.

Woods           Failed to show.

Aulbach         Understands that we’ve hired Gannett Fleming to do an engineering
                review of the project, while we’re waiting he’s hoping that he can get
                some questions answered about statements that have been made about the
                project. Comm. Briddell interjected that it is public comment and not a
                question period. Mr. Aulbach asked how the public can obtain answers to
                questions when statements are made during a public meeting. Does the
                Board feel an obligation to answer these questions? Specifically how does
                Resolution 89-1 relate to their project? Do you feel responsible to answer
                questions that have been raised? Does the Board just make comments is
                there any responsibility to back them up when asked. Commissioner
                Briddell indicated that it’s up to each individual commissioner if they
                choose to respond.

                Mr. Aulbach indicated that the minutes reflect Comm. Craley hired an
                engineer at her own expense Comm. Craley – As a private citizen, I
                wouldn’t ask you how much you paid for anything. I took your project,
                because I believe in what Mr. Steele was saying that we weren’t getting
                the best mouse trap, to Gannett Fleming on my own and I paid for them to
                review that project for me to give me a second opinion so that I knew what
                I was looking at when it came before us. Mr. Aulbach indicated he spoke
                with Bob Shaffer at Gannett Fleming and he wasn’t aware that Comm.
                Craley hired them to review the project.


Codorus         We received a request from the Codorus Creek Watershed Association
Creek           requesting that we pass a resolution adopting the Codorus Watershed
Watershed       Conservation Plan. The plan identifies the long-term management plan
Association     for the watershed and a plan to reduce the degradation of the watershed.
                By adopting the plan we also move our municipality up in the funding
                priority for grants, etc. to restore tributaries to the watershed. Comm.
                Craley made a motion, seconded by Comm. Stewart to approve Resolution
                2005-16. All were in favor.
July 12, 2005
Page # 3

2005-17         Resolution accepting the dedication of a tract of land from Dwight R.
                Markey for use as a public road and for the installation of public utilities
                and related public services. Motion by Comm. Craley, seconded by
                Comm. Knepper, all were in favor.

Request         We’ve received an easement request from Metropolitan Edison for the
                right to construct and maintain guy wires and anchor poles on land of the
                township, which is currently being used as a detention pond on Dairyland
                Rd. We recommend approval of the easement. Comm. Stewart made a
                motion that we table the easement, seconded by Commissioner Craley so
                that the Board can take a look at it and talk to Met Ed in conjunction with
                the old trolley line property that the township is attempting to acquire an
                easement to. All were in favor.

Yoe Boro
Model           Yoe Borough has requested that we join together with them to conduct an
                accurate hydraulic model for the watershed area for the regional
                stormwater detention ponds along Springwood Road. Madison Heights,
                L.P. the developer of Paddock at Equine Meadows has provided Yoe
                Borough with $10,000 towards a study. The Board of Commissioners
                directed the manager to write a letter to Yoe Borough suggesting that
                proposals be obtained for such a study to determine the cost of such a
                study prior to committing to it as well as inquiring if they’ve contacted the
                other municipalities contributing to the stormwater problems.

Fire Hydrants
Queen and
Fruitlyn      Tom Landis received a request from the fire department to review the fire
              hydrant coverage in several areas in the township. As a result of the
              review, Tom requested Red Lion Borough to provide an estimate for
              installing fire hydrants in several locations, primarily along Queen Street
              going into Dallastown. The Board indicated that they would like to pursue
              the hydrant located at Clover Hill and Rte. 74 and would like the Manager
              to contact Dallastown Borough to inquire about sharing the cost of a
              hydrant located at the intersection of W. Main Street and Fruitlyn Drive.

Water &         The Water and Sewer Authority requested a meeting with a subcommittee
Sewer Auth.     of the Board of Commissioners to discuss the Leader Heights Sewer
Meeting         Project. Comm. Craley suggested that Comm. Steele and Comm. Stewart
Request         be the representatives from the Board of Commissioners. All were in
                favor. The Manager should arrange a meeting between the parties.
July 12, 2005
Page # 4

Works           Scott would like to publicly thank each and every one of the employees of
                the Public Works Department for the work that they’ve been undertaking
                in preparation of the paving work with the heat and all of the other work
                that is going on, we’re running a tight schedule and they’ve done a
                wonderful job keeping ahead of this contracted paving work and he would
                like to have this entered into the minutes to reflect his appreciation.

                Scott provided a summary of the paving to date and noted that the paving
                for every street with the exception of one, has come in under budget.

Incident   Scott attended the NIMS training at the York County Emergency
Management Management Center. This is a mandated system for handling disasters and
System     Emergency situations. The training will be required for all staff and
           elected officials and all other persons involved in these incidences.
           Failure to obtain the certification will disqualify us for Federal and State
           reimbursements for disaster aid.

Adoption        Scott provided a list of streets that developers have submitted for adoption.
                The department has reviewed the streets and the developers have made
                required repairs. The list will be presented in August for adoption so that
                they can be added to the list submitted to the state for Liquid Fuels

Unimog          The Unimog has been manufactured and is in route and hopefully will be
                here in August or early September.

Tree trimming
Ordinance     Recommend that the township prepare an ordinance for tree trimming
              along the public right of way that would force property owners to do the
              tree trimming maintenance. Consensus of the Board was to have the
              Solicitor work with the Public Works Director to prepare the ordinance.

Traffic Signal
Old Balt. Pike All of the hardware is in place and very shortly the light will be
S. George St. operational. This project brought to light the need for an ordinance
Monument       related to tree trimming. The Public Works Department was forced to
               trim trees of private property owners, which resulted in conflict with the
               property owners.
July 12, 2005
Page # 5
Powder Mill
Leader Hts.
Traffic Signal We are currently working with the developer across the street from
               Powder Mill Road to get the light installed. The developer will be
               participating in putting in the turning lane and modifying the permit to do
               this. We’re not sure that it will happen this year but if not will happen
               early next year.

Isaac Walton
Road Maint. Comm. Briddell requested that the Township erect a sign along S. Pleasant
             Ave. recognizing the efforts of the Isaac Walton League for their efforts
             maintaining the road by picking up litter, etc. The Board of
             Commissioners was in favor of recognizing the group. Along those lines,
             Scott indicated that he would like to acquire a sign-making machine in
             2006 and will include the request in the 2006 budget requests.

G & Tyler       Scott obtained a proposal for inspection services for the Interceptor G and
Run Project     Tyler Run projects. Comm. Craley directed Scott to seek competitive
                proposals from at least three firms and to award the contract to the lowest
                responsible bidder, seconded by Commissioner Steele. All were in favor.
                Commissioner Steele cautioned that we make sure we are asking all
                engineering firms to bid on an equal basis so that when we receive the
                quotes we are comparing equal offers.

Department      Debra indicated that she had provided the Board of Commissioners with
                an analysis of the Recreation Fees collected from developers.

Council       Debra has spoken with Robert Holweck and currently the EAC is seeking
              grant funding and is not intent on using Recreation Site Fees. Depending
              on the outcome of the grant funding this may be a future discussion.

Days Mill
Property        Debra has spoken with Cindy Dunlap, from DCNR, and she indicated that
Grant           no further paperwork had been sent out yet so we’re in a holding pattern
                with that.

Grant Cycle     Debra attended the Grant Workshop in Mechanicsburg; the deadline for
                grant applications is going to be September 30th so they will be reviewing
                projects to determine what to apply for.

ELA Group       Met with ELA Group to review proposed plans for the Markey tract and
                depending on the outcome of the meeting with the Rec. Board in August,
July 12, 2005
Page # 6
                they will be requesting a meeting to hold a public hearing and review the
                plans with the public.

Events          7/24 @ 6:30PM a free concert at Lions Park by the Spring Garden Band.
                7/26 – 7/31 The township park will be hosting a portion of the Keystone
                             State games
                7/29 - Dreamwrites Theatre will present “As you like it” at Lions Park at
                       6:30 PM
                8/6 – there will be a Movie in the Park at 8:30PM. They will be showing
                      Shrek II which is being sponsored in part by Charter Homes and
                      we’d like to thank them for that.


Gemvic, LLC Dennis Henry recommended conditional approval of the Final Subdivision
            Plan subject to the requirements and conditions as per letter dated July 8,
            2005. The York Twp Planning Comm. recommended approval of the
            Final Land Development Plan at their meeting on June 21, 2005. Comm.
            Craley made a motion, seconded by Comm. Steele to approve the plan
            subject to the Engineer’s 7/8 letter, further recommend that the waivers be
            approved for Section 602.A.7, Section 603.B and Section 603.C with six
            month clauses on each of the waivers. Attorney William Hoffmeyer
            requested a complete waiver for the widening of streets.

Stambaugh       Dennis recommends conditional approval of the Final Subdivision Plan
                subject to the requirements and conditions as per letter dated July 8, 2005.
                The York Twp Planning Comm. recommended approval of the Final Land
                Development Plan at their meeting on June 21, 2005. On motion of
                Comm. Craley, seconded by Comm. Steele the plan was approved subject
                to the 7/8 Engineers letter with approval of the waiver for parking. All
                were in favor.

Gene & Eva
Waltemyer       Township Engineer recommends conditional approval of the Final
                Subdivision Plan subject to the requirements and conditions as per letter
                dated July 8, 2005. The York Township Planning Commission
                recommended approval of the Final Land Development Plan at their
                meeting on June 21, 2005. Comm. Craley made a motion, seconded by
                Comm. Knepper that the plan be approved, further that the waivers for
                section 602.A.7, 603.B and 603.C be granted. All were in favor.
July 12, 2005
Page # 7

Overlook        Comm. Steele made a motion, seconded by Comm. Knepper that the plan
Parking lot     be approved subject to the requirements and conditions as per the
                Township Engineers letter dated July 8, 2005, further that the waiver for
                Section 405.B.4 requiring a Traffic Impact Trip Generation Report be
                granted. All were in favor.

Ore Valley
Elementary      Engineering Department recommends conditional approval of the Final
Parking Lot     Land Development Plan subject to the requirements and conditions as per
                letter dated July 8, 2005. The York Township Planning Commission
                recommended approval of the Final Land Development Plan at their
                meeting on June 21, 2005. Comm. Stewart recommended approval of the
                plan subject to the requirements and conditions as per letter dated July 8,
                2005 along with the waivers for Sections 603.C.1, 402.C.2, 602.A.7,
                602.C, 609.A.3.a, 609.A.3.c, and 405.B.4 specifically excluding the
                waiver for section 602B requiring the installation of sidewalks. Comm.
                Craley seconded the motion. The reason for the exclusion is because of
                getting the students from the development beside the school to the school
                property. Since the school and the developer can’t seem to work out a
                way to get a sidewalk thru a passageway that was designated on the
                development plan, if they can’t go that way they’ve got to go around.
                After further discussion, the motion was amended to include Section 602B
                with a six month statement for along Springwood and Chestnut Hill Rd,
                with the condition that they complete the connection of the sidewalk from
                the Chestnut Ridge subdivision to the school sidewalk system. All were in

Dwight       Comm. Craley made a motion to approve the revised subdivision plan
Markey       as presented. Comm. Knepper seconded the motion. All were in favor.
Rev. Subdiv.

Reapprovals     Comm. Steele made a motion, seconded by Comm. Knepper to reapprove
                LD2004-7-1 – Dermatology Associates, P2004-11-1 – Kevin Keperling
                Subdivision and LD2004-11-1 – Cingular Cell Tower (Keperling site).
                All were in favor.

Agenda      Comm. Knepper questioned the slivers of land purchased from George
            Michaels that adjoin Coventry Rd.. Comm. Knepper requested that we
            contact the property owners on both sides to determine if they would be
July 12, 2005
Page # 8
                interested in acquiring the property from the township. This would
                eliminate the need for the township to maintain the land in the future.

                Comm. Knepper also made a motion that the Commissioners Agenda be
                moved up after public presentations. Comm. Steele seconded the motion.
                All were in favor.

                Commissioner Steele apologized to the staff and the residents affected by
                the Reynolds Mill Rd sewer project for missing a meeting on 6/24 with
                Gannett Fleming.

                Commissioner Steele also provided information on sound and vibration
                and offered information for the Board’s review on a sound level meter
                because he believes that sooner or later the township will need to purchase

                Commissioner Craley indicated that she attended the COG executive
                committee meeting and that they’ve put final approval on their Planning
                Commission Flyers for a seminar that they are sponsoring, it will be held
                here in this building and the flyers will be sent out next month. Make sure
                that Elizabeth sees that, we’re giving advanced notice to the COG
                members, there are only 35 seats and normally they fill up quickly.

                Comm. Craley reminded everyone that there’s a COG dinner coming up in
                September and encouraged everyone to attend.

Ordinance       Comm. Craley would like to make a suggestion, would like to remove any
                reference to an Urban Growth Boundary. After a great deal of discussion
                it was decided that this would best be done as an amendment once the
                ordinance is passed. Would like to thank the planning commission
                they’ve already scheduled their meeting to take a look at some of the
                things we’ve asked them to.

Speed Limits
S. Franklin & Where are we on those two. S. Franklin Street should be posted at 30
Spartan Rds miles per hour, Dennis should double check and get back to Commissioner
              Craley and work with Public Works to take whatever steps are necessary
              to post the speeds recommended by York County.

                Commissioner Craley commended the Public Works Dept. for the work
                done on Honey Valley. It looks terrific.

                Comm. Stewart questioned if we could apply for a conditional right turn
                on red, conditional on the house being demoed. Is that true? Dennis
                indicated he didn’t believe so. He indicated that he would get the
July 12, 2005
Page # 9
                paperwork started so that when the house is demolished they’d be ready to
                go. Scott DePoe will obtain quotes to have the house demolished once the
                township takes possession of the property.

                Commissioner Briddell commended the Zoning Hearing Board on their

Meeting      The Board agreed to advertise for a public hearing for the TND Ordinance
TND          as well as the Urban Growth Boundary Resolution for August 2nd at 7PM.
Ordinance / The goal will be to make a decision on the ordinance that evening. The
Urban Growth Public Hearing and Ordinance will be advertised by York Township Staff.

Agenda          The Solicitor presented a resolution to condemn the trolley line. The
                board requested that the resolution be amended to include uses for Farm
                Lane, sidewalks, utilities, etc. rather than just for recreational purposes so
                that we don’t have to go to Met Ed more than once. The Solicitor will
                make the required modifications and bring the resolution back to the
                Board. Direction was give to the Solicitor to contact Met-Ed and try to
                negotiate the easement again with the knowledge that the Board intends to
                condemn the property if necessary along with the easement request by
                Met-Ed for guy wires in the Dairyland Detention Pond.

Fire Company
Release      The release was prepared, it was suggested that we wait to complete it
             until we actually own the property and the fire department is ready to do
             their training.

Recess          The meeting was recessed at 9:10 a.m. to Tuesday, August 2nd at 7:00

                 Township Manager

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