ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL, QUEENSTOWN
                                        Office hours 8.30 am – 3.30 pm
                                           Our Vision Statement
                  Creating confident learners who, like Jesus, make a positive difference.

                                                 Our Values
                                       Walk in Truth and with Respect

                              OUR SCHOOL FOCUS this year is HONESTY!
                                          Week 1 – Term 1, 2010
                                        What’s on Week 2, 2010
  Thursday    11 Feb   Swimming – Takake 10-11 am; Kakariki 11 am – 12 pm.
                                         Future Events to Note
  Monday      15 Feb   Y8 Sailing
  Tuesday     16 Feb   Swimming – Hoiho 10-11 am; Takahe 11 am – 12 pm.
  Wednesday   17 Feb   Ash Wednesday
                       Swimming – Kakariki 10-11 am; Hoiho 11 am – 12 pm

                       At St Joseph’s staff, children, parents and visitors are
                                     Friendly
                                     Respectful
                                     Honest
                                     Tolerant
                                     Accepting
                                     Supportive
                                     Generous
                                     Positive

Kia ora to you all and welcome back to our 2010 school year.

                                    Who’s Who at St Joseph’s in 2010
 Staff
   Heather McIntosh – Office Administrator
   Sonya Matheson – Teacher Aide Special Needs & Library
   Suzanne Thompson Jones – Teacher Aide ESOL & Speech/Language Support, Classroom & Special Needs
   Nicky Corson – Teacher Aide Special Needs
   Lisa Dickson – Teacher New Entrants R1 Discovery
   Lisa Collins – Deputy Principal, Teacher R2 Discovery SENCO
   Janne Anderson – Teacher R6 Hoiho
   Catherine Clarke – Director of Religious Studies, Teacher R4 Kakapo
   Kirsten Pomare – Assistant Principal, Teacher R7 Kakariki, Leadership Health/PE and Te Reo/Kapahaka
   Jen Daly – Teacher R5 Takahe
   Debbie Healy – Teacher R3 Ruru
   Belinda Davidson – Teacher CRT/MRT Release, Reading Recovery release, Special Needs, ICT, Curriculum
       leadership – Maths
   Di Ramsey – Teacher CRT/MRT Release & Relieving
   Dave Dubnick – Specialist Technology teacher
   Trisch Inder – Principal

 Our Board of Trustees – Rene Kampman, Board chair, Louise Ward, Danny Conroy, Michelle
  Bradley, Chris Chandler, Pauline Copland (newly co-opted), Fr Tony and Kirsten Pomare.
 Our Parent Teachers Association group – Tony Leyden, Sonya Taylor, Rachel Vermeir, Sean
  McLeod, Andre Macraes, Ian Boud, David and Amanda Gatward-Ferguson, Jo Domingo, Jo Elliot,
  Emma Carter, Pauline Copland, Janne Anderson (teacher rep).

We thank Di Ramsey for her commitment and loyalty to the students during 2009 in Takahe as it wasn’t
her initial intention to teach all year. We welcome Jen Daly, our new teacher in Takahe and Kaye
O’Connell who, as a volunteer has already had a major role with netball and touch coaching, who will
be our Sports Co-ordinator in 2010. We also welcome Dave Dubnick as our Technology specialist
and French teacher for our Year 7 and 8 students. Dave is also working at Queenstown Primary and
Arrowtown Primary in as Technology Specialist.

                               A reminder about UNIFORM requirements
                            All clothes and belongings must be NAMED.

   Boys - Summer
      Regulation monogrammed burgundy short-sleeved polo shirt
      Regulation navy blue uniform shorts
      Navy blue ankle socks only
   Girls – Summer
       Regulation monogrammed burgundy short-sleeved polo shirt
       Navy blue culottes or tartan pinafore
       White ankle socks only
   ALL – St Joseph’s Polar Fleece
   Black sandals (do not need to wear socks) or shoes
   Silver or gold studs only in ears
   No necklaces, bracelets, rings or nail polish
   School sunhats (navy) are to be worn when pupils are outside the classroom in summer (Terms 1 and
   4). A charge for replacement when sunhats are lost. If there is a problem with your child’s uniform, you
   must send a note from home.

On Monday, 2.30-3.30 pm in the basement beside Kakariki classroom, we will have a sale of second hand
uniforms – mainly polar fleeces and short sleeved summer tops.

A reminder to you all that reports presented to the Board of Trustees are also available outside the main
office at the school for viewing. We have started up our learning wall so please come and view the photos
from Term 4.
This year we have a professional learning focus on assessment. As you walk along the corridor past the
Office, take time to read what we, the teachers believe effective assessment is at St Joseph’s School,
based on Curriculum guidelines and research. We are reviewing our procedures, including the way we will
report your child’s progress, partly due to the introduction of Standards in numeracy and reading and writing
which we are required to report against this year. Thank you to those who completed the surveys last year
as we will use this feedback to inform changes we make.
A huge thank you to the wonderful families (McConaughy family, Mike Cooper, Leyden family, including
Grandparents from Japan, Swain family, Nicky Thompson, Sophie Thompson and her sister, Kim Lazor,
Sophia and her little sister, Sue Kampman, Kaye and Marie Eden and Leanna, Christina and Ray) who
came to school last Sunday and tidied up our school grounds ready for the start of the year. They look
We look forward to a wonderful year of learning ahead.
Trisch Inder
Special Character

Our School Blessing
  Our awesome God and teacher
  We praise and thank you for all you have given us.
  Bless us as we learn and play,
  Watch over our families and our community.
  May our school be a place of honesty, respect and learning, where everyone does their best and
  does their bit.
  May God be always with us.

                                        ARE ALL COMING OUT TO YOU NEXT WEEK!

                                                    School Attendance
ABSENCES/LATENESS Please advise the school office when your child is going to be late or is absent, giving the reason. If
your child is going to be absent for an extended period of time, please advise the Principal in writing (e-mail to the office is
Attendance at school is compulsory under New Zealand law and absences should be avoided if at all possible. Obviously,
there are valid reasons for absence, such as sickness, bereavement, family events and appointments. There is a trend in New
Zealand for families to take holidays in times other than school vacation periods.             While there are various, quite
understandable reasons for doing this, these absences often occur during valuable learning and teaching time, often making
assessments difficult or unable to be completed. If a child misses the valuable learning of new concepts in core learning
areas such as Numeracy and Literacy and does not have the opportunity to practise the learning, he/she can have quite a
gap, which may not be detected until some time later.
Leaving during the school day If you collect your child during the day for any reason, please sign them out at the office. If
you return during the school day, please sign them in again.

   Children are to wait on the TOP playground to be collected (not on the street, in front of the church or in
    the car park, please).
   Parents & caregivers need to be aware of this so that we do not have children in the car park or on the
    road without an adult.
   If children wish to make after school play arrangements, this should be done the night before. They may
    not make phone calls from school to organise this.
   It is preferable that children know, except in case of an emergency, what their after school arrangements
    are. While we do try to ensure messages are passed on, staff are usually very busy and may not get time
    to clear messages in time, especially when the message is not received until close to home time.

 Children who need to have cell phones at school for after school contact must hand them to their teacher
   during the day.

   Parents, you are responsible for ensuring your child/children know where to get on and off the school
    bus please.

Vigil Mass:       Altar Service:       A volunteer please
9am Mass:         Welcome/Prayers:     Steve Bewley
                  Altar Service:       Abigail Mayo
                  OHP:                 Mayo Family
(If you can’t be there, please ask someone else to do your job for you).
Check out the latest Parish news on-line:
                          A Message from the Board of Trustees

Welcome back to school everyone for the 2010 year I trust you all had a good break and start the year
refreshed and full of vigour.
Just a couple of comments (house keeping) to start off the year:
   School Roll – We have received approval from the Ministry of Education to grow our roll from 160
    students to 175, effective immediately and therefore, we have room for more students.
   School Uniform – the Board of Trustees at its last meeting asked our Principal Trisch Inder that the
    school uniform requirements be more rigidly enforced. One of the requirements when attending St
    Joseph’s is that students will wear the correct school uniform. For us it is as much a matter of pride
    and respect for the school as a point of differentiation for St Joseph’s in the community. If you have
    any issues/difficulties with meeting the uniform requirements please see our Principal.
   Role of the Board of Trustees (BoT)/ Principal – Simply put the BoT is responsible for the
    governance of the school and to ensure that it meets certain statutory requirements. It is the
    Principal’s role to effectively operate and manage the school on a day to day basis. The Principal is
    essentially the Chief Executive/Manager of the school whom reports to the BoT.
   Complaints procedure – occasionally parents feel the need to discuss matters/issues with
    members of the BoT. If the Board members receive any complaints they are to refer them to the
    Principal to be dealt with.
    The procedures for any issues or complaints:
       1. See the class teacher directly involved with your child’s learning
       2. If the issue is of greater significance refer it Lisa Collins, our Deputy Principal (Junior school)
          or Kirsten Pomare, our Assistant Principal (Senior school).
       3. If there is still an issue take the matter to our Principal, Trisch Inder.
    The Board of Trustees is almost the final port of call for any issues/matters. My primary concern for
    raising this is not that I don’t want the Board members to be aware of all the issues but experience
    has shown that often a quick discussion with the relevant teacher saves a lot of time, anxiety and
    more importantly the relevant facts/information is known. By way of example if I have a concern
    with one of my boys learning or behaviour I will go and discuss it with the relevant teacher.
    One of the benefits of being at St Joseph’s is that our teachers are easily accessible to parents and
    also given our size, teachers know and care for children across the whole school as opposed to just
    their class.
   Board of Trustee Elections – just a reminder that this year is election year for the Board of
    Trustees, so if you have an interest in becoming involved with the governance of the school, please
    take time to discuss it with an existing Board member and also put you name forward when
    nominations open.
   Education Review Office (ERO) – by the time you read this, we would have had our first meeting
    with ERO who will be here reviewing our school 15-18 February.
   New School Speargrass Flat Road – work is continuing on getting the new school through the
    Resource Management Act hurdles. When this is finally achieved it will provide some very exciting
    opportunities for everyone at St Joseph’s.
Have a good year regards, René Kampman, Chairperson BoT.

Polar fleece at end of last year with the name ‘Poppy Lake’. If you have found please phone 451 1015.
                                             Community Notices

 Flower Roster – desperate for more volunteers, currently have two 3rd agers and a mid-life crises. If you could find half
  an hour once a month to arrange flowers – there are artificial ones out the back of the Church – we would be grateful.
  Please contact Jane,  442 4271.
 Ecumenical Social Justice Conference – 13 February, 10 am  4.30 pm in Gore. See poster at back of Church.
  Jane is going if anyone wants a ride.
 Treaty of Waitangi – workshop being run by the Dominicans in Dunedin, 27th February, 9.30 am  3 pm at St Patrick’s
  Parish Centre, South Dunedin. Truth Seeking and The Treaty of Waitangi facilitated by Susan Healy and Elizabeth
  Mackie OP. Pamphlets at back of Church.

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre Course – ‘Toolbox Parenting Program’ for middle years (6-12 yrs), beginning
Wednesday 24 February for 6 weeks on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm at the Queenstown Lakes Family Centre. To register or
further information  441 4331.

Parent to Parent NZ Inc – Parent Support Programme courses – Personal Support, one day course, 27 February 9 am 
4 pm. Communication Skills, two day course, 27/28 March, 9 am  4 pm. Navigating the System, 2 x 4 hour sessions,
date to be advised.
For more information contact  0508 236 236;; email

 Community Trust of Southland – Fonterra kids in the City 2km Fun Run, Queens Park, 12.30 pm, Sunday 7th
  February. Register at Sport Southland or prior to the event around midday.
 Queenstown Rovers Football Club – muster day and registrations for youth and juniors is SUNDAY, 7th FEBRUARY,
  11 am  1 pm at the Queenstown Events Centre, followed by a mini festival of football of short games. For more info go
 Queenstown School of Dance – enrolment in Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet beginning 8th February.                  Enquiries to or call Anna Stuart  441 4129
 Southland Junior Netball Academy – freshen skills before the season starts, Wednesdays starting 10th February,
  Queenstown Events Centre, either 4-5 pm or 5-6 pm, suitable for 8-15 year olds. Cost $95 per term. Register with
  Wendy Telfer of Netball Southland  03 217 1303 or email
 Queenstown Gymnastics Club – Registration evening for classes, 10th February, WHS Gym, 5.30 pm. Contact
  Nyssa on  027 314 2674 or
 Queenstown Junior Football Club – Registration Day Sunday 14th February, 10 am  12 pm, upstairs function room
  at the Queenstown Events Centre. All school aged children welcome. For further information please contact Damien
  Hochbert, Club Manager,  027 291 9884 or by email on
 AMP Tryathlon – Sunday 21st February. Individuals and teams of 2 or 3 aged between 8 and 14 years, Splash Palace,
  Rugby Park and surrounding roads, Invercargill.         Cost $20 per participant.       Entry forms online at
 Goldfields School Duathlon – SUNDAY, 7th MARCH, Goldfields School, Cromwell. Registration 8 am, first race 9 am.
  Registrations close 24th February. For more info and entry forms contact Goldfields School, email and website: or
 Rippa Rugby Program – Term 1 Tournaments – 22 February in Alexandra at Molyneux Park; 1 March in Cromwell at
  Anderson Park; 8/9 March in Queenstown at Rec Ground; 15 March in Wanaka at Mount Aspiring High. Three grades –
  Yr 3-4; Yr 5-6; Yr 7-8. For further information please contact Brett Compton, School Liaison Officer, Otago Rugby,  03
  466 4005 or 021 999 219.

Hospice Southland Fundraiser – Teddy’s Craft Day Out, Children’s Tea Party – For children, their dolls, bears and soft
toys. Sunday 28th March, 1.30 pm, Invercargill Workingmen’s Club, 154 Esk Street, Invercargill. RSVP by Friday 5th
March. For further information – Jenny  03 216 7446; Margaret  03 216 8721; Lesley  03 216 5601 or

For Sale – Merino top size 12 x 2 $50 each, girls culottes size 8 x 2 $10 each. Excellent condition.  442 3734

Guitar, Drums and Brass Tuition – Philip Hartshorn BA(HONS), PGDip Tchg,  03 409 8597 or 021 075 0927, email:

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