Rural Women in a Changing Climate by taoyni


									Rural Women in a Changing Climate


“What a great time to be alive, because this generation gets to completely change the

Karen Corr, the President of Bendigo Sustainability Group, used this quote from
environmentalist Paul Hawken to underpin the impressive list of her group‟s achievements.

In the 12 months since its formation in April 2008, the Bendigo Sustainability Group has:
      • attracted 400 members;
      • developed action groups on issues including sustainable food, policy, solar power,
      solar hot water, biodiversity, education and sustainable living; and
      • participated in many events, activities and projects.

Karen told the forum while climate change issues were urgent and global, differences
could be made at a local community level. With that mindset, the Bendigo Sustainability
Group focuses on community connection, inspiration and action.

Highlights for the group have included:
• a bulk buy solar panels program, with more than 300 registrations of interest;
• the development of a sustainable living calendar to be launched on World

Environment Day 2009;
     • a family fun day attended by more than 200 people;
     • a monthly produce swap; and
     • a range of educational events on climate change and sustainability.

The group has sought to establish connections with other groups. It participated in a
National Climate Action Summit earlier this year and a regional climate action summit in
Daylesford, and has linked with other groups on policy submissions and projects.

The group is also discussing with the State Government and the City of Greater Bendigo a
„Beyond Carbon Bendigo‟ project, which will look at how Bendigo can create employment
and a thriving economy through the development of an ecologically-effective city.

Plans for the next 12 months include a program to bulk buy solar hot water systems, a
forum for business, a sustainable transport event, and working towards the goal of 1000

Karen told the forum there were over 200 groups around Australia and more than two
million groups worldwide working towards a sustainable future.
“The best part is we are not alone and we know everything we do makes a difference, no
matter how big or small,” she said.

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