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					                                 Intention to Submit
                                  Thesis / Portfolio
                                   for Examination
                                    Research & Graduate Studies Office


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1.    Regulation 5.1 The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Masters Degrees by Research and
      Professional Doctorates
      In accordance with Regulation 5.1 – Schedule 2 - 3. Intention to Submit
      A candidate shall provide a maximum of 30 working days notice in writing of their intention to present
      a thesis/portfolio for examination. This notice will identify the precise title of the thesis/portfolio and be
      accompanied by an abstract of the thesis/portfolio.

      You are required to provide a hard copy and an electronic copy of your abstract. It must be on the
      approved template, which is page 2 of this document. The hard copy must be submitted with this
      form, and the electronic copy must be emailed to:

Enrolment Details for the Examination Process

The candidate shall only be recorded as ‘TD’ Grade on the submission of the thesis/portfolio for examination,
subject to the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. This grade does not attract course fees. If the ‘TD’
Grade is awarded after the HECS census dates (31 March and 31 August each year) the course fees will be
charged for that Semester. The official date for the recording and commencement of the ‘TD’ grade will
be the date that the thesis/portfolio was submitted for examination.

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Intend to submit my thesis on:
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