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         A meeting of the Divisional Association of KVS State BS&G was held on
15.07.2009 at 10.00 a.m. KVS, RO, Patna under the Chairmanship of Shri S. Selvaraj,
Assistant Commissioner, KVS, Patna Region, Patna.

The following members of the Association were present:


          1.   Mr. S. Selvaraj, Asstt. Commissioner, KVS, RO, Patna
          2.   Mr. R.N. Ram, EO, KVS RO Patna
          3.   Mr.I.C. Pandey, ALT(S), KV, Ballia
          4.   Mr. J.P. Pathak, HWB(S), KV, Mughalsarai.
          5.   Mrs. Manjari Pandey, HWB(G), KV, Danapur Cantt. (SS)

The following members were present as special invitee:

          1. Mr. S.C. Sharma, Principal, KV, BHU Varanasi
          2. Mr. G.P. Mishra, Principal, KV, Muzaffarpur
          3. Mrs. S. Tigga, Principal, KV, HFC Barauni
          4. Mr. Sudhakar Singh, Principal, KV No.2 Gaya
          5. Mrs. Madhulika Madhu, HWB(G), KV No.2 Gaya
          6. Mrs. Kanaklata, HWB(G) & PGT(Bio.), KV, Kankarbagh Patna
          7. Mrs. Saroj Pandey, PRT, KV DLW Varanasi
          8. Mrs. Vandana Gupta, Adv(F), KV, Katihar
          9. Mr. R.K. Saw, HWB (C ), KV Lakhisarai.
          10. Mr. A.P. Choudhary HWB(S), KV Kahalgaon


          1. Review of the Divisional and District Association
          2. Review of the activities achievements of 2008-09
          3. Planning for the Current Year
          4. Approval of the expenditure for the Previous Session and making the budget
            for the current year.
          5. Any other points with the permission of the Chair.


   1. Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp was successfully organized at KV DLW Varanasi from
      23rd to 25th September 2008 and they were very successful.
   2. Cub-Bulbul Utsav was organized from 28th to 30th November 2008 at six venues and
      they were very successful.
   3. Pre-Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp – 2008 was organized successfully at KV BHU
      Varanasi from 20th August 2008 to 22nd August, 2008.
   4. Overnight Camps were conducted at Vidyalaya Level in the month of November
   5. Basic And Advance Training Course of Scouts and Guides successfully conducted at
      KV DLW Varanasi from 10th to 19th April, 2008.



   1. Tritia Sopan Testing Camp will be conducted at KV Danapur Cantt. from 18th
      September to 20th September 2009.

   2. Cub-Bulbul Utsav will be conducted at six venues during the month of November
      2008 tentatively from 13th- 15th November 2008. Venues: Patna Cluster – KV No.2
      Gaya, Barauni Cluster – IOC Barauni, Mughalsarai Cluster – KV BHU Varanasi,
      Sonepur Cluster – KV Muzaffarpur Jamalpur Cluster – Katihar, Azamgarh Cluster –
      KV No.1 Gorakhpur.
      3. Pre-Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp will be organized at KV Mughalsarai from 19th to
         21st August, 2009. 30 Scouts and 30 Guides will take part in Rajya Puraskar Testing
         Camp to be organized by Chennai Region.

      4. Divisional Rally will be organized at KV DLW Varanasi from 29th to 30th November,
         2009. 24 Scouts and 24 Guides will be selected at the Divisional Rally to take part in
         KVS State Rally. This year 16th National Jamboree is being organized at Hyderabad
         from 8th to 15th November, 2009. Similarly KVS State Jamboree will be organized by
         KVS Hyderabad Region from 3rd to 7th November, 2009. Shri I.C. Pandey, ALT
         Ballia, Shri J.P. Pathak, HWB(S) will be the escorts for scouts and Mrs. Manajri
         Pandey HWB(G), KV Danapur Cantt. and Mrs. M. Madhu HWB(G), KV No.2 Gaya
         will the escorts for Guides. Details guidelines will be issued separately.

      5. Overnight Camps as well as Pratham Sopan and Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp at
         Vidyalaya Level ( 2 days & night) by the end of the November 2009.

      6. Celebration of Important Days/Events at Vidyalaya Level during Morning
         Assembly/Mass PT Period/Creating Zero Period/9th Periods. (Example: World
         Environment Day, Van Mahotsav, Teachers, BS&G foundation day, Thinking Day,
         Etc.(Detail of days to be observed is enclosed).


      1. Scouts and Guides activities should be held during Zero Period/Mass PT
         period/Sunday by providing refreshments @ Rs. 10 per head.

      2. Involvement of maximum students should be encouraged subject to the following

             No. of Troops/Company in a Vidyalaya:

 i.      One section Vidyalaya       -   One troop/Company each comprising 32 S&G
                                         (Separately) & 24 Cubs and
                                         Bulbuls (Separately)
 ii.     Two section Vidyalayas      -   One troop/Company each as above.
 iii.    Three section Vidyalayas    -   Two troops/Company each as above.
 iv.     Four section Vidyalayas     -   Three Troops/Company each above.
 v.      Five section Vidyalaya      -   Four Troops /Company each above.




             Rs. 5/- multiplied by total enrolment of students as on 01.08.2009 in the
              Vidyalaya should be sent to KVS RO Patna by means of Demand Draft drawn in
              favour of KVS Divisional Association of BS&G Fund payble at Patna by 31st
              August, 2009.


                 Rs. 3/- multiplied total enrolment of students as on 01.08.2009 in the
                  Vidyalaya should be sent to KVS RO Patna by means of Demand Draft drawn
                  in favour of KVS Divisional Association of BS&G Fund payble at Patna by
                  31st August 2009. KVS RO, Patna will send one single Draft to KVS HQ.


        Sl. No. Particulars                             Amount
        1       Group Registration fee for Scouts       Rs. 350/-
        2       Group Registration fee for Guides       Rs. 350/-
                Individual Registration Fees
        3       No. of Scouts                           @ Rs. 6/-
        4       No. of Guides                           @ Rs. 6/-

        5          No. of Cubs                          @Rs. 2/-
      6        No. of Bulbuls                 @ Rs. 2/-
      7        No. of Audlt Leaders           @ Rs. 12/-
               Total Amount in favour of KVS
               Divisional Association of BS&G
               Fund Payble at Patna

Last date of Group Registration is 31st August in every year. Hence all KVs should ensure for
its timely registration. Registration Form along with requisite amount of DD must be
submitted correctly in quadruplicate. Form is attached for sample.

           1. DA for students/Escorts during Camps per head is Rs. 110/- (for escorts not
              more than 90% of entitled DA subject to a maximum of Rs. 110 will be
              collected towards food charges).
           2. Camp Registration Fee will be Rs. 75/- per student. In addition, Rs. 25/- per
              student per day will be charged as contingency charges.
           3. Students of Class X and XII may participate in the Scouts and Guides
           4. Wearing of Uniform by the Scouting and Guiding teachers should be made
              compulsory during the activities.
           5. Testing and Overnight Camp for Cubs and Bulbuls at Vidyalaya Level.
           6. In Cub/Bulbul Utsav only those participants will take part who have qualified
              the above tests as mentioned in Sl. No. 5 above.


           7. Basic Training Programme for Cub Master, Flock Leader, Scout Master and
              Guide Captain will be organized in vacations.
           8. A Badge Committee has been formed at Regional Level who will provide all
              Proficiency Badges according to requirements of the Vidyalaya.

           1. Mrs. M. Pandey, TGT (Skt) & HWB (G), KV, Danapur 2nd Shift.
           2. Mrs. Kanak Lata, PGT (Bio.) & HWB (G), KV, Kankarbagh, Patna
           3. Mr. V.N. Lall, PRT & Cub Master, KV, Bailey Road, Patna

         They can directly approach National Headquarters address: The Bharat Scouts
and Guides, National Headquarters, Lakshmi Mazumdar Bhawan, 16, M.G. Marg, I.P.
Estate, New Delhi – 110002.

           9. At least two troops meeting are suggested at Vidyalaya Level in a month.
           10. An Honour Board should be placed in a prominent place in each school for
               Rajya Puraskar and Rashtrapati Pauraskar Awardees and highly trained
               teachers as well as Website of KV.
           11. Service Book should be checked for eligibility of teachers in BS&G who are
               coming on transfer.
           12. Sadhavabna Club should be formed in every Vidyalaya.
           13. Hiking/Trekking and excursion are necessary at Vidyalaya Level for Scouts
               and Guides.
           14. Divisional Rally will be organized before KVS State Rally.
           15. A running shield will be awarded for best Vidyalaya on the basis of Scout and
               Guide activities and achievement accordingly. The concerned EO will check
               the status of activities for their respective Vidyalayas about decision.
           16. Incentive and encouragement are to be given to the best Scouter and Guider at
               Vidyalaya/Regional Level.
           17. Colour Party Uniform should be in every Vidyalaya.
           18. Mr. Sudhakar Singh, Principal, KV No.2 Gaya is instructed to form a
               Band Party in his School and expenditure if any should be reimbursed
               from KVS Divisional Fund.


   1. All the students be provided free of cost Scarf, woggle, Cap, Belt and Badge by the
      Vidyalaya at the time of their registration for Scouting and Guiding movement.
   2. Each Scout/Guide will be trained for March Past and also to wear the Uniform in the
      correct way.
   3. Scouts/Guides should be given preference in selection for activities like
      trekking/mountaineering/adventure etc.
   4. Pre-testing Camps should be conducted before Rajya Puraskar and Rashtrapati
      Puraskar Testing Camp.
   5. Latest edition books related to Scouts and Guides like APRO Part – I, II & III etc.
      should be procured for Vidyalaya Libraries for reference by the students from the
      National Headquarters address: The Bharat Scouts and Guides, National
      Headquarters, Lakshmi Mazumdar Bhawan, 16, M.G. Marg, I.P. Estate, New
      Delhi – 110002.


                               DIVISIONAL ASSOCIATION

1. Divisional Commissioner     :      Shri S. Selvaraj, Assistant Commissioner
2. Dy. Divisional Commissioner :      Shri R.N. Ram, Education Officer
3. Divisional Secretary        :      Shri Y. Arun Kumar, Education Officer
4. Divisional Treasurer        :      Shri R.K. Agrawal, Supdt.(Accounts)
5. Divisional Organizing Comm.:       Shri S. Singh, Principal, KV No.2 Gaya
6. Divisional Training Comm. :        Shri I.C. Pandey, ALT, KV Ballia
7. Members                     :      1. Dr. S.C. Sharma, Principal, KV BHU Varanasi
                                      2. Shri G.P. Mishra, Principal, KV, Muzaffarpur
                                      3. Smt. S. Tigga , Principal, KV, HFC Barauni

                                   DISTRICT ASSOCIATIONS

                                        DISTRICT – I

                 ( Patna Cluster, Mughalsarai Cluster and Azamgarh Cluster)

1. District Commissioner (S)   :      Shri S.C. Sharma, Principal, KV, BHU Varanasi
2. District Commissioner (G)   :      Smt. B.R. Seal, PGT(Eng.), KV Mau
3. District Secretary (S)      :      Shri J.P. Pathak, HWB(S), KV DLW Varanasi
4. District Secretary (G)      :      Smt. P. Verma, HWB(G), KV, DLW Varanasi
5. DOC(S)                      :      Shri Dadan Tiwari, HWB(S), KV, AFS Gorakhpur
6. DOC(G)                      :      Smt. Manjari Pandey, HWB(G) KV, Danapur Cantt.
7. Distt. Scout Master         :      Shri D.C. Tiwari, HWB(S), KV, Mughalsarai
8. Distt. Guide Captain        :      Smt. M. Madhu, HWB(G), KV No.2 Gaya
9. Distt. Cub Master           :      Shri J.K Malviya, Adv.(Cub), KV No.2 Gaya
10. Distt. Flock Leader        :      Smt. V.P.S. Nair, PRT & Adv. (F), KV, Shaktinagar

                                        DISTRICT – II

                      ( Barauni Cluster, Sonepur and Jamalpur Cluster )

1. District Commissioner (S)   :      Shri Sudhakar Singh, Principal KV No.2 Gaya
2. District Commissioner (G)   :      Smt. Shanti Tigga, Principal, KV HFC Barauni
3. District Secretary (S)      :      Shri M.K. Chaurashi, HWB(S), KV, Jamalpur
4. District Secretary (G)      :      Smt, Kanaklata, HWB (G), KV, Khagaria
5. DOC(S)                      :      Shri R.S. Choudhary, HWB(S), KV IOC Barauni
6. DOC(G)                      :      Smt.Kiran Kumari, HWB,(G), KV. No.1 Darbhanga
7. Distt. Scout Master         :      Shri A.P. Choudhary, HWB(S), KV Kahalgaon
8. Distt. Guide Captain        :      Smt. Anita Kumari , Adv. (G) KV Muzaffarpur (SS)
9. Distt. Cub Master           :      Shri R.K. Saw, HWB (CM), KV Lakhisarai
10.Distt. Flock Leader         :      Smt. Vandana Gupta, Adv. (F), KV Katihar



           Mr. S. Selvaraj, Assistant Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner BS&G
pointed out the shortcomings of the functioning of Scouts and Guides. He thanked all those
concerned for the success of the various activities planned for the year 2009-2010 and also
regretted to note that many trained officials do not turn up in the Scout/Guide movement and
advised to be proud of being associated with this movement.

           Further he has sought all the members present in the meeting to be active and
develop service attitude and try to popularize this great movement in the region. At the end,
he has advised all the members to see that all the activities planned for the current year are
implemented in true spirit.

           The meeting was concluded after the vote of thanks proposed by Shri Sudhakar
Singh, Principal, KV No.2 Gaya.

                             CELEBRATION OF DAYS 2009-10

S.No.      Day of Celebration                             Date
1          World Environment Day                          5th June
2          International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit 26th June
3          World Forest day                               30th June
4          World Population Day                           11th July
5          Sadbhawana Diwas                               20th August
6          Teachers Day                                   5th September
7          World Literacy Day                             8th September
8          Pachmarhi Day                                  10th September
9          International Day of Peace                     16th September
10         International Day of Elderly Persons           1st October
11         Anti Leprosy Day                               2nd October
12         World Habitat Day                              2nd October
13         International Day of Disaster Deduction        11th October
14         JOTA/JOTI                                      21st & 22nd October
15         BS&G Foundation Day and Flag Day               7th November
16         World AIDS Day                                 1st December
17         International Day of Disabled Persons          3rd December
18         Human Rights Day                               10th December
19         Youth Day                                      12th January
20         Thinking Day/Founders Day                      22nd February
21         International Women’s Day                      8th March

                                                             (S. SELVARAJ)
                                                       ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER

             PATNA REGION HELD ON 15.07.2009 AT 2.30 P.M.

      A meeting of the KVS Regional Sports Control Board of KVS Patna Region was held
on 15.07.2009 at 2.30 p.m. under the Chairmanship of Shri S. Selvaraj, Assistant
Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Regional Office Patna.

          The following members were present:

     1.   Shri R.N. Ram, Education Officer
     2.   Smt. S. Tigga, Principal, KV HFC Barauni
     3.   Shri Sudhakar Singh Principal, KV No.2 Gaya
     4.   Shri R.K. Aggrawal, Section Officer (Accounts), KVS RO Patna.
     5.   Smt. N.D. Negi, PET KV Bailey Road Patna
     6.   Shri Anil Kumar, PET, KV Hajipur
     7.   Mr. N.K. Yadav, PET, KV Kankarbagh Patna.

          The following special invitees were also present:

     1. Shri G.P. Mishra, Principal, KV Muzaffarpur
     2. Dr. S.C. Sharma, Principal, KV BHU Varanasi
     3. Shri J.F. Khan, Principal KV Mokamaghat
4. Shri R.K. Sinha, Principal, KV Kankarbagh Patna
5. Shri G.K. Dwivedi, Principal, KV Bailey Road Patna
6. Shri R.B. Singh Vice-Principal, KV, Danapur Cantt.
7. Shri A. Sufian, Vice-Principal, KV Danapur Cantt.
8. Shri C.S.P Yadav, PET, KV Bailey Road Patna
9. Shri Gopal Kumar, PET, KV BHU Varanasi
10. Shri Gyan Prakash, PET, KV Kankarbagh Patna
11. Shri Ajay Kumar, PET, KV HFC Barauni
12. Shri A.K. Singh, PET, KV Danapur Cantt.
13. Shri A.K. Singh, PET, KV Jamalpur
14. Shri B.K. Sharma, PET, KV No.1 Gaya
15. Shri. Ganesh Singh, PET, KV Muzaffarpur
16. Shri H.S. Yadav, PET KV No.2 Gaya
17. Shri N.K. Verma, PET KV Sonepur
18. Shri N.K. Prasad, PET KV Kahalgaon.

The minutes of previous meeting held on 5th August, 2008 was unanimously

A brief report of the achievements of last year in sports and games and the activities
undertaken as per plan for the sports activity for the session 2008-09 was presented by
Shri S. Selvaraj, Assistant Commissioner. Shri S. Selvaraj, Assistant Commissioner
expressed his deep concern over the dismal performance of the Students of Patna Region
in the KVS National Sports Meet held at Hyderabad. KVS Patna Region has sent a large
contingent consisting of almost 300 students for KVS National Sports Meet but outcome
of the result of National Sports Meet 2008 is not very encouraging. At the same time he
also expressed that he has full faith in our PETs, they will do much better in the year
2009. The Assistant Commissioner also emphasized the need for development of Sports

Facilities in all KVs having permanent land and building. All KVs shall explore the
possibilities for development of sports facilities and estimate from approved construction
agency i.e. CPWD, HSCL etc. along check list and lay out plan should be forwarded to
this office immediately. As per instruction from KVS (HQ) Children park should also be
developed in all KVs. Proposal and estimate to this effect should be forwarded to this
office immediately.

Venues for Sports activities at Cluster and Regional Level were decided. DA to the
students will be at the rate of Rs. 110/- per head per day. It was decided in the AC’s
Conference that no DA will be charged from the students who taking part in Cluster and
Regional Level Activities. Only journey time DA will be paid by the concerned KVs.
Events organized at Cluster and Regional Level, expenditure incurred in organization will
be reimbursed from the Regional Office from KVS VVN Deposit Fund Account on
submission of proper bills and voucher. Qualified referees and Umpires engaged for the
conduct of Regional Meet will be paid an honorarium at the rate of Rs. 300/- per day and
Rs. 50/- as Conveyance Allowance.

The expenditure incurred on sports activities during the Session 2008-09 and the budget
for the session 2009-10 were approved unanimously.

    For Cluster Meet, Vidyalayas may send two to three standard teams of Boys and Girls
in selected items. In addition, Vidyalayas are advised to send those students whose
performance is excellent in a particular game for selection but not complete team in the
Vidyalaya. Common team drawn from both the shifts of two shift schools will
participate. Girls will directly participate in Regional Level in all games. The combined
team comprising the best players from different KVs of Cluster will be sponsored for
Regional Meet. At Regional Level also team comprising of best players from different
KV clusters shall be made to sponsor for the National Meet. The team/players/athletics
deputed for National Sports Meet must be sixth place standard set in KVS National Meet
2008 held at Hyderabad Region. Souvenir of KVS National Meet – 2008 has already
forwarded to all KVs of Patna Region recently.

   It was decided that the programme of KVS Cluster, Regional and National Level
Sports Meet will be held as given below:

Sl. No.   Events                         Schedule of events
1         Cluster Sports Meet ( for Boys 4 to 6th August, 2009 (Reporting 3rd
          Only)                                 August, 2009 (AN)
2         Regional Sports Meet                  8th to 10th August, 2009 (Reporting 7th
          ( Inter-KV tournament)                August, 2009 (AN)
3         KVS National Meet for all             This KVS National Sports and Games will
          games, Athletics and Swimming         be organized by Delhi Region from 14 to
          except Cricket U-16 and U-19          18th September, 2009
4         KVS National Cricket Meet for         To be hosted by KV, Jalandhar from 10th to
          Boys ( U-16 & U-19)                   18th September, 2009



    This year two new events i.e. Cricket (U-19) and Throw Ball for girls have be
included for National Sports Meet. Hence, students interested and showing desired
performance in such events will take part in Regional Level Sports Meet.

    The students participating in National Sports Meet for the last two years but not
showing standard performance should not be sponsored. All Players will invariably
participate with full kit and equipments as prescribed for the games at all levels of

    The colours of the Cluster KV teams will be as follows:

    Patna Cluster         :       Yellow vest with white shorts
    Azamgarh Cluster      :       Red vest with white shorts
    Mughalsarai Cluster   :       Bottle green vest with white shorts
    Barauni Cluster       :       Sky blue vest with white shorts
    Sonepur Cluster       :       Pink vest with white shorts
    Jamalpur Cluster      :       Orange vest with white shorts

    Students deputed directly for Regional Meet shall participate in Vidyalaya jersey with
chest number. Principal of KV concerned will arrange proper sports kit for the team
deputed for Cluster/Regional Meet. The expenditure will be initially incurred from VVN
of the KV. Girls students will directly participate in the Regional Sports Meet, hence only
quality /standard players should be sent for Regional Sports Meet.

    After selection of Regional teams there will be a coaching cum co-ordination camp
shall be organized at the Regional Venues as per details given below for the students who
will take part in National Sports Meet.

Sl. No.   Events                  Schedule              Remarks
                                    nd               th
1         All Games and athletics 2          to    12 All players will leave for
          except Cricket          September, 2009       Delhi on 12th September,
                                                        2009 (AN)
2         Cricket U – 16 & U – 19 1st to 7th September, The players will leave for
                                  2009                  Jalandhar on 7th September,
                                                        2009 (AN)

1. Soon after completion of Regional Sports Meet, the respective Venue Principal will
   arrange to and fro reservation of all players including Escorts.
2. The Regional Venue Principal will intimate the size of Tracksuit of all players
   selected for National Meet to the Principal KV BHU Varanasi as well as KVS, RO,
   Patna by 12th August, 2009 Positively by fax/e-mail/Speed Post.
3. The Principal, KV BHU Varanasi will arrange tracksuit for all players selected for
   National Meet – 2009. Cost Limit for purchase of Tracksuit should not exceed Rs.
   550/- per tracksuit.
4. It will be the responsibility of the Regional Venue Principal to collect the Tracksuit
   from the Principal, KV BHU Varanasi between 28th to 29th August, 2009.


    5. However March Past Shoes/Warm up shoes and others kits related to particular game
       will be provided by the Regional Venue Principal. The cost limit for purchase of all
       kits including tracksuit, warm up/March Past shoes and other kits should not exceed
       Rs. 1500/- per players.
    6. Only NIS Qualified coaches should be engaged for Coaching of students and
       honorarium of Rs. 500/- per day should be paid. State Level Coaches should be paid
       Rs. 300/- per day. SAI should be contacted for this purpose.

    DATE : 4th, 5th and 6th August, 2008 ( REPORTING 3RD AUGUST, 2009 (AN)

Games      Venue        Venue for      Venue for    Venue for    Venue for   Venue    for
           of Patna     Mughalsarai    Azamgarh     Barauni      Jamalpur    Sonepur
           Cluster      Cluster        Cluster      Cluster      Cluster     Cluster
Badminton Bailey        DLW            AFS          AFS          Kahalgaon   Muzaffarpur
           Road         Varanasi       Gorakhpur    Darbhanga
Kabaddi    Gaya         Mughalsarai Mau             IOC       Jamalpur       Muzaffarpur
           No.1                                     Barauni
Kho-Kho    Bailey       KV    No.4 Azamgarh         Mokamgaht Khagaria       Sonepur
           Road         Varanasi
Cricket U- Gaya         GTC            FCI       Garhara         Kahalgaon Jawaharnagar
16         No.2         Varanasi       Gorakhpur
Cricket U- Danapur      Shaktinagar    AFS       Garhara         *         Jawaharnagar
19         Cantt.                      Gorakhpur                 Kahalgaon

   1. * Students of Cricket U-19 selected at KV Kahalgaon will depart for the venue of
      Regional Meet on 6th August 2009 (FN) so as to enable them to reach the regional
      venue by 7th August 2009 (AN). So the Principal, KV Kahalgaon will complete the
      Cluster Meet of Cricket U – 19 by 5th August. 2009.
   2. Mr. Ajay Kumar, PET, KV HFC Barauni is deputed to KV Garhara from 4 th to 6th
      August, 2009 for organization of Cluster Level events.
    3. At cluster Level events only actual number of players +1 extra should be
       sent by the respective KVs
No Cluster Level Meet for Girls will be organized. The girls’ players/team will directly
participate in the Regional Meet.




Sl. No.   Name of Venue Events to be held           Name of Coach
1         Mokamaghat        Football, Basket ball   Shri S.K. Singh, PET, KVS AFS
                                                    Shri S.K. Sharma, PET, KV Azamgarh
2         Kahalgaon         Cricket ( U-16)      Shri B.P. Sinha, PET, KV Mokamaghat
3         FCI Gorakhpur     Cricket ( U-19)      Shri Raghvendra Rao, PET, FCI
4         GTC Varanasi      Athletics            Shri A.K. Rai, PET, KV GTC Varanasi
                                                 Shri Anil Kumar, PET KV Hajipur
5         Gaya No.2         Hockey, Kho-Kho      Shri H.S. Yadav, PET KV No.2 Gaya
                                                 Shri B.K. Sharma, PET KV No.1 Gaya
6         Garhara           Volleyball, Kabaddi, Shir Ajay Kumar, PET, KV HFC
                                Taekwando            Barauni
                                                     Shri A.K. Singh, PET Garhara
                                                     Coach for Taekwando will locally be
                                                     arranged by the Venue Principal
7            Muzaffarpur        Chess,         TT, Shri A.K. Minz, PET, KV Jehanabad
                                Badminton    (   all Shri G.Singh, PET KV Muzaffarpur
                                categories)          Shri A.K. Pandey, PET KV AFS
8            Shaktinagar        Handball, Swimming Shri P.N. Singh, PET, KV Shaktinagar
                                                     Shri Awadesh Singh, PET KV Mau


1. Judo, Skating, Shooting and Boxing will not be held this year.
2. Only standard team/players should be deputed for the KVS National Meet. It
will be the responsibility of Venue Principal, selector and Coach that the
team/players selected for National Meet are standard. Sub-Standard team need
not to be sent for National Meet.
Weight Category of Taekwando:
                   Boys                                               Girls
Up to 46 KG – Group 1                               Up to 40 KG – Group 1
46-50 KG – Group 2                                  40 to 43 KG – Group 2
50-54 KG – Group 3                                  43-46 KG - Group 3
54-58 KG – Group 4                                  46-50 KG - Group 4
58-62 KG – Group 5                                  50-54 KG - Group 5
62-66 KG – Group 6                                  54-58 KG - Group 6
66-70 KG – Group 7                                  56-62 KG - Group 7
70 and above Group 8                                62 and above Group 8


Sl.        Name of Venue Events to be held             Name of Coaches
No.        KVs
1          Kankarbagh, Patna Taekwando,                Shri N.K. Yadav, PET, KV Kankarbagh
                             Basketball,               Shri Gyan Prakash, PET, KV Kankarbagh
                             Kabaddi,    Throw         Smt. Saroj Srivastava, PET, KV Chopan
                             ball and Cricket          Shri A.K. Yadav, PET KV Mashrak
                             (U-19)                    Shri A.K. PET, KV Jamalpur
                                                       Shri N.K. Verma, PET KV Sonepur
2          Bailey Road, Patna   Chess,                 Smt. N.D. Negi, PET, KV Bailey Road
                                Volleyball and         Shri C.S. Yadav, PET, KV Bailey Road
                                TT                     Shri Upendra Kumar, PET KV Khagaul
3          Danapur Cantt.       Handball,              Shri Rajesh Sonkar, PET KV No.4 Varanasi
                                Hockey,                Shri L.P. Singh, PET, KV Danapur Cantt.
                                Kho-Kho                Shir Rajesh Ranjan, PET KV Khagaria
                                Badminton,             Shir A.K. Singh, PET, KV Danapur Cantt.
4          BHU Varanasi         Athletics              Shri Gopal Kumar, PET, KV BHU Varanasi

Note: It should be fully ensured that Girls students are escorted with Lady Teacher at
Regional/National Level Meet. In National Sports Meet, one or two Lady Teacher should be from that
School where more students have been selected for the National Meet.


      1. The Regional Venue Principal will procure and provide necessary sports kit for the selection
         Regional Teams as prescribed by KVS.
      2. Tracksuits will be provided to Coach-cum-escort also.
      3. Expenditure for serious injury of players will be initially borne from VVN Fund of the Venue
         Principal and subsequently reimbursed from the Regional Sports Control Board Fund.
      4. Regional Flag for National Meet with the new emblem will be prepared by the Principal KV
         Muzaffarpur as per instructions to be issued by KVS Delhi Region.
5. Every Venue Principal of the Region will prepare the Regional Flag with the new emblem for
    the individual events. Every Vidyalaya will prepare the new flag with new emblem for
    participating the Cluster/Regional Meet.
6. For participating in Cluster and Regional Meets for March Past the children will wear white
7. The Principal will ensure that proper escort arrangements of Lady Teachers are made for
    Girls teams.
8. Arranging Escorts for National Meet, will be the responsibility of Regional Venue Principal.
9. The Regional Contingent will report at the National Venue (Delhi) on 13 th September, 2009
    (AN). Further instructions for participating in National Meet will be issued as when
    instruction received from KVS Delhi Region.
10. Those students who could not able to participate in the Unit Test/Half Yearly examination
    due to Cluster/Regional/National Sports Meet, they may be given weight age/average marks.
11. It was unanimously decided that Shri G.P. Mishra, Principal, KV Muzaffarpur will act as
    Contingent Manager for Boys and Smt. S. Tigga Principal, KV HFC Barauni will act as
    Contingent Manager for Girls.

                                                                 (S. SELVARAJ)
                                                          ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER

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