imaging industry wake-up call

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					may/june 2009                                                                                                                 doCument manaGement             [7]

   imaging industry wake-up call
   Heavyweights of Australia's document automation industry assembled
   in Sydney in June for the ReadSoft Partner Forum event, including
   Australia's leading outsourcing bureaus and ERP consulting firms.
   ReadSoft Australia’s Managing Director, Frank Volckmar, asked a
   group of market competitors to put aside their differences and look
   at how they could work together to grow the Australian document
   automation market.
      "Some recent tenders from large Australian corporate and
   government sectors have called for solutions that can manage tens
   of millions of documents, far more than one company can provide,"
   said Volckmar.
      "It takes time for companies to build the foundations to work
   together and develop partnerships. The event is about breaking
   down those barriers to collectively grow the document automation
   market and to provide more value to customers.”
       ReadSoft globally is moving from a direct model to have its
   solutions sold through best of breed partners. In Australia it is
   attacking the SAP market through consulting firms Oxygen,
   Xcellerate and Courtland . The Oracle market is being addressed
   through consulting firm Red Rock and other ERPs are being
   targeted jointly through TAG Services.
       Australian organisations are looking closely at process-based
   change to better serve their present customers while introducing                 "In the current market it’s the right time for "Cost Out" at Australian
                                                                                                        companies," said Volckmar.
   cost efficiencies to survive the post global financial crisis (GFC)
   period. Guest speaker, Bart Vogel, a partner in management                   opportunities that are being presented to the Australian document
   consulting firm Bain & Company, highlighted to the Forum the                 automation industry by the current economic downturn.
                                                                                   Vogel presented the results of a recent survey of 90 Australian
                                                                                CEOs of the local divisions of multinational companies. It
                                                                                found that one of the priorities for these firms is optimising cash
                                                                                management. This presents an opportunity for accounts payable
                                                                                automation to provide improved compliance and visibility resulting
                                                                                in increased working capital.
                                                                                   Representatives from ReadSoft, SEMA, Computershare, Red
                                                                                Rock, Oxygen, Xcellerate and TAG converged to discuss these
                                                                                and other emerging trends in the document automation market.
                                                                                AP automation was identified as one of the leading market drivers,
                                                                                although this still only represents a fraction of the potential
                                                                                document automation market.
                                                                                   The number of invoices that arrive at an organisation each day is
                                                                                still only a small percentage of general correspondence. This leaves
                                                                                enormous potential for automating other document processes in
  Lee Bourke, Director- Business Transformation and Business Development
  at SEMA Group has the floor, with seated from right - Jonathan Rubinsztein,   Australian organisations. Other areas of expected growth in this
Director - Sales & Marketing, Red Rock Consulting, Robin Renfrey, DOCS+ Sales
   Director, Readsoft Australia and Tammy Vorster-Jones, Marketing Director,
                                                                                area include mailroom automation, accounts receivable and forms-
                                Readsoft Australia.                             based processing.

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