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I'll Start Tomorrow…… by lindayy


I'll Start Tomorrow……

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									 I’ll Start Tomorrow……
 On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… another social
 outing, one more glass of wine, a plate of cheese and crackers, two bits of
 chocolate and some new clothes that are now too tight for me…… (Best
 sung to the tune of that beloved Christmas Carol……you get my drift…)

 So what now, some where between the good eating and regular exercise
 of pre 1 December and the ‘I’ll start tomorrows’ of post 1 January, the
 extra ‘Christmas Calories’ have somehow attached themselves to your butt
 and ‘crossed over’ to the new decade with you!

 Don’t despair, you are not alone…….Here are a few ideas that will get
 your ‘head space’ right back where it needs to be in 2010!!!

Tip #1        Your life, your choice. Eat the chocolate or don’t eat it… decide. But don’t eat it cos
              you had too……. It would offend your partner, friend, sister, brother………if you didn’t…….
Tip #2        Go for a walk after dinner. You will be less likely to have that late night treat when you
              know it will undo the ‘good work’ of your walk.
Tip #3        Make a decision and do it. It might be some exercise, not eating the kids left overs, a
              piece of fruit with breakfast, no 5pm glass of wine, but whatever it is just make one
              decision and follow it through. You will soon feel like a winner!
Tip #4        Don’t feel like a party pooper when your friend insists you ‘have a drink’ at a party. Fill a
              wine glass with sparkling mineral water and those well meaning friends will not feel the
              need to ensure you are having a ‘good time’!.
Tip #5        I’ll say this one again………..choose ONE thing from your normal routine (walk, jog, gym
              session, class, bike ride, swim etc) and just do it! You’ll be amazed at how this will inspire
              good habits again.

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  “I believe life is about choice and that with the right choices, anything is
                                                           Edwina Phillips
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